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The Carolina journal. volume (Charlotte, N.C.) 1965-19??, March 12, 1969, Image 8

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w Pags 8, The Carolina Journal. 1969 / t 4. Dr. Schultz Publishes a History of Psychology A professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has taken a new approach in writing the history of psychology. Dr. Duane P. Schultz, associate professor of psychology, is author of “A History of Modern Psychology,” just published simultaneously in New York and London by Academic Press. Most histories are in the chronological order of the great men. Dr. .Schultz approached his history through the major schools of thought in psychology, such as a s s o c i a t i o n i s rn , Gestalt psychology and psychoanalysis. The book conccittrates on the last I 00 years in which psychology has become a discipline and a science. Dr. .Schultz says that there have been expressions of interest from .K)0 colleges and universities about using the book as a college textbook. This is the third book for Dr. .Schultz,, lie is author of “Panic Behavior" and “.Sensory R c si r iction .” Two hooks, "Science of Psychology” and "Psychology and Industry" are in progress toward publication next year. Pei on Philology and Life Bobbitt Challenges Mr. Steve Rayburn 3608 Coldstream Lane Charlotte, N.C. Carolyn Bobbitt cc: R.T. Smith.Student Body The University of North Carolina at Charlotte golf team opens up its 1969 season with a match against St. Andrews in Laurinburg on March 15. PRICE TAG Any person who accepts favors in placing a mortgage on his peace of mind. BLUEPRINT A lot of time can be saved by figuring out where you want to go before you start. MASTER PLAN In spite of the speed of modern living wise men save enough time to plan their next move. Editorial (Continued from page 2) Inquisition Personal Appointments Dr. Mario Pei, who is reputed to speak and read more languages than any other living man, spoke in favor of an international language as a soloution to communication problems that have been with man since the beginning of time. Dr. Pei, author of THE STORY OF LANGUAGE and Professor of Romance Philology at Columbia, was selected as the first W.D. Carmichael Lecturer at UNC-C. Dr. Pei pointed out that he often found himself searching for the proper word to express his feelings, despite his broad academic knowledge of the field of semantics and phiology. He doubts that English could even become international in scope because of “nationalistic interests." Dr, Pei projected that some easily learned language like Esparanto might be the language of the future. (Continued from page 6) (10) ADVISING.-The review of our present advising system, and recommendations through the Academic Council to the Office of Academic Affairs is now a most important responsibility of the divisional chairmen. (11) B UDGETS.-The collection and coordination of budget requests within each division will be the responsibility of the chairmen. Board of Trustees. Some of these functions have already been assumed very successfully by the divisional chairmen. Others will be new. Still others may be determined appropriate for the divisional chairmen, and assigned to them as we continue our efforts to structure the University to take care of the necessities of growth and enmnlexities. (12) PERSONNEL APPOINTMENTS.- Personnel appointments withing each division will be determined as in the past with the addition of a decisive voice from the divisional chairmen. The channel for approval of a new appointment will now be from the department to the division, to the Office of Academic Affairs to the Chancellor, to the University to the Executive Committee of the SNEA Banquet The SNEA-ACEl Annual Spring Banquet to honor student teachers will be held on March 21. 1909, at 6;45 in the Cafeteria in the University Union. The cost will be S2.50 per person which should be paid by March 17. The speaker will be Dr. Zane Eargle, the North Carolina President of ACEl and the Associate Dean of the School of Education at Chapel Hill. The theme will be "forward Into Teaching." Members of ACEl and SNEA, student teachers, critic teachers, and guests are invited to attend. Often Imitated The Cellar 300 EAST MOREHEAD ST. OrEN 4:30-ll:4S Mon.-Sat. 3:30-11:45 Sun. Never Duplicated Entertainment (Continued from page 4) Eugene Ormandy Dear Mr. Rayburn: The current election of Union Officers is of serious importance to those of us who are deeply concerned with the future of our University and more specifically, the future of our University Union. Our position as candidates demands us to fulfill certain obligations. These obligations consist of presenting a clear and honest comparison of our respective platforms and fully educating the students with any innovations in programming and policy which either of us have formulated. Because of these reasons, Mr. Rayburn, I hereby challenge you to a debate, allowing questions and answers from the student body at 12:30 P.M., Wednesday, March 12 in the North-west Union Lounge. Cordially, Golf Team Plays Saturday This year’s squad, attempting to rebound from a very poor season last year has eight members, with five of them having collegiate experience. Those with experience are Steve Hillen, Charles Alexander, Tom Elliot and two transfers from Gardner-Webb, Fred Rees and Pete Townsley. Newcomers rounding out the team are John Rickelton, Lee Spencer and Chester Melton. The two home matches scheduled are on March 17 against Belmont Abbey and on April 14 against N. C. Methodist and UNC-G. Both these matches start at 1:00 P.M. and are held at Cedarwood Golf Course. RCA and The Philadelphia Orchestra under the conduction of Eugene Ormandy have just released several albums of classical music from Tchaikovsky to Teleman. Following are reviews of some of those albums. But, before that, 11 me tell you that with each of these albums, RCA has included FREE a special Limited Edition recording on their top-flight Red Seal label. “Five Treasured Recordings from the Heritage of Greatness on RCA Red Seal with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. On this album are the originals: Fritz Kreisler, Paganini-Kreisler Concerto, recorded December 13, 1936; Marian Anderson, Brahms Alto Rhapsody, Op. 53, after Goethe’s “Harzreise in Winter,” recorded January 8, 1939; Lauritz Melchior, Wagner “Lohengrin’s Farewell (Act III), ” recorded April 17, 1938; Emanuel Eeuermann, R. Strauss’ “Don Quixote Op. 35, Final Variation,” recorded February 24, 1940; Kirsten Flagstad, Beethoven Fidelio: Abscheulicher! Act I, recorded October 17, 1937; and Ormandy in conversation with Roger Hall, and recollections of his artistic collaboration with the soloists appearing in this album and a comparison of two recordings of Tchaikivsky’s “Pathetique” which he conducted for his Philadelphia Orchestra Red Seal debut in December, 1936, and for his return to the RCA Red Seal label in 1968. This album, Sp-33-555, is included with each album LSC-3058, LSc- 3060 LSC-3055, LSC-3057, LSC-3065, and LSC-3059. We Survived the Madness “Inquisition” is a monthly underground publication that contains political, ethical, mystical, and literary comment and some pretty good art work. The magazine has its faults, but all in all it’s quite good. We would like to encourage these young men to continue in their fight for freedom of expression. They have been countered thus far with a lot of high echelon sophistry and some technicalmumbo jumbo that really boils down to “We don’t like your long hair or your ideas, and if you don’t stop rocking the boat, we’re going to get you.” It takes a lot of dedication and conviction to oppose this kind of censorship; we think that the Inquisitors have it. Good luck. Glen Yarbrough is a performer that isn’t heard much of lately. When you ask people why, they don’t really know. Perhaps it’s because no one plays any singles of his. Last month RCA released a new album entitled “We Survived the Madness.” It’s a simple recording: no flashy cover, to postscripts on the back that put idle minds to work, and no superlative statements are included to induce you to buy the album. The front cover is a picture of a sail boat out in the midst of the ocean seen on a very clam night. If some disc jockey decides to feature this album on one of his programs, Glen Yarbrough will again appear on the lips of quality music lovers. Instead of listing the tunes on the album, it’s merely suggested that you walk into your nearest record shop, find the recording, and read the list yourself. You’ll find your trip worthwhile. If you get a chance' to hear the album, you’ll find yourself asking for reasons why Glen Yarbrougli hasn’t been heard much lately. “We Survived the Madness” is Glen Yarbrough-it’s a good album-take our word for it. ★ ★ ★ ★ WATCH THIS SPACE FOR BIRTH, DEATH, AND MARMAGE NOTICES. YOU’VE GOT TO KEEP UP WITH WHO’S COMING, WHO’S GOING, & WHO’S MESSINP AROUND!!!!!!! trTnmrrrsTniAnnrrTrrrtnrBTnr o „ New Books » Out Of Print Search Service- o “ THE CHARLOTTE BOOKSHOP Phone 3324696 344 Charlottetown Mall Charlotte, N. C. aQOOQQQQQQOQOQQQOOOQQOn. Franklin 6-3548 SPORTING GOODS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT the 230 Charlottetown Mall Charlotte 4, N. C. the Co by est: arc Ne be Fei “A \ 1 i Pf' I aci fra an of Co na ofi re Cc CO CO wc to CO cc ot a ir sc tf

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