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The Carolina journal. volume (Charlotte, N.C.) 1965-19??, September 28, 1966, Image 3

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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, 1966 THE CAROLINA JOURNAL PAGE 3 Buckingham Palace Ugly, Shore Patrol Is Friendly Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two part series of articles dealing with the European advent ures of UNC-C students Phyllis Henline and Nelson Lenunond this summer. By Libby Holshouser Every summer some students are lucky enough to make that ever- exciting trip abroad. There are several such students here at our own University. We were inter ested in their comments con cerning the sights and sounds of countries, foreign to the United States. As the person assigned the task of interviewing these students, I was faced with the problem of not knowing exactly what questions to ask. My problem was solved to a great extent when I discovered that cne of the students had kept a day- by - day account of her trip. The following are some refresh ing, new slants of a tourists view of Europe, from the memoirs of Phyllis Henline, who spent ten weeks touring. “Saw Westminister Abbey, Big Ben, Pariiament Buildings, and Buckingham Palace ~ ugly. Saw Thames. Rested in St. James Park.” “Ate poissons fruit— 800.Had to parlez francais in restaurant,” “After five changes, got toBru- ssells. Walked a mile to hostel. BeautifiJ hostel. Everyone spoke English.” “Got onshiptoGotburg,Sweden- Phyllis Henline ship was Princess Desiree. Plush, lounges, cafe, cassino, bar, etc.” “Ate spaghetti at ItaUan Rest aurant — 600 ‘Strangers in the Night’ on juke box.” “Went to zoo. Shot animals of interest in zoo (ed. trans. :Took pictures of animals of interest). Ate lunch with tea and walked to Carlsburg Breweries. Took free tour of breweries—from begin- ing to end— Malt, Brewing, fer mentation, aging, bottling, and learned all the processes—very interesting. Had all free bear we could drink—which was only one.” “Walked thru Copenhagen streets. Very big, bright, and ex citing. People stay up all night long. Music everywhere, people dancing and laughing. Very plea sant and happy city. Only cme thing indecent—street shops filled with pornography informs of books pictures and even slides.” “Had serenade by some guy, playing auto harp or zither— Very good until he started to sing.” “Caught 8:30 train to either Zur ich or BaseL Haven’t decided yet. Great train—may sleep some.” “Music and dancing everywhere. Salvation Army Service on street at 8:30. Unusual.” “Saw many Americans here - even translated French menu for boy from Kentucky — very nice kid.” “Saw primitive farming methods burrows with packs, etc. on way to Malago—only beginning more modern irrigation systems.” Had paella for limch; consisted of rice, chickens feet, pimento, peppers, clams, lobster and other non-descript items. Good but not great.” “Jumped from train into ditch. Looked worse than the devil — waled into apartment area, sel ected best hotel we could fin.” “Shore patrol on beach when we came out. Very friendly.” “Rode aU over Lyon looking for cigarettes.” “Before dinner, went to Chat eau de Blois—^in very bad shape,” “Walked thru old town of St. Malo. Streets packed with tour ists. Saw old church that had been bombed—gives Wierd sen sation.” “Walked to Cathedral of Notre Dame. Most beautiful cathedral I’ve seen yet. Stained glass win dows magnificenL” “Visited some fort used by Mus- soUnni which was in ruins. Went to Roman Forum for impressive presentation of sound and lights which gave entire history of Rome. Saw Fountain of Treiu(Three Coins in a Fountain, fountain). We threw in two coins. Legend: one coin, you’ll come back to Rome; two coins: you’ll get married in Rome, three coins : You’ll get divorced in Rome,” “Had breakfast in Constitution Square—tea and croissant. Wentto gift shops and had lunch below Acr opolis. Ate green salad and stuf fed vine leaves. Went to Acro- poUs, saw Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, and visited museum. Most impressive single sight I’ve seen.” “Funniest thing—natives change clotlies on beach with back to water. Go from swim suits to stark nakedness and tlien to full dress— men and women alike. Simply amazing. No one seems to notice. Next week, watch for comments by Nelson Lemmond on his trip abroad. At that time, find out where he encountered Phyllis Hen line in Europe, Around The Campus University Party, APO, Others, To Meet Today Lincoln Had Beard Before Newman's Mother Had Blades By Corny Stilwell Yesterday I saw an advertisement in a newspaper that introduced the latest in men’s toiletry. The new “bare look” for men in fashion. What exactly is the “bare look”? As far as I could determine, it’s the new colorless lipstick for men. Now, there is a chapstick which looks like a tube of lipstick but this isn’t a new chapstick! It’s odorless, smear-proof and water repellent!’ What’s more it’s for men. And it’s designed to give your smackers a lean and hungry look., boy, you’d be lean and hungiy for a long time around me. The first time I caught some fellow sneaking in his pocket and pulling out a tube of lipstick to smear on his kisser....well, that would be enough for me. Righ next to this “bare look” advertisement was a Want Ad column and immediately my eyes caught the ad which read, “MAN WANTED! Must produce Credentials.” How ironic that the editor should place this ad next to the “bare look ” advertisement. The older I get, the harder it is for me to remember when almost everyone had the clean-shaven, tailored-shirt look. Everyone has that “pinched” look (males). They impress me as acting as though they’d just eaten a lemon. The reason for their ex pression comes from the fact that they have on such tight pants that their blood circulation in their legs has been severed. Years ago you would have blamed that “pmcned” look on tight shoes times do change. As for the clean-shaven look, five years ago only beatniks had beards, now everyone who swings (from trees) is growing one. It men were intended to have beards, why would Paul Newman’s mother have invented the razor-blade? At least Paul’s mother was able to convince him that he looked better with hair on the top of his head instead of all the way around it. Of course, some young men insist upon arguing that all the great men in our history had beards. That may be true, but no one’s written a book on why they had them. Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest statesmen is pictured with a beautiful black beard. But the way that I look at it, if you’re nearly 7 feet tall, who’s going to be able to see whether you’ve must shaved or not. It’s not those 7 feet tall men who bug you, it’s those 5’9” with the beard they can wrap around their pinkies who’ll bother you. It nearly drives me crazy to sit behind one of these guys in class and have to watch them >vind their breads around their pinkie and then wind it again and unwind it and wind it again When the bell finally rings for the next class, I’m so glad to be away from the fellow that I fairly run to class and who do I find sitting in front of me? Curly Beard him self. (He’s wound and unwound his beard so many times that he’s put a natural kink in it). Beards seem to be present on guys with the short hair. I’d rather see that than the guys with the smooth face and the hair down their shirts and even their eyes. They have curlers and clips for setting their mops. Then they’ve designed a speciaUy made teasing comb for styling. After styling, there is the special hair spray. To me, there is nothing more displeasing than to see a girl with a bouffant hairdo and be able to see the teasing which hasn’t been combed over. But to see a boy with a “hairdo” which probably wouldn’t fit under a bushel basket is overwhelming. Clothes, too, are picking the boys from the men. (But they are more than that, they’re making it possible to distinguish the men from the women.) The men are the ones who wear the long pants. The women wear the short skirts. As I said, the older I get, the harder it is to accept the new fads. Hope that skirts don’t get too much least, if they do, I hope that my legs get a little longer. Wednesday, September 28,1966: University Party will meet in U209 and 210 from 11:30 until 12:30. APO will meet in U210 from 12:30 until 12:50. The UNC-C Engineer’s Club will have a meeting in U231 and 232 from 11:30 until 1:00. The Baptist Student Union will meet in U233 from 11:30 until 1:00. Coach Murphy will hold a meet ing for those male students in terested in intramural touch foot ball in U234 from 12:00 until 12:45. The Circle K will meet in the University Union at 11:30. All students interested in form ing a Pep Club and a Pep Band are asked to meet at 11:30 in the University Union. Those stu dents who are interested but can not attend should get in touch with Carolyn Campbell or leave a note at the Union Information Desk. Thursday, September 29, 1966: The Union Recreation Com- PRAM Will Entertain Eight Visiting Ecuadorians Soon mittee will meet in U210 from 11:30 until 1:30. All members and interested students are asked to attend. All those interested in intra mural bowling should meetinU210 at 11:30 and 1:00 Friday, September 30, 1966: The Union Social Committee will meet in U209 from 12:00 until 1:00 to discuss plans for the Oct ober 28 dance with the Fabulous Five. All members and interested students are asked to attend. Monday, October 3, 1966: There will be a free pool in struction in the game room at 2:30. The Student Legislature will meet in U209 and 210 at 7:45. BY SALLY HAGOOD The UNC-C branch of PRAM will entertain eight Ecuadorian students who are presently visit ing the Eastern coast of the Uni ted States on Wednesday, October 5, at 11:30. All students arc in vited to attend the open discussion and reception in the Union whether they speak Spanish or not. The Ecuadorian students speak fluent English and are eurxious to dis cuss any topic with American Stu dents. A similar group of students visited the UNC - C campus last year and they were found to be a charming and lively representa tion of their countries. PRAM is an international or ganization which operates com pletely on private funds. No polit ical, economic or social concern forms the backbone of PRAM for the group was started by Uni versity students and has been maintained by students during its two years of existence. The organization began at David son College in North Carolina and now has branches throughoutNorth and South America. International headquarters are located at Dav idson and Quito, Ecuador. PRAM believes that personal contact is the only way to learn about people and their problems. Therefore, they sponsor a student exchange between North and South America as well as between one South American country and ano ther. Any University student is considered for an exchange irre- gardless of his political or so cial beliefs. This past summer American students, including several from UNC-C, visited Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. IliillKsgo’ belter,! Coke South 21 Curb j Service | ! I I “Yimr Finnily Drive In" j RECORD CITY DISCOUNT 105 W. Trade Sr. On The Stiunre CATERING TO COLLEGE TASTES PHONE 375-6205 Swain's Charcoal Steak House 1800 V/. Morehead St. RESERVATIONS: 332-2414 COACH OF THF MONTH Conn. Mutual PoUcyholde r Harvey Murphy Coach Murphy .Says, "If you want to be a star, join the BLUE CHIP team. .See Team, Managers Welton and Hi nricks . " THE BLUE CHIP CO. SINCE 1846 Wjufi'A Siohsi now ha.s two (2) locations to better serve your needs: l.lOO ( entral Ave. and 3732 f'olLseum Center. We feature Conservative, Traditional, and Continental clothini; fashions ions are featured throuffh the two stores. We soficit your patronaKC. rraditional fash- The Management

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