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The Carolina journal. volume (Charlotte, N.C.) 1965-19??, September 21, 1966, Image 1

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The Carolina Jolrnal Siudtni Publication Of The Univeriity Of North Carolina At Charlotte VOL. 1 CHARLOTTE, N. C. , WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1966 NO. 3 Low Enrollment Causes Money Shortage Ordeal Hj- ',-4, The picture shows Uic new passage-way through the parking lot behind the Liberal .Arts Complex. Arrows lead the driver around die perimeter of Uie lot, Robert Lliner got Uie photo. Parking Lot Gets Confusion-Calmer BY LIBBY IIOLSIIOUSEK A year ago, tlie parking lot was not paved. In the fall and early winter when the rains came, so did muddy tires and cars. Even shoes got muddy walking from the car to the school. Then the nice, new floors in the school got muddy. In the later winter, the snows came and the parking lot became an accident trap. Cars skidded on the paved road, true; but, tliey stuck in tlie slush of an unpaved parking lot, too. Backs were sprained lifing cars out of that slush. In tlie early spring the winds came and dried up tlie parkmg loL Cars got dusty. Shoes got dusty—hard rocks in the lot tore into shoe soles. In tlie late spring and summer. the hot sun came, and so did the heavy, noisy machines to pave the parking lot. Wet tar got on shoes and school floors and rugs, and furniture. Noise from machines pounded out tlie seconds of time to tests being given in C Building. Today, the parking lot is not only paved, but marked with dis tinct parking lines, as well as arrows which denote a perimeter lane. New rules have been estab lished reguarding methods for parking a car. These rules are expected to keep traffic congestion and confusion to a minimum and also provide for a safer walk from tlie parking lot to the classroom buildings. The area at tlie first lane serves as a traffic and parking lane. All (Continued on Page 4) BY SALLY HAGOOD The student Legislature is again faced with the ordeal of approving the budgets for the various organ izations on campus. When the budgets were first approved last summer, the University expected an enrollment of 1,850. Now that the first tallies are in, we find ourselves with 1,678 students. This means that the Student Goverment Association is short about $4,000 in Student Activities Fees. Each organization has been asked by Larry Garner, Finance Committee Chairman, to submit minimum budgets for the 1966- 67 year. These budgets will be dis cussed at the September 19 meeting. Mr. Britton notified the Legis- latui'e of the dates for the Fresh man Elections. Nominations will be taken from October 12 through the 18th and the campaigning will run from the 19th to the 25th. An assembly is scheduled for October 26 in the Union Ballroom to hear campaign speeches by the Freshmen running for Class Of ficers. The voting for Day Stu dents will be on the 26th, 27th and the 28th. Night Students vote separately for eight Represen tatives on the nights of the 26th and 27th. Students who wish to run for Night Representatives must have a 2.0 overall, be presently taking 3 hours and have already completed 3 hours at UNC-C. Those qual ified to vote must be taking tlie majority of their classes after 6:00. It was mentioned at the Aug ust 15 meeting that the Night Students were concerned over the lack of higher level courses offered at night. The President reported that this situation had been brought to the attention of Dr. Cone. Larry Garner was officially re cognized for his fine job of run ning FAC this year. He in turn thanked all the students, faculty and Administration helped to make registration so successful. The next Student Legislature meeting will be held on September 19 at 7:45 and all students are welcome to attend. Buses Travel To And From Crosscountry Pictures On Page Four Public bus transportation to and from campus is again available to students with transportation pro blems, the office of student affairs has announced. The route to and from campus is as follows: From the Intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets along East Trade Street and Elizabeth Avenue to the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue Youth Poetry Meeting Held BY MARY MORGAN The Nortli Carolina Poetry So ciety Youth Division met on campus in the University Union, September 17. Main event of the meeting was a panel discussion on tlie compos ition of poetry and on porms sub mitted to the panel. Panel members included Dr. Howard Hanson, Mrs. Sallie Nixon, President of the N. C. Poetry So ciety, Mrs, Emily Councilman of Burlington, and Professor Paul Newman of Queens College. Dr. Hanson also served as speaker for the event. Following the morning meeting, a luncheon was served in the Union cafeteria. The Youth Division is a section of the N. C. Poetry Society de signed for interested students on the senior high school and college lines. Camp us and Hawthorne Lane at Presby terian Hospital; then over Haw thorne Lane to Central Avenue up Central Avenue to The Plaza then on The Plaza to 36th Street from 36th Street lo Highway 29 Highway 29 to N. C. Highway 49 and from Highway 49 to the campus. The fare from Independence Sq uare to the city limits is 20 cents and from the city limits to the campus it is an additional 10 cents. Thus the total cost from tlie square to the campus, one way, is 30 cents. The charge forpersons boarding a University bus between the city limits and tlie campus is 20 cents. The bus schedule follows: Buses will leave tlie square for the campus, Monday through Fri day at 7:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday add itional buses will depart from the same point at 3:45 p.m., 5:20p.m,, and at 6:50 p.m. In addition to these buses, on Fridays only there will be an extra departure at 3:15 p.m. All buses will arrive on campus 30 minutes after the original de parture from the square. Buses will leave the campus for Independence Square, Monday through Friday, at 8:25 p.m. and 1:10 p.m. Additional buses on Monday through Thursday will leave the campus at 4:20 p.m., 6:10 p.m., and 7:35 p.m. The extra bus on Fridays will leave the campus at 4:05 p.m. Journal Promotes '^^Name The Swans” Contest During the recent “Open House” for freshmen and tlieir relatives, somebody's sweet little sister gained command of tlie attention of the FAC member, who wishes to remain annonymous, by jumping up and down on his toes and jerking his tie until his face turned crim son. “Hey Mr. Fac,” she exclaimed, “You know tliose two big ol’ swans down in tliat lake?” The FAC man had to admit tliat he know tlicm when lie saw them, altliough he had never met tliem. “Well,” she asked, “What’s their names?” The FAC member was stumped. Naturally, he gave her the famous Toniglit-Show-shrug and mumbled, “I dunno.” He felt terrible about tliis. You luiovv, here he was supposed to be helpful and answer all t^pes of contrived questions tliat tlie snealiy tourers might ask, such as “How many square feet of spiice in tlie rest rooms?” and die like, and he wasn't even able to answer a little girl's innocent inquiry. He felt so bad that he vowed he would punish liimseK by not attend ing the FAC party. The JOURNAL heard of this and figured tliat was too much punishment for any man. We didn’t linow the names of tlie swans either, so we cheeked around and found out that they, indeed, do not Name tliese swans and win two tickets to see tlie Bitter End Singers. Phota by Robert Pliner. have names as yet. The FAC man felt alot better about the whole thing when he was told this fact. Just ask anybody at the party how much better he felt. The JOURNAL decided not to let matters stand as they were, however. No sir, we’re going to have a contestto name those swans. Anj- student may enter the “Name The Swans” contest by filling out an official entry blank at tlie Union information desk and dropping it into the box which will be nearby. A student may enter as many times as he or she wishes. According to reliable sources, tlie swans are supposed to be mates. That means that one is a male and one is a female, right? So keep tliat in mind when think ing of names. The prize to be awarded to the winner of tlie “Name The Swans” contest is two tree tickets to see die Bitter End Singers in Ovens Auditorium on Sunday, October 2. Mr. Brenton Steele, Program Director of the Union will judge die contest since he is making the tickets available to the JOURNAL. Besides, he knows as much about the web-footed-friends as anybody.

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