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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 10, 1888, Image 3

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ii CHAKLOHE MESSENGER. SAlilRDAT. - MAECH 10, 1888. I. B.) o ^icbad'>P. B.) Omrcfa. Vlat BL Srrv^ otlOft.m. uid8, 8iiad«r- at 4 p.m. Ber. P. P. Amtow. putor. Ut. K. Cbtuch, Oimham Strset Sarriocs jpiiii. audSp. m. Sonday aehoal at ni Jitev. E. M. Coltlitt. patter. Fintnu>^t Cliureb. Sooth Church BL ^vii.'etat II B. m..' 8p. m.aad 8p. m.Sao- .lay-Khodstl p. m, Bor. A. A. Powdl. raalor. Kbrnner Bapdit Chnreh, Bait Seodtid BL .STTicte at 11 a. m., 3 p. n>. and 8 p, n>. iln^-rdtool at 1 p,I ni. Bev. Z. IlaoKhtoo, I'nabficrian Church, comer Serentli and Servicea at 3 p.m. Siinilay-tchoolat 10 a. m. Rer. R. F. Wycbe, I Hilton ChapeL (A.M.E.Z.) Mint St. S«r- liciial II a. m., 3 p. m. and S p. m. Bimday- ~ liixil at 1 p. m. Ber At. Blade, patter. I.iiile Rock, (A. M. E. Z.) ESt Serricca 3i II a. m..3p. m.and 8p.m. Ber. J. W. Tli'imat. paster. .- i r.nct Church, (A. H. E. Z.) South R he- intvn 3d and 4th. Serrkei at 11 A. l^asd tSit ebnreh. She ia a graduate eosTenknoe of ijhtg in jail. Let the LMBfatoM OoUege and ia aiil^igj law be uadenrtood aad adminiatered If jour paper hee a blue cross mark, it will be stopped till you pay up. We cauBOt CODtioue to tend it to yon without some money. Pli-ase pay up and lot us continuo it rry~!.AT, this paragraph in your paper has a blue mark, your paper will bo stopped. Ploasc pay np so «c can continue the paper to you. Hard times is at our bouse as well as youra. If wthcontinue to send to so many who do not pay we wiH soon send to no one. So pay what you Hon. John Sherman will aocept oor thanks for public documents. Mr.Wents of Biddle Uoiveraity preached at Grace obnrch last Sunday morning. .Miss Minnie Sumner has returned iiotuc liaTing closed her sehool in I'nion county. .Mr. C. D. Howard was in our city last Tuesday returning Trom Union county to Liringstone College Mrs. M. J. Uiobardson of Wades- boro is visiting her daughter (Mrs. £. W, Carpenter) in Biddlcville. Grace church will have a rally to- morrow to raise money to seal tbcucw church. The public is invited out to help them. Rev. C. C. Pettey preached last Sunday at the Presbyterian church in the tnoruing and at Clinton Chapel at night. The Republican Nationall conven tion meets in Chicago, III., Juno 10th and the State Republican convention meets May 38d. The Bcmocratie Nationa conven tion will bo held in St. lAiuis, No., Juno fith, and the State Democratic' convention meets 3Iay 30th. Mrs. J. E. King, Misses Mary Johnson and Ella Cantcy spent their three days vacation at home and re turned to Scotia Monday evening. hire. Della Evans is again back in her old quarters on Graham St. She spent eight months North and is wel comed back by an host of friends. On Wednesday evening ot 6 o'clock at Graham St. M. E. Cburcb. Mias Lula Black was married to Mr. D. M. Chambers. Rev. E. M. Collett officiating. Past differenees among Repnblicans are to be forgotten and alt are to look to the future for sneeess whieh cao come only through the unitod efforts of all. Let’s try it. Clinton Chapel Sunday Sehool gave an entertainment at Gaither's Hall Tnesdty. whieh was eagerly attended. The Firemen and military were out in uniform. At to eleetioo of officers for the Charlotte Light Infantry, this week C. 8. L. A. Taylor wu eleelad eap- Uin, K. L. Butler lat Identewaat, J. C. Cnnuingbam 3d Lieut. The Odd Feilowe of the city tumed out in full foroe last Sunday to bear their annual aermon whieh wae preach ed by Rev. M. Skde at Oliuton Chap- d, 8 o'clock in the aftemoou. Mias Elisa Houser b teaching n prosperous aehool at the Pint Bap- use of her time, b a blees^ to ber raoe, l(er ohureh aad herself. Send in yonr subsoriptions. We surrender editorial space to let ters tbb week. Several letters are crowded out, bat will appear next week. The Republican Distriet committee moeu at Haxton on the 14th. A Prohibition State convention will be held in Greensboro &Iay 10th. Wc will spend next week down the C. C. road. Please get your money ready for ni. Too Edged StBord is a new religions paper just started at Fort Worth, Tex. H. Miles u editpr. Col. Gbas. R. Jones ia again on dock, lie has bought the Ilomet and is running it in the name of the OUeroer. Wo publub thie week an article from Mr. W. H. Quick, which is lengthly, but well worth the reading. Ho touches two of the vital points in referenoe to our welfare as a race: land and morals. Read his letter. Wilmington has voted a subscrip- tion of ^0,000 to tho extension of tho C. F. A Y. V. Railroad and the Wilmington & Onslow Railroad. The C. F. & Y. V. will begin work soon tend their lino from Fayetteville to Witminglou. It will ho noticed that wo have a good lut of correspondents. The principal topics of their writing has been the mental, moral, and material growth of our race. Miss Miss Mc Lean, our best, after treating these never subjects, gives us the every day oe- onrrcnccs of her town and locality. ill bo glad to bear from other friends. The best way to rabe a family b to I in tho country, buy a little farm and make yonr own support at home. Yonr children will grow up free from the many vices and temptations of the city, and with that spirit of indepen dence and freedom that should charac terise every child. Buy land, build homes, build character, and wo will soon be one of the most powerful united nations on tho globe. The Senate of tbo United States has passed a bUl providing for com pulsory education of oertain UiMa of Indians. Why is this done ? Is an uncivilized Indian away off in one corner more dangerous than illiterate, half-eivitisod eilizeni with the ballot in bis hand that will decide the desti ny of this grest country. Tbo Indian is ruled by the bsyonct. Tbo igno rant men of the South rule the coud- ' try. Should not Congress give some atteution to the education of the ig norant masses in the Senth ? Onr Democratic neighbors give Ihcnisclves much concern about tbo management of tho Republican party differences. Some of ns do not nndersUnd why that is, but ,ily see the cause: These democratic editors and local bosses have no inorc^to do with their own party managi’ment than wc, and arc not allowed to dabble, as cvcrylhieg has boeti arranged. Their candidate for president was named a year ogo and they dare not suggest a change when wait to receive directions from Mr A they want it; but being disposed to meddle they intorfero with onr busi ness. The two young white men now eon- icd in oor jail for burglary are charged with highway robbery also. They blacked their faces and entered at night, the house of an old man and while one stood with drawn pistol and made the inmates of tho house bold up their hands, tbo otbe^ ranaaoked ^e bouae. Tho face blacking was done to palm it off on aomo poor Nc- groes. After leaving tbit bonte they way laid to old colored man and robbed him of baa money. A warrant was bare for one of the young men from South Carolina ehargiug him with ■tealing down there. They teem to be rwetty hard easee. Tbeir triale will be watched with much intereat at was the young man Green. As we have before expressed, the burglary law of North Carolina may refer to Negroes only. If that be true, it ihonU be known and white geutlemeB diould not be put at the in- impartially to all. VEIT EffCTLAinb LBITEB. Onr JTewipapers ShenM be Supported— Seme Argnment In their Faver. It. Thonsande never think once inoonveoience they put an editor to when they £iil for six monUta and a year to pay up their suhaeriptiona. One says “he has plenty of anbseri- hers; what little I owe him doesn’t amount to mneh.” True, it doesn’t amount to a great deal but it takes these small mites to make large snms, and where you make that remark and fail to send in your dues probably a hundred are doing a similiar thing, and so the enterprise that is dependent upon the amount of subscribera for support is weakened and is very often compelled to suspend. But you say ■end me the paper regularly.” Well, if you will send your subscrip- lioD be will not egly give you a paper regularly but ono that is spicy, rich and intoresting. But you say he has whole columns of advertisements; they will keep his paper running.” In deed advertisements aro good wben- thc editor can secure them but do you not know that business men will not advertise very extensively any paper nnlcss it has a wide circulation! The number of adver- menu depends very largely upon this fad and if you want tho editors “ads” to run bb paper then give him a wide circulation and this can best be done by those who arc already subscribers paying their subscriptions and getting others to take the paper. But you say “I would take bis paper but I lythiog in it about my town and people.” Weil tho eol- nmna of tbo paper arc open and to some extent free for corrcspondenco and if you would drop the editor a postal card oecaiionally wo aro quite sure ho would not consign it to the waste basket every time. But you say “the paper dwells too much on religious themes.” Of course there are strict ly religious papers and there are others thot admit into their columns news coming from any respectable source be it religious, educational, social or political. But you say’Hdon’t like tbo editor of that M||Wr; ho and I arc not on friendly terms.^ You may not like him personally but that doesn’t orguc that be is not a good editor simply because you do not like him. Where have aught against him there arc hundreds who admire him and men and women too who arc capable of deciding wbat it tokes to constitute true gentility. It is hardly right for you to cease taking a good news paper and in many instances hoycol the editor, your peculiar dislikes to the contrary notwithsiandiDg. \l- though you may dislike him be may give the public a good readable p'.per and may furnish you wi,*- ju t itie information desired. You say o^ain that “I would take it but Mr. A. doesn't lake it, and he is a man of good judgment.” Wc admit that .Mr. of considerable forc- thottirht and discretion but is Mr. M opinion and judgment to be taken prcfcrcDCQ to a Lost of ulLcrs who deem it right to support tbc paper V Is Mr. A to be the criterion for a whole country ! Must the coiumunity before it can act I Abosb ! Away with such Donsenmcal argument. Go and pay your subscription and fee! HENDERSON’S BARBER SHOP ! THE OLDEST AND BEST. Experienced snl polite worknten always ready to wait on euatoroen. Here you will xet a neat HAIR CUT and dean SHAVE. JOHN a HEND'ERSON, Eaat Trade StreeL Charlotte, N. C. H B KENNEDY, BIALU in OonfectlonerlM, Fancy and StaMn-^racerlea. ChiekoM, Begs. Butter, Vegeta bles, aad all ktndt of Country Produce. Everythioc kept in a well r^nlated Grocery Store. Fine Fruits h speci alty. No. 808 South Graham etrcct, OliarloUc, N. 0. . . RcfubUeaa State ConniatiCBD The uudereigaed Exeentive Commit- teemen call a State Convenuon of the Bepublicau party of North Carolina, to be held is Raleigh on Wednesday, the 28d day of Hay, 1668, for the pnrpoee of electing fonr delegates and four alternates to the Nitional Repnb- licsa Convention, to be held at Chicago, on tbo Idtb day of June, 1888, and for the purpose of nomina ting a candidate for Governor and other State officers and three candi dates for Supreme Court Judges, to selcot a State Committee and for tho transaction of such other business as may bo deemed proper in tbc Judg ment of the ooDvention. Each county is entitled os delegates in said conCention to twice ibcnnmber of Representatives in the lower House of the General Assembly. All persons without regard to past political affiliation, wbiRarc is sym pathy with the principles of the Rcr publican party of this State, aro in vited and requested to unite with the Republicans under this csll in tbc selection of delegates. J. C. L. Hauris, V. 8. Lusx, J. H. WlLLIAMSOH, Geo. C. SccBLocx. It. E. Yonsti, H. K. Davis, J. II. Hahris, .\. V. Dockxkv, W. C. CoLEMAS, J, J. Mott, J. 11. SutTII, G. W. Caxsos, J. II. MuNTtioJieaY, E. A. WiiiTK, T. M. Aboo. Presiding Elder’s Appointments. Fayetteville Distkict.—2d Round. Fayetteville station—March 1-4. Beaver Creek—March 10-11. Kook Rose—March 17-18. / Love Grove—March 24-2.'>. f Norrincton and Lone Ridce—Marih 31 aid April 1, \ Chapel Hill—April 7-8, Gunter’s Chapel—.\pril 14—IS, Miteholl's Chapel and Union—21-22. Thompson's Chapel and New Hope— April 28-29. General Conference May 2d, at New Berne. Mt, Olive—May 19-20. Jones Mission—May 20-27. .\. .M. Barkett, 1*. E. Raleigh N. C. CiiAKLOTTe District.—Isl Round. Little Rock—December 1-4. Rockwell and Joncsvillc —Dee. 9-11. Torrence Chapel—December lG-18. Biddle—December 23-2.'>. Moore's Sanctuary—Dee. 30-Jan. 1. Clinton Chapel—.January .'>-9. China Grove—January lH-0. Pincvitlc—January 20-2.^. Grace Cburcb—January 20-29. Ilcnryvillc—February .3-0. Trinity—February 10-13. Kings Mountain—February 17-’20. .Monroe—February 24-20, Redding Spring—iMarch 2-5. Rock Hill—March 9-11. Matthews—.March 16-19. Mowing Glade—March 24—27. n. 8, Rives. P. E. Wadesbobo Dismicr— 1st Round. Flat Rock—January 7-8. Lctbcc—January 14-1.'>. Jordan’s C. .Manly—.January 21-22. Green Lake—January 2H—29. Chesnutt—February 4-5. llalHc's Grove—February 11-12- Roper's Grove—February 18-19. Beunette’s—February 25-20. Forestville—.March 3-4. Rocky Mount—Marcli 10-11. Robeson's X Roads—March 17-18. ATTENTION TEAC’IIEHSI lAumbcrtoii, N. C'.. will begin its Tiiir.reKNTii session fur si.x months on Monday, .\pril 9, 1888. Having been educated in a New Exci.axi) Noiiual School, and having bad sixteen years experienco in the sebooLrooro, the Principal is prepared to do much for those who are seeking a school where they may be aided during the summer Thorough drills given daily in all the branches re quired to be taught in tbo Public Schools, and writtcu exarainatioDs on practical questions given weekly. Forpartioulars, send for circulars to D. P. ALLKN, Lumberton, N. C. BOARDING HOUSE. CONCORD, N . C . Thetravrtingptipilc will be acrommodated wlUi comfortable roouit sud board. Hook situated on Depot street, in iroot of (be sem- inary, near depot, and convenient teallrisl- ton. Terms reasonable. J. E. JOHNSON. no UBBER STaMP. with your JCw uamo in Faney Type, 25 vieitiag earde, and India Ink to mark Linen, 25 for oeota (etampe.) Book of 2000 etylea free with enob order Agente wantod. Big P». Tiulwa. N'r’a Co , BnUhnore, lid. . On • tMistaaa nagne Plaatatlora Ibe iDarvelotts proceeees by which the wand of tire plmter king is transmuted into rich casks of snow white or golden sugar, by means of steam boUera, sanin* era, vacuum pans, mixen and centrifn* gala has bem deeeribed many limes over, and is a thing not to be done I7 a ttorice without abostog and misoa- ing technical terms. The raw juice is a dark, dirty looldog liquid, a hideous gray in colcr. As it undergoes all the scientific ptoccasev of the most Of^rrnvcd methods of sugar making. It runs a short chromatic scrale In cdiw, changing from gray to a green ish brown and Uien to si^ee of r^-yeP low, and finally emerging from the cen*, trifugals like drifts of snow, white, fine* and beautiful to look upon. The refuse of all the strainingB is a thick like slimy, gray soft soap. It is thrown out in heaps behind tho sugar house, whenee ills used OB a fertilizer, but os it lies then it takes on a meet royal of mold, showing exquisite, brilliant sUmon and rose and brouze green hues, something, I should fancy, that would run a micr» scopist mod will) delight and curiosity.— Catharine Colo in New Orlean-v Picayune. The RehMlbt>)''a Cold Laoeb. Another evil Is tho cold lunch which must be token by most of tho chlldrcu, for tho hour's intermission at noon scarcely allows even tboeo redding near the school to go homo. cL'no and return. Every housekeeper knows how diflenU It is to provide variety in cold Innches. Children often take the same tilings (0 echool day after Iay, (ill iliey tire of tliom. Food which has been done up in a tin bos, or wrapped in napkins. U not npt to look, or smell, or t.osto very nice. Tho child is not tempted, and its noon meal, which sliould bu iho principal ouo of tho day. is mode a poor and light one. Perlmps it is ckel nut with pickles, Bwoetennd calcesof doubtful composition, purchased at tho catch penny store al- woys to be found near a school house. If during the winter months an inter* mission of on hoar und a half or even of two hours w-cro given, os is done in many Swiss and German schoob, most of ibo children could go homo and take the hot, nourishing midday meal which many doctors consider necessary to health.—& M. Hardinge in Tho Epoch. A Japanese Diaper Tarty. The etiquette of a Japaneso dinner party b rather entertaining. As soon as the guests are seated on the mats, two, and Bometimee threo, small low tables are brought to each. On tho one immediately in front of him the guest finds seven little covered bowls. On tho second table will be five other bowb. Tho third, a very small table, should hold three bowb. Toko up the chopsticks with tho right linml, remove tlie cover of (he rico bowl with the same hand, transfer it to tlio left, anti place it to tho loft of the table. Then remove tho cover of tho l>ean soup and place it on the rice rover. Next take up Iho rice bowl with the right liand, pa's it to the left, anti rat two moiithfub with th" chiiinticks. and then drink once from the sniip l«wl. And so tin with the other dishes—never omitting to cat some rico between each mouthful of meat, fish and vegeiablnt. unless you forget which is your mouth and which b your right liand, or liavo Iweome so giddy that you cannot tell your left hand from n chopstick or your rice bowl from your third table.—Clucogo News. Alt CtM.rmoo. AppetHe. Joel r.irker. the Demrrratie ex-gov ernor of New Jersey, who iliet! recently, xveigiiod 300 poutnU. and there in littlo doubt tliat hb dentil was ho.^'lened by hb enormous appetite, fiti iJways gratified his tastes to tho utterniost. .and never stopped to inquire whelher an article of food was good for him or not. He was the wonder of tho waiters nt every hotel and restaurant where he dined, llo inva riably weut twiee ihrougli the bill of fare- Ho was the last to finish nt a din* Dcr, yet so adniiralile hoemed liU diges tion llint after out eating alt the other guests lio could make a c-ipital speech, full of unctuous liumor and sound com mon Benue. Ho drank very little, water being hb favorite Uwornge, and there- forv hb head wus always clear, even if his stomach was overloaded.—Chicago A traveler obt.nine>l a sati«facU)ry brcalLfa.-t nt a soiilliern hotel iii mi ingo- nioUB uianiier. Haung e.Hleil foriiiller- ent ileins on the hill of fare with the un failing result of hearing "all gone, sal*.'' he llxtd a uleni kiuk u[cn the coloriid wnili'ruiid excLaiiiuil in deep tones; “Do you know where you will gr. when you die?” Tho waiter tremhUd, and did not reply, but he tiinicil awny. and witJi db- patch brought out a Muokiug breakfast of chicken and otjicr features of a V*>d meal. It f>eemn tliat ho liad resened these deliencies for iiiiiiself, but liad been touched by uu|ii'ivtiiiun iu pnxluce Ibuui for the traveler.—Chicago Tiincs. SlUwln ArwolU Knlghtod, Queen Victoria lm» paid a well de served tribute to jiiiinioliau in tho per son of Edwin Arnold, who has ju-t licen crented knight oommaiidcrtef tJic Order of the Indian Empire. Eir Eilwin lias been for n period of almost twenty-livo yean managing editor of Tho Ixindon Daily Telegraph, and he has attained world wide fame as tbc author of the great epic poem. “The Light of Asia," which has gme through mwe thw twenty editions in tbb country aud in England. Like many other prominent EngUahmen ho is married to a cliarming American lady.—New York World. Sis Traaslt CterU HsmlL All the statues atid portraitsof U. Jules OrevT, late president of tbo reputdio, wbicb were, according to onstom. ia tbs private rooms anJ olfiees ol tbs varloas administrative departmeate, are last be- Q^LINA CENTRAL B. B. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. Wilmington, N. O.l Jan. 1, 1888. WESTBOUND TBAINB. No. I. No. 8. Nos. 8 A 7 STATIONS. DeUysx. DsOyex. Tri- Bunds^. Bondsy. weakly. IvVVllm'gten 0:40p.m. 7:d0ajn. ■vLsatinb'raU:33s.m. SKUajs. Iv HamleL 7il0 ar Charlotte 7:U0 . 3.00 p.m. IvLTiwIottc 8;4Sam. IvUnccdnt'n .. 11:00 IvSbelby, 12:54p.m. • "RnUierfn 3;00 iog removed. In a few days effigies (ind prewDtmsnts of M. Carnot will occupy Ute places vacated byAhoso ot tlio late chief of tbe Kate, A i^plar has been appointed to model a bust of PresUoil Carnot, tran irtiich otben wiu bo m' ’ —Paris Oor. Loodon News. A man who governs bis paadmtsis master of tbs world. We most either oorumand rhi»m ot be efisiave^ to *8**™ It la better to be tbe hammer than tbe aavfl.—SL Dominie, EASTBOUND TRAINS. Na3. No. 4. K0S.6A8 STATIUN8. Drily ex. Drily ex. Tri- Sunday. Sunday, weekly. Iv I’utherf’n 8.40 a.m. Iv Shelby 10A2 It Lincoint'n 12.45 arCharlotto 3.00 IvCharlotte 8.00p.m. TJMs.m. Iv Hamlet I.2^a.m. 2.30p.m. Trains Noe. 1. and 2 niske close conasetion at Hamlet to and from Raleigh. Through sleeping can between Wilming ton and tliarlolte and Ctiarlotie aad Balcign* Take train No. I for Staterrille and statious on the W. N. C. R. It. and prints west. Also for Spartanburg, Urceiiville. Athens, Atlanta and all ixiinls bvntliwcst. I/ical Freight Nos. S and 0 trt-woricly between lAuriiiburg and Wilroiugtoii. No. .'1 leaves Wilmington Tunxlays, Thnradayi and Siiturdara. No. C Icavea tauriiiburg on Mondays. Wdliuedoys and Fridays. lioiirlnlnin: on Mondays. Weilnesilays and rridays. No. s leaven Uia-lotteonTucwlayei Thursdays and tfatunlays. L, C. J0NK8, SnpcrintenileuU F. W, CLARK. General Pateenger Act. C ADE FEAR AND YADKIN VALLEY /f.ULiVAr COMJ’AA'y. TatingcITeclO-iX) a.m., Moniby, Dee. 19.1887. Trains Moviso Nostji. ro-weiiger Freight and and Hail. Passenger, Lrltcnucitsville 8:30 am 1:30 pa ArMaxtoii. 0:40 3:35 LvMa.xteli,' 9:57 41:5 Ar Fayetteville, 11:50 8:10 Lt Fayetteville, 12:05 pm 8:20 am Ar Sanford 2:17 12:20 pm Lv SonfonL 2:40 1:33 ArUrcciuboro, flitU 7:45 Lv Greeiuboru, lU:lUam Ar Pilot Jlountaiii 3:UU p u> Pascngcranil Moll No. I—dinneratSanford. 1‘aLs. nnil Mail. No. II—KlinneratGcrmanton Traimi Movixo Socni. I.v Pilot Mountain 4:00 p ni Artirecnslioni, 8:9) Lv Greenslxiro. 10:00 am 7:45 am ArHaiifonl, l:30piii 2:ISpm l,v Sanford, Ar Fayetteville. Lv Fayetteville. VrMai- 1:50 (1:27 3:16 pm 7e 5:30 an 0:00 Lv .Maxten, Ar Uemictbvillc 8:00 12:00m raNtengcr;md .Mail A. 2—dinner al Sanford FAirroRY JIRAMTH-PRSiaHT AND AtVOMJIOD.ATlON. TriAi.vs Movisa North. Iauw Uilllioro. 8d)5a. ni. 4:25pm Arrive Greensboro. 1):4U 0:00 Ta\ixs kloTiRo Socni- Leavc Greensboro, l:3i) p. m. Leave Faetory June. ’2:30 .1:36pm Arrive Miliboro, 3:15 0:15 I’a.«svnKer ami Mail Trains run daily except Sunday. Freight ami Accommodation Tralu runs from FayvUcvillu to llenncttsville and return on Monday!', Wedncwlaye and Fridays; from Fayetteville to (ireensboro on Turadsysi Thursdays ^il Saturdays, ami from OrccM- boro t> Fayetteville on Mondays, WedDem days and Fridays. Trains on Factory Drancb run daily ciceik Sundays. S AVE MONEY A DISAGREEABLE CONTBOTZBSIES ! with agents who persuade you to send oft your little pieltim to Now York to have them enlarged and fraiticd. You can have all this sort uf work done at home much better and just as elieap. iiotwitlistanding ihefolM oavr ti'Jiis these agents make loyou, hy c,tUlngat II. BAU.MOAUTEN'8 Photograph : Gallery, Dr. J. T. "Williams OITerv Ms profe?.-;oiial services to Ihcgcucral puhllv. Oillre liouni from I* to 1" a. ni. 2 to 3 p. m. Om.vNo.2l Wc-t4lh street. Night calls from raidenec No. 5U6 South E. street, Charlotte. N. C. Illustrative Sample Fin HEAL THYSELF! Deaatapnl-ksiliait at diUtn tesdm- tied petal aefiriiai eta dollar a tettlii ssd dnuX psv lyrioK with isasia riops tM piiMa tki Uoed, bit paiakaM Iks Sntt m» Busdard Modkol Vmk. atitM SELF PRE$ER¥ATI«N. Tkiw kulnd pago, ntottatlal Oatiiaimerotkaaos bsidisd lamlaibloira •rlptbai,OKbiaalacaUtks mitotli fsiBw Is till Hisruiiipirii. fis ill f—i if ikf li sid •sate dloaN*, WiUs Wlag a Staadard hdatlis Nptlar XaUial TlMtlM a RaiikiH Fkp- ri*a Uteri. PriMoly llbysul],pHtpriA Wrialiaplxia wrappsfc ILLUETRATITS lAKFU TSBB TQ AU* yeaig asd nlddla ag*4 mt* ter tka sot aiasty dsya Btad cav ar eat tUi ssi ter yg way aawMaitagaU. AddraKDaW,&PABII» A BsUaek tt.i BaalaO) Kara MIH.EK IRBS. 81HL FBIS ■m mmn Wbea aatteraala by Ixal daaiwa, we win waa lakadlar nvtea la ii baaaef r Maa aaeli, ar ractlploTSLM. 4nvteaSdw4ttea>,4boM, SMS juteri m mm MR entm OLirittete

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