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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, April 07, 1888, Image 4

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^ Oot IWb, ^ m mrtr w» tnc iHOont • ftawn. pfrmnbkjatttita; b* fniBibM at (tat; ■•pvwMat tta d0(; ta •* (ta graabted •( norniag; ta gmbhd at I tojpumbto and growl war* kla ofaiat jb at Ut wlfa that taa to grosibla aa wall at ta; (ta chUdrao wbaravar tta^ want, d tbatr paraata' dlneetaa, — wai dark and batokaoad raia. JBMr. HoniB-WBaaiiratoeompiBia; d X (bara waa,Bar«r a clood amt, ^ gTMbla baeaaaa ot a thraataoad droogbt ■b-maali wara aanr to nit bla taM; Ha grWBiblad at having to aat Is baata; fWimad waa poor, or tta meat waa tosgl Or aln be hadn't bad half enough. Be Better how hard bla wile might trj To Blaaee jier huaband. wlib aeomf ul ere Ba^ look aronixl, and than, with a scowl At nmetbiog or attar, begin to growL anj at tta Oaa dar, aa 1 lollerad along (be Mreat, Hr dd acquaintance I chanced to meet, Wbna face was without (ta look at care And (ta uglf (fown that it used to wear. *•1 mar be mletakan, perh^iB,*' I aald. Aa, after aalotioK. I *‘BBt It la, and It Un'i, Who lived for eo long aetblmneitdar, and I melting weather, in pouring ram, ben etofta wore up and —- ■ OnunWe Comer !' again. Hot a amlle somehow bad replaced t H pooled Bw much; and to. One daj. laatadblcbaad is a frMDjiv waj, ‘'Hr. Bomer. I'd Uta to know What oan bare bappened to change joa sop Ba langbcd a laugh that was good to be Bor ta mid of a conadence calm and cla Aad ta said, with none of tta old. dnwl: ^Wbr, I've changed my realdenoe, that ie .•Yea," I alir **CtaaBed r^ur reddaaear’ Ilomar, wasn't bealcbr on Onunble Comer, And ao I moved: 'twai a change coupMa; And 700'U find me now on Thankigiring * watch each face, and can alwava tell when tarn and wotDm, and cbiUn And wiaar a dhoonteoted mourner, Ip ding hie days on (ImraUe Comer Soar ana cad, whom I long to entreat Xto take a house on Thankiglvbv streeC •-[Ifew Turk Independent. In r«rd to tta lawfnlneo of eertaln pur- talta. pleasnree, and amusemeDts, It ta tm* pnolbla to lay down any fUed and gane^ twlai tat wa may confldeatty sn met what- wvylf fn^jou^t_yaa forrwglousdBtlat, ThaaSbctis a rrvnhloe. Sines ttetobydaya of ' doctrlnae a (ta eclnelinb- , tmalre medlmtlco have been abandooed, and all ecbooli of practice are nnwe and toon telylag upon-oid-fa»htoned simple met and herb preparetloae and oaiefn! nnretng-Jtta raUanrea known to oar auceetora Tkate oiatbocbaod rslianm are Ulotawted to-day In a aariet of aid. fnabloeed roola and tarta pr^amtleM mecetly glm to tta iml^ Oy (ta well-known proprietore of Wanar'i mfe cnre—.preparations made from formuta pomeeaed ta many of oor oUeas tnmiUea, ud reacned lar popoJar am, and le- eued unider the happy Jadgnatloe at War- aVe Log Catdn Rmnedta. 'ezdalmodaveBerableweanaBto babewaeabey,‘‘myton,voo'ie yaUsr and pale and weak like lotala', yon’re neidia' a good shaking up with soos au'parfl’.'' A Jug of sprliigtareaparllla wm Just as Msesary In she "winter supplies’’ of flf^ yeori ago as was a barrel of pork, and a famous medical authnrity says ttat tta rarj general preralsnn of the use of each a prep- aratloo as Log Cabin flarsaparlUa explains health of our aocestore. WhUf Warner's Log Cabin Aaiwparilla is aa excellent remedy for ^ aeesoni of tta yw, it ij particularly valuable in tta spring, *ttaa the system Is full of sluggish Mood and leqiures a natural coostltotleul tonic and invlgnrator to rsalet roldt and pneumonia, and the elTerte of a long winter. Philo H. Parsons, clerk of tta City Hotel of Hartford, Conn., was prostrated with a ooU wliic.-h, said, "aeemM to esRIe through my bodr. . oegleeted It and tta result wa my blood be came Impoverisbed end poisoned. Inilicstad by loHamsd eyea I was ttMtad. but my eyes grew srorea I was obliged t- —- shade over Umn. I fsarad that 1 oblli^ to give up work.” "Under the opwntion of Warner’s Leg Cabin Sarsaparilla and Liver ^Ils.’’ ta mys, 'tbs sore and Inflamed eyw dtappearsd. My blo^ I know. Is In a bualthier niadltton UanithaebesD for years. I hare a much tatter, appebte. 1 shall lake severiJ more taules for mfKy'e sska tVanier'e Log CabinRarespstrilla Is agreat pnrifler and I most baartUy rerommeniT it'' A few bottln of Warner’s Log Cabin Sar saparilla ueed in tta family now w.U mve many a week of tieknsm and many a dollar of bills Use no ether. This b tta oklwt, most thoroughly teetod, and the beat, is put up in tta largest sarsaparilla bottle on the market, containing IJu doeea Them Is no other preparatroa of similar neme that can squtl IL The name of its manofactursn li a guarantee ot lie tupeiior srorth. While the groat doctors wrangle over the tachnicaUtiasofan advanced medical sdence (bat cannot cure disease, socb simple prspa- ratiooB yearly snatch milUoiu from ttnUms- idIMUM ■ijggMl. In Japan, aajs Thrrrass Btavsna, tbeiw is sotbi^ rsroltisg alxmt aissdlimsey. Bagging U bars,, as (a savaral oUwt countries named, recr^ltad M a ragolar profsition. The J^taosM b^gar is s tkodel of poiitsnest aad booesty. It ii tbs custom of sbop-keepsn aiM o^is to wrs tboffiseivas the trouble of soswor- log lbs numerous cells of msndieasts, buging a number of awii copper coins In front of their shops, one coin on eyb nail in the wall, whm a mendkant comas along, be sees tbs cole*, knows what they are there for, and etepa up and tnnefers one of them to Ua walleC He never atasae the eonfldeaee tboi placed in him by tbe charitable Hfop- ceoper by taking mors than one. There are 30,000 more women then men in Berlin, and more than half of the cicixeni of that city were bom outside of the city. Whr Lasrs LsM Her Bsaa. Laura once bad an aflneot bean. Who called twice a fortnight, or so a I 'i" ' Electric Street Balltrari. Ooeof tbemost tucceuful examples of 1 electric street railway U that at dcran- n. Pa., designed by Cbarloe J. Van epoele, of Chicago, which has btan in lily operation itooe December, 1330. It is four and ose-balf miles in length, of Vom sta eita, Bnaday era. All IcBsly to grteve, Ob. wberels her racraaot bean, And why did ta leave Lanraaot Wfay be nw that Laura waa a languitta- Ihg. dallcsto girl, cubject to Ack bsadacbea. aensrave nervis and unoertalu tempers; and knowlDgwhat a life-long (rial Is a fistful, AcUy wife, he transferred hii attonUona bo her cheerful, healthy condn, f;i.» The »- which EUea averta aodavoidi by tta urn of Or. Pitres'a Pavorito Prescriptiao. This Is tbe only ramady, for woraan's pecoKar weakasaes and ailmenu, sold by druggisto, under a positive gnaraatee from the manu- factorars. tost It wUI give aatlefartion ta every case or money wtll be rafuodsd. See guarantee on bottle wrapper. When Prohibldoo became there were la tta Stale, oubdde connUre. IIKO mloooa In tta eai to-day them are tat 9( aaJoona law In Iowa, A Plat Caaimdleiln. Some one has (old you that 1 inrurabla It Ie not ao. Dr. t _ Remedy will cure it It le pleatont to —• =• always does Its wort toorougfaly. The Rmma ‘'OetmaiTlsd,'’ aay aiy friends, a4d L ' WWve test tmwsd toircy^oor. r Hamit sad, sigh ter Agh, Instead of tbe eteetric wbee, their v{» Imi esem to be going under ground. Iiehlaa Pllea. Sina^toia*-.MaMars; iwsww. Iteblng and tngtiig; worse far eetateliUw. If sUowwt to moone tamaremrm. which ofton biewiB^ uiemta, bseomlog very sure. SwxTVB'a Oorrmer stops & itc&sg aod bleadlag heals uloentl-m, and In many cease raiaovea “--‘nmora. Bgually eacaeTooe In curingaU Dtaarea 0%siWATHB A SORTfUI- adApbla. Scot bylwll for SO eta AIM sold by drogglAa lea Aaralr Cared. •Plaaat Inform yoor rmden that 1 have a posIHva mnedy for tta sbova named dbaam By its timely iim tboatomia __ pemianentlj of bopokes , cared. labaUtagUdtossodtWD boctlseof my rsraedy Fun to any of your readers who w ^ sHidms tbAr Now is the Time ir L. Owns Tver. tad. Hood’s Sarsaparilla U br all drocfttta $t; 1 M. brepwed oalx I aoWtoaU brU.l.HUO0aO0uapiitaeeaneaLewsn.Kaaa — lee Do— On* Pon»r lOO Do— OfiB DoHar taveoeowuiipBop if they will savins tbAr Bzpnaa and P. O. addrem. Reanectfnily, T. A. SLOCUH. H. C., 1»1 PtortSV **. T aon'e Eys-wator. Dniopat toll at 36c. per M sTSprqa «aA ocwiTiflw Beeedy tIU Ulmand Oun. r already ta%. inarv twMtlilA ^ It your ca f. sage's I have yet to rear of a cate In which It did not' acoorapUah aean'whm fsltbfnUy nasd. Oa- tarrb u a dleeaee wblcb it is aangwmis to neglect A certain ramedy U at your com- mand. Avail younalf of it bsfon tbe com plaint aasuoui a more eerioua form. All drugglxta. "TwAve TTomen'e ChriaCton twiniww.,y Uniooe and nine Indian Temperanoe Unloos to date, aod 1 am jutt coming to tbe xurfaos " •- — - — Miry iMvltt, in HEADACHE^CIAnCK HYoiiM'TSsirsftw^is- If Toil rtisss'ts diMreH or pimaurs la tta parto. If You If Yon StSasSflSJ™”-«-“-O’ - If Yob S’JiJSiFilJig.'as.'STO’ 1 JXElH''^'BA‘!'«ici)e. tfYooSsiS^’ffis."? IfYooSSStfite'r^SSt'*" PROMJIW'J'EHMAilEKaY ORUQQISTS.AMoDDILfnsACRYWHJl ^ >lHe CMS’A’VoSOERCO’r "itaTaod _i I >. i its nsssennvrflaiiinmAfit whHever dtalpatfs yoor mind or coots tta nror of your devotions, whatever IndiqioM Toudoread year Blbta or to eeriM w E iyar, wherever tta (bought of a nltoding viceirorof obAy Uod, of tta hour A Atotfa or oftbe day of hidgment, falls Ukea Aid ebadow n your enjoymentths plaanina wbM yoa canaot thank Uod for, on wUeo you cannot sik Bli bleating, whose iwcnHeegone will haunt a dying bta, ad plant sharp (bom In its uosa^ plbow toesearenotfor you^ Tbsss eartaw; In tbetolMiuot confornisd to tta world but Smtoformad by tbe reoewing of your mind —"roach nA, taste not, handle not" Never go where you cannot ask Oud to go wltoyou: Mvsr be found whore you wunld not like Asedh to find you; never indulge In bear the momingi . . Keep yourselves unspotiud from •j>‘l>l, nbl from its spots oniy, but even its vuspldoiia—CDr Uuthria n |>ieacDinR, innm pauiino- subtle pblieoojiUizing, more but tbxclear volred 'nrd as it lins boon ap- I ami ( ) face with the fe'-w .rf tmt-mii- USD, aiei Willi i|,e thuugb's of Uo>i aa they are liuvunsled in Jesus Christ, with tneir Saif-evidencing li^bt and power, auil w> ony toast Uod for aU tta rest This woiiM bring too wuary and heavy-laden round us, like ™j*y travclfTs round a newlyellac-ivered well It would raAore the churrb'a nncioot of rteyer. of rebuking inii'iiiy, of tMhlng conaciencee. of winning li-wris, and w«ld devclnp among us a DobWr f.>rni of life la toa tasuly of hntloao. And It would "lell" Blast powerfully on alJ too intorecU of hu- psaMagercauipmontcoDiuts of seven bandtomelyQniabed Pullman can, each propelled by a 13 bone-power electric motor, whlchatondaontlieglaia-encloaed front platform and is geared to tbe for ward axle by tbe familiar meebaoieal de vice of tprockct-wbevls aod atecl chains. Tbe motor atondi about two feet high and occupies a apace perhaps eighteen iocbeawpiare. The car can M rui^ at a ■peed of fifteen mile* per hour, if re quired, aod in its regular work aeceoda grades of nearly 3S0 feet per mile with great focl’lty. Thn machinery is nearly Qoiseleu sod quite UDobjcctiontble in every mspect. It i« stated that the cost of running at Scranton. u«iog for fuel tbe waste coaldusi or ''culm” from the anthracite mines, which can be b^ 10 almost incxhau'liblo quaqiifty at tbs nnniioal price of 1>> cunts per ton, it ■ bout one dollar per carper day, or a 1 over onu cent per mile. The I economy over animal power, the cost of I which in Xew Vork nod Boston is rcck- { oned at somethiug ovur ivu cents per car i milu, is very apparent. Similar cicctric railways arc in opera- j tioo at Appleton. \Vi»., aud 8t. Caiba- I rice, Ontario, which are driven by water )>ower at an nlmosi nominal rmt. In many inttnneus natural power may bu , I thus u*ed wiib tbe utmost alvaotaa', ns . It ia by iin mujDO Dccctaary (bat tbe Ijowur kbocild i)« in the vicinity of the Heatograeo eururabera; They made him quits Ack; But hstook a few "Ptllsta” That cured him right quirt. An esiiar nbyAe Ton never will flnd Than Pierce'* smAl ’-Pelleta." Tbe PurgsUvs kind. Small but precious. Sfleonta per vial Tta CongretoonA TeBimraare Soc which recently held its tiriy-aemiib t_... vepatry mretfng in Washington, ft Aowly growing In active mombera. eaob year. It la lelopsdto of ossf Bstion for all wlito poa otaaa tta InxorisS or (ta nsoseettlss of Ufk, Wa esa eleths yoa ud fOraiah yaa with all tta nsosssarr sad nnninitoarr appliances to rids. walk, danss. sImp, sat. fiah, bunt, work, go to cboreb, or stay at home, aod In varioos stssa. styles and quaatltlea. Jnat Agon oot what ia required to do all tbsas thing! COIFOIITflBlf. sad you esa aiaks s fUr eettmale of tbs valus of tta BUTEBS' UOTDS. whioh will b# asnt upon -eoelnt of 10 osoto to pay post^s, MONTGOMERY WARP A Ca 111—114 HichigsB Ave,i Chicago. lU. Hypophospbttre. Itlsas palatobloat mOk. and easily digested. Tta rapidity with which delicate people Improve iritn lie nw Is won derful Use It and try your wAgbl As a '’—■Tmiptlon, Throat affeutioas la uneqiialed. Plenservad: . -mulAon In a child right months old with good rerulta He gained 'ur pounds in a very short Umo"—Tno. NYo«ssr«,^fsiKJssas‘ If Yod Bl(jMs B5S53iSSfSS,fS~-- _ Bvaar BMaAoMBiSRve vaaflewrt P^&S-’tiwSISoS&'ieSSff^Sm’unSS i III SSS'JlS.^iJSSr’- Sold Srii5s?;rf“ sis Bottles ;ss.75 lJURE FITS! Print, H D.. Alabama NERVES! NERVES!! o ttam. t onreelvea ta tta Bihl.- v lelly IIVM must be thou ■ I toe in our doily employ- Bofttoyalty to Ood-I.. .o.„o, wunw, aur wnR^lly—intoall wedo; the Inillderbito “ • - the work ■ wall ta bnlids. tta ^ . «t, tta manufaetorer into 2e^5r*•** sdralalstraOon toJMlee. tta Heoberof ParUaaisot Into bit tswuiskinf. ^sooothrMrtoaC. IVougbt ff_?* ■? onasre experiment for men to take to^^of Christ from what they stein j^ChrtaUaa ohnrBh.-[Bav. Dr. Smm Col ic of tburnilwav.- Llfc In LIbliy, From Ibc story of theccicbratcd cecape from I.ibby in (lie Crut’irii wo quote the followiu;:: •' At niabt thu six large lofea prt^otod atrange war-picturea, over which a single tallow-candle wppt copi ous anti greasy leani that ran down over (be petritieU loaf ofeorn-breud, Borden's 1 eoudensed milk cap. or bottle in which [ \jjm|iouM For The Nervous The Debilitated The Aged. TH/S G/?£4T NERVE TON/Q knowledge of tta patleat's dto by tor appilcattott. to tta practice of of well-TAabllihed priaclplei of inodm tAence. Tta most ample reeouroea for tRotlng UagviUt or chronic d „ ■kllL are thus placed within the miy rwAi of Invallde. however dlntant they may notde. Writo pad deaerlbe your eympwmt, lachMlag M a • Id Chrlitj" Hr. Spargwn t I ia worth rspaatlng. He « I — -repeating. He said: ' QtriAsani rrtatod ms of the little boys ' pto tasta; aU frigblSDsd aod shivering, tow eaisr (he waterfaH a little—npto ttair _ again. But the ia(M ip Uka tta prao- , - Jtruggled »_ antil 'taps.' when ihe guards, with un- cootetous irony..thoulad. ‘Lighu!’ at which signal it usually dUsppeared amid ■ abuwer of bools aod such other mlailes 1 wore at baiul. The tlecpors covered le iix floor*, iyingin raoka Wd to head O'l foot to foot. Tike proitrsie liaai of battle. For tbe gfibsral g^, aod to preserve sumeihing like military pro CHtou, these ranks lespocielly when cold weather compelled them to lie rlois for better wernitbi were tubdivided into convenient equodi under charge of a ‘ Captain,'who wai invested “ liaid ewlmmer phtagas In Sy'sh:? ’ll? !:i.£! ™ i-r tolh UhsebsoonHhlsrlsBteat. ThLliS ' , toM who nadwMaaAs tos hspplosm of rellg. I ** COriidorat;oa fof penona! con- stfsw k ?/*"2rk *"3^ tta roDoeptloa f ’mieoce was permitted to iateKsre with ^^ataJj^ad-Mf f^wvsr who ^ealy . the geoeral mnfort of the ‘•ntud’ ■gpHiHs AtoT. An Aatriran ’geednnao }"‘ cnilufed on Hie right aide- aMtoafriaBd; “Iwito you woubl eoaw «*P«iallV bv - -« - I ttmea 4 at laA the fruit SCT.'Si - ‘‘WAI, to leU (ta truth.- atod tta frishd, ** waak atoag (ta ^ mylUe;aBd 1 do dm . mid tta owner of the geMea s ••"H |„ MX Tfaossepnta ..^"■““opeoHJ b*3t I wrat Uty mllat to csiaot the t>>s toia men—tbe Captain .. — ..uunaod: ‘Attootioa, Squad Number Four! Propers to spoon! One —two—spoon!’ Aad the whole hiuad flopped over on the left eide." A Buiaess Epitaph. One of (bs moet curious epitaphs. Writes a corraspondent fram Eaglaod, I found at NsweasUe: aad this towo te OXJR FIELD OF SUCCESS. lull. Taut to I UailBtMti. ^ _ Jt of •Issass *w* Air Pasaaaos and I.Biin.such M ChrOBlo Oaiarrh la uio Bead, l.^actilB, BraaehltlSb Astomm and CoBaampiioBs torourt HssaL nmat sta We publish . id.Lang Dtasses. flvs^ O) A Tr«^ oa Oeosamptloa. a poet-pald, tm emm »A Tna.. “■ w«»»«tofal »rtstnsnt^priae.jwst. w by nhenilnai analyAe of r*-t' 'wiian wtrhnnTs Mimal etnmlaaHeo of psAenH. who sa£shsr«fa>n {Morally ta sunoastSito trsaioA tM^of?TomH: ataairi.'sr'M I our lastttotloo looe ege t Tsry sxtsoATs praeMe Ittowtj IA thoroughly famltar foU at latsreeting relics. It i* oa quite • Urge None, aad on one aide ts to- ‘*** “T* «!»• «1 wnrih AtsUn; but if Mta yoa will ^ Ihit ws 1 ■Sermi qaalito Itare. swsnt as 1 wtDBaa toMna tta oat- I .. tharsare a noabw oft shaM aato.* aad "Itaa ehata.” sml ' .1 i_. I '.I -II — •Bniw, Mk taesnnrooa kite ffslto wHh wbleh tots weadro pmioeopmstatos eotetarUilera sad agAaraaBrlgtawato grtAaadUvefer ; scribod: Bare lias Jaast. of teadar ai’ertloA: Here IMS luhA, of swnel roospIstlOB; Hure Eattarina, a plaaeaat ehUd; Hers Ilea Bart- at aO moA mUd; Bore te Mxaader a baht most ewmc Hsre Bee Jaast. to toe Lord mwmaea On tbe reverm are the words; Whra 1 eaJoysA ihA Jfortol life, nys Atoas ( orAwad fnas tiroitoad FUe. OraiwmUta Bartal Plsca ^ Of (BsAaUlgBAAHaBana W3/ CoheOnt Four Amnk Of Oreu Ooods, Qvmeata, Yami, R^, A Child oi^ use them! ». ) i, etc. J a use them taa. wd all iCirt tbte n leodlsw ealeeH BtapHHMMMiHtelrawfkJtaasad^ Bow, tliat tots toaSta ISAaii* BBtoJ^ toS- bbIi. W. Tt.. totBMeeftorelmBbBh IftttolMrtwnN UliatoirttikyaKite wbt ptttae to Taoetf BalNgk ^ITtino ink > wcovari LAUNDKT BLUB f IQ Cent*. V OMas fhaSMto sad a ealamt . ee ksoada, caw ler t« essrn. : »r»iAiesdlifhOM.erwlH . BaMfb . —. - llrtiM wMsaSy ■pilapUe Oaavalaioaa. or I rtleh^ ta«^.,- « ^ttaa H inwiitoselal wx — »k— — —- which ■oO| taaoL—— „ Mteaed AMvoSa 'fc^s’s.'saa.'spB.-s reus osare riiicrted la nw t. ik - jtaemartay ooe of I attiwi ff'l -aA"»‘.S’ts.,sa’3riL»yg I tax sstbbs KS’.uS es.'aisfiL - ^•ssst EBIIIABrrert>.er armsB. ao or of bow lo^ Atodbw. nr of wMosta. ^*aOB( AopoaAsano apth traaaaa. AtauadkfH xfipi ■ — - - - - - ■■JsjgyxL'^ai'iSL’JraLsaa’a'jg.^ .yafc.Ti waawMIaBirbsroa 5!5SL55!y555S«. J

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