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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, April 28, 1888, Image 3

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'^ILS SATCBDAV. - AP] ous enqs^Hn. SJ, Micha«l'»(P. E^rhurcti. Mint Bt. SmiCM • Sondfj- ~ IkwI at i p.tD. Ber. P. r. Autos, putor. M. E. Cbnrdi, Graham BtnA. Strrkni at rip. m. Sumlfjr aeliool at >0 a. Ill R«T. S. H. CdJcIt, pastor. Fint Baptist Qburth. Sm^CliiiTch St. Ptirricsai li t. m., 3 p. m. and ep. m. Siin- ■Isy-scboel at 1 p. m. Bar. A. A. PowHI, iiastor. Klwnccar Baptist Charch. East Sacood 8L .'torriotsat lit. tn., S p. to. aod Bttn- •lay^rbool at 1 p.' ni. Rev. Z. Haoxhton. I Chatkui Ctnatj CecTMrtIve. , By order of the Exeeatire Cob- wiJtoe of ChatlwiD conhtj the remb* K. M. Andrew! u itiU iMdii^ the lieu* are reqneated to meet Jo Pitta- 81.1. 1. tn, familto., .hn. B.|b.r. .. T.Md,,. M.ygiL, ud .IM eoDTentioD to Bameh aella ^e beat asd obeapeat elotbioj aod dry gooda in the city. Try (hem. There if qaite a number of appli- eaota for the State Normal at Fayette- Title, among whom are aome of (ho beet yonng men in the State, have a good nan. The member* of the W. requested to meet T. ClinlOD I’resbjrterian Cliorch.coniar Hevantb and | Chapel lo-roorrow at 2 o’clock p.m to ''ollrfte Sts. Service* at I p. m. audgp. m. ''iinday«hoolat 10 a. in. Bcv. R. P. Wyebe, | ^ ninfop Chapel. (A. M, E. Z.) Mini 8l. Ser- i vlcehal 11 a. ro., 8p. in. and Bp. in. Sunday- iihool at 1 p. m. Rev M. Slade, pastor. little Rock. (A. U. E.Z. )E8(. Ben-in at n a. m-.S p, m. and « p. ro. Rev. J, W. Tbomae, pastor. OraoeCbntch, (A. M. E. Z.]8ou(b B. be tween 8d and 4lh. Services at 11 A. H. and fl o'clock P. M. Sunday-school aiSP. M. Rev. R. It. SlitI, Pastor. ^ lecture by Prof. Atkio^ of I Livingetone Collegi . crow mark, it will be etopped till yon pay np. We cannot continue to send it to yon withontsomo money. PIcaso pay up and let ufl conliono it to you. JLOOAT.i 0®-If this paragraph in yonrpaper hu abluemark. your paper will be mopped. Please pay ^np so wc can continne the paper to yon. Hard times is at oor house as well ai yours. If we cootinne to send to so many who do not pay wo will soon send to no one. So pay what yon NOTICE. Wc hare waited patiently with many of our subacribers, and now that the cold weather is over, and wc are still hard pressed for moucy, wc will ox- peel all to pay np now without farther delay. Wo will stop sending the paper to a number of our city sub scribers this week, and wail for them to pay up. Wo cannot help it. Send in your subscription. Wc arc noediog money. Superior court convenes in Wadea- boro next Monday. "Us preachers" go to Gcoeral Con- furcDcc next week at Newbem, N. C. Our Rockingham subaeribon will please bo prepared to meet ns on next Wednesday and Thursday. Kov. R. H. Stitt was taken end- denly very ill last .Saturday night aod was not able to be out on Sunday. Wc expect to be iu Wadoaboro next week and onr subscribers there will please govern thcmsclTes accordingly. Rev. Mr. I^adwcll preached at Grace Church last Sunday night, and Rev. Edmund Davidson in the morn ing. The new railroad going souUurcst from Monroe is completed nearly to tho river. The train goes l.'i miles or more. The intereais of onr graded school teachers la boing looked after and better things are expected for the next sesaioo. Diringatone College will graduate nine from the collegiate aod three from ibe theological department on the lAtb of May. I’rof K. K. Smith was confirmed Minister to I.iboru laal Monday. Ho is said to be the only Smith on the diplomatic list. If yon think ibis paper worthy aod if you favor supporting raoe enterpfisea, send us a subaeription, and let oa send yon this paper. The Urge brick building that atood in tbe rear of ibe while graded aehooi wan horsed to the ground last San- day night abont 12 o'eloek. .\>at tbeee lovely moonlight nightal But Dr. Williami aaya they may give yen pnrumonia if yon hang on the gale post too long after yon vetnn home. Biabop Hood aiya kb eddrees wee '‘garbled" and he wei nUrepreeiBled ky the preaa. That b JaaS vhM w* •apecicd and tbe Buhop bae Vwa fat- i>r.n, lb. rtpiblUiv W » .R IMd npaUlMu. A meeting will be held by the .Managers of the colored Hospital Tuesday at dP, M. All interested, especially tbe members of tbe W. C. T- U. are earnestly requested to be present at the Hospital building on Stonewall St. near D. We are still having frost in this section, though the fruit is growing and looking like it u not at all in jured. It is hoped that wc will have a bountiful erop of fruit this year, that hard timet mayiho forgotten a few days, if not long. Tho New York InJrpfinhnt is one of the most powerful and infinential papers in the country. It supported Mr. Cleveland four years ago. but is opposed to him thifl time. Ono by one tbe roses fall. It remains i for Geo. Wm. Curtis to go back Mr Cleveland. We visited tbe First Baptist chuteh last Sunday nigbt and beard tercstiog sermon from Rev. Mr. Pow ell. Ho has probably the neatest eburcb and one of the beat congrega tions in the city. Ilis choir is second to none. The Snoday previous this church raised ^0.20 mission money. The MxflflBNaXR is not Canaday’a qrg^ but it is Smith's organ, pub lished in the interest of the Negro and the Republican party. Wo take it as insnlt to ourself and our i Mr. A. V. Doekery to charge all he of merit as ooining from others. Wc have but little faith in Mr. Dock ery’s respect for aod opinion of the colored man. Some white men look upon the Negro as mere chattel and 'benevor be supports a candidate, be is charged with being bought. The Protectioniii pleads for a sidcratioD for the white repnbli in the State. Tbe editor of that paper certainly mast have lot by bis stay in England. While there he must hare read none but demo cratic papers from this Stale. It it said that in the Ust two State oon- veotioDS the whites were in the majority-that when republicans held tbe oflioe, white men got the lion’i share of places aod ^00 to the color ed man's fl.OO—that white men were consulted rbont every appointment and tbe colored man was consulted about nothing, but when a wlTite pnblican wanted something be simply said to his colored beoehmen, “I want yon to do this or that." These are tbe Mr. Oaoaday is remotest from. Tbeao are the things thinking col ored men want to see stopped. We do not object to white men voting the repnblkap ticket and taking- a band in all tho party management. We afaalt go along with the foreioMt to-day oonnty eonventioa in an offort to have a larger repreeentatioo of white i the eonncils of the party here. Fenukle Hemlaary for Zion. Tbe qaeatton of a female seminary for Zion ooDoeelioo will be disenaaed tbroogb Ihete oolumna next week, after which Iheae oolnmna will open to both ridea. IhaTUH DWriet. Tbe paper has a oironlalioo In teveral eonotlea In tbe Sd Congraes- ional Diatriet. 9ot aeveral raMM we feel ialcreatod in all the good works of tite 'old Gape Fear. Wi' know she will aaleot two good mos, bat we hope they vtil alaet that aUa ■ad aver traa rapabliaaa 6. J. Spaani- asd elllar 0. f. Wtmm oa 0. 0.* 1f« eare »ot wkaAar shey «"*■»■■■ orM| delegatee to the StaU be held in Raleigh on tbe 38d of May. Wire Fmeea in Town. CompltiDti is made of the danger- one barbed wire fence used on many lota in this city. Ledtee drosees are often torn by them and frequently one end of a wire gets loose and tbos becomes very dangcroas. especially to pedistriaos in the dark and to bare foot children. Ought they to be al-, lowed on public streets! Female Bachelors. We learn from tbe Star of Zim that .Miss Klien Dade and Miaa Kst^i Cartbey have passed the required ex amination after completing the eourae dy at Livingstone College and will on the I5tb of next month get their diplomas as A. B. There art Lx young men in tho class with them, but these ere the first ladies graduat- ith the degree of Bachelor of Arts in this State, that we have knowledge of. While some of young ladies have graduated from Northern colleges wc don't think ani have taken the full course in one o our Stale colleges. There is alwayi room at the top and if these ladies will retain the Miss with the A they will find plenty of work in amel iorating tho condition of our people. Of course when a bachelor inarrica he is no longer a member of tbe society. Livingstone College is fast taking the lead aiuong colored iastitutions. Consideration—Consideration. Let tho white IlcpublicaDs of this State have all the considcratioa pos sible. It may be, that the roa.son the .Stale has not been redeemed sooner there were so few white republicans to have consideration. What few there were have heretofore had all that was worth having—such as Con sul ti Iccds and abont every pladt in the .State that paid a thousand salary. Yet nineicen-twcntiei the colored voters voted the Ucpubli- can ticket. Wo bavo not the least objcctiomdu white men Icadiog and bossing the party os heretofore. They should be considered und have at least one representative on our State ticket, &e AH wc ask is a say so in tbe choice of these white men inas- inucb as we will do the voting -when it comes to that. (I yes, give tha white Republicans some considera tion if tho State is ever to be re deemed. The Convention. The republican county convention ill bo held in the conrt house to-day > select delegates to the District convention to be held at Maxton no tbe 22d of May and to tbe Stale con vention in Raleigh on the 2.3d. It is supposed the party wilt be ro- orgaoited at this time and the cleo- lioD of delegates is the only business of the convention, .-ts ti^rc seems to be harmony in tbe party it is hoped ill bo evidcooed to-day by a re spectable, peaceful and harmonious convention. Office has been taken from tho col ored man by the democratic party and I other dielnrbiog elements have been removed and wc know of no cause for contention and strife. If colored men are to control this con vention. let ua do it with that dignity and decorum that would do credit to any act of men. Let na leave off all points of order, and in a right way, •elcel six or twelve of the best repub licans in the county who will credit- ibly repreoeat too parly in tbe eon- vcutioni. Let os throw aside all feeling and know DO aeetioD or color, but such u will dq credit to tbemselvea tad the party. We bare a number of good men, white asd oolored, to selen from in all parti of tbe conutry. Jwe want hormoDioDS aetioo nowr'To in- Mre soeeees in the aprooobiog eam- psigo. ■■1^ L'BBEB STAMP, with yosr nano b Foney Type, 26. rWtiBg osrds. and Ihdia lak to nark r«r26e«Bli(staBp«.)BD^ ^Ui fres with esob oHv ito Btg Pot. Ti(ii.Ka.. The edtmwd people of the State art flxeited and indigsaat" beotnaa the Legio^xre refoaed to otrike the word “while” from the boalar^ laws. A largo poblio Boetiag of woioeB woa held to Baltimore Wedoeaday, to pro test oguinit the lawoait standi, aod condemning those who voted against its repeal. Among the speakers was Mrs. 9. A Morgan, a iwheol teoeber at Ahlngton, Harford eonoty, who Olid that her daughter, fifteen years old, bad been insulted by a rich gentlemen's son, who told ber that she had no rights under the laws of Maryland. “I know if a colored man insults a white woman iu tbe least, a mob of whites will be after him. I am a Gbriatian. aod know the Bible teaches ‘Thou sbalt not kill,’but when I think of my little daughter being insnlted and these shameful laws and customs, mj blood boils, and I almost feel like killing somebody.’*—-/farre de Grace Rejinb- Three cor loads of colored'people, over 200 in number, passed tbrongh tbe city this week on their way to California. They came from all parts of tbe South, where they were eon- traoted for by Ctlifomia planters, who pay their fare and farnisb their food, and agree to pay the men 215 a month, tho women glO.and the chil dren who can make half wages, on their arrival. Labor is scarce in California aod tbe planters are at tbe mercy of the Chinese whom they do not want. Only colored people with families are wsntcd.—KaitM* Ci'ty (■Ifo.) Preu. Pmldiof Elder’s Appolntmeiitfl. Charlotte DisTarcr.—2d Round. Rockwoll, Ist Sunday in April. Clinton Chapel, 2d Sunday. Torrence Chapel, 2d Sunday, llopcweli, 8d Sunday. Uiadleville, 8d Sunday. Mac Chapel, 4th Sunday. China Qrovc, 4th Sunday. Little Hope, 5th Sunday. JoDcaville, 5th Sunday. DalltLA, 3d Sunday in May. King’s Mountain, 4tb Sunday. OcoQoville, 4tb Sunday. Monroe, let Sunday in June. IIudBOD,,2d Sunday. Clinton Stand, 2d Sunday. Simficld, 2d Sunday. Centre Grove, .3d Sunday. Weeping Willow, 3d Sunday. B. S. Rives, P. E. Favettevillb DfflTRiCT.—2d Round. Norrington und Long Ridge—March 31 and April I. Chapel Hill—April 7-8. Guntor’e ChspcI—.\pril 14-15. Milehcll's Chapel and Union—21-22. Thompson's Chapel and New Hope— April 28-29. General Conference May 2d, at New Mt. Olivo—May 19-2U. Jones Mission—May 26-27. A. M. Basxstt, P. E. Raleigh N. C. Wadesdobo District—2nd Roand. Matthew’s Chapel, Richmond Co.,— March 24-25, to be held by Elder M. 8. Kelt. Gatwood Sl'ition, Anson Co.—March 21 25 ' hold by Elder L. H. Wyche. Silver Grove, Richmond Co., March 24-25. Wadesboro—April 1. Galilee, Anson Co.—ApriI7-8. Rockingham—April 14—15. Zion Chapel, Kyesrr Moore Co.— April 21-22. Gooden's Chapel, S.C.—April 2S-29. Snow Hill, Richmond Co.—May 5-0, Hand Creek, Montgomery Co.—May 12-18. Ilarrisville, Stanly Cu.—May 19-20. Pair View—May 26—27. W. H. Simmons. ATTENTION TEACHERS I rai iRiSl SCIOOL, Lninbcrtun, N. O., rill begin its TaiiTUXtii session for six months on Monday, April 9,1888. Having been educated in a New Enolard Noumal School, and having had sixteen yean experience in the school-room, tho PrineiMl is prepared to do much for those who are seeking a school where they may be aided dHring the summer Thorough drills given daily in all the brm&ebes re quired to be tangbt in tbe Public Mhools, and written examinations on praetioal questions given weekly. Porportieuim, send for cironlora to D. P. ALLEN. Lnnberten. N. C. UPtrBCJDior piA3r of ob. OAMIZATIOH. VIRO-INIA HOtrSEs CEARIrOTTB. N. C. Aecotnaodatkaw ftinlobed travrien at - MBs. Uonfortibla beds and nemi. Boost loc^ la tbe central aid bQelnwprt rf tbe dtv. Tabte ftuniibad with (b* hMt of tha tDorkeillifeal* at oil boon. J. M. GOODB, - PioNziTOK. CSAklAifK. K. C. WarM Carallaa, fliaiiia,i * First. County organl«tion.—The eleotioD preeinet shall be the unit of eonnty organisation. Each preeinet shall have an' executive eoamiUee consisting of three active Bepnblieana. They shall be biennially oheoen by Abe Repnblieu voters of die preeinet, and shall elect one of the number ohainnon. They shall eeuvene together at sneh time and place os the majority of them may eleet. They shall biennially eleet a county elecn- tivecommittee.toeoDsistofnotlessthan fi^lhnembers, who ahall elect a ebair- man frohi their number. Yseanciefl in preeinet eommittees shall be filled by tbe voters of tbo-precinct, tnd oonnty committees by a convention of tbo preeinet eommitteefl duly ealled; Provided that in case a vtcucy ooenre within thirty days prior to an election, such vaeaney may be filled by the vote of the reraaining mem' bers. Congressional, jndioial anti senatorial district committees, com posed of no leas than one member from each county, nor less than seven mombere, biennially elected by the ecvenl district coDventions, each of whom shall elect a ohairman from their number; Provided, that a sen atorial committee shall only be elected in districts embracing more than one county. Vacancies ooenr- ring within thirty days of an election, may be filled by tho vote of tbe com mittee. 8d. As amended by tho Repnhli- can Stale convent!^:—There shall be a State exeen^e oommiUee eom- posed of one mmber from each eon- gresflionat district in tbo State, to be designated by (he district dcicgs’iona at State convention assembled, five members at large, to be cicoted by the State convention and the chair- mansof the convention at which the election is held, and said 'committee arc required to call a State convention of the Republican party at least sixty days prior to every election for mem bers of the Gcoeral .Assembly, and oftener if Dccossary in the interest of the party. Members of the State cxccntivc committee shall be biennial ly elected at tbe State convention, shall chooRc one of their number ebairmao, and sball elect a leecrctray, who is not a member, who shall re side at Raleigh. 4tb. The chairman of tbe respective county, district and State executive committees shall call their conventions to order and act a^ temporary chair man, until a permanent organisation is effected, with power only to appoint, and receive tbo report of a committee on credontiab. 5th. No executive committee sball have power to elect or appoint dele gates to any convention, whether county, district. State or National. 6tb. No member of an executive committee or delegate or alternates duly chosen shall bavo power to dele gate his trust or authority to another. 7tb. As amended by tbo Republi can State oonveotion: Each county in convention assembled may adopt eucb plans as it rosy deem best tor the election of delegates from its different townships or precincts to tbe county conventions. 8th. Representatives in congress- iooal, jodioisl, senatorial sod State conventions shall eonsiat of two dele gates aod two . aUeroates only for every member of the lower house of General Assembly, and shall be ap portioned in tbe several coooties ac cordingly. 9tb. Delegates and alternates to the eoDDty conventions, shall be elected only by a vote of the Bepnb- lieaos of caeh procinot in precinct meetings assembled, nnless obanged as antborised by seotion VTI, and delegates and alternates to the dis- triot, aod State aod National codtcD' tions shall be elected by a oonvention of delegates duly elect^ and sent by tbo people for that pniposo after the Dotioe and pnblieatioc of not less than fifteen days of the time, place and purpose of anch convontion, and not otherwise. 10th. Tbooerlifieatoof theebainnaQ and secretary of the nicetting, oetting forth the regularity of the primary meeting or efinvention, and the election of tbo delegates and alter nates thereat, shall be aeorated when nnoonteited, oa a good and raSeient eredential for snob delegates ud altemotea. 11th. This plan of organisation and prooednre t^all eottUnne in force nntil changed or abrogntad by a mb- teqnenl R^nbltean State eonvontion. Adopted in State oonvwtion, Sep tember SS, 1889. BRANCH HOUSE, IMMerksIB iMt. nextto Acedanyeflfmlc, CHABLE8TOV, A C. PintSannbn will be epened July 1, '87. FIrBCiMa Boerd wd i iwMiTidsIlnM et iWMmUerete*. P. M. THOBjrX, PranrMer. RTAW/imj rife:*' rife:^ Noueski oTATIOIrB. DeOyex. DaBvex. Tii- Sandsy. Sunday. weaLy. {’EoV^^'n S-SOo-m. IvSbelby loJS tvLlacolnt'n 12,40 •rChartotle 3.00 jvChariotte 8.00p.». ■-'Hamlet l.SSa.m. 280^^ IvLeurinb’iv 2.27 arWila'xtm 8.39 Idd’fflTSSKKSr- Uwal Frelcbt Noa. S and -9 trl-we^y ^ween L^nburB and Wllmln^. Ho. ■TuswJayrniiirMlsys. a^^tunBy^ Ho. 6 ImtUs taarinbuifon HMdaya Wednesdays and Fridays. L^I Firoobt 7 aod 8 tri-weCUy Uurinbui* and Chariotte. No. 7 Imto UuriDbarK on Mondm Wednesdays and 7 ndajfl. Ho. 8 lottemiTnmdays, Thursday* and Saturdays. » nr r-r •JONES, Sopefintendeut. P. W. CLARE, Oenenl ParowurarAirt. C APE FEAR AND • YADKIN VALLEY RAJLWAy COMPAJfT. TaUnflcffeet S.OOa.m., Monday, Dec. IS, 1887. Txann Movae Nonu. FeMraoo Frd^tsad Lv DeuaellSTille Ar Maxton, Lv Maxton, Ar Fayeteville. Lv Faysttevlile, Ar Sanford Lv Sanfmd, Ar Gresnsboro, Lv Oieeniboro, 3:00 pm PaaaenaCTand Mail No. 1—dinnsratSaufonl. Pnw, and Mall. No. H—dinnsrotOermanton TOAtSS UOVIRO SOCTB. Lv Ararat 4:00 pin Ar U reciuboro, OMl Lv OreeQAboro. 10:09 am 7-30 am ArSanford, LSOpm l:93pro LvSauford. 1:60 SflXlpm Ar FayettcvlUe. 4:16 6:30 / Lv Fayetteville. 4:30 6:80 Mm Ar Maxton. * •“ — 0AB^1HA central r. b. CHAKOI OFauUKMlliy Wilntngtok, N. 0.. Jm. 1, 18(to. WMTBomrPTWATww SIATIOS8.I,®i. "ti.*' Btmday. Sooday. waakly. IvWOfii'aton e;40piiB- ivUnriob'ty 11:83 a.m. lvHsml«t SKS •rObarlotie 7dW vC^oHe ft4fla.m Ivliaci^t'n ii-fB iTg^rtby, l*84p,iB *T Rntb^a 8il0*^ 7.'«a.M. *'iJ**«t Bo. 7.^ 9:00 OA. 7.00 ' 3.00p.M. BASTBO0BD TBAlHi. Bo. & 9.49 axB. 4A8p.B. 8:19 am 0:25 0:39 11:26 11:40 1:66 pro 2:15 6:40 0:60 4 1:80 pu. 8:10 7:46 6:40 8:00 0:46 12IOm ind Mail No. 3—dinner at Sanford FACTORY BRANai-FBEIOHT AND . ACCOMMODATION. TxAin Monsa Hooth. Uave Mfllboto. 8K10a.m. 4:00pm Amve amiuboro, 0:90 6:40 TxAiin MoviRo Sotrni. Leave Oroensboro, 1:80 p. n 2:15 8«l 6Kepm 9:46 run daily and Mad Trains : except Sunday. Freight and Aocoremodaiion gTrain runs fWim FayettevlUs to BennetttviUe and istom Mondays, Wedneadayt and Fridays; from Fayetteville to OiMnsboro on Tuesdays, Thursdays aod Beturdaya, and from Oresaa- boro to Fayetteville on Moodayt, Wsdosw days and Fridays. Trains on Factoiy Biancb nm dally except SnndayB. CITY LOTS FOB SAliB, I OFFER FOR SALE ONBLABOE City LoA Id ward % nn D and Booidaiy streets, urontliia J^n Smltb, Jamas Btrsoii and Cieecy MAaae—adloinliia HowMl aS J. (I. BhaoDonhoose. TntalotIs laineaMwab for four beautlAil baihUnos. I wUIrtl ebcop 'ir cash. Addrese F. R. HOWELL Loefc Box 88. New Bir^ B. C. HENDERSON’S BARBER SHOP ! THE OLDEHT AKH BEST, Experienced and poUls workmen always ready to wait oci customers. Here you will Ret a neat HAIR CtTT aod clean SHAVB JOHN a HENDERSON. East Trade Bticet. Charlotte, N. C. S AVE MONEY —ASP- disagreeable COBTBOTER8IE81 your little pictnraa to New York lo have thn —red and ftuaed. You can have all tUa t work dooe at home modi better and just as cbeap, notwlthatandlng the Uh mmsT dons ibeae acwila make to you, by caDIdr at H. BAUBIGABTBITB Photograph: Gallery, Dr. J. T. Wn.T.TAMB OIBn UaprafeMlooalstfTMMlc ibagenen pobUc. Mice boars bum ntolOa.m. 8to8ii.m. OOce No. M Waritth Mreet Nltbt Mlb froM NtfdNice Bo. 606 Senth K. ittaat. Cbartotia, B. c. H B KENNKDYs CtmfartinmiriM, aaffi CkiekoOT, Begs, Bpttor, Ti blw, toJ oU kMi of ETOkythiM knpt h Qtomgj Mm. Ihm fkite • mttif •Ity. No. lOS South Ornkuw s4r^ Okarlotto, N. 0. . Tigotu- OoutOTProlnw. n vulfr^ubtol J

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