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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, August 11, 1888, Image 1

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THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER. . VOL. V. NO. 4. CHARLOTTE. N. |C„ SATURDAY. AUG. 1888. Tern (lie vr Aim. siijje Ggr s coti WASHINGTON, a C. IN TH£ H017BE AND SBNATS. TfK*i>.4t -The llouw spool mo»' tlir (}nr Senate ameDdmeota III Ibo army aiipniprintlna liill. and pood- 1111! iliKi'iis*iiit) on moliou to nnn onocur in ♦tl.lKWI.iWH) appropriation for hoary I'uiLs nnil au army giin factory, nt '> p. m. ndjiHirnoil. Ill llii- Si'u.ntf.-'Mr. Prye. fmmil Klert I .iiiiinillco no lh«' J'wifii- railroads, re- p'lrloil the Union I’ariQo rofiminni' lilll. no-IN ngir then lixik iin the sundry • nil iipliioprialion lilll, nna worked in iliisIriiiiKiy iiixni it until ailjiiurnmeDt, 1>ul did not tinisli it. In lUe llouae Wednesday Messrs. Itiirns Ilf Hissori: Kooker. of Mias.; linlti rnorth anil Tom Keid, of Maine; U tiii'ler. of .Mobatna; Triwy, of New \..rk, s|xike on the Senate smeodmeot til ilio aniiy liill nod the Si-nale snichd- iiii III, ui r- Hiiallr noo-rooeurred in. .Mr. .Nayrrs ofTerrrI a resolution that nil ‘■iii'h ap|iroprialions should lie pineed oil 111! foiiilii-aiioii hill. .^lr. TouD>heiid. of lllioob, niised a |Hiiiit of onler again.iit the resolution, and |H iidint! n ileeiiiion the House at 3 p. m. riLMTL- Rilli were passed as follows; lloiiw hill for improving the mouth of HriMis Itivcr, Texas; House hill for a piililii; liiiilding at Jacks-n. Hii-h.. ap- [iroiirialinv t73,0(KI; Housr bill lo nuinori/.e the Keolurky Hock Qa« rnm- tuny lo lay I'ondoit p'pc> armss the Ohio and Hall Kiver ; Senate bill ap- proprialino ^f>.3.|IOO for a public build ing nl Wilkvshnrre. I’enn.; Senale bill appropriaiiiig ifilO.dfli) for a monumcout Miimcmorate the Imitic of Plait, of Connecticut, said shafeeer that the SeilBte would consider a tarifl bill this session, Benaton Vsme and Ransom are in the Senate after an absence of several days in North Carolina, Senator Vance ' first to MoreAead City, where Mr». « has been spending a |iart of the summer, and later joined Senator Ran- ■ Pittaboro, where tboy both took •t in the C'onMerale soldiers’ r I'll .n. .N. .1. I- then ri-siimcl the consid eration of (hi- sundry civil appru|iriatioD hill 'I1ic ]n-lldiliL' igueslion I>ei0g the anicndiii'lit olTiri'd hy .Mr. Call appro- prialiiig ♦lO.'MKI for the recovery of |>ro|MTI.i 'd iIk late Cunfedi-ralc Hcalas Mr. Kilmunds op|xisrd it lU a useless Finally, alter further disriismon Mr. Call's nnienduient was {aid on the tiihle. All the amctidincnlVwcreconcurrcd in ami the hill was |Niascd. TmiBsnxv—In the Houhc. on motion of .Mr. Dihhie. of Hnulh Carolina, the Scnati- joint n-sotiilioQ was jiaascd au- ihori/.iiig the Secretary of Avar to in- va^ligalc and rc|Mirt the amount due to the Slat.- of Koiith Carolina for the rent ot the Cil-i'icl in Charliwton. M'>-t of lh time was spent in disciiss- iii'! III.' iillitiinc of the Demcirati': and North, Ematand Wett. Gntsahoppera are causing terrihle rsva- •a near Ottawa, Canada. Tile paper milla owned by Oeorge Friends at lyickland, Ohio, has been totally desiroyed by fire. Ixiss |40.000. The organization of the Southern ilway and steamship nasoeiation huez- piretl by limitation, and the Southern Freight jiool no longer exists. Bartley Campbell, tbc dramatiat. who has for some time Wn eonfined in an asyinm for the insane, is dead. The suicide of Mistfie Jones.' an in mate of a house of 111 fame. Sunday night, was the eighth suicide in Birm ingham, Ala., w ithin four weeks. The military have liecn called u|K>n to i|iiell a small disturbance with some un ruly Indians on tbe Ban Carlos reser- A young man named Matthew Byrnes jumped from the Brooklyn bridge into tbe East river He was pickml up hyn passing vessel in a dying condition. Charles alias "Blinky" Morgan, the prim ipal figure in the Ravens rescue and murder of Detective Hulitgan. of Cleve land, woaexccutcd at Ohio prneicntiary Columbus. At Pittshnrg, shortly after ft GiO o’clock Saturday morning. May Patton, of.lohns- I. PennsylvaDis, shot and killed Charles DeKnight, a well-known young man of I,aw'rencevil1e, and then blew b.-r brains out. The tragedy took place in the Metropolitan hotel, corner of itruot venth II II Oil Trust ( Th- Ki- thill went into a .-noimil-, iiiiole on the genciai deti- rogress was made, when Mr >f .Missouri, bniiight on a short l- and the House at .3 aftcr- iriM-l. Tlie Amerunn Cotti pany had its annual Vork and report slintved net earnings of ♦2,020.441. which i about ‘W per rent excess of iatt year’s busineos. Tlie extreme liot weather prevailing in Arkansas tbe past week has proven fatal lo out door lalxirers, Wednemlay not less than four la-rsons at l.itllc iPR-k ime by the heat that they all died licfore nioruing FiUir thoiisasd lalaircrs. mijiloyeil on :ily streets, of Duluth. Minn, in rlean- iBg away the debris of a heavy storm, ilniek for an ini rcnse in |>ay :o$2iRTday, —' ^ mands. 1le)Mirts from Bibb i-oiint}r''.\la, state that the mo.inihiuers^Bri' .still m the eoal leorge Snyder wa.s the only one killed on Monday night. Thete was another frighlft RAILROAD NEWS. Some General Infannation, New Zn- terpriaea, etc. LKRSIIl'RO, I.ISBON AKD PALATKA. A company has been organized under this name in Flnrida to build e road from la^esburg, ]j'alH)B, and Ohdianville to Palalka. TItK a. T., V. AKP 0. The East Tennesace. Virginia end Georgia has awarded the rontrart fir building :iV0 fiat and coal cars to the Boutbera Cor Works, of Knoxville, Tenn. MOCILS, nAniesRUBO ARP JAt'lROR. Tbe two rompanies of this name in Alalisma and Miaaiaaippi have ronsoli datcil as the Mobile, Jackson and Kan sas City, ojid it is state.! tbnt eunatruc- tion will be energetically piwhed. rnv. Kic'ituoRP amp daha ii.le. Tbc Richmotid and Danville is report ed to have ciiitractcl with tbe South Rallimorr Car Works to build SOO ears. The AVagner ear door has Iteen adopted for the order. ' TIIK PBOKITS. K.sruinga of Southern mads in May IHSH. (inns earnings. $4,622,401); net .-arniiigs, $1,:ift(l,0:t2. From .lau- iisry IkI to .Iifbe Isl, 18flS.—Gross earn ings. $21,118:1,462; net tamings, $7,:ift5,- IAUJ. This road was ot>enel for traffic rc- rctilly from .\sbland to Mayaville, Ky., n di.suiiec of S'J miles, and track-laying is twing rapidly completed to Newgioit, opiHMiiic Cincinnati- Tbe road honnecu At Ashland with the Chesapeake and Ohio, and at Mayaville witn the Ken tucky Cenlml. ai.deuari.f: ahp raRTKoo. Grading U now girogresaing on this road from JiinioiT l..andiiig south to wards Pantego, N. ’20 miles distant. Ill which gsiint i'lcntion is finishcil, At Mnekey a Ferry, the iiort'iern terminus, freight is Ironalerred by ear fioals to the Norfolk Siiitbern at Kdenton. The mnd gh'es a short route Iretwei-n Ad>e- iiiarlc and I’.milicn sounds. II kn iscd their dll perhaiis inferrat some reader iw how miieli fuel a Ini'iiinolivi This of course ilc[icn«ls iijxin tin ■ liiality of fuel, work done, sped ant eharaeter of the road. On freight trains nil average consiimplion may 1)c taken nt alNiiil I to 11-2 ]Miiiiils ofisial roiinimed iK-r ear |>i|^Blle. With |ais»et>gcr traina, the rairs i^^hieh are heavier ami the s|KCil higher, the coal eonsumption is git-nler, .\ fn-ight trair —- “• " .(R-i'il of liO miles |ier In fore I 1 roiihl then The following ehatiges the Hither mad ■s tn-aly w ii.iti-, amt was diwuitscr] ncarlv tiin- Ilf niljunrnment, nt the dose irning liiisiaess. HenalorRiddte- Hik the lloiirin opposition to tbc I rilieizing the |K>liry of the 'il the Democratic party •• pf-’l’'’ ed II , the lights of tbo States ti lir'itei 1 llieir own iiilen-sis againat Great |{rilaiii inil t iniiailH. .Mr Morgan took the floor and said, if his In-.ily ilivs not suit Us. let ua wntc me ihn dia-s .suit u. and advise the l*|i-s|i|i-al to siilmiit it lo lireat Britain. '.Vtieii Mr Morgan enncliirted, MrTeller :iHik the fiiHir, and the treaty thro went The Si-iialc hill pnsscil providing for 111 sddiMoiiiil Assin iale Jiisliee of tbe >iigireiiii' Court of Wyoming, and after a iirief SI eri’t sesHion the N-nate at -3:-'>0 ildil't - Most of the time of the .s sjasni in discussing the item ' fill the imyment ol the French ig. of UussBehiurtts, and Mr Dingh y of .Maine, favori-d tbe apiiropri- Biioii, adjourned. Mri'iilloiii, in the Beuale, offered a rvsuluiion ULstructing Iba coramiltce of the inter atate eoinmerce commlarion to investigate the i|uestioD of iaterference by G.inadiaD railways with American Mr Milcbetl. of Oregon, aaid that tbe MilMidizrd line of liritiMi steoatm were Itriiiging Chlneaeh) Britiab America, nt tbe rale of 4.i)f)0 a reoatb, and these imini‘:rapis were pouring down ■tn-am- to the L’oited BUtea. Bciiator GiirmiB. aupportjDg tbc i liition, lll•elaml that tt waalime Ibat tbe United Stall s Senatora joined banda ir- letpe. live of ]iarty, in wmrhiog tbc ira/kotlbi United BUlra from alieoi. After fiirtbier dkacuaaion the iMoIntioD was BgrasI b> without dirioion. The ■ nnsidentM« of tbe fiahery tnatv was then reauiiwd. and Mr TcIIct thr flistr in upjKWilbm U> it. At the conduaiaii of Ut TriWa apeecb Mr Vance obUinad the floor, and the Beosbi at 5:30 ndjourwed till Monday. BatrwBaT—Neither bouae of CoagreM wtt in iMnaa to-day, and tbe Capiot wet almoat dewrted. wjUaiaoTtn imra. The Preeideot haa vetMff tbe llouae Wil for tbe reHei of P. A. Liaihubui y. Mrt Clerelawd and Ihi Folaoa ar rived la IVaMungtiia al 4 n^tioefe tfeia Prtdar aftsraeoa a*d wen diiam lo tto rt«Ma«t3 Kentucky. This oidahle oeeidcnl, hut rcsiille.1 in niiu'h damage lo the eiimpany and the death of •ported on goml authority that Isaac H. Vineenl, ex Bintc Ireo'iirer, of Alabama, who is now sen ing a sciilente fifteen rears for emtH-zzli-ment of $223,000 of'the Sralc’s money, will soon make a full confession. Ifti r ronfarring on details for three ‘k-s, the offleialH of the telegraphic cable enni|>anles signed Bgre.-iuenls liy rhich the disastrous war of rales iH-iween bemiseudod. On S.’pIvmlM'r Isl the Ilea will be iidvanrisl lo 2.’i cents |>i-r rord. Batiirlay night three niaskevl men ap peared at the bouse of Uonrsd Doiip, ogl'd 86 yearH. a farmer, six miles noitb of Davthn, Ohio, and after iK-iiling the Id man into insensil>ility. s.-.ured $:e. X) in oaah. The roiib.'nt have not ’s-t-n ipturrd. Frank Mount, convicted of an at- ..iDptel oiilregeoiis assault ii|>on Annie Rudolph, aged aeventeeo, an.l JLiggie Connon, agel ten, at Ni-n Bniosniek. N. J.. waa sentenced to the Stale |H-ui- tentiary for ten and fifteen years, the terms lu run consecutively. Advices from Hon Uarioa, Arizona, ijt; At the subagency. Wednewloy night, eome abooting was enjmged in. It il feareri that scriotu trouble will lermin- Apoehek arsi still miiaing. Miles has every company of the troops in tbe territory in tbe beat poaaiblr ' — dition for active campaign. A moving to the moat avtjiahle imiIi meet quickly uy emergency which may ariac. Tarmali far Tresa. Apropos of the vRiraot property ot wiiod, have yon never beani the giind- ing in the dead, dry trunk of tbe pine— the gnawing of (be minute teeth of tbe borerH It te hke a busy csrpenier shop in foil Uaai. I remember, in a loceol avalk in (JODway wood*, that auch a tree audibly anaounced its praaenca fully twasty feel In adraoca of me. Bawduit pMir^ out from bnodrods of apartttraa, and OB laylag my aar agalast tba trunk and cloaing mv cyan I seamed to be in tbe rnMat nf a metropolitan hedlam- wbole city block behlad in ita eoetracl and raalM tor ita Balah, with bamaert and pUoea and ebiaelt in wild ediolng coBfnaioH. I conid bmr Iba aawt and augm*. denlcki and poUaya, ah ■oat iba harried footfall—iftoeod,rTaey- thing tat Iba prolaaity of (ba vorkmea. AnAyat a at^la oaa of than diaeloaed in bh> btding ptaoe was aosreaiy latgat dian a brad.—zMrwrr's. ,ml neiils 1.1 me .iivisi.ins reienllv estiih- ishnl have l)c.‘n made: K. L. Dellarn-, iperiiitc'itleut ..f Kaste NitI. •we. Va.. t.. suer.'-ed n"'!)!. d.' general np'i •ndeiit of Lynchburgdivisiim, from L'lewe to Rnaflokc, liead.juart.'ra Kuan- i>ke, Vii. ; .1, A. IlMisly, su|)eri5lendenl of Radfiinl .tivisi.iQ from Rnanuke to Itliie liebl. Iirad.|iinr(ers Roanoke, Va. ; .1. D«borne. Mi|ii-rilitendeiil of W'-tern 11 vision, fpuii Railfor*! ' Bri-’ i. iniliid- lug Uriiipl.' Un-ek ext- ...ioii. •■• adquart irsiit Radfoiil; W. L. Kee. .livtsioii engiiievr ut Norfolk; N. L. Hnowdeii. supervisor of Knstern ili vision, with ' -ud.iuarlers at f’lerslHirg;_\V. H. SI lH^|Uarlei isor l.vnehliiirg .livtsiim, with ra at Ra.lfurtl , R K. Htanh of the Crit>ple Creek cxl. dun, with heiuhiiiarters al Ralfi>nl. Forest Flrea Raging. UENEBAL HRBRIUAN DE.4U. I Fsasas ftaittlyaway at Ifea^aitt, Kau. THE SOUTHLAND. Phili|> II. Slicridaii, Gen.'ral of the Army of the United Slates died Siiud.iy ight al Non.guitt, Muk.«. He lM>giiii to row worse in the and gradii- ally sunk. He was surrounded by his family and physiei.tnH. General Slirri.lau's illness, lermicatcd fatally, began hImoiI thi- tuul- dle of May. bill although hoseriug I.e tween life and death sevi-rnl times sin.-e, he fought as heroically for hi-' lifi- iis lie had for his country. His .liseiiM- w.-is valvular trouble of the heart tiiid is Haitf* milicary sen Ice. U|vin his retiiri/lnoii Chicago, early in May, lu- ■•■•mmiiiiieil of feeling iiiiwell imil Kp.-tit |^ut iin ciwh .lay. ' He rapidly gri’w' an.] dur ing the fore part of .luin be waa debriuusHnd Id. life va- dev|iiin'ii of, but be ralliid aoil aUliougli 'ujfcring some rel«|"cs. lu- at. i. I.v »lep iC;;aifi d a little he.hb. It wa- ij oiiirlii tb.i :■ ebiiiig.'of air Koiilil In-iiclil l.iiii ;>i d lo- enjoyed the --la Ones of llieSen Kugiaiid 1 iia.l. Hut hi'str'ii:itli f.tih’d him and he wil« eoui|M'IIC'l to mu eiiiiib Hiindivda III lelegrnuiB and lellir. of iog family. A spec ial car trmiKferr.‘d the r.miiii' (0 Wnsliington. D. I'., whore .’H Satiir day the I llh of .August he burn d in the Arlington Nath.iml einetcrv. Th- funeral sersieca were h -ld i.i Si. Mat thews church at that c ity and from there the cortege'il in •o'c-im i'om|i lo the hero's Isat ro'ting phee A RpInedCily In Ten The surveys i Tlrglnla lloma. The Friendship Fire company, bf AIo- andrin, upon whose rolls appears la a charter member the name of General (itsirge WaahingloQ. on Mondy, 6lh inat. eelcbrat.'d by a torchlight procetiMon tbc fourteenth anniveisory of their organi' Last Sunday night a fire broke out at CuIiwpiMT, enusumiog a dwelling eccu- |ue| by >lohn Henry, colored, an.l owned t.y i: F t’lielf A Co.; fully insured. A fin: occiirerl at Rlaekslone, a village on the Norfolk and Weatern railroad, which destroyed the Southern wanihouac, h.itel and and a number of other build ings. The loss ia estimated at $.30,000; i in-rurnoee $12, >'iOt). mainly in Rlehmond eoniginnies. But for n fortunato eliaoge in the direction cf die wind (he town wouhi hare proliably been dealruycl. The long drought in the Danville por tion of the bright tnhuccu aeclinn was broken by a steady rain. The tobacco hoa s.iffen-d greatly, hut the rain will revive il. and. w ith a g'xid senann from Ihi' time, a lurg.' rrop of liright tobacco may In- imkei for. lirillinut german won given at Yel low .Sul|>htir Springs in honor of Mina Wiunio D.-ivis. I’mmin.-tit gieople from v-vrioiiB jMirts of Ihc eountry were [.nt eiil. iiteliidiog Generals .f. A. Earley. G. T. ilcauregnni nod L. L. I/imax. Tennesaec Toplea. The liovernor has reri-ived a telegram Charlotte Messenger IS FUBUsaKD Every Saturday, AT CMARLOTTEv N. C. In Uie Intereata of the Colored Ped^ of the Country, „ aMG - Able ami wetl-kociwn writere wtU oastrlh me to Ita eotomns from dilftrenl iwrta ot uie countrr, and it will iTmlaln tbiClatMt Oen erml Nvwi oftbe • Th( UnacruEB b a ant-elan new«[ia|He and frill out allow personal abuae In Ra cd- tuiTna It b out avtorian or jnrtloui. hot Imependent—deallug fairly by all It n' aervee the rlcht to erltletao tbe ehortcocnlai of all pnbUe ofSi-iale -cominendiue U worthy, ami ri-eommeisUiiB fm dectme m DiRi as in Us oplnkm are soiled to wirre the IntrrMa e{ tbe ptsipIo.S Ubieteeded to siimvlv (Im- krag/elt tread of a rw»w»|ia[ier bi ailvnale the rlghta an#, defend the inter.'tta of the NrgnvAoierfcBa, reiwciaUy in tbe Ifiwlnioat Mw-Uon of tbe C'atviliiiaa miM r the- I'iiy. I Hailroad, i have pnisi'd along the Molpaia ^Ile.m-i'l> I from the 'herilT of H.iyward .|ii.-sliiig asMsIniiee against an iippre- heiide.l Lltaek ol lirgroea. The (’hieka- (wri for Br.iwn'vHle. % .Vn eiiunienition of the [Mipiilntiou of Ih. .•ity of (•|iall.M, wo.' rom- [.leted a..I shows a [N.piilation of 4».6T-2 lu'ide of (he i cirporaU- limits, ami II,.'>00 ill the siibiirlo, making a lolal ]Hi>uhi- I 17.172, or il gain of ft,O0i) w ithin BDB&CSIPTIOB*: (dfwnyam Adraaeal Souths 6 months 2montb« Single Ciqi] e lh.«t Ki't Tenni's; FOREIHN NOTES. The lieu-|i i]>cr-i nnnoiineo (hat the .•m|« r..r ol Gernmuv. einiK-ror of Ruvala, . • ol eiu|>er'>r of AusiM. will meet at • one (Mint on the Ausiriiin frontier, ' Il Kmis-ror William uill meet Viel..iii oil Seplumlnr Ilftth, tile hilter's lidt lo her daiiglilvr. Ffeiiiriek. at Bidcn. How to Keep Down Flesh, riumpncea is ctacotial to perfM beauty. Fat ia the opposite of it. • iSeiVare infurina lu that to keep down flesh lasaafraa tea. without milk, may ba taken; likewise cream of tartar, making a drink by pouring a pint of boiling water 1)0 a Uatnoanful of the tartar, letting ilcool anil flavoring with lemon and a little sugar. A draught of thla half an hour before mcalt ia a ootabla juiritier of the blooi^ and an occaalonal do'O of epeom satta, seltzer aperient on, coogresa water may bo taken, but alwaya with tbo advice of a physician. Om cHHiil physician recommends the chew- oaatod coffee to! «iJ lli;it still ( far, ha. bee of the lava : equally dcs have como up.i iiiiy di-]>th which, s» iloiYi*. To the north ud lying in ii • ..iinlry ml ariit. Ibo surveyurH the ruins of Gisn alre-idy to the earlv wliit II have been In.Ill HHi |i.'r>oiiK and thirty houses in .ill.ioc.'Kileil Him were buried umicr I-S'ln.l Iifxl :i'los Ihrowii .ml l>y llic • d. aiio, Ainoiig' those burie.1 were > isil.irs nt the Hot Springs I the ni’ check I lies of cxccllei ■nuking tender and del gethcr last ai healthy milk o feeding Island, in some daily b purifier ci .lay, ha feel hui cliange idea V tl phosph blond t •r the Teriiblc forest fires are t untry bIh'uI iHlBwa. (loUHo. St. Jo arph, a village of nlioiil five huodrcl in- liuhilanls. six miles from there, is nearly siirroiiudi-d by the flames and is lielieved to Ik: duomeil. tlwiag ti> the dryiifsa of (he season il is im|KMwthle lu check the fire. The telegraph oonniinees that for rea of live miles around Chaugicri' lion, on the Uanadian Faeifir rail way. ilie fin- has fii'l control, destroying lea and everv other combustible thing s eoutwe. The town of Aylems Is Ihreatenod with destrortion. The luaa slrrady suaUintKl will aggregate, it 'is believed, at least $.30.0(10.000. Many families have Itacn compelled to flee lor safety. Hanaa Batdliery. A horrilile ’ tragedy was unearthed shortly Iwfore Mondav midnight by offierrs ol tbe Desplauis itrert Btatton. Chiragu. On tbo aoecood floor uf No. 150 NHilh HnogamuD itrrvt. lay the boiliea of Henry Bush, a retired saloon keeper, and his wife. Both were post middle age. and were looked upon by their nei^burs as a paiticulariT happy couple. They were last soen Saturday evening silting on the front stoop, and to all appearances as pleasully dUpoaed towards each tolbrt as could bn imagined. Hush had tUrly ilaitglitcred bU wife with a bqtefaer knife and ofUrwartU [e^'Slmielf. PlaaMiat iMt PUIa. B»—“I mat yov o«atla yartarday, |iiw. Smltbr' Bba-'Oh, dWTOBl Warn* mid lo look ewy miic^ahlM. XMdyonaotffnd W t«ry Plmmntr" H*~“rm, tta ia pUmaat b«t aha laVnuunlW.’-aaS. Spanish explr Tinted by while men Icssni the mysterious ruin, uf 1'iilcDi|ue in L'eii- tral America. ’nly a lew jieuplo al Socorro and While >jk. havu Irco iil Gran Guiicra, liecausn it is at present forty miles from water. The surveyors found the niins to Iw of gigantic huHdiDgs made in the must siibstaiilial msoncr and of grand |ir>|Rirliona I'uu of them was four ai:rc.- in e\lcnt. All Indications around the ruins [loiiil to the existence here al one rime of dense popo lation. No legend ol any kind exists as to how this great city was destroyed or when it wss abanduoct. One of the en gineers ailached to the surveying cx(Hi- dition advances the theory thst Gran Guivora waa in eiUti-DCf and abundant Ij supplied with walrr st the time the terrilie volcanicaruptirm too place.—A’»- ginttriny and Mining Journal. A n'p.iltli ol Verbenas In Ferii. once I went lo fatw Town lo remain Ip i tlBi'imM ibe wife of a 3aakr( He iiiirI .1 while ■I I (-III Tl«- priiic' thing that 1 re ■i-m’-iT alxinl Hie latter e.uintry is its TPillh of Horn, ''neu my hnshaod lav ■own on the ground iho e. an.l I eoiiole.1 I the wild a..vior Iml wlili h surrounded •im ait-htoen varieties of Terbenaa. / oiwr A*a>. A Qaaxe far Tea Driakort. “Oae dosa of tea ia tbo twooly-foar hoars is qalta ssHcleot," says a tandna ezchaago, “aad many people who are at ptaatint troablad witn headaches and maav of Uie ao-caltrd nervous dtaasos, wooid ba far better If they aorer drank taa at all Bapeciolly aboub] all amid (hat very fraat aistaka konwa aa high taa. Taa Bad meat ihoold aever Ite (akta (oeatber, at least as foraiag tbe BriaeiMl wtml 1 b« lanaia, ao import- aat aoastltoaat of the taa, prtraata the .MaaMMefitaMab” Till- ( Movemeol. Till’ .'Oil.>11 movenu-nl fur llie week. it) fur (he same (wriud |K| \>ar. «as ns follows: l(l'■.'.-i|>1s :il interior l.iwns 4.12:> bales Sbinmeiils 7,666 bnlrs against '2..3a7 bull-' iignim-t 1.267 bnlrs last year. T'lial deliviTirs fr>m pUnlations since S.'|>t‘uilN'r 13,.36-3,4I>1 imles against 3, IHH.O.V; Uilra for llie ainie period last rv.vr. ..ran iii.r-.ise uf :t-jn.44l hales, turd ■ r.>|. in sight I.I .tiilv -27 :i.7o:).2e.3 l.iili-H ngainst 6,;i-3l.tl3 Ulra the same tune lii.'l i.'ur. or an inefnae of >34 3-30 blitter than I Itisg. the bill If this pound lows i $2.'-.(H, color, I i*"'re.|i for food. Jel-j Ihout milk ai* ipetite witbonB tor cressee’andj beso are ainoBf blood.and;pr^ h. Scrofutoaij be brought cm int reliahee,%tS }arsitlpa,twble^ for quick aadj richoeea of tbo is due to long I tbe Channel. fairest childrea od use it as a ultice ia adtnir- ica, acting as a id mechanically rhin. dyipeptio ippetito, anould acid phoiphala r three timet a meals, till they ilieni on crusty . with a daily ueculent nwia, Ills lurotising Thu duae of d twelve drops, mrti than large iroduce rush ot rod FVei Prm. (111 or. r who knows I a .VoiGoof A'«- ' t lew i.U per annuDL lhal une-balf of i' dally colorerl. ral high colored li article, it ay no leas than, for an artificial it ca*ca to be a cation of aupe- th.-j receive no tnli; that if one e-insists of on- Binds of bullor, an half a miilioa :r Oibled to tbo io tbo shape ol • Both Offin rs Shot. Two .lr|iuly sherills attempted ml Fn-rl Conway, a farmer residing eighteen mill's e.irtheist of Conway, Ark. While Deputy bherill 'WtH wai ,calling the warrrnnt to Conway the lat- 1. r .Irew I> knife and >tshbel the officer in the l.'fl shlc- Uuoway's wife and lu.> suns then nttaeke.1 Wilt, who drew hi' pistol and Ili.'l at Conway. T liail Nlrtuk the olli.l offie.r. Dv|iii Sh. rifT, lu the bnasl. iiiflhfiog final woun.|. Wilt loll exhzusli'l fnim IhetoM. ..fbloixi. Mild Ulo advices «ay h.' will not be taken alivi-. Tbo alTair has i ri'aH'l great e\r-itannnt. A Nnipbnr Spring Ineabatar. Thrie are a ounilvr of warm sulphur springs in El-iomc, Cat, and acUiun of tnat town is using Ibrm for iocubating ■lurpo'ea. He pula a tin pad fnllof ena in a spring whose (rmpernture Is 162 de grees. and lo three weeks the chicks come oat. Ai tbe temperature of the spriog Hooi not wr. the eggs reqolre BO atlaatioa. Tbie Mats tbt Wtaat ia- oahaior all boDow.—Jftw Isiat rfflati uaifow, fleetlaad, baa a lyili e( a-itomattc ulapboM eail boiaa. There are aaveaty-alz ct “ ahoattbe af^, • kaCWlham Konth Uaroilna. Representative Foran. IVmocrat, aan that he ealeiilalea the next honae will be iienuhlican by about ten to tifteco ma jority. Mi« Fannie Wvall, an inmate of lilab- , op's lumilr. at Sparianbum,.: dk'l Friday. Sh.- was a native of Vir- gini.v oud was aliuut *7 years uid. Camp AodetiiHi. at Gn''nvilte, finally abandonnl Tuesilay bv the Smntat' , Guolds, of UbnrirsluD, who ha.1 lingered' in their tents, when they left fur TryoB, ^ N. t'.. till all othere ha.l gone. All iheiaodMatcaforGrrenville countj'* offices started out Tuesday morning on tour over the country, lo attrn.l lo tba series of meetings ap]nto(cd l>y the ex- eeutive eommlttee There are forty- three clndhlatea in the rmintj. A Wider ExparteMS. Duadey (wbobas ^vea featbarto • cigar ftpB blx ptlvaU box}—'TW. aaukad wen# dgin tbu tbaaa, Faat^ "iiis-,,- •‘Ta-at, Dumlay, 1 a’p yMkava: tal yMswInaenbar il ^MPtaaUirMail I a’poaa -

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