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The standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1888-1???, November 08, 1894, Image 4

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3 ft. V ft n n ft ftJ i3 ft 8 to "t W W W "fi W W W iflTVf :0OGC30OC 3OCX3OQ0Occ xkjoocec CONCORD, N.'C. Our business since vre came i o Coucord has teen very encouraging. Onr sales very much larger than we had expected, and it has grown to such magnitude that we had to place our Clothing and Gents' Furnishing goods in another house, and we have a corps of polite and accomnc odating salesmen, who will treat you right. Mr John W Kelly, Mr Chal White and Mr Chas Lowe have charge of this department, and in our Dry Goods rill be found Miss Shelby Harris and Miss LillieJWilleford in charge of the Dry Goods. Mr L P Dick, who understands his business thoroughly, will take great pleasure in show ing you through our big line of Shces, assisted by Mr James Ervin. In their hands you can rest assured that you get the very best values for your money, and to be accommodat ing, You will always find Hardy Lentzreadv to serve you, no matter what you want, from a paper of inns to a handsome trousseau. FREE! FREE We have placed orders lor a big lot of Nickel Rtem winding Watches that we guarantee to keep the correct time, which we give free to our customers who will buy merchandise from us before December 1, amounting to $20. Buy 15 worth and we will sell you the watch for $1 00; bay 810 vorth and you get the watch for 1.(50; buy $5 00 and you got the watch for 2. CO, and we will continue to sell you at our lowest prices, which is below all competition. You don't have to buy the full amount at one time, but just as you want to. We will keep correct your account of all purchases: when they amount to $20 we will give you the watch. We have made very large purchases for this winter, our stored full to overilowing, with an immense line of goods suited to the people of this country, am: it has been bought lower than any full stock of goods ever brought to this town, and ve.aro r.ow piling it out in keeping with the price of cotton. . " Just listen to what we are doing : Wre are selling nice PJaid Ginghams at4c; yard wide Sheeting at 4c; Plaids at 3c, Indian Calico 4 1 2c, Spool thread 2c, 6 balls thread 5c, Coats' thread 4c, Cantcn Flannel Gc, yard wide bleached domestic So, Sea Island 6c, Hair pins lc. Pins lc, Ladies' Vests 20c. Towels 5- Wool Flannel 12c. DRESS GOCDS All Wool Dress Goods 8c, 25 yards line of double width dr33 goods 10c. (52 inch wool flannel 4fie, 3ac line cress goods reduced to 20c, 125 yds Bloadcloth 54 inch wide 75c Full line Cashmere and Hem ietta, going for less than you ever bought them. AreYoii a Judge of Goods ? Do You Know a Bargain When Yon See It ? Listen to what we Have to Say About S-H-GfcSJ-S 3C - Children Shoes 35c; Women Polkas (best quality) G5c; Women's Glare Grain Shoe 65c; $1.25 line of Grain Shoes 95c; Best,, j Oil Grain Shoes 05c; Men's Best Brogan 95c selling in town at $1.25; Infant Shoes 20c; Big lot Misses Spring Heel Shoes j GOc. J. B, Lewis' Kangaroo Shoes that sell for 3 00 at $2.00; Lewis' $3.50 Shoes $2.25; Lewis' nice Kid $2.25, worth $:i.50 3s: Ail kinds of Jeans and Pants Goods at - 'rices to Suit the Times CLOTHING, CLOTHING! CLOTHING, CLOTHING ! LOne of our strongest forts is in onr Clothing Store, where we have the Grandest Bargains of the Season. Eememher the Prices. Listen, and Don't Forget. Children Suits 50c. r i Men's Suits for $2. Boys' Suits $1. Boys' Fine Suits $2. Cheviot and Oassimere Suits $2. Cheviot Suits $4.85. Cheyfot Suits $8.50, worth $12 50. PAN TV. eaus Pants 45 cents. We have one hun dred pairs at 75 cents and Cne Dollar. Punts at $1.50 to $3.25, cn be tlunl iu abundance, and best of values. OVEUCOATS, 'Ve l!r,ve 200 Overcoats tl;.t we bought at the extremely low juice of Forty cents cn the Dollar, They ure going tsst at the Ei-me induction. ' 'r WE HAVE GOT IN THIS WEEK 125 SUITS OF FINE CLOTHING THAT WE HAVE BOUGHT AT A DISCOUNT OF 33 PER CENT, AND WILL SELL YOU A $lo SUIT FOR $10, AND $12 TSS, AND'SSS IT $5. WE BUY THEM VERY CHEAP AND SELL THEM CLOSE- THE LOWE COMPANY. A ROBBERY IN WILMINGTON. A Southern Exprct Afjoul Ai-rehtol ; 8804. LO W IT IS IN TEXAS. Csain aim! Crow icy Have J.iI a Hard 1'igbt, but Mill Win. Houston, Tex., Noyember FVilminctoD, N. C, Noy. 3. J E 3. The indications are now tt. of Lumberton, N. C.,who tas.ttat both Miles Crowley, in a attending the . United States t hpre. states that he was held y two men at the Seaboard Air depot lat n-ight and robbed or iderable amount of money just ta boarding the train for home. the investigation of the.Amen- uarautee Company, by whom a bonded, T F Willis, agent e Northeastern Railroad and, r t- era Express tjompauy iu ree, S. C, for the past five ivas arrested here late this upon a charge of defaulting broken parcel of express s found on his person marked $25. Some day3 is shortage was discovered t Barrett went to King- ivesti he VvilmingtOD, saving Jplain th? matter to Superintendent Croswell. He was on the eve or boarding an outgoing train when ar .rested and taken before Justice Bunting, who placed his' bond at one thouaand dollars, failing to give it he was committed to jail. Willis ia 26 yeari old, a cripple, anand in cessant morphine eater which he take? to Booth his pains. Ui3 par ents live at Morhead City, N. C. . . TES, IT IS TRUE t The report of Chairman Pou in reference to the change in politics Halifax county may meet with ial today by a few Populists, Sit is true, every word of it. Mr. Ms a man of too high principles (lenfi-out over the state an incor- item like it is said he has. Mr. ifchen, in all his rounds while for the PoDulist, stated would support the state tic ticket, iiis turn id takes with it the Populists of his native county. The . 1 3 T 1.1: a Uemocrauo uuu Acpuunuau ia no fusion or Populist T . .- ... Vw in Halifax the tenth, and William Henry Crain, - in the eleyenth con- gressional districts, will be elected with a good margin. Both men have had a hard fight. Enemies with boodle and malice within and without the party have sought their defeat by every means in their power. Crowley's majority will be about a thousand and his plurality over Rosenthal 5,000. Crains' majority in the eleventh district over Weldon, fusion candidate, will bej about 3,000. J C in tue nrst district. Has a walkover by about 4,000. has been mani. practically no S "B Cooper in the second will have his usual majority, though he has had some opposition from the Populists. ITEMS OF STATE X EM S, 1 he Robesonian eays suits to the smount of $30,000 haye been brought in Rcbenson county against the direciore of the late Bank of New Hanover at V.ilmiugtou for damages in mismanaging the bunk. The Enterprise says a Populist sold some uheat in Newton the other day, and on being offered a silver dollar of '94 among his momy, p ished the new dollar back, remarks ing that he would not take that; ';it was some Democratic trick." Tne Shelby Aurora sajs the King's Mountain company are pu.-hins the work in the tin wue end are sinking a shaft to ascertain the depth of the tin vein. They have the new engine and boiler at vnrV anil liaca cnnlr a cl-iufi: 11? fat Hutcheson, . . , . XI 3. 3 Si , . Dr. J. E. CARTLAKD, ' SURGEON DENTIST. Makes a sxeoialty of filling teeth without psin. Sixteen veais experience, umce e ver Lnrards & Barrier's store after Feb. S. 1894. 25 DON'T BUY A W.L. Verdict for tbe Widow. TT j m Tk-r i auuaiuu, lex , ixovemoer; 3. The widow and children of Edwin Harding today recovs ered a judgment for $16,000 against the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway. Har din was killed at Waco in a collision of the engine he was driving with another engine which had no headlight burns ing. ' Chinese Will Tote. San Francisco, Cal., November 3. The unusual sight of voting Chinese will be presented at the polls Tuesday next. The fact has been kept very quiet, but it is known that fifty-seven Chinese haye regis-, tered, and intend to vote. They have organized as a club, and will votefor candidates who are friendly to Chinese interests. The number at present on the register is only a fraction of those who are eligible. aid that there are at least 200 in this city wno cauld have d.. poets wear long hair ?" "Not them. Some of them are -Atlanta Constitution. By the death of the Czar of Russia, Alexander III, Grand Duke Nicholas 11 mounts the throne. It is to be hoped that tyranny will not charac terize h'a administration ts it did that of the deceased Cz ir. JUL Harris, one of tbe most prominent Republican lawyers in the State and who was one of the pro motors cf Fusionism, has issued a oard strongly endorsing Chief Jus tice Shepherd. BREEZY BIT!. "My dear," Baid Mrs. Smith, "the first 3 ear we were married you al ways had plenty of small change in your pocket." Yes," replied Smith, "but I bank it now; the habit was too expensive. Peck's Sun. The Scissorsman. "Why have they fired the new political editorial writer ?" The Humorist "Because there wasn't any fire in hJm," New York Press. "Yee," eaid the girl who makes collections, "it is one of the best au tographs I have in my collection." "But are you sure it is genuine ?'' "Positive. I cut it from a telegram that bis wife received from him with my own tands." Washington Star - V. - a1 iCif 2.I7BOYS'SCH301SH3S OE IS THE Bi-ST. NO SQUEAKING. $5. CORDOVAN, FRENCH & ENAMELLED CALFC 4.?3.5PFlNECALF&IANi3ARCl 3.50 pouc E,3 Soles. IS 15H3ES. LADIES- SEND FOR CATALOGUE BROCKTON, MASS. lou can save mnnry by pnrchasiug V. L. WmiKlns Shoos, Because, ire are the largest manufacturers of advertised shoe9 in the world, aud guarantee the value by stamping the name ana price on the bottom, which protects you -against high pricef and the middleman's profits. Our shoe j equal custom work in style, easy fittiug and wenrinff- finalities. We hr.Oe tl-i-tti cnlA .i-t t V.'lCTe at fower prices fee the value given than any other make. Tnkcuo substitute. If j-our dealer cannot supply yout we can. Sold by Heilig $- Hendrix, Agent Jit Pleasant, N- C. ADMIJISTKATOR'S NOTICE.. Having qualified as the adminis trator, with the will nnnexed, of f) A. Sides, deceased, nil persons owing said estate are hereby notified that they must make immediate payment or suit will be brought. And all persons haying claims aga' said estate must present them to the un dersigned, duly authenticated, on or before the 12th day of November, 1895, or this notiee will be plead in bar of their recovery. A. W. Moose, Adm'r. By W. M.Smith, Attorney. This, 29th day of August, 1894 SALE OF VALUABLE L1NDJ Bj virtue of a deed of trust exe cuted to me, V H Kerr, by J F Ir win, on the 23rd day of March, 1891, and recorded in the office of Kegis ter of Deeds in and lor Cabarrus County, in Becord of Mortgages jf0 5, pages 282 and 283, I will eeli for cash at the Court House door in Concord, at 1 o'clock, p. m., on Monday the 5th day of November next, that tract of land situate in number one township, said county, adjoining what are known as the C H Irwin lauds, the C A Alexan der lands and the Nicholson lands, and containing two hundred and thirty seven acres, more or less, for tbe metes and bonndari b of which reference is made to said recorded deed of trust. This 29th of Sept. 1894 W H !U rr, Trustee. By W Q Means, Attorney, " Mr, Suddenly Good. "I dropped a ten dollar bill in tne contribution box in church last Sunday." Mr. Cynic. "Did you, indeed? What was the matter with it ? New York iNewf PIANO OR- ORGAN UNTIL YOU WHITE TO LUDDEN AND BATES SOTJUHEUN MTJSIO HOUSE For Catalogue and prices of ti e following select line of instruments. STINEWAY MASON AND HAMLIN STERLING AND MATHUSHEK PIANOS AND AND MASON aND HAMLIN AND STSRLI1TG- OEG-iLKS If any information is desired to aid you in Selecting an instrument write to us. LUDDEN & BATES' SOUTHERN MUSIC HOUSE, MAIN HOUSE, SAVANNAH, GA. CHARLOTTE BRANCH, W. M. W HEELER, Manager. rs h. .v r t. i r" , .f. v r ; r- mnmrmmrmmvimrt Kmsilss, Blotches 5- F31CKLY ASK, FOkE ;5oT U1U .ores &S . P s 7 TRUSTEE'S NOTICE. - Under a moitgage executed by John W. Jones and wife, E. P. Jones, on the 5th da of February, 1894, registered in book Ko. T, page 2S2, in the oiBce of the Register of Deeds for Cabarrus county, I, as trustee in said mortgage, will s. 11 on Monday, the 5th day of November, 1894, at the Court Bouse in Concord, the tract of land adjoining the School House lot, John Johnston, and others, being the dower lot of said E. P. Jones, in No. 8 tovnship in said county of Ca barrus, ' containing thirty (30) acres more or less. J. A. RANKIN Oct. 5, 1804 - Trustee. NOTICE. Having administered cn the estaet of J. Frank Pethe), deceased, all persons who are indebted to tbe es tate ot said deceased are berebv no tified to come forward and settle, and all persona w o bold -claims against the estate of the said de ceased must present the same to me for payment within twelve months of the date'of this notice, or it will "be pleaded in bar of their recovery. May 19, 1894. J. V. Pethel, Adin'r of J. Frank Pethel. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOxICE Havins been duly appointed and qualified administrator of tho estate of Elizabeth Earnhardt, deceased, all pei sons holdiug claiirs aftainpt the said deceased are hereby notifi ed lo present then? duly authentic ated to the undersigned for pay ment on or before the 14th day oi October, 1895. or this notice will be plead us a bar to their recovery, Abo all persons owing said decease ea ro notified tbat prompt pay ment i- expected. This Oct- 13, 1894. , W. B. Earshabdt, Administrator. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administrator of Jaoea A Porter,, deceased, all persons owing said estate are here by r.otified tbat they must make im mediate payment or suit will be brought; and all persons having claims against Baid estate must pre sent them to be undersigned duly authenticated on or before the 18th day of September, 1895, or this notice will be pleadfld in tar of iheir recovery. A. N. Harris, . J Sept. 18, 1891. Admuustmtor. in EloGd Poison and Scrofula P. P. P. iroHkiStlieb!o33,hc!MirT tho liiul da!t:tato!, guvs d; easfciiTi:' CUa i.itic:tt hvtii: It ami ici ;'asi.and lassliatia Urnt prevai'wi. ?-- 43 lor irimr.ry.sccinoary onrt t i tlary cypliilh;, foruloort poisonm:. u.trcii rlalroiaou, jsslbrin. dyspepsia, una in nil Ai.'A rnJ skm disease;.. 1;ko llotcbi'U. I 'rp; !C3, old nhror.ia ulcers. U-ttcr, 8c:. i i-i iia, bolln, eryaljielos. eozeraa-vemav siv, vithoot ft-.:r cf c.ntnidlction,tbat V. P. P. ia thrbost blood parllier In the vorld.nnu ciakos positive, speedy and pormununt euros In all cases. Ladies whose systems are poisoned end whose biood is in an impure c-onc.1 tlon. di e to menst raal Irregularities, are peculiarly benetited by the won derful tonic and blood cleansing prop, crtiesof p. P. P. -Prickly Aah.Poka Rum. and Potassium. SPRINGFIELD, MO. , AU(T. 14tQ, lb93. I can speak in the hiKueKt terms of y.i:r medloiue from my own personal Knowledge. I wasaffected wnn heart disease, plearlsy and rheumatism for 35 years, was treated by the very beat fhysician3 auo spt'nt hundreds of dol ors, rried every known remedy with out UcdlnB relief. I have ouly taken one rottlo of yur P. P. P., and caa cheerfully say it has done me mora food than anything 1 have overtaken, can recommend your medicine to all suliererti ot the above diseases. MK9. M. M. YEAHT. . Eprlnglleld, Green County, Mo. Catarrh, Malaria sntiijidney Troubles it s entirely rcmcTctl by P.P.P. T'rlokly Aah. Poke Root and Potas-e.h-r.i, tho rc&test blood purlQur on Uol'tli. AnEnnrEN-. O. . July 21, 1S91. 2rE3".t I.Irl'AN Bkos. , Savannah. Gn. : Vkkk 6iks 1 bouphc a bottle of vour P. P P. st Hot Springs, Ark. .ana it bs dono me more good than three months treatment at the Hot Springs. "ji:a li.ree boitles C. O. D. itosyectlully yours, . JAP. M. NEWTON, Aberdeen, Brown County, O. Ct-ifU O' Jonnaiou. To ell vhum ii n.7j concern: I here Vv t jscify to tho wonderful properties dp p. P. for eruptions of the skin. I suffered for several years with an nn Lliitly nd disapreeabie eruption oa lii f:ice. I tried overy known reir.o oy bin in, until P. P. P. was used, tml am now entirely cured. liiined by) J. . JOHNSTON. Savannah. Oa. Cikia C&neer Cored. Tei'.-nojiyrom lAe Zlayor oSequin,T tx. Beqotk, Tex., January 14, 1893. Hisses. Lifpman Buos.. bavannab, Oa.: Gentlemen 1 have tried your P. P. P. for a dsease of the skin, usually knowa as sk:n cancer.of thirty years' atar.tiinir. and found creat relief: 1C purities the blood and removes all ir ritation from the Beat of the disease and prevents any spreading rf the sores. I bavo taken flveor Biz bouiea and feel confident that another course will etTeot a c-nre. It has also relieved me from indigestion and atomaob troubles, yours truly, OAPT. W. M. RTT9T, Attorney at Lair. m & m Diseases I'M Frea. att. nnnooTSTS gei.1. rr. MPPaiAFI BROS. PEOPEIETOB3, D & & ar IJp;raan' Block,eaToanBb, Oa The Things We Prise Most srs not the gewgaws and gimcracks we .'ather about us. Every life, of ruurse, has its sacred tinseled treas ons, l,:it ii this practical work-a-day worici iv.:ia is prone to value most tilings which serve him best. Mot much sentiment in this, pcr-ly?.-s, but C.iic- x ill tLs same. The- McCormick Machine of Siee! takes first raal: the wcrid over. Hundreds cf thousands of grain growars call it the best Larvcster and binder that ever r.ent into a grain fieU, and they prize it accord ingly. It isn't sentiment vith ll:em it's just plain, old-fashiciied com mon sense They iike it test be cause it serves them best. " It costs more rr'oney than sorr.o fcarvesten;, but that's because it's more valuable. Its advantages core than offset the added cost. The " Machine of Steel " is built to harvest the grain crop of the world, and to do it better than any Other machine. w Perhaps you may care to know more about this harvester. Our catalogue will interest you. McCormick Karvestinq machine Co. CHICAGO, ILL. I orke & Wadswortb, Agents. A Wagon Lond Of Money does not necessarily imply content and happiness on the part of hs possessor. It is not money thtst gives us pfcasure,' but tlie thiigs that money will buy. Some people spend rmnvy ishly, and fancy they f.iv.i 'e.: ' ment i;i dor.t-r it, but the piiurc is more fancied than real, (io man who buys The McCormick , No. 4 Steel Mower can ever be accused cf spending money foolishly, and he'U find a hundred reasons to convince him of bis wisdom. We are building the No. 4 to meet the demand for really su perior mower, one tbat embodies the prime requisites of durability, con venience and light draft You'll like this mower; not mcicty because thousands of other farmers like it, but because it is a really likeable machine. If you are goiug to buy a mower you ought to sec the No. 4. Get the McCormick Catalojne'aty way. All agants furnish it oa application. McCORKICX HARVEST!) MACHINE CO. CHICAGO. ILL. j Yorke & Wadu worth, Agent?, HI

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