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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 10, 1888, Image 4

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AMtbar tMT^ MiaiU k B* can UwcTi aakabotk «oA bmL Tka cold-vsTC ftif carriM a W ^ dkHk. j Lof* m an old, old ktor;, jet fev of tka |dih mnniittr "cbeitoBt” when tiiey Wk- four Tlewa,'’ aa (be conaublo ■aid wlw* bo lerlod on a cierooocople Famllr PhTficiao—“1 la afnld job bora beoo ^lag too much cake aod ^fweetiMff. Lat aa aee jour tongoe.” Little gfarl—''Ob, JOB can lookat it, but it won't'taU.'’—f^prtB2^«id ApvIftMa. It la aaid (hat the great and onij Bar- Bua ia ihaklog haoda with hintaetf orer the propoeed rerialoe of the tariff. Mr. Baraum import!.mora roar mterial tbao *BBe other nan in ^le coBstrj.—JKw TtrkBtM. It ia attied that Moab Webater flrat ' ooBceieed tbo idea of hli dicliooarj wMIe oa a *iait to Boaloo. He heard ao naaj big word! (here w|iich be did oot i uoderatand that he felt tbe need of ooe. —Jfa$ Tort WerU. "No, thank jou, atraoger.*’ aaid tbe geotleDian from DakotOiaa tbe car porter offered him tbe dreMiogroom comb; "I Barer coold plaj no one of them tbiDga. I ain't what jon'd call mutkal, aa’ in; monataebeererlaatingljtcara tbe paper.'i A jOBOg lad; in Chicago acknowt- edgea that the ia anxiona to nurr; ad In dian ^ief. All Ibe lodinn chief! wboae aamea are in tba Cbirajo Director; bare beenaeeo. and tbe; amlleandl;, but roao- lalel; refnsetobe iotorriewed.—LauM OUaen. An old akin-Sint was looking for a fomiahed room: "What wilt jon charge tne for thw one for a veekl" be aiked. "TiTiree dollata." "ril gire job two." "No, air." "Come, let me bare' it for that; tbe dajf are ao abort Teri Star. Huaband eiuperat«d)—Whak te the miachief did joudo with tbeinowahorel I brought borne lut night! Wife— Wbat did ;ou expect I would do with it, John! I tied a red ribbon around tbe bnndte aod pnt it in tbe parlor.—Du/ntA ihngrdpAer. An object aix feet high cannot be Bt a diftance of ten mite*, owing lo the cnrratnre of Ibe carlh, which ia said bo aeren inchca to tbe mile. Wh; it ia that the notice, "Shut the door," canoot be eecn at a dwtaocc of ten iecbea has nerer been explained.—Omaha World. First Gentleman—"See that cabjloreel Weil, be wat once the celebrated race bone hheet Anchor, but now he ia onl; tbe cab Excelaior." feeond Oentlcman— "Wbatonearthdothe; call him Kxcclnnr forr’ Firat OcDtiemao—"iteenuae he •tandifor hire. Ta-ta.*'-,-/f'irper'«Ba»ir. ‘Ihnre k, pe^apat no batter known hmnr pfognoetie Ihnn thnt referred to te tbe old Beotd %ellnd of Bk Patrick Speni: « "OetPir aladil mpmaalwdeer. I feer a dendtr itorm. laaw the Bewmooa late jeatree., i reer wfff mjTee bnmL" Cbamhon, in "The Book of Deya," aaya tkat to ace "the old moon ia the ma of the new'Wfie " ia reckoned a aign ff“a *^ther—aDotbercnrioaexample of how aayingigrt twisted; but in that itatement he ia quite wrong. Theappw aece ia aimoat nnirertall; held to be a aign of bad’weaiher. Two explanations ha»a been offered to account for tbe prognoetic, in eaq^ of which there ia nn- doBbfedly a mo^re of truth. When tba moon appears “new" to ua, the earth would appear "full’’ to the lunar inhabi tant!, If thrre were an;; and whatcauaet the dirk part of \he young i to be dimly rWble is ita reflection bf;kliant earth-shine. «rth, bowerer, will not always shine with e|ual brilliance, cren when tbe tame amount of aurface is illii minated, for obtioiul; clouds reflect more light than eilber land or sco. Hence, when an unusual illiiminalion ol tbe night-side of the moon is apparent, it shows Chat the canb-tbine it escep. lionall; strong, which in turn is an indi- catlnu 0/ the presence of a large amount of cloud in our atmosphere. Furihcr, as a moment's consideratioB will prori-, the cloud era must lie to the west of us, tbe direction from which wc icrcirc moat of qpr atormcaitbatlljeat'paritiun of the old moon in the arms of the new. Tirtaall; menns tfast Ihureare miIc:ou(1- banka over the North Atlantic iccnn which, in all probabilily, arc drifting up to ua, and will, before long, bring na "dirty" weather. 1 am not dit- pOTcd to go ao far iii Mr. John Aitkeo, who, in a paper Tecenllj read before the royal society of Kdiobnrgh, •Dggeeted the use of Ibe moon's dark limb aa an "ontiring signal stslion.” but it is aatisfaetory to know that this eene- rable prognostic has a sound physical basil, and kps worthy of respect aacrrr it was.—ionpinnn's Matjaiinr. ^tbokMkemaneakitet^MM Tklartate fcwr ut, pw^ng tto i^^of taanraw •—'— •— ■mi haaM la. U mm woman, andia aMlobo 8i^r baa hat b Sgowi by l.ISjim' Bao'nlh ftuMMlia, md OsmbI IktBlj wkiwrnowWnBwBBwnrf Oed Lkar ci eal rnfwdim nMeinnl]; n( tbe grintem mlM and seer pnlnlibin Rand: “1 bnmsawdBciittk BaAbnln mn- 'sdfhmfWnaad OebllBr ta tT" £Si^y,'‘Ll ^ Makes the Weak Strong hn; from Oe brnd pi^im, wateijr. and acrid, af etbsan. ttlefc. tmaHooB. muenoB, panitaat, Hood; and pnWtd: Utheeyesareweak, wifi it, and in- flamed; bikI tbm ii rtnafag in ibe kwi, d'r rneiB, hacfcl ng nr rnonfclng to elMWIba thrnwt, nzinrtonUue of nffeodre naatte,to- ■tihar wttharabn from Blears; tbe voice he leo-bUKad and baviog a bb«1 Cwaau bieath offeoslvr: ■a*U and tarts taipB esncTfeore n seniatinn of ditdarw, wloi tal ilfprendon, a hackiog rosich, and genanl dThility, then vou aiv anffering from ebrunie nnial mtarrh Only a few of Uw ainve named ■ptoBis are likely tobeprmt In any *ie|phU Hant by mall for W~ case at one Umo. or In ooeaUini of tbe bydeumrUa. use. Thnuiaoilsof caaaa nnnuiaUy, srltb ^ manirrrtlng half of the aliore eymptnms, rsnilt in coiwumptiwi, and and in tlW grave. ~ I'unimon. more dconplive and iindmaonl or nvTe unwic 've^ullr tmfeil l>y I'heidrUos, Tbe taana- fscluren nf Rr, Ksge> Catarrh Remedy offer. In cntal faith, gviii reward for a iwm of ca- tsr'h whii-Ii they rannot cure. The Remedy hi a >kl by druBgiiita at only M) oento. fftfptnan Kolatms;latctBe IMlag aad tBgiag; woertbyseraMbiag. Uollowadac ■attune tuaors Ima, whU oMn blead aid kwote. twevnnlfig vei; amo. Rwavn'n uiHUif rtops the ttcnhiK ni mb ulcvrntina, and bi many rt Bqaally rtBtrtduna la entte all i pH. SWAVltB ft SONTrbS- * >aeav BatsapartBs * 1 1 STvat deal of (ood.*—Ma V. A. BUMUrr, U.IC.T. n Hood's Bsrdsrorfas for Viw at sopottte. '. TbefBB- ptrbocM MnioTrtem. o. HMKh and ttransth ilowing Ibii Itv nnlj Spi'OiUtwi .... mndjctiial, imiint nnmh^ of ragtilariy _ . agenia. baa •- iluced Into the losra lezislature. "Golden ntmnmine, silver at m lend at liighl," Is tlie olr^ying nlxniC rating urangm. Hut tlWTx Is’eiinirtliiuK that & riehtly iianusl Golden, and csiii Hr taken with l>nniiat any hour or tbe day. This is l)r. I'irni-'s Golifrn lJe!i-Bl Dlsisivery, lib rally in g,,|.1u> any oM suffertng anfaiiiiiK. Rydinicgi^. ('•noempildB Herelr Cered. To tba Editor:—llmae infer n your rei tbatlliaraa poiicive remedy tM tbs al nameil itkeasd. By iW tiiBNy nw tbnpa of hopsima i-asn have Usn permaiM cnmL I shall be glad to seod two hottl my ivmedy nm to any of yonr readirs who ‘larei'onsnmpttoQ If Uht wOl send me t' {xfiroea ami P. U. address. Bbmeet/i '. A. KUICOH. M. a. >dl Pnsrilir. R Hood’s Sarsaparilla . too Do— Onft Potlar C. L HOOD a 00. apotMearMs. hewsn. Mm 100 De— Ow Dollar ilNUiis the silr of In >imh..rth«>l cni ■I aincoded in Isc; by sildlhg i-cn, - „ apeually ft" bvoo enforewL ^tjac-obsoiIj RHEUMATISM. ’lwCtae8tnted.-Jan'>' ITlli.lA«.1. Mew™ Ovr“l d: Co.. dniKirrste. Lowell. I>rnnK'Nii.7!n M.«lr’soJ2t; i| Hi. Jacnln Oil. oniJ "Gbin l!»ii oy of I'." i.-illy ti cfCn iville, kioKS. Wbea Dm Sprini Begia? In New England we call it midwinter. It is wintry ont of doors, yet the season baa really lumed, and spring bis Kt out on her traveli over the land. In about a week After Christmas she lands on tbe top-end of Florida and the coast of Texai, way down by the Rio Grande. Tbe prociio date at which the change cornea is the 21st of December. After that day is spring. It may be cold .WMther all over the country east of Ibe Rocky Mountains. There maylw snow aa far down aoDihaa Charletton or Mem phis, while the mounlaini round Chatta nooga arc white almost down to the low vaileyi. Htiil farther south tbe ground ■ny be wet, cold, and tbo air chilly. For ail that, h is really spring. The big atarnn which we live has be gun to change ila posilion. It looks lo- ward that great star wc call tbe auu, in a different direction. Every shadow in tbe Union groa-e shorter at npon, day by dny. The daja grow alow]; longer, anr] Ibe tun sets every night a little mo tbe right oa yon face the sunset Inapile of atomy wind, and snow like wool, and boar-frost icattered like morsels, tbe aver age temperature abwiy rieee. The flrsl bndi begia to aweli dowD ia Florida, Ibe firat green grass aecu appam on the coast of Texas. Tlie fringe of green grows wider and wider. The first biida arrive oa tbe eoast a!oag tbe Gnlf of Mexico. Then nnve arrive, aad ffeding the roaaU flilod .up ^tb tbe Berta, they fly over and eptlw a litde back from Ibe water. Then ■lore fly over tbe first part, aad begia to baud Bests fnitbar up from tbe aonUt Tbe green ware of gnaa apnodi op the Mkaksippi aad along tbe coast of Geergiv Of what help k it to na lo know tbial le tbe aortb it b winter ont ef doors tiU April. Down collar, by the ffnaca. yon fade pouie reeiieg. pat- sort • damp spot os the loor. tbe potato knows it b ffpriag, aod even tp tba dark cqwna lu ayea and begina lo frow. Tbb brfaiga ns to a biat of i1m Bndk. Tbs spiiag rsa^y bagtae aeon after OrMnaa, aad all plaots aad aalauk know it Ivra tba aanakrat, •dsepk tba wood*, hrgiaa to dfM ahont k.—WU«-J«eK •. araat aviaad rowfa acrort Bb Mrta, sneb aa tba sew tsUvimI tba JtM- . . • fabaild, that •aaatr; will ha able to doatnaSa Bmj lat>a»lMarihai^iil.( Tbe Origin of Leap Year. The custom otrscn'c'l everj four 2. r* of permitliog tLe fairer sex to nnsume'thc right and prcrogHiixcs opiKTiainiag t their brothers during ihc ii'inaioin three is a very ancicut one. according 1 a New York UVo-A/x-orrc’-pontlrnr. When it originated is not dcHniicly knnwu, bin a law enacted by the I’arliatnml of ticot. lancliu tbe yenrlOti'iitdoubileutbulirvl statutory recngntCnii of tlio custnuj. Tbit law was ns fnitows; “It is strtul ] aod ordaiot that during the ri inc of I Icr | Mailt BliMit Mcgertic. i.'k fourth ye: known aslx.>p I u >r. ilk innulrn larlro Imiili high and low e-taii shnil hac I licriy bespeak yr man ■‘hcliko: sllieii, git be refuses to Ink hir (0 l>c his wyfe, hr fhail 1)0 muU'tol in ye siimnie of . diindis or lea, a> his csi:iti moit be. cept and awk gif he can iiuik it Bpp':it that bo is betrutlut to nnu itiicr woman, that ho tbeu shall l>o free.' Much of the color Mindne-s (hat i coming quite common is raid lo be caused by the use of tobacco, whicli, 1>c log a narcotic, iiouiimbs the nrrves. Sometimes tbe victim loses sight alto- getber. Rut is is noiircable, »ays the Omilhir, that, the old smoken arc tiro futidious abiut the co'ors which ihu UbaccoDisti give their cigan. .1. JnciAis Uil.-Ilr. I BrtnUfnt woman, from wbe bkiom. , Thv beamloK eye, fraliii Whst kiodlv baiKl c *- Eodowlea tore I fair’ Kudowlea tbe« with Iwauty rarer ' Twaa not sMr thtos" tbeslanie reiilied, “Once c«le ibis facr, UMveTcatures t«ilU. The 'rarorlte ITvscripUon' of Ur. Jlern* WrmujUJtewondaous cha-tge abkh yon Blxterti couatsM in Michigan, all that thus far vJloJ under lbs local p|>tiun law. hare given mAJarlUee in favor of pruhibaUon. strung IhiIi. Cure, 'All K’a ay ne ul Uw Netnii tronhlc. When Catarrh hrt tmi th»ayeb-m Tajl-ir's lUbt New York, rvncbrt, t»y 1 ser, tbe very amt ef tie /For Tbt« ervous llie Debilitated 'tbe Aged. elery Will Color One to Four Poundt or Dress Garments, Yams, A Child can use them! The PUREST. STRONOBST sad FASTEST -'I Hyee Warrenied let live the SMeisoodi, aad (■*: enSon, UoeiiiaUed for Festhers. Rib. . eitd eti Kanejr tXjrrlns. jj Iceding colors. They abc Ituk* lti« Beet ssd Chnpest WRITING INK I ONE QUART LAUNDRY BLUE / IQ Cents. C nI5"S«^ Colori^ Phoeof^ptMaiid ■ eofoesd 'Uk dfUggnl for Iksok sad Kunple Cerd. or write WeuS.eiCHAROSOn e C0..Barliagim.n. t T Cildine er OronHcc FsBcy Anlclei. USI DIAMOND PAINTS. i-old. silver. Bream, Copper. Only iOCente. ■ Bd will t'l'KR CATARRH nr CMfRri Ely's Crtan Balm Amdrllaliulntotwch iMotril i;ijr^».?BOr»-nwlcbln n T SS x^itx^rzs-.isr VW.BmwM ae/Mf fMo iiuiiy* ww EXHAUSTED VITALITY i iTMt Mffdtffil Werk f«r Tent ftiiB WMiff Afud Mm. msEiF, pLl*Hte.wfceiMeVct.e—eel ff.u’-qiwtaRr p.cieeliui le.-iW KahaMat v»uiiiirVllw.|Hacil * le-r aeai l>|Mr.i.c. mT Hi-- Warn, ewi ^ mmS Miur MSWS- — win.* .awe> DReKILMCirS s: rSf lor. £a ■■gBusdiesw ISCSS Mogrrtmacn oS. A TcBla ReetoraUva. Ibr OcmRimptloB nvad BIT lUb.—A. H. DowRU-, Eollor Bsqnirer, Edan- (OB, N. C., Ai^ 2S, 1887. efwUMiB. SytaTifm h ; Catmi^iee. PISO Ifj^pur jiin** tH-antbuiupe after sudden cRortaldpc tieate Or tluturs. If you have boart faint speUs. (its or spasms, .. .—^ter wii gatberlng _ r havu heart dropay. ifTouSsSfS! apJ-OpJI‘l}‘,stM>ckt/a mjiaut-iaa-v U V«an bare b'l-uralirta. Numhn . ... _ .. i{ IWD Ucatit. durUog Mine like lUK-umaUera. r>ivaa-We).lcunwai» ptwTooOiirolnjt lai heart lettiWpMwy^^lliaR M^pRAX-TB.- l&Ak&eoil Corroborative and Cnnciusive Trtllmofly. •-I..i»..|l. JiilyU. l->-:.-(i..|ifk-iiic.i: BarsBia'rR. $23P> G 01.DBW. wowajun SEEOS£;^ I CURE FltC! . W^f^.y.^^emgem w^ Se my ShBIB SS M'^e'bes^ SSLf Sit? =2r» ■C K»»»aiy»ieiiiH>. 10.11 Ct roif aan«raroujioClsi^Sla.artewRi M.N.r 11 hsidly e heitcr poocrltaNi tbe. e n» •■•e ocRIos, not call fwli cUrra et beSii^^ Dodly tesen la. bat e r A iWET HEN *'n 'rT""'*'''''' Owxo.1.. si;d. I Frrrvxetu tt. FT.-wiasa ttT' l^EHEDIAL POHE. TOLL BTATT OT ElPEBDUEll PHISICIUIS18llllffiOII& .-J- :OKIC niBKAWES SBC- iftsiiy Treated wtibOBt a Pwnoaal ConsBltatloss. icftire of (be patlmCe dia- by the appMcatmu. lo the prauUee of of wcll.«tat>lleb>il prliicipha of aodm •droer. Tho most ample irnnitvca for trrallng tlDRcrlng or ciirunk- dwrasra, tml the gnwieet rtfil. am tbue pteci-d wftbin Uw easy nwefa of tnvaUde. faowever dMaot tbey maynnidr. Writa and deatrfbe your eymptone. tncdiwlng ma cratl In etaiBiB. and a rompMe tnatlsr. on your par- imuB' itm Ul siiimii wtitiite, m aa mih., x r. ,™»„, OXJR FIEL13 OF SUCCESS. tuu, Tmn ua LumDiiusb. Use Air PnaaoRoa and l.noga, eiirh aa Chreale Oaurrh la the Head, Laryngltle, BraoehUla, Aethaia, aod CotiaBaFtlBB, boib througb ainvwpnndenee and at our iDeUtotlons. 'o Importaat sricolalty. lU A BrnncMtle: price, pi - or t^tblBlc, aivloa paid. Ira n-ola. dP priuc. puat-pald. tw: TreatMe' — auixe^uJ treatment: prlen, pno. Traatiaa on Cbronlo CBtarrb lo tbe 11^; UnasugF DSESTItL DraBepola. "LlTor CawFlalsK," Oh- aSInato OonoSlFRIIoB. Obroair Diar rhea, TaFo-warflas, aod kJndred aSmhUH, arc amoag (boee ehnelo 4^—— ■- —— ctesful liwelBuialof which o . DtAarm, aad —c-j'-.r—vew lamely treated. 4 effected Iq IhniMnii of eaam whlrh _ .— _j pnnHiuDced beyood hope. Thiae dh- I esem are tvodllr disgnnallfrted. nr dotenolned. ■ by ofacmloal analrste of the urtar, wttbeut a rnnuoi rwatlBothMi of paMnU. whB CBS, tjierefare, heaeraliy he earreaelBffr trrtUoft at Chair heasea! ne idudr aod pnunlcw of cbrtalmJ loalysh and mkwuiooplail examlnaono of the urinu la our nonMiwirtleu of raara, with rercrenoe to ear ret* dlaniKMla lo whlah our toMMuBon tong !>■> beeano famoua. hae naturally led 10 a very aateouve ptneUm ■- •*' of tbe urloary orgaat. Tbeao dhraaea aboold be trented onJy br a spertafoi ht (boroughly familiar with (hem. aod wbohntm- —• -o ascertain tbe exact eocrtlUoa and sten aniwtaixac which tbe dheaaa hae ^2e by a earuful ebmieal and mloRk urioc), fur medietam wbfoh ire ;.:_.:.5rSKi2r)y;sa- trmled ■hentlrt on kKUEt tnBnrt.1 ■■ . .‘wa^-ggagusy.tcag Kanu Dneua Rpilepile cMw wRb unueual tuems. Are diflcmrit Ulmtraled pamphlets which wUl be sent for Ire eenta lor Ue-m It arrampaalrd with a Ihio, ai (bat we nay know wbl DliUSEI OF We laea rj-rlatfrrfp Ic Woairn. Bv« Woao. wMber hy^ I Inoaolty. Nrrvaae t (we dleraam. any nervouc oSro. J for (b(vr dh. reported to our Shmil 6k BF the (reaiiaeot u. cMT mee ruoculUn* onr afo-cSelleU. htler nr in prrRio, h mrea the eijd^ nauPk rilr antvxtimi. Im- horoe pfayUrianal haw Ibe bnwOt iia™..:; Ksaa-iffi.'K 'Vis BCrtNIA inreerh), or BVPTt'aC. ao BioUtr of«f what Oar, hprnmpmBd FrraiaaeBtls enred by aarM>e«WhSs,vrllha«t abrBBlfOBM rtlfhoBt driFewAewra bfms STBanoa. TITIL'LB, and other dlawem affeitina tbe lower h«jwcjt. afv lieatra wlih wood, rfu] aururt. Tbe wSi« tmet of 'sraftjtaasa isa.” I Weu I dSff ’;C‘2fo”15Si'KSK;,CTS; I Ha. I »5evSS.-a-f5: ttmartl of fbr bob expechwtad vveSallsH. s^"»”ursas;.*ir5 xjs; beltavtiia Uat no cvodlUoo of hinaeiiiii h a-Sas 5 r*js;was.r5 ■—^ ■ Why say oow —■* .T.tef IeIrb fetNUR. -i-’Tsa.r , irnMi aa. a barshgurw to Max vrili mar I k fi^iiialfc, aad iMk d appBtnart who aa ■■re :tac’.B!a;s5i vtonRanw mhTibnhm.'* ■owtisuo a, mnua vet

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