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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 07, 1888, Image 1

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T'- THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER. VOL.. IV. NO. 47. CHAKLOTTE, N. C., SATUKDAY, JULY 7, 1888. M tlil V mikHc ORSttA Charlotte Messenger IS FUBUBHlOl Every Sntnrday, AT CHAIII.QTTC, N. C. In the Zntnrwte of th« Colorod Peoplo of th« Cotiatry. AU* nod wtU-knowD wriUro will eontrib ote to ill rolniDW (nn dlffcnnt pan at th» rooMr^. Slid n wlB contain tk^latat Ow end Bewi oftb* Tn MemsnoKa li a flr«.rla« nawapapa* and n'ill not aHnw parannal abaiia In Ito col- ninna It ia not aactarlan r partlwn. bM liiM|)ni>laat—dcalinc lairtj alL It r»- ■vma Um rirtt to criUciae Uie riitaieonilnp nr all palMic olDdala—nMsnnndi^ wa vnrtlif. and irroranwoiilnt tor etfctioo ncii ni«n a* tn Ha opinioti ara anlted to laoOl or the people. It lain of awn . . •iefend tba Inlar.ata of tbo Negro-Amertran, nipedalty in lha Ptedmont aectlon of the Candlnaa. mscvimoM: (Arieayaifi Adraaoe.) Smontta 8 tnooUu W.C. SMITH Charlotte NC At ordlnarj Uexican trUfi at law am long and ezpcnalve, the aevon murderen d( a wealthy rattle owner were recenlly gflren a abort way lo jaatice at Durango, Mexico, b; llie “ley da fuego;" that la, they were permilled to try to cacape and in their ellort for freedom were all abot dead. POLITICAL iIewS. The Boatos BerHd tayi of the nomhi- atkina that Harriaon owca hia aalectlnn nrattohiareaidence lo tbeStata. of In diana, aecond to bli being the moat practicable candidate in the eoByention for the defeat oLJohn Bbannan. Aaide from the flrat atated reaisn it will hardly be claimed ihat be was more likely to tw conMdered in ccAnection with the Presi dency than bundreda of other men. He bps prored himself to be a well equip- pM oBd capaEle lawyer, a loldier who Itood well m the field of battle, and a politldao of good fighting qaatity. The nomination of Morton for Vice- President ia, aa will be generally ac- ceptod, made with • view to the llnul- cial atreogth needed for the campaign. UOOD AOVtCK TO BSTIB. The following tel^rem waa sent to Cbicogo, VI; “To ^ M. Eftle, Cb^rman KatioBal Conrention, Obicagn, III. The Chernw Democrats advise you to endorse Cleve- taod and adjoorn. W. C. McOreight, Mayor. A Waah^gton correipondcnt rays:— “ftenator mennaa Inya hie defeat di rectly at Governor Alger's door." Oeneral Harriaon has cboaen Colon'el W. W. Dodley, rx-penalon commisslowa er, aa hia penonal repreaenlatire on the Hepnblican National Kxecutivc Com- North. £»?■*« Went. Newi has bean received that a band of Anachea ia abroad in aontfaere Arizona, wandering and mnrdering whitca. Pablie parka an recommended aa a preventive of anarchy. A speaker lo Philadelphia traced the connection be tween a certain rlasa ofvirtaaeand open apaccA “Piotoos nprialnga," bo said, “never find thoir source in that |4rt of the population dwelling in the vicinity of parka,since anarcblata frequent thickly cTowdni quarter*^ the alleys and densely populated ooarta.’' Tba Atlanta CantlUulim aayi that “the center of population has steadily mo.fd fonihward, exee|>l daring tba war anil belwcori IS80 and IMO. !■ point of fact the South ia increacirg more rapidly in population than the North, wnoo foreign immigrants are left outef Ihc calculation. The last cenaut shows that the Southern States are add- SSl'.OOU childrea to their population each year against onljr 708,0i)b in (be North, with nearly twice tbepopulation. THE TWIN STATES. M*TS CaXOLIHA. A great loldiere’ reunion ia to be held at nttaboro on the first Thursday in AugusL Governor Beales, Benaton Vance and Ransom and Lieutenant Gov ernor Steadman will make speeches. Concord's new bsnk wsi opened for busineta on Thundsy, July 5ln. Work baa been oomexnced on the new hotel building at that place. It la to adjoin tbe bank building and will be a hand- ' -me atnicture. The fifth meeting of the North Caro lina Teachan' AsMmbty at Morehcad dty ended Friday after a ftro weeks aes- siop. More than 3,000 teacbeia were present. A Party of sevaral hundred tcacheri left lor New York by steamer exmodun which is to occupy s week or WUlitm A. Potts, of Beaufort county the murderer of Paul Lincke, will be haoged on July Ifitb the Guveroor hav ing declined to interfere. Governor S(«lus also made a final diipoaition of the death sentence of James Byers, of Wilkes county. He declines to take any action, and leta tbe law take its course. Byers will, tbereforerbo banged St Wilkesbm, Jnly ISth for mntder. The flemocnts of North CaroUns will hold a aeries of ratiflcalion meetings At leading points during the month of July. So far ten meetings nave been arrangN for, to be addressed by all the candi dates on ihe State ticket, the Preai- deutisl eleclort, Ihe United States Senators, and as many Congreasmen as can arrange to attend. There will be a grand torcbllgfat procession of Cevelsnd and Fowlo clubs at each point, and the railroods of the State will give reduced rates to all desiring to attend. CLETKLAKD NOTlTiED. TTBiiiiiHili a eraastil ■pesah Hh Tarty's trret. The followiag is a partial list of Ihs committee appmtod to notify Orovef of bis re-Domiaanoa; J. B- Prount, Fla.; John Triplett, Go.; T. N. StangA N. C.; Ltsrey Springs, B. 0.; B. B. Gordon. Va. Upon their arrival at tbe Whitf|£onsc G>e President descended to tbT East Room accompanied by tbe fellnwing persons; Mrs. Clevetand, Rev. William M. OlersUnd, the prealdent's brother and wife,- of Forat Portuay; Mrs. W. E. Hoyt, the president’s siMor, of Fay etteville, N. T.; Mr. and .Mrs. Lamont, Mr. W. EBtaren, of Buffalo, all of whom were present at the notl&wtioo of Us first nomipstion; Mr. Bayard, Hr. And Mrs.Falrebild, Mr.apd Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Eedkwtt, Mr. Vitas, Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson. Mr. Benjamin Folsom and Speaker Cariilla. Their aj^wSach was the signal for a grsnsi clapping of bands on the part of tbe risitore, and at soon as tbe party had taken their places, General Collins step ped forward and addrcileed Ute presideat. Thomas S. Pitt, secretary of the noli- ficetion oommiUeA then presented Mr. Olevelsnd with a handsomely engrossed copy of the plttform, adcqded st the Nauonal DemoeraUc CouventioD. Tbe president replied in an earnest and em phatic manner and waa freciuontly inler- - ipted by spplaiM. Thus closM tbe speech-making, ned then all present proceeded to the state dining room and pertook of light re* freshmeBts. Afterwsrd the committee became the guests of tbe Columbia Club sDd were driven about the city. WASHINGTON, D. C. XV 'V'Trw BOVO Ajn> fflVAXM. John Jacker, who lives a few miles west of Racine, Wia., is now in the forty- first dsy of hia fast George W. Wilton waa hanged st Alldon, N. Y.. st I0:IS Wodnesdsy morning for the murder of his wife Jamury 19, 1887 Thres nciv blast furnaces are to erected in Birmingham, Ala, for which |'00,000, partly Cbarleaton tapital, ' been deposited in hanks. At Migna Vista, MIm., a few days ago. a negro covered a alorekeeper with a revolver, then auctioned off bla gooils to other negroes, pocketed the caah and Mrs. President Cleveland and, her mother, Mrs. Folsom, arrived from Parh Tneaday, spent the morning in their rooms st Victor Hotel. They left for Washington in the atternoon on tbe 7:34 train. Hon. John M. Glover, Member of Cow^ ’ grets for tbe Eighth Missouri district, has filed suit for $30,000 against the i?Mr Den%oeTat, of Bt. Louis, for libel. William Aldridge, a tough character, i • . _ ». ., .■ j. .boi..j kuirf Sra barirer, whose home is in Danville, Ind.. I ' at the house of Cuuningham'ssUter. The) men quairclsd over a woman. j SOTTm CAROLINA. It bss jiut licen learned that at John T. Roddy’s camp on the “3 C’s" seven mile# from Rook Hill, one negro wsa killed and three fatally injured by a bank caving in Tuesday. Information is just reesivod of a hor rible crime committed in York county. Robert Wood, a white man of sLztv years, wHh a family, is charged with brutally injuring and mutilating a white girt named Hill, aged only six years. A |Mrty of about fifty white men went at night tu tbe bouse of the girl’s mother, and though she was quite ill, forced her lo make affidavit that Wood waa tbe per- son who had injured ^s child. Wood liBS been notified to q^^.tfac county in five days, or take tbe consequences. He is supposed to bsve gone. If he remslns he will lie cither lynched or veryTonghly 4uindlrd. Many of the towns of Lalifomis which went out of esiMetcc coincident with the decline of gold mining have be revived, and are now tiixuristing in new and proipeiout career throogh the deielapment of the agricultural •onreev of the eoualry. Marysville, Auburn, Oroville and Plaeerville illustrations. Orchards and vineyards bsve spnmg up In Ihsir localities, and enduring prosperity u apparently in store for them. The journal Ftrat and Gordsn gives a paper from Peler Ilenderios, in which he suTct that early in tbe present cen tury there wore about 100 professed florists in the Cnitod Btatea, and their comUned greenhouses carerod 30,000 square feet of gbiss. There are now over 10,000 florists, occupying 3J,0J0,000 feet of glass, or about 1000 aeree of greenhouses. Three stroctnree coet about thirty millieo dol'art, and tbe > plants in them are valued at twice tbst A nniloa PosUye SUmpt. A Pbilsdelphiao he# collected, sorted, end filed sway enough cancried postw stands to reach, if ^aesd side by sid^ from Ihe Delawsie hirer to Cobb'e CrMk, the extreme western bonudsrr of tbs city. In this extraordinary collec- , lion there are 1,000,000 sUmps. TbcM James Jowett, forty-four years of age, stamps, if used as wall *- shot and fatally wounded Arthur Craven, (uScieot to cover tbe a young mill employee, at Waiiakiiek, I It I. Jowett saysttutCraven attempted to assault his daughter, twcnty-ono years old. In respect to patronsgo, asserU the New Yrrrk Iferfd, the pos.tioo of Tost- mastcr-tieneral, is now lbs most im Ihs CsbioM. Tbs 30,0 poslinasteis who are responslbls for tbrlr appelnlmsat to tbe ohisf of tbo depart- moat are lupplemeoted. by an imaMNSs aumlrcrof clerts who serve at Wsshlag- tOR. on the tallroads sad as etamiiMfs and Inspautois all orqy tbe eaaatry, tad •No PoBimssler Ueastal U M Uis paopts ri largo slmoet as lafitMaUal amanm tba fraildeat^mealfj^^^^^^^^ '*’1000," reautksa writer !■ the Lorn lor 7‘iMm, “that the Called States Oev- trameat have Just lauaohada formldafalt remal styled a “dyi A 731 toas dUplAcaiMat,aad Is bUadad matcam twenty haola, and bar ■ent-oraaiats of three g«n^ cnah sehargtof 300 potwdt ad.dyaasaUebf MMaedcomprouad air. Ittaatiing% Mt chOTaatermtia, that, whOe a Israiga yowar. hqp gat sa far as thii. oar anar- fMle mNUacy and iavs(‘ oMtHHlm ImU not bavo ■idiiai.n I wmi vMh 4yfiqgo firtOiify.* i paper uenaat. The Mexleaa Flood. Telegraphic communication which has been interrupted for several days by floods has lieen restored and ^wrticnlan of the terrible disaster on the hne of the Mexican Central railway, particularly at Leon and Silao, arc obuined. During the past ten days the tabic Innds in the vicinity of Zacatecas have been visited by unprecedented rains. Every mountain rivuled along the Central rail way for more then 300 miles bss been converted into a destructive torrent, ssd the valleys present the appearance of lakes. Many cities sod town# have l)cen Inundated and Lcou and Silao have partially destroyed. At least 1,500 people were drowned in Leon alone. Over one thousand bodies have been recovered. Ri some districts the water it full of dead Itodiea, floating as thick os drift wood, and the stench prevading ihe country Is almost unbear able. Ail over Mexico, incasures w being taken to raise funds for the relief of the sufferers. C-onseeraUd by the Cardinal. Officer Murty p’Sallivan was shot in the abdomen sod fatally wnuoded about midnight Tuesday night by a negro roustabout named Frank Parker, st St. Louis, Mo. At the Gettysburg re-union, speeches were made hv Gena Sickles, Gordon, Longstioet, chaplain, MeCabe and others. Tbe blue and the gray intermingled in harmonious crlebrstlon. Coitoa worms have ap|>earcd in five _ „ counties in the sootbern pvt of Arksnsos, pled time, and ths isslstABoe of niunsr- and it is feared that they will do as ous frieoda and acquslntaoecs, tbs first much damage to tbe crop aa in 1867, I •’brick” or package of 60,000 use when the crop was a total imlurc. | pleled on October 18,_18SV. Tbe furnace fires in Cincinnati, New-1 lowed s port and Coriogton Rolling Mills, Ohio, i . ,, ^ ,-nof, —- jwrmiucd to die mit_ Bsturday ' io fourteen mool^ untjl finslly 1,000^- Dlshop Leo Haid, pf North Carollon. was conreented at tbe Cathedral In Baltimore by Cardinal Gibbons, 'fhere was a procession of bishops, priesK seminarians and acolytes from the Card inal's residence to the catbedral. Card inal Gibbons was the celebrant of tlie pontiflcisl mass on the main altar, with Father Albert as deacon and Rev. Chas. Judge, of Rt. (Nvles College, aa sub deacon. Bishop Haid eclebnteil the the altv to tbe right, sssisled by Father Willibad, of North Carolina. Bbhops decker, of Georgia, and Seidenbuscb, of '.-rth Minnesota, were the co-conseerat- irs. The commissicM from the Pojie sere read by Rev. Alfdumsa L. Magnier. The first document appoints Father Hold Vicar Apostolic of North Carolias, and the second invests him with the titular bishopric of Measeuia, Greece. Bishop Keane, of Richmond, preached “ (ioi^sumpseach, weighlngflVepoundt svHnon- “^4?® WsiUikiiek, I g[|^ city house, and if spread n one yard wide would reach nearly 800 yards. The patient oollector of this million of little biu of engraved is Paul Des Oranges, a retirM mer who began tbe task February 6. Mr. Det Oranges says of his work. Tbe plan adopted for the preservation and aetoal counting of tbe stamps was to remove them from any adherent paper by soaking in water, sail after drying, to l;e in packsgei of 100; these were then DTsde into bundles of 1000. then 3,000, and'lea of those into parcels of OU.uwsiimp* ewvu, .« , and five ounces. Having much u Others fol- irregular 'intervals, varying e months and twenty days *- night,'and were not starred Hond y morning. Beventy-flvo bnodred men are thrown out of work, and tho lockout promtaei to be protracted. A desperate hetUe occurred between revenue nfSeen and moonshlnm near Black Springs. Kr., on Tliuriday. In- ternil Revenue Collector Frye and posse raided the mooneUners, in which Deputy Collertor Marshall Trammell was killed. At Milwaokra, Wis., Six hundred men were thrown out of employment by tbe ctnriog down of the North Chicago Rol- Uag Mill Cosapaay's mills at Uayriew, because of the diibreace between the Amajgaauted aaeoctatioa sod tbe manu- „p|eted on Oclo'cer 8, 1887, in a poriod of fivo jevs, eight months and two days. Of one cent United Btatea stamps there ire 118.000; of two- cent stamps, Mfi.OOt; of threw cent ■tamps, OR.OOO; of miscsllaneousstamps, 8-3,400; of foreign sumps, 86,800; total, 1,000,000. A Fsrwsrti Magastle 9«alllfea. A fvoisr, living cssi Walthourvills, liberty t oouty, was strtick by ligbirag four years ago. The oceurrooce M remembered by mtay here, as It was dur ing thckCoogreesloaal Couveation. Bince Ihat time he has bad pseuUar electrkal tad msgoetie qualities. Whaaover a fseturers over the scale of wages for, the ] ,(0^ gathers or court meets be become ensuing year. Vlesr-Geacral Coawav, probably one of tbe beat known of the Cstbolie pre- talas In America, is seriensly ill at his borne in Cbicsgo, sad all hopes of his rcoovety have bssa given up by hia frieaida. A special fbooi Memphis, Teen., wys that TbCHes Meorchead. aa old rltias^ wasatrtbad aU-timrs IreTboamThylor. a yooag man, and dlsd Saturday- UouUseaa Che elraemsat of Moof^ baads daughter with nylor, tbe old oua oompaUidBthagirl toretoni home. Ob meeUag An old men Taylor attaeksd him ths reielt Mated. ' TartIMe Maatcr. Tha ttmimm Jamm BdMwta taa dowa a ptiMiiTi tauBch on tho Hedsoa J«M iflir taviMVewbnrg, K. T., aad cot M ia Ime. Thara wen etgU pemoaa oa board ths laaasb, two sasa sad dr highlr'shargsd. Bis fis^ tiaglee sad Uar 'spark* are smiUad In myriadA BmiUl partlelei of asetal nllM to his fioaers, while flies whieh light b«B him fsUdaed IntUoMT-—SmeasaA 3Wa miFth TiMWthe I rhlltdelphlaTi, A Fhlladelpfala Isdy, vteiffu frieadt ie Besion, compUiaed maa of tbe eroeked streets. ’••.Now PMsdot^"; sbs mid is so bseaUfsIly ead ngomiy laid out.’’ L “Vea,” respoedad ber jTaakaa both ••bet If llostoe ware as iliad as FUlw dMtJtia, doubtlasf U-ssMdbeasdsoea* ly laU oat.rt->Zlimw Mw Ansa •ifisr .aad WBar. OoalnSed Bschslor—“Hewtts fiy. Mssflmi-lds! Why, itwss|«aMi* M tbst yoe refuMd aw aa ^Mlss fr—’■*- *wbe wishes she •»*'/01»ej|asthetl I traa } fioikk th/k *■ monies wen Bishops Knin, of Wheelinu, W. Va, CorUa, of Wilmington. Del., and Monsignor Coreoran, of Philadel phia. Bishop Haid is a Benedictine, native of Latrobe, Pa Tbe Biekmend aad Dtavllie Deal. Tho alliance nf the RIcbmood and Danville and Atlantic and Coast Line, which has been talked of for some lime, but not beretufora officially confimcil, win give Uie Richotond and Danvitlo m newooUet at Norfolk, and furnish a more direct and shorter route to tbe far Bonthw The Richmond and Danville it a pitmrteiveand uresperousconnntioo, which oovers aeaiw the whole Southern tfirrilory, and it ee important factor ' tbe prepress of tbe oeu South. Tbe contreet will move all oompetHiim IielwecB the Const Lioe and Danville systems. It is lielieved Ihat the con tract also provides for making Norfolk. V*., one of tbe principal terminals of the Richmond and Danville systm of miles of railroad, and that lUa nill done in conocctiou with the Coast Line by tbeconstriKHM of sconnecting link of abonl 106 tnilcA FaiOAT.—Tbe conrideratloa of the free list seetioe of tbe tariff IffH wm ron- clnded and the second sectioo take* up 1 the Housa Motions to strike from the free jst rags, and'reeds maaufsctuied, InK not made up, rejected. Priutug* lo oil or water colors and statusiy were etricken from the free llrt. A motion to strike from tbs free list stones raanufactared or undressed free- stooe, granite, sandstone end ell bald ing or montunentsi stone, excited e lively discu^oD anti was rejected. motion of Mr. Russell, of Masas- ebusotta, primelioe was pjaewd on the free list. Hds completed the free list secllonof the MU. The clatae providing that U»e rate of rbirges in the diitia’ile par^f tbe bill should go into effect July 1, 1888, wes pstsed over informally. A movement lo atrike out Ihe clause fixing tho rale of duty on refined gly cerine at three oentsa pound led to along disensskm but was lost, and at 8 p. " the House took recess till 8 p. m. At the evening session the IIow passed twenty-sovco prirste penrlon bills and at 10:80 adjourned. Brkatb.—Tbe feature of the Senate proc^iura Friday wsa the discussion in connMnoD with the proposed appre- priat^Snfor tbe estalilUhraeut of - fsctpiy at Watervliet arsenal. The Benato resumcil the consideration of ue army appropriation bill—the E n^ng amendmoat Insuir that of Mr. iwfey. appropriating $6,300,000 for tbe establishment of a gun factory, and fursteelmanufacture at Watervliet, N. Y. The Senate, without coining to a vote on.Mr. Hawley's Bmcndmonl, at 6:30 adjourned. BATcnnAV.—The Senate met at II m., tod immciliately look up the ri .. ond hnrbor bill. Tho following aiccnd- ments were agreed to: Inserting an item of $10,000 for Ihc Mississippi river; Alio directing examination and survey vrith a view to .future work on f'ape Fear river. North Carolina, but no approjuistion was made. An amendment was agreed to locating a canal from the Illinois river at Benneypen to the HUairalppi at tho mouth of-Rock river aad abolishing tbe Missouri river romminlon. Among the hills passel was one aitthorizing ti« Bingham, Sc-lnin and New Orleans Rail road Co. tu build a bridge across tho Tonibiglice in Alabama. Thirty-'lght privoto (wnsion bills were also passed and Ibu Senate at 4:40 ad journed until klonday 11 a. ni. TTic House pasrod the bill for tha pay ment of tbo Fourth of July claims and went iuto committee on tariff hill. The duty on flaxseed and linseed oil was increased from 10 to 15 cents per gallon, licorice paste or rolls was In cretMd from two to five cents per pound, and licorice juke was fixvvl st 35 cents adraloftm. MV. Dingley moved the biehromelc of )>otaab from 3 1-3 cents to 1 cent per ivmnd, saying it wu con trolled by a Bnlliinore trust. Mr. Kellef supported Mr. Dingley mud sold the trust controlled every Iwd of ore tn the country. The amendment was rejected. Tbe china section was rcarhed aud in formally passed over. Mr. Bynum, of IndianA moved that duty on glazed or euomel tiles be re duced from 6010 4.1 per ccoL, advalurom, which was agreed lo. At 6 p. m. the House Adjourned. Mokdat.—Tho time of tbe House w« largely taken up in succenful efforts by Mr. Anderson, of Iowa to prevent the paoage of the Union Pacific funding bill under a suspusion of tbs rules. Tho conference rejwrt on tbe Mil authurixing the Mississippi and Ixinisisaa Railroad Company tn build a bridge across tbe ktisslmippi river st Natchez, agreed tn, as was the conference re port on the legislative appropriation hill. Unsuccenful rflorls were made to^ to- iru unanimous coosent for tho consider- -.ion of the deiwndenl pension and NUwreuga canal lull. Tbo Home at 8:30 adjourned. Hbratk.—The posrago of tbe river and uhoT bill was the event In tbe Benate to-day. Mr. Tiirplc then took the finw and rred on adoross on tbe President's an nual message. Wh'n Mr. Turple oM- eludcd, the Benate went into secret ws- lioD, sad at 4 ;SS adjourned until Thurt- day. FORU6N The Ozm and tbe new Bmpmot of Oennany will meol at CYeoetodt oe- Ju^ 14. • Prince Bismarii hoe indiic(d Roadn to abandon def^leW the idee of siakiiHl ' an alliance with Finnce. Kr. Fitzgerald, Nationalist, wae elect- ' to Parliament for the divlsisn of Laag- w J font, near Dublin, Irebnid. Mr. Flts- gerald waa uBop|kQihd. • , . Ihe lUliaD papre referring to Prettke Crispin poHcy aa intended to force, the Pop to leave Italy, myHwillhava (hat reault if persevered in. Commiseioaer Bigelow gave a haaoBS at hotel BrittaianiqaeThuisdayDigln te . cMebrntotbe opening n( the Amcrlesn ' section of tbe exbimtlon at Braasali Judge Lambert T^ee, Uie United Statsa Minister, prepoaed a toat in honor of King fNopld, and Prince Chimy toasted Prendent cierntand.' . ' The pToprtj' llestioyed by the recent fires at BuMsviUe) Sweedrn, wis valued at^S,000,000. Twelve tbouaand per sons were rendered hotneiess by Ihe. Itsmcs. King Orear is vkiUng the dis- . trict aud IS engaged in relieving tbo wants of the stifferere. Houses formto.'- , and standing rnip on fsrtns In Other die* tricts were aUo burned. Usaten Coeety Harder. On Saturday night at Caleb Cerpn- ter's store. Gaston cuuuty. five nilfee from Cherryville, N. C., Lee Aderholt a young man 17 yeoca old, was shot aod killed by BUI and Dan Thornburry, two notorious ebtneiera, who usually hnvr* several rases in every court. Tbo bnitben are twioA very similar in appearance, and tried to force eo entrance -into a show without paving They were ejected, when tllo witnesT— were not certain which drew revolvers. Four shots were fired, strikiDg' Aderholt: who was waiting for tho prformaiice to comroenee, just below tW right eye, from wbi:b be dieii In fifteen minntin. Two shots struck the sliowmon oa tbe hip and arm, iojuring him seriously, but not fatallr. Aderholt was tbe sQli of Rmanne) Aderholt, fomerly county tress ed Gaston county. Cealhdanle tMdiera' UemA Fikesviilo aiaensL eear Baltimore. Md., bm been treBefericd into a ooifederate soldMn' home. Tbs formM oming of the home took ptaoi^Wedneyby. Tbe stand was deoorrted with (he natioesl eohin sad portrnUs of Jaflerson Davis, KMiert K. Lee and Blaeawali Jackson. Addrsstsi gere mads br -UnUsd Statsa Baatora Hassaton, of Soath Cerolta^ Taaee, of North GsrMina; Dniel, 01 TtegiMat ■la^h—. cf Ksataeky. BsS^Ksaliwky: Tam. of Himonrl, aad BoL J. PMStee KmO, of Kaifaeb. JwlfsOeette WHUam-ttenM pwidld. Dr. Toner Sllll Fatleg. Dr. Tanner, the famous teler, now la- sides in New Mexico, wHere He hsc a ranch of fifteen hundred* seres, snd M tnlerestinghimself in a foundUeg saso- ciatinn, to bo conducted on vegetayiM:. principles, and a port of his iritmlor~*~'^- Indlssais Insecure fdnyinfentA . doctor is surgeon for llie eesneistion, ai _ be expets lo secure tbe childrea hi Elk hart snd surroiiDdiag citleA Re lives on or.e meal a day, breakfast. Tbs foondliog home is sn expriment in tended to demoRstrale tbst the bsssr poAsicne are voiuml principlly by (ho use of anlrnsl food. Ho expects to make good children os well as long long-lived ones by fcedlagthemons meal. a^y on a light vwataria'o diet.—Tfnisw Dcssfcro/, V A Momreick Pony's Jenrmsy. The following story was sent out from Millereberg, Ky.. and is vouched feet- Whether iu being voodied for maksi i^ toy easier to lielieve, wa leava onr readori to determine, aaya tbs Nsw Or- leani rtmes-DeauenW.-. “Breast Butler, of this placA has a friend la the ledba Territory, who eix months ago senthim an Indian pny. Bhe wai kept confinsd in the ttable until tbe last loor wsekA When she got out she wondered off through the several Btatea, swam several riven, and arrived in the Indian Tetri* tory last Monday. The pny travried taa lout Weeks 1300 milsA" ga#S3a=.*s(^@gA' WASBI.tOTOR ROTES. The Benato has attached the Hennepin Oanal scheme to tba rivoraad bsrttor bill. $76,000,000 bos brae added to the a lus in the United Sutes treaaary eg the fiscal year jnak closed. The Piesident will not go to tbe Cincinnati Kxporition. Both North and 8euth CsioUaa rmi- deoU in WasUsgioi have orguabed DtmocT-Hic msoejsticras. A bill Benate eothorizrag a company a bridge attoes the Hudkia rtesr y teaae the city of New York aed ^ Jsraey shore nr railroad tnhu and otbar pn,peers The ilnietore istobea Uogle Twe Hee Killed by LlghUJag. A fatal and dcetnictlva thunder squall Is reprted from the cosst section of Beaufort rounty, B. C. In a smalt vil lage called nkkeanville, adjoecot to the county seat, and oecnplcd ezeluaivsly by negroes, two men, Ben Harvey, sad Bhermas BimouA were atTW'. by D|^t- ^ ning and iostaotly killed, .'ihe eiPbm of ' Mima took firoand bla body w eescordi- ed. There were about ten penon in the honee, four of whom besides the ' killed were seriously locked. The building wss badly damaged. _ Several Live# Leek A train Mothbound, pioeeo Hobjis, went threugh a small ' near Tensst, Fla. Tbe enpneer, Morgan aid Bam WillienA um fii aad twortntBM who weroatenHngs tide, - were kilted. MaU iwnt Da^ doDgeroualy hurt sod four neamngsK and the baggage master waa slightly km: jure#. ™ eoglac. baggage cor. th* • moil ear, two pmsrngvv ouectWA eoo on* ' ileepr w^k^lly wrecked. TlrekUkd and wounded were tokon to MobDe. pioeeedind to small bsMM NuiMtteuI HkiTleffr. Hta UUfei Warm eammertlre v « ikt Had Tee Hack leaey. Greet excitemeot has beim cauasd ( the myateriiMS dbappemanen of C l inuon, PreeMvat of tba North BMlo Bavteca Bank st Atianto. Oa Tho so* . WM opeoed bv tin caabler aad foead to - be empty, IhMsy Nelson toW hia cheeks oa New torfc to local beaks for j maounts earimated at $30,000. Hs was seen to go to ths dfpM st t( ehlosk .' has been Introduced ia^ Betutdeymightaad^kthonghtto>aw ^ horizrag a ^pony to beM gmw Arougb to Coai|||oMt. ^,froa Vetfci to Mat Neva. PHMbarK Pa. 8peoial.-AuiNN toE 'J •BdfMtlmeaMi^mtotoe^ I— wetfMtobnyenHat ao ordon wi bcreeslv^’iM tati none wooMhetpAsa j Blad 3

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