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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 07, 1888, Image 2

Below is the OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It is also available as plain text as well as XML.'-' t. ai‘* 91 SOI S monUu ' % S montbt rS I 8mgle Cofir- Sottf^ at mt ooot of tU failnrct of Uiit paper to raeii 70a os thne. All mone; mutl be tent by rCRltterHl letter. mkiM7 orderi or poetal note to W. C. HIUTH. Clartotte, N. C, Short coereepondence of rubfeett of Interest « to the poblle to tolidted but peftone mott not ■be dtoppolnted if they bU to Me the ortlclee Id oar colamns. We art not reeponMble for the Ticwi of ooPTH^ndentt. Anosyi W to the waste btaket. REPUBLICAN NATIONAL TICKET. For PreslJcBt; BENJAMIN HARRISON, Of IndisDB. For Vice-President^; LEVI P. MORTON, Of New York. " REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. FOR OOTIBNOR : OLIVER n. DOCKERY, of Richmond countj. FOR LIRCTESART-OOriBROB I JETER C. PRITCHARD, of Madison coanty, FOR aeCRETAKV OF STATE: (JROJtOK W STANTON, of U’ilsoii county. FOE AvniTun or state: oiiAULEs F. McKesson, of Burko couiity. of liotr.Tii couutj. FOR frpEnixTE.tnKST OF rtm.ic ISbTnUCTIOS : JAMES B. MASON, of Orange oonntj. FOR ATTORKEV-OENERAI. ! THOMAS. P. DKVEREUX. of Wake count)’. For Associate Justice ol Sapreme Court—to fill the vacancy oaosed by Ac death of Tboiuns S. Aflhc: ^ DANIEL L. RUSSELL, of New Hanover county. For Associate Justices of the Su preme Court under amendment to the Constituticn : DAVID M. FfnCHES. of Iredell county. RALPH P. BrXTON. of Cumberland munCy For Prcsidcolia] Electors for the Statc-at-Large : JAMES E. BOYD, of Gnilford county. AUGUSTUS M. MOORE, of Pitt county. f R THE blST rONORFJiS—Itll OI-iTKIOT W S. O'B. ROBINSd.V. of Wayne county • THE olsT COSORFAS—.^TH IlIrTRlCT JOHN M, BROWER, of Surry county. r.i^t HENUy P of Vai toiiEBs—*Jt> llll•rl:lc CHEATHAM, ce county. FOR RLECTOK—20 DISTRICT I JOSEPH J. MARTIN, of Pldgccombe county. FOR BLECTOR 4tII DISTRICT; WILLIAM A ALBRIGHT, of DnrbRm county .'Ixtii district ; RICHARD M. NORMKNT, of Robeson county. thiiid DirTKicr; OSC.\RJ SPE.ARS. of Uamolt county. EIUIITII tiUTRICT: JULIUS B. FORTUNE, of ClOTeiand county. A PlMiMt Trip eiM* aty-BcMtl' ^ M BBWMrtM A ArftU. Ob Saturday morning about o'clook, on the 16th of June, reached Washiagtoo City, en route for Chicago, to witncBS Ae proceed, ingt of Ae Repnbliean National Con* Teatioa, which oonveoed on Ae 19th. The NorA Carolina delegation wai provided for by that good man, Hon. W. P. Canady, and auigned A the “BruAl" ID theseooud icottoD of the excursion trains that were leaving WashingAn on Aat day. This a train of eight Pullman sleepers and five sections about the same also left WashingAD that day Our ticket entitled ns A thcce meals each way and a sIoepAg birA. Wc hid a car-load of North Carolinians. They were all good-looking, clorcr gcDtIomen Wc loft WashingAn 10: in Ac morning—hence an all-day ride, with a full view of monniains and brms of PcaDsylvania. Wc Aok Ae PcnnsylTBoia rouA, which took ns through Baltimore, Harrisbt^, Pilubnrg, AlAona, Fort Wayne, and other pretty WesAm cities. The scenery along thin rouA was perfectly grand. From Washing- Ad to and beyond Baltimore it somewhat dusty, but as we crossed tbti line botwcon Maryland and Pcuo- lylvania wc root rain in gentle, re freshing .Aowers, tliul cooled the at mosphere and made riding pleasant. followed thu graceful curves of the .Susquehanna river, along the foot of the Allogliany, the scenery was superbly picturesque and magnifi cently grand. The graceful slopes of the beautiful towering bills, the mighty roawiivc rocks, ibo frigbAning ravines, thick forests and rippling streams, fields green with grain and grass, dotted here and there with herds of cattle aud aheep, comforAble farm bouses, busy men and women kept us admiringly dcligbAd, gastug upon the wonderful works of nature and indnstry, and ingenuity of This is a grand codbtry. The farms c well cultivated. Wheat, clover, eom and oats Mem to be the priucipal prodneU, aside from garden vegcA- blcs. This ia also a great iron Ay. A.S night came upon us furnaces Id be seen blazing in every direc- ). .Sometimes it looked like hundred great lamps in arojDv Natural gas is burnt in this country also.— Many of Ac cities we passed on Sat urday night displayed great blaiiog lights, some of them three or four feet. It makes a powerful and bcaU' tiful light. AfAr enjoying many oAers besides the sceneries nicntioned, wc slept soundly, and waked early in the morning to find ourself well up KOnCB TO BUBSCBIBER8. After Ae l&A Ac businem niati. agemeui of Ais paper will go iuA oAer bauds. TboM A arrears mott pay up or their paper will besAppad; BO paper will be acat after Ae time expires, and bo paper will be starAd A BOW subsoribenwiAMt Aemouay. We will be re^waaible for Ae pobli- etUoB of Ao paper. All moBey mast be MBt by meuey order or ragiaterod letter A W. C. Hmitu. All bUeaa for poblicatioa should be direeAd A Tbx OaskLom Htmien, CbarlMie, N. C. Indiana, Ac Hoorier StaA and home of our next Prcaident. Here wc be gan A notice Ao well prepared coun ty roads and Aat in every Awn and city, Ac school-house and (he church were the bem and most prominent buildings A be Mcn. About midday wc cnAred Ae prairie land. There were clusArs of trees herd*and there, but no bill nor llcy nor stream. Miles and miles of level plains were before us ; farm bouses could be seen five and ten miles distant and cattle looked like lUiall bogs in Ac distance. Early ii Ac afternoon wc came in sight of Ae great Lake Michigan, and Ac porter yelled : "Chicago in a few tuinuAs. But it Aok us nearly a half hour A reach Ac depot afAr wc got io sight. Chicago is a great city. It is I •iiotropolis of the West. It bos population of 809,000. It has about 16,000 colored people. The police force is 1,300 mcn. The mayor gets $10,000 a year. There are many magnifioeot baiidingi here, amoog Aem it the U. B. PoaAfieo, Ae Court iloBae, Ae Board of Trade aid Ae ooBveDtion aBdiAriBtn. Haay of Ae atorei are five asd six alsriaa high. Seme of Ae buildiuga are eleven stories bigb. The slreete are level and straight and r^olar. Cable ears are run on Ae streeta ta wall as borne «in. To a SonAerner it looks atrugo A see 8 or 4 earn togeAer daAing down Aa middle of • atnet loaded wiA pwpie and no engine or hone pnlllag it. They ran (nat. too, any at Ae rata af tan milaa na hoar. A KerA GmwUm Mend "look yonder at Aom oan rwftdng away.” We visiled SouA Park, Ltnerin Park, Ae great etoek yard or slangh tar pen and took a rida under Chieng* river in a tnunel in wbioh nre 1 Aonsnbd lighted lamps. We took 1 ride out on Lake Hiebigan about five miles, all of which we enjoyed much. In Linooln Park is a large statue of Preaident Lincoln. In Als park also is a Eoological garden, which is said A be second A n( the conuAy. Here may be seen elephants, tigers, bears, bn&los, elks, deer, beavers, seals, prairie dogs, wolves and many other animals and birds. It is a lovely park of about four hundred acres and ia free A all at all times. The slanghAr pen is Ae grandest thing A be seen in Ais great city It employs 6,000 mcn, besides women and children. It oovora sovcral hundrod aem and is laid squares ank the squares divided iuA pens. In these pens may bo seen tbonsacds of Ae finest and fattest and biggest beef oattle in Ao oounAy. ThousaudB of sheep and hogi huudreds of calves ore here also. Hero we witnewed Ac' biggest ‘‘bog-killiug” of our life. It >al)y intereatiug to see it. hundred bogs may be seen walking Ac pen and in less Aan an hour amu hogs may be seen ilrcsacJ and being prepared for sbipment. bog is fsKAned by one foot, reised 1 and goes slipping and sliding tike rope walker underneath the rope, goes from one man A another, each docs bis part to it until it is ready for tbe last knives to be quartered up. The Convention auditorium boldi about 10,000 people. It wi.'i well filled every session. It is a magnifi- cent bnilding. The chairman can be scon from all parts of Ac ball. It wap finely decoiaAd with flags and bunt ing and pictures and lights. Over tbe presiding officer was a beautiful shield which when lighAd showed the tbirty-aix stars iu blue ground and Ao sAipcs of red and whiA, emblematic of the American flag. Tbe auditorium was vcntilaAd by sAaiii famo. The convention was good naturod and well behaved. One hnndred ^jpolicomen assisAd Ao officers. Wo will say no more of it just now. It gave us the ticket that- will win. Wc left Chicago 11.30 on Monday igbt tbe 25A. Though we meant I remain in WaabingAn and had secured a situation, wc w eager A come back A Ac Old North Saa. We reached home Thursday aud though we left enAusissttc for Bberman, wc return just as earnest for Harrison and Morton. Not alone because Ac party DOmioaAd them, but beoauM it is a good ticket. Because Acy arc good vod ] ■? nion. Mcd whom Ao enemy can ss) iiothing agajpst. Then afAr a happy return from a pleasant trip, wc say hurrah for Harrison and Morton and NorA Carolina. ohaaga Ks pulley Ae Ni wants A b« infarmed iu time A get » harmony with Ae party, but if Ae triekatafi make iMr trade and Aen expeut A take Ais paper and Aa party over A a few demoenti for a few dollan, they will get 1^ aa in Ae past. In Ac multitude of coausel Aere I* wisdom. Io union is strengA. Don't keep your secreA Ao close breAren, or yon. Cooper and your whole erew may go down A shame and defeat. What betAr weapon do we want to fight with than Cooper’s record as sheriff and the former position of Ae moo who are now try ing A palm him off 00 Ac eolored republicans. Brother repufa^ans, let ni all nu- dontand each other before wc go Ao ftr in this fight. Fair play—an honest deal. lUBE IT DOWN. liost Saturday Ao Daily Chronicle of Ais eitj, said Aat Mr. Ilatrnon voAd against the Blair bill while in Ae SeoRA. Everybody knew that not ao, and Ac Chrmide got ashamed of itself and eorrecAd on Sunday. Wc are glad A see Aat there u at least one wriAr on that paper who sometimes repents of a Mark it down, a democratic paper corrects a false report against a repub' lioau cindidaA. It may be seen from Ais also, that democratic editors are not careful in gathering their news, but have too strong an inelinalinn tc injure republicans. ^ Our candidate and next prcsid^l all right on Ac educational question ns on all others. II^wt Ac republican majority thnO possotl Ao Blair bill, and Ac democratic party defeated it in the IIouhc, where Ac same- party have it smbthcred Mr. Harrison is onr csndidaA and dcniocrals need not worry about him. He's straight, lie will be Ae President of these United Slates. NEW COFFIN HOUSE. Larged Stock Coffins inthe State. We are prepared to furnish everj-thing in the rndertaking Lino Everything New. Open at all hours. NEW CLOTIIINCMOF ,SE ESPEOIAXsIaY FOR THE OBED TRADE. KIND8 Foil BUKIAL PURPOSES. Charlotte Undertaking Co., 14 8. Tryon Street,'opposite Uontrnl Hotel. GRAND DISPLAY LADIES’ Republican Platform. SElKLENBUSti BEPUBUCiNM. Some years ago, it will be reincro- bered, wc bad what wax known as the liberal or coalition party. We were dofcaAd in Ais county by from 600 A 960 majority. It was repeaAd oneo or twiee with DO auoeeu. This spring our county executive eouraittee to calling our eonuty convention de clared. in substance, Aat iu this campaign no ooc should be sppoiuAd, DominaAd or reoognited by repub- Heaos for any office except known aud Aiid republicans. It was thought that all were storting out in this eampaigu in good faith on that plat form. If Acre ia (0 be a ebauge from Aat it should be gcBcrally known A the party. It b talked around that certaia moB are bargaining aritb Cooperand oAar domoorata and pledging them Ae rypabllean voA of Ae Munty. We nre not folly advtaed of Ae AnA of Ae report, but now' want Ae periled Aat Acy had better eonut wall Aeir etreuA befbrabsnJ or Any will bo wble A delivar Aa goods aftmaetiug. Wearamak A my, bo eoalitioB tiekat oai aueeead is Aia aoiaty wiAoit Aa aolored vote pratty aolid and Aat At ealorad vota ia Mt 1b a aoBdUlM to ba told by oaa ar tw9 let. That Ac inAresA ofthc farmer and Ac laborer are identical, and whatever injuriously effects one works grievance against the other. 2d. The hand that holds tbe plow, should be honored, nod there should’ re equitable equation between the wages of labor and the compen sation of the office-holder. 3d. Wc look upon tbe purity of tbe ballot-box as Ac best possible security against throateniog evils and ' demaud such reasonable State Icgi latioD as will fully proAct tlic^ elector in the czcreisc of the olcetive franchiiu Any denial of Ac elective franchii by fraud or violence poisons the springs of power. 4A. Agriculture, nanafacturc and conmarec are tbo Ibrco great facArs of civilisation and all legislation tend ing to fosAr these agencies will re ceive tho support of the Uopubliean party. .IA. While iodusAy and economy are always A bo looked to for relief frem financial depression, individual sneoesa necessarily depends to a great exAnl upon wise legislation. To this emd Ac Atal ond unconditional repeal of all inAmal rcvcDDC taxes will greatly relievo Ac present par alysed induftrial condition of the country—boA by relieving country of a swarm of unnecessary offioitls and will rcliovc North Caro lina from Ais unequal and unjuat Ux. InAmal federal taxes belong only war and all revenues for the support of Ae Federal government (in times of peace) should be oollooAd from ensAms duca and their collection should be ao adjusAd as to proAet American indusAiet and labor. Otb. Tbo general govcrnmcui should not keep in its treasury any more money Aan is actually necessary A meet tho demands of Ac govern ment ; and ox Ao Aoans of preventing any further aecumulatian wo demand tbo ropoal of the inAmal revenue system of taxotiou and Ac poxugu of Ae Blair edDeational bill aa the beat moAod of public eduoalion and of distribotiog Ae already acaumnlst- od furplu in Ae Aouury. 7A. We nre opposed A Ao present sysAa of eonnly government and wo demasd Ae election of all oonnly and Awiuhip oSoen by Ae people. 8A. ^0 Bopobiienn party bvoni and will oaraeeily sa^rt any li^ia- Intba tookiflg A tbe nbolirion of all oaeloM StaA oCeUla aad dopen-1 dcBoiea, aad the repeal of all un- . taxation. Ant government itatlf may not eotisnme Ant whieb it wai Intaadod A’foater and proAot. 9A. Wo Avor tbo working of Ae pablio roads by some syatem more •qaitable Aaa Ae it lOc.. ISA.. ISr., 20r. DRESS MATERIALS, it np. In )R or thr iiewmt sliiulr*. MOIKEK HILK, 4 Shades, at ns cents per yarO. HUKAII BILK, Uliadei. at GO cents per yanl. BUSTLES I at 2S rents each. These slanil nnsiirpassetl. | CORSETS at Scents a pair. Perfect flltiim LADIES’ MUSLIN UNDER'WEAR. CHE.MISE at 26 cenA and np.. DRAWERS at 26 conts and up. COJISI-JT COVERS at 25 ckmA ond up. SHIRTS, full long, .30 cenA and up CORSET COVERS 25 c. BRAND NE'W STOCK Gentlemen’s Clothing ived. NO SHODDY GOODS. -A- i at 48 cents you Uny a man s ntiUund IN THE j Dress Shirt, linen btwom, re-inlnrrcd I HAPPY HIT SHIRT! and Trent nnil Patent Scams. H. BARUCH, Regulator of Low Prices, E. M. ANDREWS, lias ihc Inncrsl xml Most romplcte Slock of In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. Pianos and* Qrgaisis Chiokering Pianos, Arion Pianos, Bent Pianos, Mathnshek Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Mason & Hamlin Organs, Bat State Organs, Pacicard Organs, : TitADE Stheet, Cijablotte, N. C. K. M. ANDREWS, THE Messenger is published every Saturday at , CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in the interests of the COLO K E D PEOPLE REPUBLICAN PARTY. a prtaent BBjmit and _ . , . , , paflteiwlBww. Wbm.tbe r»w*b- nritanoftiiriBf oBt eMrieta Mator WM to briwf (bair I ■ --“‘imi vRii free lalar praetpl tbi Iklmf ia It is the only Republican paper in the ■Western end of the sixth Congressional Distriot Subscription, $1.60 per year. W. o. Smith, Editor and Propriotor, " ^ Charlotto, N. C.

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