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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 31, 1888, Image 2

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} CHAHLQTTE MESSENGER. ^MUbad f T«r7 ■•taMar at* Cbarlotta, 9. 0. Bj W. C. Smitli. ..n S0|3 montlia W _ I0d[2 raontha S5 m montha 76 | Single Copy- 5 I Notify Of atODce of all failans ofthia poper Y naeb yon on iltnc. All money muftlie aenC by rejdatend letter, moii^ order, or pontal note to • W. C.-eHITH. Ciiarlotte. If. C. • Short cmreapondence ofaub^ects oflnteml to tbe pnbllc la eoliciUid but persona moat not bedteppoliited ifthey fall toaee the artirlcs In.onr columns. We are not rrBponaibtc fur tbe Tiews of oorreapondenta. Anonymoia oommnnlcationa go td tli« waste l)aakct. SOKE WATSIDE NOTES. Onr first atop after Icaeing bomc wsa St Clsrkton on the C. C railroad. We walked about a mile from the depot to tbo eomfortoble Lome of Hon. John Newell. It was early Sunday morning and wc were j^st time for breakfast. .Mr. Newell the meat prominent colored iKaii Bladen county. He ia ingood circum- BtaoccB and bis door ia ever open to preachers and editors. Mr. Newell Lia an intelligent and interesting family. He liaa a farm of 160 acres and makes an independent living. At Elisabethtown wc found court in session and many people in town the first day. Mias Liszic Shaw took spooial care of the Mbssbsgkr. ^ Peterson’s new store is among the i provements here. A weekly paper now published here and the old town shows other signs of improvement. After n tedions ride on steamer up the Cape Hear, wc were landed at Fayetteville. Ilorc wc found things more lively than usual this season of the year. Hcvcral stores arc being erected on the main street. Tin Yadkin Valley ia surveying the nov road to Wilmington and the farmers arc busy preparing for planting. All the BobooU arc doing well. The revival -at Evans Chapel coiitinucs with good results and Elder Hill is its happy and jolly ns ever. Mr. Pres. Brown and bride seem ns happy as two doves. At Swann’s Station Jio witnessed tho closing of a school taught by Miss Sarah Young. Thoscbolara did tbem- selves credit and showed that pains bad been taken with them. After tho exercises aU partook of the ham, ohickcD, cakes Ac., which were plentifully provided by the parents. At this place is one of the most pros perous young colored men in the State, Hr. Jesse McLcnn. He is a large land owner, merchant, fanner and furnishes the railroad with wood and eross-tires in large |uautitic.H. At Jonesboro, wc found iiiiproi monts still going on. They hnvc bank, livery stable, academy and two newspapers. Tho colored jicopic doing well. Mrs. 11. C Moore made it pleasant for us during our i-lay met here, Mr. Nathaniel Toney is a first class shoemaker aud barber and carries on both brandies of his basinoss in the centre of the town. Mr. Toney’s work ban taken the premium at our State fair. lie is doing well. The public scTino] cluscs this week. At Cameron wc were entertained by Rev. E. W'. Dix, who seems to be doing OH well as any,prcaeber in the State. His churdi work is jirosper* ing finclyj he tcaclics school and is preparing to run a small farm to feed a very fine borso that takes him around to his cburchos. He took us to ono of his churcbes on Sunday and then to Carthago. This church was lively and he says his entire work is in fine condition financially and spiri tually. Other colored men in Cameron arc buying property. Here the new railroad branebes off to Carthago. It U graded all the way and Iho iron is Being laid. At Carthage, things in general seems to look up. The court house baa been remodeled and now presents a fine appoaraucu. Several new build- bgs have been eroded anJ old oLt-s tiaproved. There is marked iuiprnvc- meol among tbe colored people. They seem to bo inspired by the approach of the railroad and arc creoting neat eottagea and ornamenting tho old OMB. There are two newspapers in this town. Mrs. Jang Tyson taqght the public aehool that closed (bis week. All tho scbpols in (he county wnu to be clewing about this time. **rof 8- 0. Atkins of LIvinfttone Collie will visit this town next Monday and meet all tbe colored teaehers and organiie a teaeher’t insti tute. There ia a goodly number of first grade teacbera in this county. We shared the hospitality of Mr. D. J. McRae, who seems to be as well situated for living as any one should wish to be. He has a pleasant and ntelligent family. At Sanford wc met Rev. F. L. Montgomery who is engaged in teach- parocbal school. He holds service in bis new Church which to advantage. He don’t want bis, friends to forget where be is. He seems to be doing a good work around Sanfbrd. This town is keep ing pace with others in tbe way improvements. Several handsome bnildings bajre been creeled here, some of which arc brick. Miss Jennie Sinitl is teaching the public school COLITMBiA KOTB8. DOCKEBV vs. SHERMAN. Mr. A. V. Dockery, editor of the SiiiUhem Pnifrtiimit/, is opposing the iiumination of Hon. Jno. Sherman. If Mr. Dockery dislikes Mr Sherman or prefers some one else, he has the right to oppose him. It is well understood that Mr. Dockery ia and has been for Mr. Blaine. Not one should blamo him for that, for as any other citizen be has n right to a pre- fctcoco and should express it when he feels like doing so. But wc regret to see a very dangerous spirit manifested n the colnms of the Pmlectioniit. It ipeaks of party managers a.s '‘mani pulators’’ "Sbcmian bummers,” Rcd-lcgs” and "commorants." This I to be regretted, and is calculated to cansc Jissention and trouble in tbe Mr. A. V. Dockery has been honored by the party, and to-day ia held in high esteem, and while he has ight to contend for bis cboice iu all bonorablc ways, be has no right to endanger the success of the party. ill not be styled a “rcd-lcg, and Sherman is our choice and bos been; yet wc will submit to the nation of Blaine or anybody though wc think Blaine the weakest man that could be nominated against Cleveland. Sherman is a Repnblican and if ho gets the nomination he should have and will have the support of all loyal republicans. Mr. Dockery any one else can oppose Mr. Sber- 1 in case he is nominated without injuring our State ticket and'^ding the Democrats. No one can abnsc leading men in Lis party and maki charges of corruption against them without injnring tbe party. This paper was at one time acensed of sowing discord, but it at that time fought against the bringing of Demo crats into the party. We fought on the line of Republican priDcip]i and opposed no republican. If Mr. Dockery's course is continued, he not only make the prospect for carry ing this .State for tbe National ticket doubtfol, but lie will endanger the election of his father and destroy the Lope of cLangiiig this miserable county government. No one wants to drive .Mr. Dockery out of tho party, but wc all. would like to see him working harmony with his party, is own father opposes him. If that be true be should not blame others for wanting to sec him change his course. agree with Mr. Dockery when he says the South should have bat little to say about tbe nomination and (bat the matter sbonld bo left tbe Northern States that will tboir vote to tbo nominee. Yet every man should bo allowed to express rboiee and do all be can In a proper way to secure tbe nomination of bis cboicc and bis cboioc should be a be thinks best fitted for the place and that would make tho best ran. Ight to abuso other candi dates. We shonld leave it for the opposition to find and point out ell faiilM most have harmony and peaoo ia onr own ranks this year. If there are any personal grieranoct betwooo they sbonld be settled ontside of party management. Let (he Pro- tectionid advoeate the Domination of Blaine, ita ehoioe; the M— Sherman, our choice, and all others their eholee, hot let neither of ne abnee any other. Let ns have peace among onroalvei, brethren. Conaa firing on snob other and aave yonr powder for the Demaerats. BerabUeiaa Orfialflng — ColUhraU EmJgratla^Bateh of Hew Coloinfi Deetort. This is the year for the waging of politieml warfare in thie eosntry. On one side is the army of tyranny, bigotry, folly and oppression—the Democratic party; on the other is the army of human rights, tmtb and jita- tioe—tbe Republican party. Colored , upon what side do you propose to muster? Yon must airangc yonr- I ODQ side or tbe other. There can be no compromise with wrong, yon favor right. It is all folly to give oar to tbe sophistry of some of onr intelligent, selfish colored politi cians, who urge a division of the colored men. A honse divided against itself mnst fall. When in the history of the human race, where there has been a conflict of ideas with parties or armies arrayed against each other, one side would divide itself (or better stated, one p|rt desert itself,) going to tbe opposing footiou, sod then suc ceed in defeating its enemy. Prepos terous is the tbonght!!! If tbe Democrats are over to be defeated, there must be kept up a solid array of Republican phalanxes in all parts of the counlry; and the colored man should arrange himself in such ranks. Tbe Republicans of Richland coun ty will hold their precinct mcotingH on tbe 29tb inst., to elect delegates to State and District ooDventions, which elect delegates to the National Repub lican convention at Chicago next Jnne. The field ia full of candidates. The California fever has struck this scetion. If free transportation offered, or transportation to be paid for in installments after arrival there, hundreds would leave this Slate. It would bo a great blessing to the Ne gro, here, if .500,000 would move to the West. They would do a most excellent thing for themselves, and leave the whites in a majority, aud mako tbo sins they commit so fre quently against Negro majorities un- uccessary. Again, it would put a premium on those who remain, be cause of their scarcity. Diamonds arc enhanced in valno by tboir rarity, and because of tbo difficulties by which they arc obtained. Drs. Jobna^ Wilder, and Smith arrived from Washington to-night. They arc fresh from the medical col lege and the hospital. Dr. Johnson will practice here ; Dr. Wilder will return to Washington, ond Dr. Smith will seek his fortnno in thi These are bright and worthy rnung men, who should have the hearty sup port of all men. May success crown their efforts in alleviating tbe suf ferings of humanitv, and may they reap rich rewards. U.vts. Columbia. 8. C., March 28,1888. GRAND DISPLAY! or LADIES’ DRESS MATERIALS, at lOe.. 131c.. Uc-, 20c., 28c. anil up, In 18 of tbs newsw sbadea MOIKEE HILK, | H Sliadni, at 08 cents per rard. i BUSTLES I > cPDta each. These stand UPimr|iasBeJ. | LADIES’ MUSLIN UNDER-WEAR. CHEMISE at 25 cents and up. DRAWERS at 25 cents aud op. . CORSET COVERS at 25 cenU and up. SHIRTS, full long, 39 cents and up. CORSCT COVERS 25 cents and t BRAND NEW STPCK , or * Gentlemen’s Clothing hAi arrived. NO SHODDY GOODS. IN THE I Di HAPPY HIT SHIRTI- Tuesday. No eoaBunieation transportation eonld be had till Wed nesday. Bridgeport was abut in from the other parte of tbe world. Tbe train which arrived from New Haven early Monday morning eonld go no farther and the paasengera, abont one hundred, had to stop over till Wed nesday; good for them that tbe Rail road company paid for their lodging, fte. On Wedneeday a steamer was sent from Bridgeport to New York and on its retnm brought the first New York papers that had reached tho city since Sunday. Tolepbono and telegraph wires were impaired so that to get news from Boston to New York tbe message bad to be cabled to Lon don and thence to New York. A Bridgeport man whdVcnt a message to Washington, to reach the latter place it was (Wednesday) telegraphed to Pittsfield, Mass., thence to Troy, N. thence to Milwankio Wia.; thence St Louis Mo.; thence to New Orleans La.; thenee to Washington, D. C. Five hundred deaths were reported in New York city awaiting burial on account of the storm. In many plscoB those who were not comfortably situated froze to dcoth. There wore others who had no fuel and thereby bad to burn whatever they could procure for the time to keep alive. Men in Bridgeport offered ^0 for a ton of coal butconld not get it hauled. 'The markets on Tuesday morning were exhausted of their supply. Several drunken men were found half buried in tbe snow almost chilled to death. Business men gave 75 cents an hour to have snow shoveled frou^ before their doors. All the factors bad to stop because their suppll nf coal was exhausted. Natives lutv and seventy years of age say l^cy bavc never seen any thing to cpia1 this stonii. The people in the Ndrih West are no longer the only viotinis, Cllickerillg PlailOS, ArlOIl PiailOS, of the terrible blizzards for tbe Kii-t' — can boast of sueh an unwcicomcd visitor; yet since it is in the provi dence of God to send it wc will try to make the best of the situation. While wc arc experieneiDg sueh horrible weather wc bear the peach trees North Carolina arc laughing as if mock us in their blooms. G. L B SVEAH HILK, Shades, at 06 cents per jant, CORSETS S ceiils^ pair. Perftet ntlinc. you Iniy n man’s imUniitrin] linen Imshmu, re-inlorcci it IVtrnt SLttms. H. BARUCH, Regulator of Low Prices. E. M. ANDREWS, Has the larKest mid Most GonipiMe Slock of In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. Pianos and Qrgans Ortlic Ikr.t Makes oi Ixin I’riees and Easy Terms. i>iKn. NEW ENGLAND LETTE’t. The KlttgofBUzxsrds—The Like h'-re Heard of In The East Before. The great snow storm which began on Sunday evening March 17th and which shaped itself into a terrible blizzard beats (be record in New England and in tbo Northern States. Beginning on Sunday morning it contioued till Tuesdoy evening before it abated. At first the indications did not give tho coloring of a severe storm but the northcaslly wind let force for two days before spending its fury, during wbieL time wo Lave never seen snow flakes bll so thick and fast. There being sneh strong ind tbe snow was drifted io heaps here and there from aix to eighteen feet; in many places completely shut up tbo ontraacea to dwolling houses. In some instaoees the police force had have the snow sbovolod away from bouses to find families completely closed in and who had to burn lamps tbe dsy time to see bow to move in their booses. Others whose doors aud lower windows wen barred by snow had to jump ont of their upper windows to get out of tho bouses. We know a certain minister against whoso front door tbe snow driRed until the door could not be seen from ithont and bis fiomily bad not tbe exquisite pleasure o^eping out of it from Sunday evepMg till Wednesday The tnteiM were mode iui- passable. Even sleigba eonld not be dnwa by bMsee. In tbe stnets the enow averaged ebont (wo feet. Toalna wfaish started from Bridgeport Monday morning for New York sad New Haven were etalled on tbe rood till Brother John Albert Brown, citizen of Jonesboro, was taken borne sick February Cth, and ou Friday, February 24th, breathed bis Inst. lie was employed for quite a while as a farmer near tbe town, where be nindo a snug living. lie was a loving hus band and a good citizen. Rev. K. \V, Dix was telegraphed for. but did not arrive in time for the funeral, which would hnvc taken place at his old home at 3 o'clock. The brothers of tbe Zion Wesley cliurcli put him away in nice style. He leaves a wife, (wo sons, aud one daughter, and a host of friends to mourn their loss. The family and friends have our sympathy. MEUoni.sL uaeTiN'i: was held at the church March 2d, by tbe children of the Sunday-school : Isl. Reading the Scriptures, by Miss Sarah Waddle. 2d. Sioging by the choir. Gospel hymn No. 222. 3d. Prayer, by J. Miller. 4lh. Description of his ontward. Rood by J. E. Street. 5th. Benevolence in Sunday-school. Read by Miss Emily McKoy. dth. Solo, by Miss Nannie Struct, Gospel hymn No. 85. His benevolence no a Chris tian member in the church. Read by Will. Street. 8Ui. Prayer by Father Waddle. 9tb. Song by the whole seliool. 10th. The reason for holding a; memorial meeting, by Miss Novella Siuelare. lltb. Thanks to tbe host of friends, Miss Jonnio Cox. Song by theebnir. —Mrs. John Harrington, Edmond MeCoy, B. Ilarringtou, E. Cox, S. Harrington and J. Dalrymplc. Prayer by Oroen Patridge. and Rev. R. C. Moore. Solo, by Mist A. P. Minter. Sung, Gospel hymn. 220. Beuedietion, by J. Mt’Koy. T. B. Tvckks, JouMsoN NoKot, I CommiMee. Bent Pianos, Mathushek Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Mason & Hamlin Organs, bay State Organs, Packard Organs, K .\f. ANUKEWS, : Trade Street, Chareotte, N. C. — THE — Messenger t is published every Saturday at CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in tbe interests of the COLORED PEOPLE 'AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, It is the only Republican paper in the ■Western end of the sixth Congressional District. Subscription, $1.60 per year. W. c. Smith, Kdilnr nii,l rroprietor.Charlotte, N. C. SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR of any and every dcHcription to IR. E. CHARLOTTE, 3i. C.

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