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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, September 01, 1888, Image 1

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the^charlotte messenger. VOI>. V. . NO. 7. Charlotte Meeeenc^r n FUBUBHKU Every SatTirday, AT OHARLoirt, N. C. la th« latanaU of th« Oolorod People of the Oouatiy. Able ami *ell-known irritan wlU contrib ne to Its rcluinae from dllfennt perta of tba roantrr, uid It wUl eontalo.'Ux^lataat Oen CHARLOTTE, N. C., SATURDAY, SEPT. 1, 1888. Tm (lil V ina ame On int WASHINGTON, D. C. IX THX HOITBB fJTD UXATZ. anil irlll Dot allow penonal abuse uuuia Ilia not auctartan orparuMD. tav InJeprarlMit—k«liii|t lairlj by aU. H m- ■•TTm tlM rlebt to cHMriw the sbortGOQim nf all public nlBclala-oanuDemUas the wonfa;. and irrommeiidlnK for election such men as Id IU ^niao are uwt suited to Mrvs tbe interats oi the people. It la intended t> snr^jrthe long felt need of a newspaper to adVimta tbe rlgfats and defend the Inter.Ma of the Nr^ro-Amsrlean, Camllnni. I tbe l*ledmoo( i ■ of the ■UBfiCBimOKS: lAf'oavsin Admnea) A mnnlhs >75 3 mouths - ^ 2 nmitba • - • - 35 Bingle Copy - 5 AddrsDi. W.:c. SMITH Charlotte NC We ere to have, mjs the New Orleeot ricnyvna, e tobacco and cigar eshibl- UOD, with all the tobacoo sod cigar- making machioery invented daring the pest two jeera, and specineoi of all ityiei of pipes produced since 178S. There will be a machine from France that tuakei. sorts, counts end packs cigarettes without a band being placed on them. Tuwdav.—The trcaliir between Great Britisn and the UniUn] Btatrs oegiitiated last winter l-v Stcretary Uayard and Mcasm Angell knd Putnam on the one jiide and by Ilesan Cliamlxrrlain, Tupper and West «n the other aide, for the |mr- ■poae ofactlting tlic troubles that bad srtsra between Canadians and citirens of the UnitcHl Btales rnga”fl in lUhing ii tbe walurs off the Caondiaii sail New Kncland coast, was rejected by the United Staten ^'fiatc iifu-r an earnest party disctnui-iii lasting nearly twi sDonths. The vole was a strict pah; 0110—37 a-raiost 30-the IJi mocrals vot log for ralilicntioB, while Ibe liepuhlican voted solidly agaiout ratiflealion. Benstor Voorbees wiia out of the ehamlicr when the vote was lakun, or the figures wouid have stood 28 to 30. WEb.NAwiAY-liotar..--Mr. Townsend, of lllinola, jiresrnletl tbe eonfen.-nec re- [>ort, tbe amiv appropriation hill. When (he bill paMH'd (be Ilouav it carried |34,- (28,000. Till' Senate increased it to 131,531,003. and In ounfcrenct: tills sum bad lieen reduced lu |;20,38l,000. The ioerrase was chiefly due to Ihu Sennlo amendmenti providing for a iritn factory at Watertown Arsenal, N. V-, and for tbe puixhiisc uP steel for heavy guna Further consideration was jHist^ned until to-morrow. The Navy bill was thee taken up. and provides for threu unanaorwl anti one armored cruirera and three gun l-oata. The House at 5 p. m. adjourned. Sknatb—The Wll - of la.Kio . Sheridan was re|iortcd and placed calendar. Tbe New York TVegrom is authority for this: “The Fire Marihal of Uuston aayi be hav it from sworn evidenee that there exist io Boston men who make a bosinesa of setting Urea for othrf people, who have actually adopted iocendiariam as a profession, charging for (heir ser vices a commlseiOD on the amount of In- •ttnnee received.” Tmly the world moves, philoeopbizaa the New York Oiaphie, and even 1^, the poor Indivo. moves right s oog with it. The Cbetokre Indian Coiinciigwbieb hai been in isasion for a week past at Tahle- 4jt»b in the Territory.'SI dickering with gigantic stock companlee who oSar from 1150,000 to $200,000 per annam for the graxing pririlegu io a portion of the Cherokee reaervatioo. The progenitors nf these vary Cbsrokeei wouid have sold wiee ss much land outright for fifty -irrels of whisky and a cartload of mis erable muakeU. )ill granting a {wnsion n tim widow of tieneral THE AHBlCCLTXlBALOONTEimON. WUt the Taraan BU U SaMgh. The foilowiog reaointion was adopted: Whereas, Diveivifted agrtcoltore le tbe true theory for succeesfaf (arming, and Whereaa Dlvenified agriculture is dependent on dlvenified manufacture ' Tits development; • Reeolred, That it abould be tbe policy of tbe Southern farmers to encournge msnufnctnriog enUrprisea, Tbe committee on le^lation Douneed the followdng recoInttoD: Whereas, ComUnationa have been made and are being made by corpora- tiooa and individnali ao that many articles of general use % tbe people of the United Statea are iuereainid beyond tbeir (air market value, and ibua all con- nimers arc laxed to add to the wealth of thrso great conbinatioiia and capitalists, and thus keeping large numbora of our fellow oitueos io poverty; tboreforo Resolved, That we call on our rep- -esenUtivee io Congress assembled to use ill the powergiven them by their eon- rtituents, and the taw to destroy their existence and power Io prevent Ih^ formation or such trusts ana combina- Hetoivcd, That wo endone the action of Senator Regan, of Texas, for timely ■ctiOD in iotriMucing a bill looking to the breaking up of all trusta and tbe punb-hment of thoae engaged in them. Resolved, That Oongresa is hereby memoralized to immediately repeaj the tax upon jute and jute beg^cg with a view to defeat tbe comblnatiou of eepi- ulists known u tbe begging trust. Tbe report of the special committee on bagging trusts was announced ready to report. TTie committee read *•- port as follows; Your committee to whom was referred the bagging (|uestionind trust companies generallv beg leave to endorse the action of the Ml. Holly Fair Asaodation. and the action of tbe State FarnMn* Alliance. They recommend further that I aentatives in Congreas •— Pelltlcal New*. Locfcport, N. Y.. has rdsed a Bclva Lockwood pole, the only one in the oountry. The BepubUcan Congreaaioual oonven- tion of tbe 1st Dlst. N. C., has nominated Mi. Elisha 0. White, of Belridere, for On Friday last the declaratl^ of the Magnetic iron and steel easciNctDring ctreipeny, at Black’s was filed tn the 5f- fiee of tbe Seoret^ of State, and s commitaion was issued. Tbe capital weak proposed is $10,000, and the rom- r ' ny will have the privilege of increaring to $100,000. The National Democratic Committee has issued as address, printed in Span ' the Cuban cititen of the United I their Mr. Chandler called up the resolution efforts to place jute and jute bagging relating to fraud si-.d violence in the late j the free list. Louisiana election^ I’endiog thc_ con-1 The report of the committee v bh, tc. States. It sets forth that during tbe Cuban struggles fof independence the Republican party was in power and that manifesto a mminal indifference itb regard to (he progress and result of the popular uprising. Dr. D. W. 11. Harriaon, a bomeapath- ic physician of Baton Rouge, 1a., will be the Republican candiilate for Con- in the Sixtii Louisiana District, represented by Representative Robertson. Dr. Harrison is afirst cousin of the Republican nominee for I’rvaidcnL World's Convcatlen, T. M. C. A. At Stockholm, Swedeu, a second SClBNTiriG AND INDUSTBUL. Oue pound of mercury converted into fnlmlnate is saficient to charge fifty thousand percuiaioB capa. Naahvilla. Tean., baa a canning fee- lory that la turning bat ten iboosand cans of fruit and vegatahtes every day In the week. Well-tapported is said to he the theory that many dsatbs were caused by suffora- tion in last winter’s blizsard la the Northwest. The fabric known as Chinese gTa«s- cloth is'made from the fiber of nettles. 11is cloth l> peculiarly giosey sod Ireas- K ent. and. ai bettiog for machinery, double tbe strength of leather. Two German experimenters find that the U mstaatiiw power ef naphtha gas is redocod one-hell by twenty per rent, of air. Tlie mixtare becomes explosive when it coetains front aboot five to eighteen volume* of air to one of ga». A Milltown (Me.) mechanic liav vented a log sawing apparatus which ipward at well - - •* ' ' a downward a not been fully cc evful, will be a e-SBving invention to lumber I, adjournt X‘ A British medical ioornal cilli atten tion to an electric prostration recently discussed at a meeting of tba Paris Snr- gical Society. It was the cate of work men it Creaeot, where ao eleclfic fur- oaee is used for quickly melting metals. The men suffer greatly from the effects of tbe intense light, which exceeds s hundred tbooiand candle power. After one or two hours the workers have a palnfal seoaalion io tbs throat, face, and temples, while tbe skin beenmes copper red in hue, and ao eye Irriution instate boors, the dlsrbirge of fears being co pious. Aflor five days the skin peelt off. All three effecU are produced by light alone, no boat beiog felL Dark- colored glare mitigates the effecU some what. but do Bot entirely prevent them. Thcrsdat—The leature in the House to-day was tbe reading o' the President's Message on the fiahertvs. The army appropriation bill was thorougbly ducusfAd. aod then Hr. Wilson of Minnesota, offered the follow ing bill, which was referred to the com rautce on Foreign afiairs. 'Au act to empower the President more cfftclually to carry nut the purjwse of an act to autborixe the President to protect and defend tbo rights of American fishing viMrls. .American fishermen, AmerijM trading aod other vessels in certain caeca nnd for other (•urjHjseK." Tbe lloust' then sdjoumerl. In tbo Senate ss soon ns the I’lesi- dent's Message, on the fisheries question, was received, Mr. Edmunds moved an sitljournment until to-morrow ut noon. FaiOAX—Themctaaoc from the Presi dent on the subject of the rejection of the fisheries treaty was laid before the Senate, and was read in full. Mr. Sherman moved that it lie printed [ and referred to the committee on foreign I relations. Senator Edmunds spoke at length the message snd was loHcraed by Senaior Hoar, both criticising the PrcsideDl. Senator Morgan spoke in defense of the message. The conference report on the- bill (or a custom bouse and appraisers warehouse in New York citv was presented and ‘opted, the Beoalc at 5:40 adjourned itil Monday, adopted. A resolution recommending tbe repeal of tbe present syitem of National bank ing laws oppresuon to the farmer was acmpted. 1116 fotlowiog reeolotion recommend ing the fostering of sheep industry was eSpted: Resolved, That this .convention recommend to the legislators of these Southern States thsUaws be enacted to protect snd encour^^tho tbeep Indus try in the following respect, to wit; to reimburse owners of uccp (or those killed by dogs. Heavy Floods. Heavy rains have fallen all over Mis- sisaippi lAiuisianis, Tennessee and Arksn sas, during the past three All streams bsve overnowed and flooded val- ualde firming lands. The telegraph wires between Memphis snd New Or leans have been prostrated, and only very meager news can be obtained. A local storm of unusual severity swept over Cofloeville.. Miss., doing farewell T. M. C. A. meeting was held Monday. Tbe address was delirered by tbe Bishop of Visbry, and replies were i made by Mr. R. C. Morse, of New York, ■ .and delegalra from Ort-at Britain. France, Oermtny. Ruuis, Spain and Italy. The King and Queen, his Royal Hlgh- oest tbe Crown Prince, and other mem bers of the royai family have not only shown thvir deep interval in the work the associations are doing for yonog men by their liberal cabreriptlons to ward meetloff the exp* n$cB of tbe con E re- venlioD but uey invited all the delegates »t to a reception at tbe royal palace of Droliogbam. where recentiy the Em peror of Oermsny and bis suite were so nansomly entertained. The royal pal ace la six miles from tbe city. At U o'clock the delegates left on three aUam- ptovided for the occasion. The vls- ,.^;s enjoyed a ramble about Ibe psiace and elegant grounds of the niyol gardens, and at 3 o'clock luncheon was served. , In the absence of tbe Kil^, who was in Christiana ,the Crown Prince prreidtd aod welcomed his guests, i-xpresatng bis plFBsure at meeting them at tbe palace, and bis interest in the work they are doing. The Rev. Gustave Toppel, of Geneva, spoke for the conference. At 4 o’clock the pertv retureed to the city much pleased with their reception by royalty. Delegates were at the Con vention from every quarter of the globe. tion. Tbe scheme bi tested yet, but. If great time-l dealert. Portable electric 1lght^ arranged to hang on a batton of one’s coat, aod with a parabolic leRoctor to conccatrate the light, with storage batteries weighing one and a half pounds each, are made to enable persons to read in railroad cars by night. An excellent new cm (or tbe telephone is proposed in the infectious wards of the French brepltab, eo as to enable tbe lick iaolstedln their sufferings to mm CkJtDUXA. Waiter Alvis Tboenpaon, who durinff ...e war with Hezioo wre ootor soege—t of Jeff Davis' tegiment. tbe Misrireliitii Riflea, died at home near IlilUbeivk N.C. HUagewaa78. -liiFte WM a leirific storm at Ralregh Bnnday night Tbe wind Mew a gu the rain fell in torrents end tbe electric. display was biilliant and fearfnl. Two prisoners broke jail at Httsboro Friday night Their names an Mack Miken ami William Minter. One of them had liven carrircl ibero from ^amance a few dsys before to escape lynching. He wu in jail on the Ouitge of rape DIsie Edwarda, white, went to tha haute of Ben Glasgow, -oloi..l, In Vance couniv, calling him to the do'.r shot blm with it ibolgun, breaking bis 1^ The negro hsti incurred Edward's displeasure because he held ioformitiun aj^iost him that would pfobnbly convict him of vlo- - lation of tWrevenoo laws. Edwards has fled. One of Olsigow's legs will ^ have to be amputated. aotrrn c.^rolina. The openirg of the 8Ca road to Rock Hill was cek-liratptl bv the paople of that town on Tbur day, an ex- cuisinn train was run Irom Charlrelon to. Rock UilL Shark Fishing Around New York. Fishing for shark is noc consider^ a very great sport, but neverlhelest ihert are a doien or more men in New York harbor who are not adverse to angling lor iharks. A big hook with a imsll chain attached is used for calcbioi sharka A pievo of pork or other mesl , serves lor bald. A stout hetflp line ii ausebed to the chain, tbo end of the lire -— I -,,,-1,^ •« ihe cnain. too eon oi luu uu .id.™w. dm- K. “J---J IO II,. 1..1. wh.. K,"”-"-wEI.hookrih..»»» luir.. Bixty-two of the Indian atadenta who have spent five or more yean at tba Car lisle Indiai School at (arlisUa, Penn., veia MOt to their honiea in tba West a few waekf ago. Some waot to MonUoa, aooe U) Idaho, others to ArUona, New Mexlce, Indian Territory. Nebraaka asd Da'soU, reprarentliig fifUaa diffarant Indian affendaa. Th-i pnrty of Indian youth was tba briahtaat crowd of boys and ffirla ever sent ont fey tbe Cerllale SebooL la fact, so mweb M wss plBced la tbem tbst Ibay wen al lowed to ratm to their Wastara bomes *,(bout an eaeovt. MMUting Mvar ba- fore dona In (ha hiatory of tha aahooL Tba ymrty coarislad of tbJrty-fiva larfs boya, sis seaall oMS and twanty-oM ffirh Honaof them wwt v«] . rotarn to their reUtt»as,troa whoa thay teva boan-aaparafnd ao Ioh- appnolatwl tha fact that thare la BO art- vntM* for than fna *h* India" •■y» irbnn ones bm)^ la cMinM vHh than agnin at i&a'r hMai,Bad aseb pnlami to remnla In tha Ina. 1hn4«and^ tha pnrania, nf ooareA oewlhroaa (ha d«dn of fba yoaaff ladiM. tM ^ Oovarnatat, Uvlaff ap M !» abUfa^ to tetata nU atalaate M tha Afipinttaa ^ Mr ttM. iMil ChMfi Mb North, Eaataad Heat. It U sUlcd thaTa $100,000 etc int has l)een fonned to build mill at Cartersvillr. Qa- Thc Monongnhela and Yooghiogheny rivera, in Pvnuivlvanla. are rising fifteen lochee an buur. In all towns along tbe rs bundreda of houst s are fiouded, K lliog the fsmllire t*i vncalv, ami « ■r of liuildings have liecii swept away. At Kiclim.ind. Va.. Ihe JanM-a lUwr Valley Immifreiioo Horiety has Iwvn or ganited, vrith Ran.lolnh Hamson as president, to encourage Immigration, the esubllshmvnt of manufattorvre. etc. Tbe capiUI slock is to be not less than $-'.,000 nore than $.‘ra.(KK). Reports coming in ahow that the have been general and d^trlous in I their nature. Last week a dro'rth *. ». threatened io many localUlea, t re«- floodsare feared and more scrions ibjuc will fullow. The Wretem Union Telegraph com pany reportsall wirea down leading to New Orieans, which city it cot off frw any telegraphic communication with Memnhir. In tbe vicinity of Vicksburg and Yaxoo valley the rainfall baa been un precedented. aod aerious injury to cotton and com bat resnited. A Duel In Virginia, report from Lee county, Virgiols. ssys a dutil to the death took place 1»- tween Murgso Burke and Natiwn Ed wards. A fuel ha.1 existed Iwlwi-oo them fov several months- Yhey mot in tbe road and drewing tbeir plstola stai- nltaneoDsly comnirnovd firing on e^ other. B^eral aboU vrere one of whifb paired through Barker« abdomen cauaingibitontdcalh. U“ pooentnavlvn-l revaral wounds which fatal. ^ Mr. HlalM's OalirerniaTrlF. Mr Blaine said that ba would start a ttsinseanUnentai stumping t^ OM week after Uw Maiae elecilon. He will Wave ail aftangrmentt in Ihe tods ot tha NeOonal onmnrittee. end "HI bly speek ot tbe Pnclflc eonX the last wMk” theenmpaJfa. A'' es. vHb one exception, will be short, for hh MrMa Ml •jbcMn Qkt trek of a long snrlea oi two- -heurs ojmB-atr spaaebea. IMsaslfMyc- ^ . ^ladawaftaaB ha rsma^ by t fw It Mfasal ttaas a day M «r gsnlly AS a lunllsh. is r>Bly when he gels close to the bosi hat the fight beg ns. The fishermen keep pulling him in and letti^ him again until be it tired irien t Dnrham Deatroyed. Lest Monday night fire broke ont at Durham. N. C., in an unoccupied te- baceo factory of E H. Po^ The lorai fire department had dwhandoned SatunUy night, in consequence of a dis pute with the town authoritiea A high wind was blowing, and the fire spread repiilly. After deetroyiog Pogue’s fac tory Ihe lire next burned another old •obseco factory, occupied by W. Y. Whiled. It next awent away two to- l«ceo h'.ueva owned fey iinbart Joore and William Osborne, in which weie three hundred thousand pounds of leaf tobacco, owned by Jonre and Oaboroe. i After burning several small buildings, tbe fire destroyed Dr. Johnston’s livery lUblea ami remdeDce. In all twelve buildings were burned. It is the belief that the fire was >( incendiary origin. Tbe lots is about $40,000. Fugitive Hnrderdra. Govevoof Scales, of North feline, rreeived a lalegrim from Wadeabt^ tbe eotmtyeoat of Anson cooaty, wh^ Informed him of tbe ^P« JJ* J" prireoera In tbe Jsll there. mwered jaiUr when be went to ^e eupper, and ‘•"haw^hlerevolw. The boo and cry waakaiarf * her «f dtiseus toras^ ont in The urlsooet who hgw tba revolver facw STpursuare defil^ ewd tOrnet. They did eo, and be dwt two of them, one mortnliy. AU^f^^ (ben made tbdreeeape. The Ooveruor UK. — u V. watch their than-e. aod when bU head is lifted ont of the wawr by a pull oJ thi line they club him to deaih. .'•omelima they row ashore and beach them Tbs biggnst shark canght in these witera li longtime was beached at Roseville. b.L, last week. It wm a speoies of grouno shark, and measnred el feet. It wai canght by Francis I'ndlcott of Uuiiaa, lla^ C. Jones, and the boatkeeper. Ed ward FlUgerald. Fil'gerald hwked him, the ouer twu fiibermeo dudainiog to indnlge in such sport. When ihej found ont what a big catch he had mide. however, they were as ea«r as he wasU captare it. It dragged the anc-hor. an4 »n they hauled the anchor la aad took K the osrt to prevcDi the shark from run iiiog off with them. In iU struggles li bit off a piece of one of ihi oara Mr; Kodieott aaya he has flibed and h*inled for years, bnt never bad anything si ex c.iitig as Ihnt encounter. After wj eid killed it they cut iU heart out. Thi heart continued to best for fully a mla u'e afterward. The shsrki found here about! are aol dsogeruue, being - heva^Se comfort of hearing their rala- tim’ voicM without any risk of convey- ii^ infection by an interview. fWhile the most rapid cannon shots srmreely altAin a velocity of tlOO yard' * second, ever LHH) knots per hoar, me ortles are known to penetrare Ihe with a velocity of 40.0-Jil or even 1.0.003 ysirde per second, a velocity which raises the air at once to a temperature of 400U to 0080 eentrignde. ”1110 new mill of the Holyoke (Mass) Envelope Company is nearly completed. The boilers have a capacity of 230 horse power. There are elxty-fonr envelope machines with a producing capacity ol shout iCOOtl.OOO envelopes a day, where tbe greatest amenot of work Inrned out in one day was 1,890.000 envelopes. The building has 930 wster sprinklers and eighteen stands of pipe, together with a huge water tank bolding fiWlO gallooe. 'The force equivalent to the working steam engines represeats in the I'nited Ststre 7,500,000 horse power, in Eng land 7,000,000 horse power, in Germany i .’.OO.OOO, in France 3,000,000. in Austria' 1,500,000. In these Ihe mo tive power of tbe locomotivei is not in cluded, whose numbor In all tbe world amounU to 10.5,000, and reprereoU a total of 8,W0.00O horse power. Adding this amount to the other figures we ob- intfae total of 48,003.000 horsepower. The British consnl st Ningpo, China, —11. the attention of British manufactur ers to spinning mscblnes used in his district ibst were imported from .’span, and which be thinks will eventuslly be adopted io rollon producing countries. Tbe sdvsolagcs clslmed for them, « compared with Ihe method of spinning used in America, are that the staple is less in ured aod that tbe seeda are better cleaned. Tbl« Is atieloed by drawing the cotton betweso straight steel edges or knives, instead of using taws. Instead of uiing aolid iron platas or massive wails of wood and lion for war ships, it is proposed to nse a new mste- risf known as woodite. This if an elistie material not unlike India rubber, but unlike that material, it it not sticky, and resists oils and beat. It b a com pound caoutchouc, and was patented ■ few years ago. Eiperimeols at Dartford in 1888 gave promise of great things, for the hele made in the woodite by the psatage of a shot closed up at once, not even allowing a drop of water to go in. Two torpedo catcher* are now building at Elbiiig. and tbe inner akin of thM veaaels ie formed of a layer of woodite two and a half icche* thick. Bogs* Horse TnllA A well known wigmaker wav stendlog at Dread and Walnut streets lalkiog to a Philadelphia Tim's reporter as a stylish barouche psMtei. "Do yon nee that leaur’ said Ihe wig- maker. “Well, do you tee what Imanti- ful flowing tails thej'vo gotl They’re boffu*.” . , , , The little wigmaker laughed aloud and then said: “1 made tbe*e tails. 1 make tails for a good many stvlisb ho'isca You know ihnt a horse without o handsome tail isn't handsome at all. He may have a beautiful mane end bold his bead high aod step and preoce, and hue hiJ bit, ihovring all the traiu of • full-hlooded animal, bat if he hasn't got a long flowing tail, all the other vhar- aclerlilics go lo nothing. “■ e a 0 a great many »tyll*h a'ep- K is driven in the park every day that ve false UiU that awrep tbe ground. Tbe horses g*;t accuiioB^ lo false taiU becomes* arrustomeJ wearing a wig. The false tails are fastened on to iho horse's own ta'l so nicely that you can’t delect ibe decep tion. The uils don't have to be removed at night when the horse is put in to stall. The bogus tails can fee washed, . and brushed aod combed on the bone- just at well as off ot him. ''■n»e bogus tails cost from $10 to $15. I generally furnish a pair for $45. They - Kill last ev long as ih hone. lb;iT dead horses' tails aod manes just aa 1 buy hum ID hair, The practice of shock ing hortcs’ tails is shocking." Here little wigmakerJaughed violently at lA K 'ke and then rentiniicd r “Tbe prarOsea dyingout; bolatail will never i.ow in like it was before it was cut snort. The way to cullivale a horae’s Ull b to clip It about an inch once a month ’’ Fifty hwtt’ •*tfe • *• Co«Bt/. ». 0.. k« iin/d9 etghtMA iMtai to M «M btMiwy Un. A Curlons Instrareont. It it a curlona iblng that the ItMlan ocarina, or eartb-flnte. Tire not more attention from mnslo lovere in ito conntry. Of eonrve It issold in theelores hme. and you occasionally • mlnatrelshow, bot not one manin »««- dred knows Mylfe*?*,***"*.'^ hrerd it played in Rely, and the mosk In. . -I Ito S; unie'-ta. Its lange I* limited, but the quality of Itetonewhea skHlfnliy Is pure and quore. « W, • pMtorel finm. reminding one of herds, and a clnsaical eevlwwnt. Tb# ocanea U very aimpla- la •fe^**J* reiBithiaf Uke e pear or a It U made of baked otey. Its iw>t« k shout tweivs aetea No laatnuremt caa he^^ wHy iMTMd, tot It Mww play* itself when one W MS«eesd_ The Diamond Veulia't Pollife. A remarkablo ditmend was exhlbltad at a recent meeting of tbe New York Academy of Heieoore by ilr. 9«m^, '• y was a componnd of momple CTjttnl, containing a large nnmber of twinniogt. It is of the ekes, termed "extreme durele" by the breneh. It bed been cut into the general shape of a brilliaot, end ite main face or lalda was then pUcod onl»'.*^‘"***^**“,! I the esUblishmenl of Tiffany ft Co. It was kept there for 100 days, the w^1 revolving at the «te of 2800 revolutions par minnla The diamond J >n tbe rotating surface at a ataianea about fifteen inches from the center. Rased 00 there (Igurre. • * •hows that tbe surface passed over by the diamond eraounled to 75.01)0 miles, ot nearly three llmee the circomfirence of tbe rerlh Yet it wre all fnU-e, re^ stone would not acquire a polislL Tta nrdlnary wslght placed oo e diamond, while eo tbe wheel, la f"”" **» ounrterpoBbdsiotwosadahsIf poaedt. Ito WM loereaaed by four poun^ and eight ponods without effect, and floally forty pOMda wre used. The wh^ was fa^T damagod. tbe diamaod plovlof Imto It and throwing scintlUatlons in all dlioetlena. The dinmond, evao uoaet Ibreo oooditfoot. could not he ,$•*•“ • nomanatelal poikh, aad tb* wheel had te hei6FUced.—Hea. Ahtumn't Sere and YalloV Leaf. A botanist thus deKribea in the Chi cago Hfraii^ow the learwchangetha'r CO or in autumn. Heridicoias ib«l>eli«f that frost has anything to do with It: "The green matter in the tissue of a leal IS compoied of two colors—red and blue. When tbe lap ceavet to flow in tbe an- and the natural growth of tba •esses, oxidation ot the tiuues takre pisce Under cerUin cMditions tba green of the leaf torns red under differ; ent conditions it takes on s yellow or blown lint. This di-lerenca io color k due to the diflerenev io combioetiua of the .orlgioal constituenis of the green tiesue, and to the varying conditions of climate, exposure and soil. A dry, cold climate produce* more brilliant fbib^ than one that is dsmp and warm. Tto is Ibe reason that our Am-ri^ aiitumo* are so much more gorgeous than thoreof England.” ^ sirtoto'. utoin (to itoto, :*isr;T~b£S‘..'^i-“V.‘rifSk tieokriy ^ John Morton, tk# ■«( eonaUntly t* th* fired tbe Mteta. —.re tbeir NegrecB Mobbed. New* is received of the killing of two negroes by * mob at Bylvarca jell In Smith county. Mire., last Friday nlg^ Four negroes were undei erreat for kllU leg a while man named I-ee. Tbe itoO broke into the jeil but were unable tfr get into the cage where the accused nfr groes were confined, so they thrust th^ (funs through the bniri nnd ibo*. two of them to death. I— neaannts ne LaM 'bM 1 ,—retov pelnfiire i . fM wonder *oehMmpl*to*kto o» M biwtilnl Areeik-^W*^ Tba Pop* ia snSatiHr from rhcttBa- Itan. B* waa ahto however to dv* nadldneo to aevorel Oodlnola Btreday. OoBond BonUBfforhMbaiB elootod to thaCtorefearof fkpntklto ^ dapnrt- — Yellow Fever Cree*. Jacksonville, Fla.. August 27.—Pw new citsre up to noon but no deaths. A* meeting of the swilUry areorlsHon C rotrsts wss made rrgardloil the boeid ol esitb's action yevtcrdsy in refusing W give tbe names of the new cases, and It m ^d the bonrd will nromplly recirfe free*' iU discussion st to-dsy's meeting. Bsturdsv two nagtort were lodged to •nil st Fayetteville, N. C . chreged wito M sereult on a young while tody XoBe •; day night. The Jsiicr discovered thi«.; squads of oegroe* around tbe M armed- Mth guns, pistols, dirks, rtc. *H* *•« ^ for help and the few citlw on tho ttreelaattbat hour. ItW oclock, oed the polke went to hi* aadatano^ TU neg^ fied but three were captwad w loS^ In the prUoB. gballow tbinp are capaWo only of Ita. -Xyofdarfoore. Tb*-o-t genol"* ' iSk Ko the toltoai Hfifek bMUi town thfou^ $$*:,»

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