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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 21, 1888, Image 4

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“TV» Ikal fxm i thirlt ihins a tMr ttart jorertr an ■ •Mr.*—Danwl xlL, & Ercrf nMtn h** • thoatiod roota ftnil A . MwoauaI braorbet. lilt reou raarh 4nim ' tliroaKh all tha Mrtb; bM hraorbrn tprpa l , - thrmfh all tb» baavana Ua ipeaka with tb» baavaiui , witbarawlth hasd. with foot. Ili „„ aUeara ofbm ulbnadar, and bW lira laan an | than or adoxoloKf. Tbaraitonaitchibioe a> na((Btira inddmoa Wn ar« all poaitlTi in the plan waorcat>r. maViaclbaadirld hriiar ar oUklac It iwom on tbo I»rd'i*ida or tha daviTa making; op raaaooH for nor Mi fwilrwaa or banUfalBMit: and we hnra alrrad; done a miitbt/ work In peopUne beavea or hed I bair paople tall of what tner are eotnz to do. A nmn wbo bat titmed down a cttr michc at wUl talk of eooM that ba eiaecta to do. or a mm wbo baa tarad an em|ilra iniahl aa wall talk of tome good that ba rxpo'l> to d^ by iba fokea of yotar aril miluania you hara already roniutnail inOnlta vaJnm, or .rnu hare, oy Ibe power of a rlRhl Influema, won whole klnRdom* for (iiH. ■ „ It would be abionl for me to *t-" Z worll ‘It^iljr Ya*'’mk'l atandat the foot of anembankment.i un- , ^k of a rapnrail rail Uyn. pror nir I't do tba work. Jan one aamtlTn. ioat om biok. TKa formal talk Umt bettaa with a ticb, and aedi with a canlinKtnnflla. la iKd what la wanrad. but tba baartthrob of a me* la dead earaeat. Tbtra tt sot a aoal on earth tbat ana may not briaa to Oed It yon rliclrtlr an at It Tbay aaid Ulbraltar could not ba taken It U a retfc ■iictean headrad’ faat bitb and three mflaa lonx. Rat the Rnxiteb end Datab did taka It Artilbrr. and Mp-ar* and mlnaaa. a»d flwdt nourlnt out enlleye of death, aad tbou- eenda of men. rarklew of dasaer.ean do anr* The etouteat heart of tbonsb It ■ Rirnmdad by ' under rhrlidiae bombvdment admonition anil pramr, and I for nothlDc' Uy laxi pmmiwaio an tba faithful elenial Ineter. '-They.flat I'lrn many to rightimuntt tball thine aa the •tar« fireTer.'’ Aa ttara th- redeemed hara a borrowed Iteht. Whet maltea Mara end Veont and .’nnlier ao lomlnnna' tVhen Ibe enn ttirowa down hfa torrh In the hearena the aCara pii-k no till* a.-ettered lirenda and hold Ibetn In prm-mann aa the nneen of the rlehr ad eenr-a . an all Chriat an wnr-eea. trandint ero ind the throne, w.llahina in th»lithl hor- rowe I from the Rim of Righteoninet'— feana (n tlirHafaivei. Ji-m* In fhrdr eonoa .Irene in (heir trlumpii. Chrlat iefl he rarth. the elahorataar^uiamt that aomatbinK laoutn order. .Adam tumhled nrar the cmbBnktm n titty rentarlet ago.and the wbo'r rare, m on •loeg tralB. haa gone on tumbling In hi •ama dlrertloo. Craah! Craib; Tlie onl; qnaitlon now it. Ily wbnt leaeratu can lhi rruifaal thing ba liftdi By what btmmtr may the fngmanta be reronatructedt want to thow you b re niay te to rigi par for to doing. 7lr*t—We mar tom them by the charm nl a ngbt example. A rhild. rminlirg from a Hbhy home, wax tauglit at xrbnoi to waab >ta * fare It went bofue to morh lntpnoi>ri in np- peartnee that lit moUier waebai M-r far'. And whan tM father nf Ch" bnuaehnld aii|e hotlM.'and tua the improTernant in rlouiodK.- appearanco, he eaebed bit fere, ‘rbeii^gb- borx happening in, »avi the change, ami cried the wme experiment until all that alreet wax purllled. and the neil etrvil twpled it" example, and the whole i-.ty fell faot. That It a feb'e. 'liy wbirb wn ■et forth that ttio b«n wav tu get tbn eorlil witbed of ita aln* and (lolloti.iii it lo liaia onr own liran and Iifn rlainwil and purlPeil. A man witb grace in hit heart, aiidi'lirltt an vbeerfolnata In bit face, an-I Inily (.->ii>ii'eovv in hit brbarinr. lea |iert«loal ».rmon: anil the^mon dllTert from otlim inilinlithaa but one baail, andlhe long^ It runt thnlieC- tcr. lime are boncet mm who walk down Wall (treet. making the tecUl of niiouiir chattirr. ,nd: by IlMTe wou'rl no' b- brirr the rl-ad of there woni 1 Im pi Jimie livet, aad a with Him II- thr Ih-T dlrlforltrihr ^e Melted niTcm Man. I 111 cloth, . Iietler when. In th e:it into the wui Cnurage la beanll mtber would 1 m againtthtm ronlldr the nible|r)lilol lie Ih-y a'lall ahlno at 1 coriimcniomtod In poeiry opitlivcravrvard m Hich- I lliid eix tnuuemd un- of which i« tlie lliv-rt|e The worn .lore not n- : but ih re will be no uin nan nurki'r In lieav.-n. I; gmndly known; calmly walll Ktiih it bet would 1 and gained the victory, them for Hod It a All yotu; command! I I ro-i a bodeual t ml i known hv "'x iamiilon: all the nml ttory nt t m i of •U'livera'i'u. I wor-k for iii»l gicimiog In chiwx, and brow, tad alrouti Imtrafw . . - he midnight walkin aa UiOiKh be taw everrthlni iny mull have been turned to Uo m of a bright example! ' Ti'ie ri‘Jia'leH"in a gniup. "ilii. wilar ryitim It Only a cvinnaiiv ol children, with bright lacei, gatherel around one gieat llrrplace. hawiradkrfftapiMhrfi'l* Iepa.Mdi the boMom of the chalna bMtw «a anar iM hondrada et thooMiwh of ate Ma, aa that than omsipekeaca aloBa oouM pot th totbaacalMBDdttehfllBttloth iiadvtafctng. and hi* geometry, aad weighed wemu agamja wteiil Yaa, be baa paUad oat Ux OMaar- lag Hna. and aneenaced tbat Bm.'hH 'li thirty eix tbootand mllax In (UaBaKar.Satara •eriaxty-nloe IbooMDd nilea la dlataetar aad Jnpliar alghty-al diameter, and that lha .. beach of beavea la Imttienaa beyond all im- agiaabon. Ho all Ifaer wbohara totlad far Cbiid on earth ibaU rl» up to ' 'Uage,an-I a magnltada ^nogaltuile of holit nitode of Joy; aad tba glory l»-oraet giaatar than all DOW Imegina or an arcbangaL Brethren it doth notret appear what wa ahall be. Wltdom that ehali kaew erary- thing; wealth Ibtt iball powaei averythtag: •trvngth that tball do ererything; glory that tball cirrommrlba ararytbingl We thall aot ba Ilka a uper aat la a lick nun'a win- flow, one bnnnle of aDcki,kindled on tba bcar-ta to warm a ahiveriag crew; bet too mutt taka the dlamatar and the circanler- enca of Ibe world If you will get any Idea of the greatoete of oor ettata whan we thall thine at tba elan forerar and erar. Latt'T—and coming to tfala prJot my mind aimoat hrxakxdown under the contemplation —Ilka tba ttarv all Ubrlxtlao workera tbril ahlne In duration. Tba lama ataik that look down npcin u> kinked down upoa tbaChal dean ebepherdx. Tba meteor tbat I taw Baib log acnat ihaaky tba other night, I wonder If It waa not the enma one that pointed down lo where Je-ut lir in the mingar, and It. harioc polBle I out hit Urtbplaw. It baaayar alnee wm wandering throath the bmveua. watcbDivtoeee bow the world would meat him. When Adiun awoke in tba garJaa In lha cool of the day ha law coming a«t thrtagh the dnik of the amningtbe mme workle that greaiad nx oa oor way lo cbnrcb to Right. ill Indepimdence Hall It an dd cracked btfl •i— • the aignattire of the Declare- tint fi iWi^Tgrenti You c « rinj . . grentchli . . tba itoine of night ring out with e tweet a tune at when (Jol twung them al the creation, {.ciok up at night, and know that the white lillci that bloom in all the banging crsnlent of oor King are century plonta—not iilnonilng orice in a bundmi yean, but tbrougb all the centiuiot. Tne etor at which the mariner looki to night wax the light by which the xbipa of Tar*btxh were guided acroex the Uodlterm- Dcannn l (he Venetian flotiUa found ita way Into Ix-panUi Thoir armor tx aa bright to night XX w ben. In xnclrnt Imttle, the xtert in their r-nurm fought againtt Hixera. To tba Hilt here tli-« figure of my text braal^e down—not in dele >t. but ia the maietticn of (he ludcmimr. The atari tball not ahlne lor- ever. The Bible tapi tin-r thall fall like aulumnal learra It la aimoat iinpoiaible for a mian to take In n coulter going a mile in three minutca; but flo-l thall take In tbe wiirtdx. tlyliig a hundred thoutand rollat an hour, by one pull uf bli little Unger. At, wlien the f.ictury 1ian-l tlipe at nichtfali from tho main wheel. rvU the tmaller wheelt ala. ki'n (heir pe-d. Bii-I with tkiwer and aloevr luotiua Uioy turn until they come lo a full xtop. to thlx great maebinerr of thu uiiivoreo. wheel withir whee’, making revolution of appalllog xnoeit tball by the tou-h ol OirlSi band tllp the laim ol pme-ot Ian and tiavkeo and xtop. Tba Li what will be the i- - talna Tbe chariot I thrown out. Htar a out to burial amid fi Inc. mmirnmg. Ixcaute the worldtc Hut the Chri..tiAn worken tb qmt their thrones—they ehall rer - and ever. If. by tomn ioraxl •• -• •• mpt wen -- •- -- with the mount' capllrli tvM rail' The w.oda do 1 hinA To affect them aright you I'O tl t itart for heaven rouraell. Inokipg bvk oii| to^retbe tnrnng cry nf ■■Men. fol|e-v •' thonaaml nilleacff. Italighta on ml AtlanUe. Tba little child caimol iinil the law of electrlrity. or how ibc t-le operator, by touching tbe itiatrum-i may rtart a meiaage under th- '•-a bi i continent: nor can we, with our xmv lecL underxtand bow ibe lou-h of llan'e prayer thall iiitUnlly ttriko a lha other tide of the earth Yo thin and go to tome other r and get there at II o'clock In th ing. Yoo lalegreph lo Ifew York, meaaage geU bare at (i o'clock in I morning. In other wordt. it wicTni i here flee houn before It tlarb-l. 1. ti prayer. Oodeayi; "Before ther n hear.'' To overtake a Invert ou-on i room hrtv j ttko I -- - .....^jrxh.llcalrli gallop A boy mnniiig awav fr- may lake tbe midnight train from ' try village and rca'h Che reapriri i gain the ibip tbaliallinn Ibe inorm pyMber't prayer wilt b- on theder-k him, aad In the hammock Iwlme I into It. and at tbt capxCan befor..- the rope around It. and on the ee« e aky, ax the veotel plowi on b torhoodx and c uviere 1 i n |re>|.|e I wiill ki>rlMaven •ei thnn oihera Aomier i llXjnve^ wiir will oul\be u'lret rom ■o lety VoU'lpr lx a ronHtellalloii . iiiern with the play of light. (Jnc«rtt rre lull nl xrinpatbiM awl aongi. aad end rapluret ami rniigraluJallonx. they iirxvcd their wnrdx took lire. -tin’they we'd 'ovVt“w,irhrt wm i>ih-d ax if iBiart brokioi; when the* Yi'iidiT they ore of light' f lire Uulier prave-l ^ ... , bojx logetliar. and then ho nrar-il apanaiylum in wbieh tier migbt Ce-eiie|. lerrd. He turned blv fece toward Eil nburgh ind praywi. and Ibere cioie a llunt-aa'I . peainv. He turned btx faryinaard l»>>ilnn •nd prayed, ami tlwu-a ra-iia a Ibouaaiul pounna HitjrnnI hix fere toward fintillu pooirlx- The breath of Kbj'ih'v (irtyerblew •II tbecInoiUoff the xky. amJ it wax dry waalbar. The biaath uf pjlijah i lirayer blew til the c riudi Ingelher, aad it wat wet wcatber. i'rayar. la Ilank-rx tune, walked lha caveat a lion lamer. It rca- hed npand Pwk tbe Mtn by ita gold-u bit ami alo'iped It. tVa bare a I yet lo trr the lull laiwerof prayer. Tie time will mini r when lha AiMican cMn-h will imy with Ita fere brwBid tbe wem, an I all the pra'rien ami in- •ml HUea will a-ureiiderto liod: and wlj prav with fare toward the xca and all tbe ■Ixala and tblm will beonnia t brIaUaii. ■ tresta who have wavwanl aonp w|il ge| {(rwa OB thair k lien and •ar: "Igrrd.xpml or and tba lair lo Canton thill get goiaiug tibia, and noikii— Again- Cbrittian tare i^e ax to rela' mist tfwoukbly fix I minute, 'nwaiir. coiw for an Alpine -rag to wreM crag, Bg (till The chin n worker! will xhlnelikr nml all tha a iCh their trwpCerx. and tba foe. and all tba tieep of mod with the craih of 'oborti tumbled headlong ly lor •I Ood Fnakt aTRsOTn. ne fimM i^ndM of ra'ora m to Mi- eat* dtM orrn the fonotit Oanaaewa bUtiea CM BOi «q«al tbra In textaro. It iaaot mndtaOj knoiva thM tba grain of a Swwoiab nuor lx eo taaaitire that Its geneeal dirw.ttoo-WcbaBgadaCterapbDrt xerwliw. tYlaeo you bay a Ona raaor tba graia miwi from tbe npper cad of tba oatar pout in a diagonal diraelinn towara tlia bandle, CooataatxttopidDS will tnrixb tba ateal notU lha gr^a ap- |iearf lot It Ptraight up ipid dowD. Bub- sequeetbicwllt dragtbe araia outwaM from tba odgo, to that after ataady tiae for aereml moatba tba fibre nf tbo xtael Accupiea t poiitioaaxacUT lha nirarM of that which appeared oa the day of patebaxa. Tba procaai alto alTectx the temper oT taabitiile. and wbeo tbe grala aete from, tbe lower outer end towards tbe back you bare a tool which caBoot be kept in conditio*by tba moit conacien tioux bare «r Uitt here’s another freak '•foaiann I.«ara tba rar.or alone lor a taaolb. eB'l wbea you lake it up you will Cad ihai tha (fraio has resumed its first pasitloi.. Tbiwopcrstioo esnbe repealed MXdl tbe sic49is srorn through to tbo hsfdc. When a threwtanlag luac dlmrder Hbowx ilafirsc procUrHy. Do Dot let ft man Un border— Qtmll It with aetivlty. Many a patteat, yoang or olden, a qnink recovery Tbe pabllo school,, tba cbnrcb sad tba horns -tre tMcODxerraton and irrnerstorx nf Intal- ■llgence and virtnx. Wbaurer nan awllsex or leslroys Ibelr influsneaals bostilato oor form lyf goramment. . jrmanv yean tbe puinufsctums of Dr. Hags's Catarrh Kemedy hawolTared.tngond faith, kiui reward fur a inseoUiaxal Catarrh which they x-aonol cure Tb rrnwdy Is inld Ly droggUts at only .W centr Tblx wonderful rennxly box fairly attalnal world-wide reputation. If you bave dul.. heavy heodanie. nlntractioi] of the na-ial liaxkBgtB. dhicduincre falling fivan Ibe hcoil into tbv throat, HutiieUtOM pmfnae. watery, and acrid, at otliere. tbtrh, (enacloux. mueux puTulent, Moody and piiti-idiif tba eves sn weak, watery uul Infioiued; If tberw !• ring lag III tba uarv, deofnew, hackuig re cougb mg to clour tbe throat, expcclonttui ot ' feiislio matter, togxtber with seal" ' irre: the voire Iwliig cbangeiland twang; tbo lirealh uflenxlvr —' IniiMliad: seoaationof iluxi. dromdun, lioi'klng roogh . luAiy. you are sutfering from Tea mure voiopllcaud yonnli or tbe numlwr and diversliy v , , Thuunimls of reim aouuolly. xaftbout m fi-Kting half o' the alnve xyinptcgnx. rrxu cnnxunipuon. and eml in tba grave. Brewing beer ii ritb tl that MaUJwi -only aliout A'lCOI. we find the aniioui tbat tbe wUlol Mr. Ceorge Uenty. orewrr, of Horthlamlx. Chli-bescer, pule the value of hix personal miata at over a mlUion and half of dollars Woukl you know U Of a wboleeonie ap) L’nmatnuimt liy i-o le keen delight U'Tjlre. fever's fire. rUouglila imiros*. or ii-y chllbl Then u.K Dr IVn-vliuIli. Dr IhiB-ti-'x I'urgacive pclleta—theoriginal iDiooly gcnuiiiu Litdu Liver Pilll. r'entx 1 vial tm-k. Iraia Irom wor iimI findi nnxtarstam ■Is buntar hax to Ay i Frenrby's Ladd Explanatloa. "All rain and no tun makes tiade niigbty dull," sa-d a lUiden l.nnc drug merchant lo a Kaw York TrU ram re porter. "1 Ibiak ibc drug xlures arc alrout the best paCrooized ihopx in Ihe city ju-.t now." As Che ciowil waited for ibeir drugs In hr put up the proprietor irird to nt a big cork iuln a little bottle, sud, irlioii a Imy aikctl. ahru|itly . "Where I'o corkx come from!'’ "Ask I rcnchy. iherc." "Kreuchy" was a young gcnllcmsn from Ihe Houib of f ranco, gaining a rudimentary knowledge n' Irugs nnri ihu iCnglitli langus an .ing both wiib e lUal fluency. "Diri you cicr rce corks grow, Frcnchy;" ssked tbe boy. "Vaav. ceitain, SInnsieiir. many timei, but ray grow not like re fruit; it ii re I a k. Xsir is mu b cork cut in niycouDtrev. but more in i'orlugsl.” ■’Don’t it kill Ihe tr-evl'' ■ yay ssy rsy lif -c hundred and ficfly year. . o cork is not cm till re tree i fci-lleen, zen not till is zc twenty-flfe. or or re molt zst. /air is always zc eight or ten year bolire-n, and -e c»lk is more, mooch m.>re, after zc cuicing, but nefer ao good ax 7.0 lirst-” It done)" "Oui, ‘'''‘"■plai^-flylilj. docks ol worlds rest il wiug, age oftar a Hmi lame viLraiioA Bat all • not iwift In c'loiparisoa of which I speak- The moon ir thouxand ~ ‘ * ■ignt ap from tba klof bie wbicb sblp 1 ■ knows bow to pray. hasoaly been polieri I I'lpailiueatlng. A' ilkara .saw aori baotmaf. liiuulcrJ and nine thousand miles In an honr Hu. like the stars. Um Chrisllsn worker iball shbia In xwirtuma of mnll.m Yoo beer now of fati«r or mother or chlW ^k MM tliuiiiiBn.| inilrs swsy, aad it takes rnn two davx Iu get to them. ^ on bear •f soma laiM of xalferlDg that deoanda I yonr ImtmsJMIa attealioa. bat It teta ^alr^heuiakaa ^Waibre coraes'Ml , vw rbaikm t tte take ObrMta* filth, sra moke Isit pr*>r work with hww wsapoae of prayer, Imt wbca we coow totio stalarr of men In JitM Christ. Ibea aaiW lb«ai ImiilaoirBUi. trw Icm^ of Geri •ill Mas and tba wurU'i naiawps oa win N koarbod. Cud cares not for tbs laegtk af flvr preyeri, or iba ■ambrr of nor priy- rri. or Iba bsootr of -lor prsyere. or ibx K of tssr prayer*; li«t H ta tbe laHb IT IlsU M’s Driiarlrig nrayrr losn bigbir than tbe lark arar taag: pluazw da re r Ibsn 4'riag htfl srer fxrik; dart- |aJe1irr(lMn UcMalna erar Oasbarf. Tboagt wa hsva naal anty (be back of tbN wsapns bWead IS the (sifau wbol marsala bava hear wroogi-tf IfsaM wsanaflXbaeaptiVTsnf mna aorn-sa prayar. weald find IbaL It I'-erWr- frw fh* r-s-na of wwiU. wa lalgbi darry spaad. aad - — - — tboasind miles sn boar. HaTlng no sorlh gntaird lo Chrisuan work, yoa wIB act quit aheadiatbstrlkMyoB. Yun will only talm ria moreTeloi-tty. Tbrrelia dTingchlMln Ixndna. and Its spirit most ba taban op to lhaliyoa aretbarvln an initasi todolt. There Is a ymng nan In New York lo be ar rested from goini Into (hat gate of ala; yoa ora ihwa in an Instoirt to anari him. Wbstbvr witb aprina of foot, or stroke of wiBw.or by fottwof sans bow law ibsl shall bnri yoa to tba spat where yea woaVI so. I kaow hot; M nr text aafgmts niar. Ity. All spaea opra before you. with aetb- tag to biDdar yoa la mtaotoa of ilcbl and brea Bad ytT. vea ibisll sbaa la swinam eff ntnUea M lhasMst fonrer aad arar. Asola! ChristlaB wigkwA bkathariari. aballa^lnaagnMada Tbs njost Htihrsls luaa kiwws (bet thsea (Vnpi Hi the xkr, liadriat likegIH bwUiets. are ge a' uaiawtof MaUar. Ipwritbtbom.nsMWwskltb'nbllMt It small reiolra tralas wuh • UOar ban- (fiifity d tbalw ■xmsll boys,’ xce r ferysing. eb t / ay cut re l.ark up and down re tier, zen around and around, and lake out ze blocks: soak Vis In wssser, and press ’em under le be fa loids. . en ray are are driod by a fire ami packed for rir cpiinlrer. /ro lee Iruile orki are made, te rniiers cut re block up like ze candy rsrameli. /ea ray make 'vm lO'ind wir. afbsru ko fe. but you .Ametcans btf re ma bioa rat cuts 'em twenty limes *so rerre quick. And ; e Mtilc pioco', te -parings, sufze parings, monsieur—ray re Imrnt to make le '-^imnish black.' e trees are Teren large, and ,r name Is -/sy hsf ze Icelle cups. miin»ie»r,ya-s. e oak, il re oak, and rre brsnehet grow >w down oa /a—bnst ze trunk, on re trunk, and is *smail boys’ we go veree easy up lo tern.” Uutk i'annlt of bn Eccenlrlc Port. Tbs All* Califtrmia tells that oot long ago some tourist frnm ibw Kaxt tailed In a man diuiog in ibe garden of Joa |Ulo Milter, i£g post of the Hierrax, near rruii Yale. Cbl.. sod dcxlrod to be xbowBOTrrtbeplsce. The nan dropped hii |dck sBii very patiestly sboaed lbs fvrntoiM )«ft7 tbe crsiqalorr, 'he wacwrwi^i, tbs wolf den, and ill ibry dfslM to see. But they ai- ii^sexVTfreadful disappolnlmsnt at not lading tbs port at borne, '‘.sow, look hero, old fallow, ” said lb# leader of tbo pirty, M they worn folBg. to lbs iBMk * bo «M about to nsuis bk pick. ' what sort of b InokiBg aaa is Jeaqulo tllim. aaybewr "WsU. ha lookslUw n 0. '* woe (bo qnlrt answer, "like yoat Lredtsit.tmr* •'Ipi; lin dofiiklt ’.'mpr." nertlng link of I’nllmaii louii iwmn tha wluirr i-l'JA of Klo vurpawsr-1. iix cIcKaia fu'lman -rami Chai- rer mts-u-.i l■•tWl ami MmiIsviII-. Iii'tianapnlis a-'d Cincinnati univjuallai. an-l 15 Acrr-i.i. Iii> recre arcs* low ax lha P nest: ih»i ■•a II /.Vvi/rcri. T lial In the xsmt nf utartlng nn II trip It IS uorri jK^iry to coutult with E. ). ■Mi'C'ireutct. trcnl f’a**. AgriitMwnon lUxili-. IVi IHsirtiorri HI. I hiregi-. fur full jartlcu )arx ilti am- »vt-nt bemlTora TunrutGuliki, A Summer Medicine Snamsr’t fasti debililstrs both Berra sad body, sod Hoild- acbe, SleapiMsneoa, Ner- TOtiB ProstratlOD, and aa "sll-pUysd-eat’’ satMOlion prove ibst PAun’s Cklot CoMPonio should ba need now. This nadW etna nstores hrelib to Norres* Eldnrya. Llrer, sod Bow- elo, sod imporix life sod energy lo tba bast prosinied xyriem. Vsealionsoroo Tscstians. pAtvt'a Ceuxr CoMrovKD Is tbe modi- dnsbrthisseasoa. 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Tbe barber in Trieste was nblig.'i^ pieef- ' /a-card in all tbe local papi ■*-" n,.A rumor that the eimitioorr had neel shaved In hisabop, ax in inD^Ci)uence nf tbe story getiing abroad ercry oee ofbis regnlarcuxtomerx refuxrd to contians ifaeir patronage. - 1. u Ion Truth. In tba mattri cf cnratlvai what yrm wa - wmietbleg tbat irill do its work while yi rantinue to do your*—a rwBfvty lhat w glee you DO iitcunvaniraee nor Interfvra wl' vrinr hwinFai. Such a rv-moily tx Alu-ock's IkiBCca PtASTClm. Thvxaplaatersareinirely cgrialileandalisiilotelyharmlsw. They le- luire no i-banga af dirt, and are not offreted rL "nirir ictiou does n-it i with lahur or btitlness; yon can Uul a yrihrciirwl while bard at wwt '^y i 1 jrurethat tba yoongtat, Kwtdrlicate person of altbar aax B. B. E. (Dotank Blood Eslm.1 Obama tha foUowing olltorisl frnm tbe laota Conxiuw-Ofl, lhi furvtnoxt pa|xr uf Sontb; 'The ConiltiHtim hix nhxrmd lb- giontl so Atlaiila llislilutlou no* fainoni wrU-tilgli tb* vcwklovn. It tx Ibc Blood Ba'in I'oinpxni make B. B. B. Wc hivi- waiebid Hu- i-uniw (lux nMlIrtDc in Imiidndx of cawv that appis lo be bupclcai, ani it La* worini aoisz:ng cn Wc lake picaxutr in civuir onrindunx-iiicL the men irbo make tip tins oumpaiiy. TTu-y Iratbfol. sccorstr andconxerritiTe biixinnw t or phyiiciana. They have tbo confLIcDcv ol people smunR ivbom Ibrv bT>, and iLcir tu- cine spoakx tor liscK. A whole lihrerr dot* ctireclgb Ibc bcsRfc'li Uatiiuony ol ouu i wbo, indexpoir from s dixtaxp, un drjctun lure Lca-n alile lo cun-, xml ulluv tcniolii* agiirs- luJc in AllaDta, Os. Head a few h lulled ; KIDNEY IVEAKNE.S.S. Fur llllcrn raxrs mr liver and kidni ■ecu haillji xffectcil-not s diyr In t vlibiiut the bcadaclic. FlDr* nrloR U toixiih' IllooO Halm -I nave been en) lief. I w*. (old lo ir)- H. ». B.. which I !cr long iirncraillnalion. xml with the rieni e of Ihree liilDm I now Inil a lieal >n, end txke It ax a part ol m>' duly to make I lioiiianlly. Ke.votTy, tV. I. MiiKEHUO. KRKiHrs IIISKASE have (wen a.ullcrer trim kidney anilblml rtroahlr* for x-vcral yean, lhavolalrl) d wliai I. (ertnixl Hrliibl'i dixeaer. and Joiix fl. Mamtiv. Rock Creek, Ala TONItl. Inn tbe flneat remedy of Ibe kind lathe mai .rU Ynnre wllli bsM wlxbcx. ARTUVnO. LtWIA Editor Kraibero ixm-lrty. la.ik • • • • • YOU SUFFER from Bilioasoess, Comtipaiioii, ^!eB,8ick HnodAclie.Soar Stom ach, Ooli^fl, LWar Trouble, Jaan* dice, DiEzioMo, Bad Toato in ih« Month, etc.— Von need 8«iff^ BO loader. WARNER’S SAFE PILLS wttl care yon. Tlieyr bSTc cared tens of thonMUMla. They poRapss these poinfai ofrfln- ^rioritT: sugar coated; porslT T^tabltf, coDtain no^caiomel, mercorj or rninentTof any kind; d^^oTfinpe; never'wcken; easy to take; mild in operation; anJTor these reagonsarecapeciaHy the faTorftea of wtstacd. for WARNER’S SAFE PILLS. UNCOVER“ED.S-’™n= JE (EU IHTIEIIII BALP BFOTt IWecwretkeew THIN HAIR ^ DAHORUFF —•'•**2: , THIN BtARO [FAl,UHOHAIRleir reneSy- FTCHTEB RgJirBT OA. lEMIUsii FjFTIt BIIEEL igiag x~int.paw«na aBsswiik Uf wskOLiB sat w arid la; DISCOVERY. iLins raisi»iH.3.‘:;j a-szdrs iS.'Si'ai’K's-tsrA -ssiif J3 ’(sa rxv-w Foil rtre eemr'le bottle erel free oa nwM of e-S’e.'x.^wuiw iux—, SU e. ■>. Revel-m. $ 1,00’ WEBER riiP-FOKTES. BEST PIANOS MADL •BU wuaToaroaak wariuaxxSna ** ** creoa CATA I.Olil'Ea H « It-kP FBBB. OORRSSFtytOEMCS SOLIOITIO. WAREROOHSx FBHlheilllg.C(if.l6lllS)..l.r. FLIES! 3 TON S38. •afvlaw. Airelx wvS wdA 'tOwuiw/crilligsi Osa HeatreteFMw MSOQfi A noUPCOK. tlittoataa. V. T. kvku'tT” FABMER’S WIFE

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