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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 24, 1888, Image 1

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TH& charlotte messenger. VOL. iV. NO. SATtIBbAY. MAKCH .24, 1888. Tan tlJO vs Ann.auk On Ank. • t' FARMS AND FARMERS. TELEGRAPHIC TICKS- Charlotte Meesenger is PUBUBBKU JOvei'v Saturday, AT CHARLOTTE, N. C. : ilic InWretU of the Colorod People ii' the Country. Mill'mil wi-ll-fcnawD wrltin win eratrlb 1.1... I'..Inimn rtnm different iieiia of the .. itri’, nnd it win ronUio thepe^ Gen. i Nr oi rf the dny. TBS aOXITBSAir RACm V'. MiK^KKOEKje sflnt-clae ! »;!l iiiiIbUuw iienona) ebn ' i.i. ItU itot leFterfaui o I in Ite col- fowl pnrtiwui, but it—rtanliog (Uriy by elL It re- ri;:lit tu eriticin the ibartcoaUnRe iliKi- I'nii-iale—coounaxllnR the •I rmiintiMDiling tor election Mcfa In opinion ate beat auiled la if Uie people, idl'd Ui nitiiilythe loag felt need iIvo(»‘- **•- •* >r the „ 9 I'kdniont wetiou of the fiOBSCBIPTIoai: l.lDmiftia AdMKce.) vv.C. SMITH Charlotte NO> Palnl Errors. iioi^rul Mrrcfaent-“I hefe no 11 iirttl of your tcrvirci, air. w ( IitR —“Kilt Whet'i beppenedr ... . Lit. have bwn liere but one dsy anALf**^*! I* air. aJy iwt me two good "** !y •.•laidoiitt In whet weyf" I'll addroMicil Misa BkiniiandboDei, '•I mnid linrcM, n« ‘.Mrs.,’sod you ' Mra. Sn;ot*ixtcen, who wu msr- li-l week, ‘.Mies.’"—Oinnka ll’orfd. ..natrslla. :s-. Oplnin ITiillip took paaees- f till] wIhj'u ietaDil coDtioant of lia ill the name of King iiDorse. » nrvn of Aiiitnlis. Wlmirng .'.mil, ini.07.>,3ilti aqusre miles, i.n . i-rf'ly llie arnt of the I'nited I'mi ililr.y tiiiice tliotof the United "in. ’Fill' wliiti- populslion, st the I, sod Increased 1 >iir|.lu iif'liirtha over deetbs st 1.1. i.f iiT.iHil ill one yesr. The ■i-r "f irntnigraots from sll counlries but the iniiKTSlion It elao a •! ilii- t'Xccai of thnic remaining i i'iT ■ !.‘ '7. Aimlr^lia, therefore, .1 iiiilr ini riiusc- by nbont a million .•r' i’:;lil jenn; Imt Ihotidoof pop- .1.' i, M-ilini; at Inst in its direriion. I..II-1 n'VfiViio it int.i'iOO.OOO. or V $iu H licad, ulniott ibrre timet the ; but the total espondi- .till and the total debt Mim of IJM.OOO,- 1) 11. That will lie a danger hereafter; bn! :i« >rt. AiHlrHlia |Maarsct an unaa- »—n-i idsle of richlruo hiindird and sis million m iea. and has railed in Liibl jibii I- till' lIcKt diicovrnea morelhao d"iibli' III r debt. Miieb of the Auatra- li.^-i K-nic ■•tatu eulTera Irom want of H III- but it ii iiotierd that, at immi- i.i,ii' iiikIi in. ilie ''deaert" roredna, and ID Iili lint Ihr w*f*t dlttricii irriga- tiiiii i- l■l••s;bh■. Tlie lielt round the t-inMi. Iimiwn (•> Im forlile, would sup port iitfj uiiiron* withenM. Of Oearral lalaraat taParwera. De»lk Par Plaatlag HerSa. The proper depth for plaotiog soeda is )ot to ce detennined by Ihe groateat depth from which they wilt come up and reach the surface tuccetifully. A plant may struggle and reach the aurfan to ex hausted that it never recorera ita vigor, and ihougb it may sot di\, yet never at tain perfect development. The condi tions of liA whilst under the grmiud, and after it has come up into the light and air, alw quite different. Under the ground it iivea npoo the food stored up tor it in the seed, drawing nothing from the toil, nerbapa, hot 'Pater. The boat in the soil is the motive i^erwliich cx- citea it into arlivlly. When it gets up Into the air an entirely new act of ojiem- tloni begins. Like everything else if tends to lose moUlurc by evaporation the water which thus cfrapcs in rcpls»l hy more absorbed from the soil, and willi this abnorbed water comes into i' from the soil. Its Icavrs liathcd air, draw in carbonic acid from t mna^rre, and with the aid of sunlight build up,-out of it Ad the elements of water, new tissues. It thiw iHi-omi-s an indopondent existence. Whilst under the ground it was dependent under it* mnUier's milk (the food laM up for iti. now H can fonige fur itaclf. If pinnii'd too deep, the food laid for it nuiy lie ex hausted liefnrc it can reach the surface; in thiit event it jtcriahes; or it may fall a little short af this, and reach the siirfjtce with ita parts imperfectly devclopeil— italeaww small, its slatks slender; or still farther, it may resell the surface l>e- fore ita supply of seed food is cxliaiiHieii, and proceeoing to gather food fruni the atniosphe*e, n'ceive uo cheek and not lie- come stuntwi in ita growth. Natures mode of soeiling is to drop the seeds on the surfaee, ami trust lo their licing covered by rain, or allernulc fivtz logs anil thaw ings, or Iry insects disturb- ing the soil, or other agencies of like na ture. Whilst this is an uncertain mode, and calls for a large amount of m-lsI.^Iu'- cause so great a portion is liable to fail- uiT of corering, it indicates very clearly tbt nature's method is shallow mvering, and that the organixation of plauts is adapUd to shallow covering- Just ^flugh covering to siTurc the neceiwry moisture is the plain indication. Kmw- cially is this true early in the season when 'molsturr nrar the surfw’c is abundant, and heal (the motive power) i« greatei than at lowi'r depths As the wason ad vnnees moistura retires from llie siirfnee and heat penetrates deeper doivu, soeda must lie plnnle1 iiei'in-r, but loose dry nature of the soil sImivo enables young plants to reach the surface more easily than wIk'H the soil is wet and cold. Ko much for thcorelual con siderations—pmeliee, however, cimllm' them—careful cxis'rimenis with plniiting seeds at different deptlis show that foi the larger seel, like corn, w heat, oats, ■ two inches eovering giv* •igorntis plants and largiM yields, riant comnow as shallow possible. —-tf/onto CiiiimUIuHvii. Aillacon the large numbar of viritOT XHE WHITE TERROR tn jail to eee Tom Woolfolk u daily «■% ificxeaee. nil reported that a Northern capltal- hTMI build a tlM.bOO hotel in Baxn- M4ke thia year. J^fitate mlliUry eneampmunt : Iiland '■ *“* COTZBINO ZVEBYTHUfa IH TBB NOBTHEBN STATES, for the higher Mraiige UlMereries. '■ ibicii have losils been found in- , I..S..I ill S' 1 1 Jaslics that it ie not enr- ,.-i ill-' !->' icail in a Si’oitlih paper that '."rvTnl, wbdcbriaklng a large ^i«r f cm) lor ibe IlfN', waa startled to flat III (lie -nire of the Work a full-growi !-4d wbiili apisTircd to be in cvcollent bi'-dtU and >pirils. AU'st'OmraoB James Hm- fotutd dead in the wooda near his home in Johnson county. Considerable demage ie reported M done to the fruit crop in the Pfednioot section by the recent ooldenap. Feaohea sre eeid to have suffered badly, and K la evident that tbree-fourtha of they^tU* crop is killed. The large two-etory dwelling of Mra. Caroline £ Cherry, near Greenville, wae destroyed by Are, and Bliaha Johnaoo, a colored preacher living in Halifax conn- ty, has. mysterioualy diaappeared. 8e^ ing some Are in the woods, he went last Friday to look after It, and has not dace been heard from. News has lieen recrivod at Ralalgh of the deslh of Rev. Dr. Hattbew T. VatM, in China. He waa the oldest of the Bap tist minionaries, having been in China Hiwi lorty-two years. liis age wae eeventy, eeMi I.sut September he had a paralytidd stroke, from which he never fdlly recov ered. lie intended returning to North Carolina next June. Dr. Yatea waebom in Wake county, near Raleigh, and gnuloatcd at Wake Forest Coll^p. He wea looked upon by the BsptiiU ae one of their leading prcacberi. ... Ashrille, C. D. Higgins waa nrrcaled. charged with attempting to kill the conductor of a Pullman car. The conductor ordered hinu out. Higgins Htnick at the conductor, who knocked him down, Higgins sprang un and shot twice at the i-onductor, the bullets strik ing the oar anu frightenins the paaeen- gers. Tile trained moved off, but Hig gins iH'gan firing jiromlscuously into houses urar liy. He was arrested after a chase and desperate fight. Details have Iwea received at Raleigh of a most horrible story, the scene of which U an illicit dlstUlen on Barnes errs'k, on the line between Mont gomery end Itandolpb counties. A young man named Andrew CoUicott bad been to the titi'H gold mine, and imbibed too frcclv of whisky. Upon returoing to tle distiilery he waa aoon envolved in a drunken stupor, ia which he remainM iinconc'ous for some time, Some one, attracted hy his pictous cries, lent to his assistanco, and found him^nostill house with almost his entire laMy, from the waist up roosted. Physicians were summoned think the injuries are fauil. Itisstatwl that bU injuriefrM^ the riwmt of the brutality of a party of gamhlcri. who had gnlheied at the still for the purpose of winning CoUicott'. moiicv. Thi' gamblers finding him too drunk to nuist poured whiskey on him, null set him on fire, takinghitmoney and nftcrwanls claimed that it had liecn burned. TralBs PastvarS Ocawees KiaiUas. The sun is shluing brightly in New York and the weather ta moderating. Travel on llwi clcvidcd roads has fully iit a few hundred dollare in postoffice teoMnta Is needed to ensure Athene hav-^* —-- , -r-..!!- iiie^nmcd, but tlic surface roods The telegraph wires south and A®Afherj*R every ■probability that the still. 008BEP FBOXTTMCLE BAXTOA^ ITQL WbaiMraaw Law Haken as* Mas. CaarrMalaaal aaS Oskar Mawa. The President has lecognixed Eugeq( Thiebaut ee vic6 consul of France a* Charleston, 8. C. neripta will reach the neeeaaary $10,000 BotZ by that time. 4^ral largo pieces of the monument 'to Merected over the grave of the late QtH. Koh^ Toombn have arrived at WaAlnglen. It will be a maasivo and •MMy diaft, and altogether a fit mnnu- MbI to mark the last resting place of thaf illustrious man. tosber City has another baml factory is operation. B. 8. Pinkleton was fovader of the first one in the enring 1817. The new one ia anppoted to oWbM by a syndicate of naval stores CDinitoaaien merchants of Bavannah, who projpaca to fight the present monopoly fa (Ee spirit barrel buainesi. Tfte Presbyterians of Atlanta discus- ooiong themselves various plans for Jriishing In that city a Presbyterian oellogc. The idea aeenu to be to esCab- IMi at AtlanU a Preebyterian university for the South of such high character as to attract patronage from other States, The matter has gone so far that a mcct- iag of the Presbyterians of Atlanta and Georgia will be called at an early day to diaciw the subject noBTIi. BART AKD WE.4T A heavy bllriard Is raging in the south oat of England. The storm la slight in London. Ilirkcahead. • waa preaeatod with a , ti.n-uD which appeared to be V I .11 iwpc-t. After the ,•11. waa l-iiteil. ho discovered B piece iu.triune imlwddnl ia It shout iW ri. r* »f at. in. h in Ihnib. half aelBch »ilth ami a quarter of an Inch !■ kucti. M*J*t>*^ Afler KnvenWen iMr*. AtPndwrg. in Bnxony. huulh Anwr««wosaj«ipl«»***J^ Til. re be waa ghl. ll.ii'gn'Meadym^ofna^ ho left wiiUoiit her, ptomUlM. j**J**f* her aa MMU Ui hi* laeown wtrald aWW. TTu gill waited i»ii«itly enwran Wlx-n fbrietmat ere em IB waa sufi.riwj'l by the sadden tifPP^i aa'ciir iicr long mlwed at last wraicd a certain incMM t inoueli to-Qi'portthrin in luurT. the l>ap)>y c'rtipio ' ‘ tf tbeir ’ The Mandbagger'a Advice. PH never forget my first ex|>crionre footpad," said ' rioaiR'’ out at the workhouse the other (lay. “I'm not a proscssional footpad or robticr. but once in Chicago 1 thought I'd g> out and get in my work with a stuffed club. \> ell. who do you suppose 1 picked out as my fireivlctiraf A man with a plug hnt. Didyouovcr hear of euchaihingF' and Boapa, who never washes, fairly over- ffowed with laughter. “Why, what IS funny about that? “Well, ;a saadbagger-thnl is. a pro- feseionai—never tackles a man that weari a plug hat. It don’t do any good " •‘Why DOtr * „ •‘Well. Tou arc green. A san-Hiagger attempts to strike either just in front ol or behind the 1-rar. Those arc the most effective places. Well, a plug hat Uao constructed Ibal no blow can begot - the polnit on the head it rovera - rimH very stiff and breaki the force ol the blow, and bcfoie a eccood «o be given tbe man hai cried out for help and your attack hae been in vain. Now you know what to do when you are going out at night-wear a plug hat It • r complete armor agwnst aandbaggers. — Bt. iovepit (Mo.) Oaxt'.f. Uilu'a Solomon. Another Solomon has arisen at Shang hai, China. A mao was accused of hav ing ftoleo a table. He profosaed to bo •o weak and sick that he could nut have carried away the table. The judge ji^ lenad aymiithetically and then said: “I tfabk you ere right. I pity you. TakeJUiat bag with *10.000 and sjimid it Ira getting thoroughly cured." The Mcuj »d bowed and took up the bag on bia a ouldots and walked out. “Bnng t lao backr ordered ibe Judge, and I 0 rnlprit’a reappearance the w^ iudi ' told nim be luid noticed him as ha lid ralked throngh the room with tbrt Wi ’ load‘Of sunry on hia back, and be o Mlderod him qnlle eoual to Utk of carrying away a tobla. M » •!« enead the aeanrad guilty of the Siel C**osg»Snw|d nouTii cabuliha. New rails have Ihcu ordered for the Barnwi’ll Railroad. Only Bou langer. AtCasscll. Germany, a snow storm IS prevailed for three days. Commander Griffin, of the Amertcun aavy, oBeis to back Kilran for tOOO against Sullivan. At Aberl>evn, Miss, Gattman A Co., hanken, have failed. U i" iM-liovcd lliat tbe failure is for over $200,000. Dublin Evening Telegraph says that Mitchell has ehaUeDged Hullivaii to fight in a sixteen foot ring for 411,000 a 'de. In-Spain the storm is very heavy, es pecially in the north, and in the south of Spain floods are doing enorromis damage. In central Germany tliere ia tomph euepenaioD of hi|hway trefflCi many districta railways arc ano H. H. Key, representing D. Apblclon A Co. of New York, died suddenly at the Battle Uonse, Mobile, Ala , of heurl still entirely rut off and there is little If any communication cast. Mca^ reports received show that people living in New Jersey towns who started for New York Monday liad dreadful exjicri- Many Inins were anowwl in a few miles from the city and passeogcra wire compelled U> sleep on them or walc through the snow to look for ahclter in villngcs. A iiunilier of jicrsons. it is as serted, jKirlshed from cold and cxliaus- tioD. At Elizalicthport, N. J.. ployes of the Singirr'a machine works Hlartud for their homes. Several Imdly frozen. I)nc man waa picked up out of the snow stiff and hreaililcKS. He was corricil into the railway station where he soon diivl. Hy alreneous efforts the Fcnnsylvaiiia road got a single track clear to Newark. Trains were kept run ning all night ladween there and Jftacy City U> keep the track oiu-n. None of the other roods have Iwcii aide truinii. Aliovc New York on roa.lsof Ac New York Cenlral system the situation is unimproved. The Cliiengo limitial exiiress train on the Pennsylvunii^ad, wbieli wiiastiilled for a day acarMnrrisnn. on the New Jer sey mcadowininsrciu'lK*(l Newark. lU'licf eitra of siipilK'S had been sent out with tiirtv locomMIvca jnilliiig and three inorv pushing. ^Huil Elizahctli a blK-k train is blocked on it siding anil many sheep and etitlle fnjr.eii to ileatli. In the IVnn- sylvnnU frei|lit yard a «air hwid of Bhi-e|i jH'rished.- The nu-iit'supply is celling Khort and tiriees are ailvali'-iiig. $l.'i jaT ton iK-iiig I. Tlii re is pleiily of it in ilie yards in New York .and HnsiUlyli, hut the dinieidly is to deliver it. acuiii fell heavily at l‘liila>lel. f ihia. hut the lemiMTiiture is decidisl. ywarm. - it fell. THE PRESIDENTS FUTURE. ads ni leil are r .) fur as Ihe i ;e ho,« ruilrdnd lion their main lieu- to tlie west oIm'II. hut that the New York division is yet I'l.iseil. The Chleaco 1imilel exiir.-ss which at other tinu'B is started from New York was miule up hen' and left for Hie west. The fast express for the west left alKiiil liulf an hour later ami in nddilioii t those for falhc-r iK.iuls also i-arrie'l pa. w-ligers for larger way Bliilioiis. Tmvi has also b.a-u oiH-iied with llie s.oitli. an md .Ie,, mil Washin The siluii I other the • soar (M (Mr »r0ff- - 1 H" Dnodwood gave hi* wifn JIM to gr eohneka /or info-kteplng. Thnladf put thanmneylnn pi'l®*-*"*** jy |fn« *>»• •rtkiK wltt •(»*•'». Dieewvering !«•». ahe tAtbs found (he gtaenhneka A^iaw wMBd In jiliem !• • ktttla oC of land were sold the last salesdsy in Orange- >rg- Thc Barnwell Railroad duringJanuary elcnred $I,«VB3 above all ex|)casei. All the piers for the Three C't bridge aver the (Wawba river have been fln- ishcl. Col. Eugene B Garf. of Abbeville. wHl soon have ready for publication a book )n erimittal law. Dr. C. H. Oreeo, Jr,, of Sumter, hw received an apjioiotment of tbe surgical jle|artmrDt of the Cliambcr* Street lion- pilal, of New York city. During the twenty-three days of Jan uary Giat the Hlackville, Alston and New berry Railroad was in operation ita re- ccipia amounted to $1,680.98. William Flcasanl, colored^ while try ing to RTt on the up train while in mo tion at Reynolds Station, fell and was instantly killed. A petition, which is numerously signed hy the most influential and conscientious citizens of Beaufort, has been circulated Hod will be tent to Governor Wchardson iiskiog him to commute the death pen ally appointed to be exoculod os the 61b of April against.Si Roblnaon. for the homicide of Bailey. The menUl coneb lion of the unfort unate condemned would seem to be o siiffident reason for the ex tension of the sought for clemency. Both evening tr. ina on Ihe South Cart>- lina Railway were thrown out of time on account of a terrible fire along tbe lr«k, and in tbe surrounding woods a few miles below Windsor. Tbe fire waa raging for several miles along (ho track^ and hundrcdif of cords of wood wertr Imrned. Tbe beat -aa so Intenae fur i ronaidonble distance tbe atael ralla were twi^ ao aa to resdar It impovlble for tha tniaa to (wa om. Tbe whole communin' tuned out to fij^t tbe fire, but enntd do but little agaloat tbe hMvy gale that waa blowing all day. ITk a^ tioo along the line have bm^le- grafdied for, and tbe damage will W in- paired aa aoon na poaaihte. / A rare honor was conferred iipm Judge W. G. Field, of Peizcr. 8. C'.. a few days ago, by President Clovehind sending him a photo-engraving of him self and wife. Mr. Field wa-i a groat admirer of the President before his nom ination, ati'l on the first of June, 188-1, b* was • .a father of a baby boy which 7. chrM'‘n d Grover Cleveland Field, in honor of the Prceidenl. Mr. Field men tioned these facta to Congressmau Perry in one of his letters, ancT in ihU way it came under the eye of the President, and he -wrote him the following letter. Executive Mambios. Wasiiikotos, Feb. 27th. 1888.—W. O. Field, Fai,.. Pelzer, 8.C.; DcarSir—Ihatcrocelyed from Mr. Perry your recent letter to him, and learn from fu pcniaal that you have a son who bears my name. Permit me to thank you for so flattering a manifea- (ation of your confidence and reganl, and as further evidence of my appreeia tion of your courtesy, 1 lake pleasure lo sending the accompanying engraving. '■[)ura very truly. Gkuver Ci.kvei.aki>. In response to the compliment, Mr. Field wrote to the President thanking him for the letter and engraving of him self, adding a "modest" rcqiicat that a nlcturo of Mrs. Cleveland might be sent him to be placctl alongside of his in the •humble home at Pelzer." The reejuvat vaa promptly grsntud, and Mr. Field was made the tecipicnl of a handsome photograph of Mi*. Cleveland, with her name affixed. H- i.lti.-idl'. iH-tieve t ■im-d loall iHUiilN I >w. Teh'gr.ipli • .-w Y'lrk. Ifciitiiimi Ntill iiilerrnpt.-'l. •lu ll Ihow- (KunlN iN iilli and Pittsburg. ipensatioD of fourth-cloM poatanMan. The Supreme Court hat rendered a da- risloD affirming the right xnd power the State of Maasachuaetts (o tax tM property of the Wrirtcni Union Telegr^ih comjiany witidu its limits. The senate committee on poatoffleaa and )>o«tniadi baa ardered a favoral^ report on thcsenaie bill to radoca tba imstagc on seeds, cutting!, buIlM, eto., to one cent for every four onneea.- Tm iin-aent rate is rixtecn ceuta per pound, while that of Canada irbniy lour centa. The DuriHisc of tlvj bill >1 to place Ab^ iron aetidsmen on an equality with tte (hmadians so far ns the use of the United Stale* mails arc concerned. In anticiitalion of the decUon in tha telephone cases, the United States ta- prcnic Court room was crowded to-^y • when Court aascralilud at noon, and » large numlwr of (icoplc were tiOTed away from the door. Alexander Melville Bell and Mr. SUrrow, of counsel for ^ Bell Couipnny, were present, aa were also the Conimisaionct* of Patents, aevetah patent attorneys and a large nnmber of iwraons directly or indirccUy Inlereated in telephone slocka. At 12:05 Justice Blatchforc, acaiif for Chief Justice Wuite, began rtad^ the opinion in the telephone cases. Tha tipiniim was pre|>arcil by the Chief Joa- tit;e, lull owing to a alight iodispoaitioB lie did not feel able to read it, and there- ■nesu-d Juati(.-c Blatchford to read ira. Tbe cases covered by tbe II of the court arc six in number, iming (rolii Maasachusetts, one from Pt’DiiHvIvauia, and four from New York. In the lirat live muses the appel- re.Vmue K. Dollmr et al, the Mole- .u.,.. Telephone Company, the Clay (>.iimien.uil Company, the Poopl(*’Tel- •phone Coini»8ny ami the 0%-erland Tele- plioncComiMiny. In the sixth the Bell Company is the appellant againM tbe Mol'-culur CoMijiany. The opiniot was a lengthy one, and derided in the favor ■ the Bell Telephone Company. The disaeut of Jiistirca Bradley, Field and Harlan is Iramnl on the Drawbai^ i-laim. Tiiesc tliree Joslkes ace of ®pw- ion lliiit the eridenee overwhclmbgly shows that Drawbaiigb wa-N the first In- vcnior of tlie s|H9ikiog toUphone, al though he wuH uiicotiM-ioui of it and waa not nwitrr of its importance, Tlic opinion of a majority of the Court wan iciKl hv JuNlice Blateliford, but waa nrcparci! I*y Cliief Justice Waite. The hitler, owing tu indUpobition, did nut fwl able lo read so long an opinion, which occupied in dclivcif one hour and liters conclusion of llIIATKKUI. ll.AKOTA. Iiiuing •lispNlcIi luvi Ix-cn New York: iewitt, New York; Blhmorkst T Hev Hiirom Ihik.. St.‘Paul, Stiiin., nod olli- place* in the west where hliwinU arc t uiicoinmun, ofTcriiiu relief for the irm sufferers in New York and vicioi- Slavery of a lYhite Han. (From the New York Heralil,] Ati-akta, Ga., Miiroh it.—slave is now n stniiige sight in *lie Smith. A white slave Is vet more strange: still one was seen ou the street* of Atlanta yea- terdiiy. John H. Hughes, a while man of good character, owed tius Kaglemadier n sum of money which he wiia unable lo jiay. He met Kaglcinueher yewlenlay, and jokingly nskt-d him If he would arrept a bill of snle to hiinsclf as jiuy for tbedebt. KB''lemHc|ier agreed, a lawyer was called the bill of sate drawn up and pro|>- Inimcdinlcly after lh(] the reading of Ihcopinioo" .u phone euae* Justice Ijimar began the rending of his find opinion aa a mcmlMr . of the Unilcd States Supreme Court, the l ase being No. Ifi!!. the Miisouri River I'lieket Com|>aiiy v* the Hnonibal and St .loe Railroad Oompnny. Tlic point In- v.ilvctl WOK tlie ronstruction to be gl*« to n law of Congress, authorizing tha building of a bridge for the use of tba railroatV eomiiativ across the Miraoun River at K.iusasCily. Thejudpnentof Ihe Supreme Court of Missouri, in faror of tlie Hannilinl and St. Joe Comjwoy. wusailirmed. , A Madera Waally Bar•^ Louis .1. Wyman, of Hoihury, Maas.. „#ii* a horse which is dressed In * «ul suit of wool intlead of being clothed la •oat of hair like ijje ordinary everydM jcirsc. The wool U an inch long ana n a reddish brown shade. Tba owaar show* a bundle of yarn made froia R and says he ha« enough to make a suit K clothes fqc the man who will cihiUt tha horse. Mr. Wyman bought the anl»M from F,. B. Rhodes, a planter stoek • of Spartanburg. S. C. Tli borsa was bled by thoroughbred Kentae^ horse* snd is pe/feet in fonn, 14* haa« liish and weigh* from 850lo87fipoiiad«. Itwrived onthoGateC'ltyfrom Savaa- nah. Georgia, last week, and has riM been rccniiereilng from the effaeta otals sea voyage. The covering of tha animal seems lo be veritable w Thne Peopla Baraed to Death. News ha* reached Charlotte of the fa tal burning of three people, in Rulhcr ford county, two being burned to d(»th in a house, and the otberln a field while firing brush. In the first mentioned rase. Mrs. Lawson Dari* and bar alster-ln-»w, an Imbecile, perlAed in the roini of their buraing home. They were in the boi^ alone, st the Uate, ard the origin of the fire cannot be accoonted for. A colored gW aaaied Jaaa Freeman wM baread to death while firing bfuah- Her elothbg took fire and befw amist- anca eonld learii bar she waa boned so badly that death casuad vary shortly tlwraaftar. AtlanU claims a popalatioa of M.OiO wfthla.tba ei^ Ualta. TbamMvilla has l.«00 riaHon. who ■vataga each of |$ a ^ la tha lorn vlU not ha mm ^gawh fif IllilBtarwUBiU tiBM tbaavalBtlaa of weeds and axpraiskiaa. CidUtod paopUoaylwwdo yoa WMlamanelaa nr “howdr dor la lha haekwiwd* af TllfiM 4*nv*ay eriy signnl. In the dociimcrt “Hiigli™ been pronoaoerf by a Buinb«of wool sold hluisclf. and ins laxly after death, dealer* in Boston. horse lo Gus Kaglcmucher, the said Kaglc- marher lo iiave roiitrol of^ the aaid Hiigbcs as long as be might live, and to liartvr, sell or ennvey him to utberii if he chow lo do so." A eopy “f the i-onlract as given each |>arty. Afler the contract wa» handctl him Iliighi’s iK'gon to think mori' seriously of the mailer, ami eonaulicd a lawyer as to Ita validity. Upon iM-ing informed that it would bold g(x>d in the eiiurU, be got drunk and waa arrested. Thi* morn- iiqr he was fined in the Police Court, and hia owner, (f) who wsi un hand, paid t^ fine, and this eveahig took him out to bis farm, wbaic. he says, hr shall worts him for the haianiv of hit life. A lAke Balllag Hat. forctop or mane—only a eocaawhal thicker growth of wool where thcaa ap- nendagei should be. Ilia taU, aa well m the rest of hlm.ia covered with tbe wo^ and, singularly enough, hangs limply down between the leg*, ezaclly as a sheep’s tall doe*. Aoother mark of tha sheep i» the horse's dii|>osltlon tobatt, aa offensive o|>cratioo whi^ he imartl to frequently.—f/arf/eed Tiiara. Mad Already Brea Warfcad. Bunco Stearer (to ttraager)—“ ’•‘'i bow do you do, Mr. Sloppaabaimert I am very gisd to tee you. ’’ Btrsngar—“But my bobw la not Slop* peaheimer: It's Tuggerly." Bonn) Steerar—“What, not tha gerty who w« noantlT mulotad ta Lake Botokakahl. New Zealaad, U iKW damagre la a breadt of prariM laolosad by steep, loaely mounUius, tba caser votosaie dopoait coverlag which looked ttraager— Yea sw. hu* like faalf^ted, dirty, eln^ mow. Buaeo Steorer-- * 3?.*,^ it is a rethar slgalfleaat fart ta thermal I y®“ »««■•»* aetlrity that two or three year* ago this i CtreaM*. lakt roaa to acuriy tho bellliig peiat. — I This WM eoaaidarad a moat iMaar^bli ^ ^ v-jS'JnT ’*“'^‘***'^

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