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The standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1888-1???, December 29, 1898, Image 1

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J C.r-L COPY- ...V: :-t..Ni3 i , J T v. , Li "ft AT LIVING I"i;iOES. Give uc a Tiial. do: ' VT :r -- cii.l ur, . Dollar. CCriJCRD. N. C., THURSDAY, pECEMbEK 2", 1893. AN AW l LL COluiTlOX. Two Pot:tcite!i UsrostiirnK. tho Mat ter Tliorongfii'y njjd rtc'iort fbe Conrtifloa of AHTafrs fo (hnlrmiia AliiRon .nr. Ktti:nH c;tvr.i a Ct-.nce ta no E?tter-I( ll ioe t. His Cf.ildron will Be Taken Trom Hiro. It has been known for quite , a long while that the way in which Mr. David Hanna, who lives near the depot, was keeping hie chil dren was a yiolation of the law, but nothipp has been Hid, avert ing the proper authorities to fak3 the natter in hurd. This has been done now, and some thing else will have to be done on the part of Mr. Banna. On "Wednesday, Messrs. W A Sides and Jas. F Harris, the po licemen now on duty in that part of Concord, went to Mr. Hanna'a house and made an investigation. These gentlemen say that cne, without seeing tho awful condition in which this man and his two small children live, caunot imag ine how bad it is. There i3 scarce ly anything in the house in the "way of furniture, cooking utensils or 'even covering for the bed. joitc'i t!'j ccr Jltlc. to v . vdl: a, :hr".r. j.k o". .1 : c. j otr;v.?'ckv-r.., r.n-i TIi. I? r i- h o rt t- Hr. . n ?-' . ) i ir.sisg t 3 ' " to esuU n-t 1-3 t:.h:-r ..S he )Z 'Ca. i t cr r -'.SS children would 1 uv? to be tal ?n from lii:n. . , ..r gainst Finri ;-.a3 c u- man, b- t X: fessed t-; i c .: ".:nt wiy whicj Lc ca:-:: It . :. cciiu and Las raid u n . he ,r.;' in futu-3 p. ov if- b nier i r tl n :1 3 13. This is to be seex- i .;- il: oiSc e OoLcord the iuost patien' und, .9 con -befo;i taling the ch; 'ren ft ;m unccapJaking pcop'.a we ev.. saw cor.twrr I Hieir U h or. I As for tbeso el'i'dre Lhey r I . Jeiscivicj? cf ; iir. It u -ict ti taulr, ar-i t.'.y ort-.i e't - to entente a T,-;th tLeir Kl. lie :h . -;i Jte brl'Lt-Iovk;:: children cne - two shl. "As tcr their : ' tbr, Tn- SxAxrABP i3 fiank to m&r Jiiid that he is kept strained financially in the paying cf fines for violation of the law, besides i , -uouici one luat be -will liave to ttid comlBg textti -ol acy. BcK'On Eonfclc Dr.ty. The Baptict mi-iistar, Kev. B LacyHofe, vas on doub1 dr.ty Thcrsday niht, hayiagrerformcd bwr jffreTit r'Tr'-" s, each one r.t tr. Hide's :..'.:. is. The one couple was Mr. J no. C .'Robinson and Miss Martha Mor 'gan4 the other MifEugene Crouch and Miss Maggie Lyerly. All cf the parties are of Forest Hill. - . "e , A 84,200 SWORD. Rear Admiral Sen ley Honored in Flillndelitliif. L--i ."Eesr Admiral Schley received a 1 1 sword on Thursday nicht in Phil f adelphia presented in behalf of f T admiring friends in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, lea aword cost $4,200. The blade is of vsrr f no pteol rvcnvU lelf c: ilc1.1 3. W " 3c: -'.1 " - . ; -Tf.v ha r: .onat -ntff. tliac i-t aJc -J-'- r: if It iii.i be-!' H- " '( r t m..i..l -li-' t tt..-ig" c -It , - A.- -'c: c To.i lb na- Vi -. ' aai ' . ' l f 0 Ii ortna- prefrnaiioy, n e'P" " brine olilldren WW no 2ireir eU;B"h.nsYhe whole W Sm. This ereat remedy l5.?fel io all afflicted woman- wny wiii woman auffer another xninnU Wine of Cardut only oobU fl.n itn certain reuei 7""-. '"r.-Ti perbottle at yourus BdirZtt; aMrZs. giving i.nnptom,. The cAaiwt' - lanooa, Tenn. p.. J W. SSSITH. C)Bdsn. S.tS., eT w'l- sTd cf Carda at bom n inn - la Giiip;- am; ; A Hetter auitHi CotitiKlr-zi Kccto.1 In Concord Eve r ff it TnUca m Extra Tax L,i (he Uncts. Lot e. pecinlly Be cieaued. Written for the Standard. There are, according to tbi re? port of the Register of Ileal' h, one hundred thousand cases of grip in New York city. It ia etill epre.d- inc. It is cecVreJ. to be ontsyicrs and infectious by the BoarJ cf Health of that city. T'2e ep'deie ia attributed to the dity ondmoi cf the Streets 3rd derayinsr caibat;. We have coap9r?!ve,v fen cafe a of this dietrsinsr disease in i)on cord. But this immunity 4canuct be attributed to a good sanitary condition in the city. Concord ia, as -every resident' knows, and as every stranger t?ho comes hsre, emphatically a dirty city very dirty. In tbe back yards of residents and stores it is filthy. That half the inhabitants aro net down with the grip must be referred to a very special providence. When the sun comes oat and sends op poisonous afflavia from streets and filthy back yards, ttare will be a contest, between natural ;iw ra l the V .CI si 01 e 1' i r . Gcsccrt ri x i ti ucnsual protect ct-. e do net x;;th:; La!n he tintte- ap-- e who have th a-tho- 'y u: cie' :h bVitio ar.d b t out '.e fiit:" a tl yards of :h ir can tu-ui th- "I .tf at'' ib 2 L tow are not crr.ea c .t. Ti. c?t'wl ij critical. T-t piodil hi the Tbev : t: ; 'ticai'y ?n the !a cf dirt wl tlsr &.. If they were, thv o-.'d f-e to it that some competent men tha!l b? be engaged by the town authorities who thall oarry cut the few and meagre ordinances looking to the health of the people. Tue present neglect is astcvmchingly culpable. OtMUkUntM ta not only next to God indisaolubly linked together. U dirt pre vat's, i,r. I lissas: a: '-on-1 seqnence prevrda in oar families, we. the p-ople, are to blama, r.3 wll re i tin civil aathcritita, for r.ot d. uandiAg that the town iuchontue ehr.11 i rct.-ct v., ' tbt lo : .Jf encngb money in the town trtusurj to clean the city, let them create tt new epecial ts, aad call it the "Sanitary Tax." Better pay cne or two dollars per year per cp"ta to prevent di3easa thn doo-ore' billd of froai twenty-S-e to fifty -ir to pay the penalty iu the dealrh of o-;e or mo'e of our fuoiiiiea. 0;fn'tb.3 city. Cit. A BIG EOW. A rntUDgNcrapeOn Monday Anolb r Flsnt On Ttonraday Klirh A Ke- Cro n-'lr Son? Vp "'is' .tor. ?r I'5, A, ' r 'To ' - Da . i i! -i :i consiierubie rsuc u' Ui. the npgro rows u:x ia ti.p dr5.h of the v g: . On 1 hursday'.t.iguf re-Vicdhvl wiier. ' Ne. i cj'j who is t-Cc ;.aed tl nr: Co an. cutt; ., the the . 1 - wa" row uror by Ecra of ti e ' e- ;cc tn.'3. , 3 township. Fron en ej': wi jc.e t;-r tfve cme3 that the r..'grc-'i ,:cro '? d" him bo much thtyen con'.?r.'t evn see n:n, r4e&i uowr.a wt . u.iu- Jy coas vp. a noie bavin . tec kn'ckcd to'hic ixtV 1, f-"or- " some fuarcu thi. he v .a'.c. c'.:.. Th report cou:c th:.- &ftcncou that Cjan iB deid, though the truthfulness of the report ia n?' known. To those living in malarial districts Tutt's Pill? ore indispensible, they keep the system in perfect order and are an absolute cure ;br sick headache, indigestion malaria, torpid liver, constipa tion rnd all bilious diseases. Tutt's Liver 'Pills c22:iOll!TIr GAINED. i irrHTV ." ior.t i We take the folic itg frooi a c.crii,ocdtiice in iha CliLiiotte uevTg fioin our aoldka boys: There will bo tri weekly rraih to and frrm th UnitM Soften All nil shot' id b-! addreajed, until i dribs'' notice, na follows: Fi:-(t j Nor'.h :olia:i Volor,teers. eventa Army oorpa, r.tar 'iuvu, Cuba, j via Tamoa FU La ure 10 u.jdrtfB ; vir. Tarawa, Fla. The regular postage rates, iu in the Uuiteii otalcs, prevai:. There ia some tiuoger o the maii being uiOiealeti by opaaiards it ecnt direct to liavuuii; by the way of Tur.j it 13 bavdlid cr'y by Aser ioans. It sronld I r, good idea for friends w?V iu.r to heaf from the soldier boys fo enclose postP?c a? tb:3 la a ery ccarce article at present Q lite a number cf chanrps hae been made in the order of the ccms paaies. Company A ha'j been chan&. ed from the senior company of the regiment to eighth place, or eenicr company of the Third battalicn under Major Butler; Company L (Concord) succeed? Company A 88 t' T -ii' 1 l,e v-:- "its t 1. -; 'f-.-ald b the rtnkir-f; cocipanj, '.f vfl! r u.: 'ti G ':ir'is . " ored ' n ' pit. i, a-d t dr. -Li v. 'ilO-l'. 3 c::.t ic ; e! Ti rfore 0 be t .i' J r ar ie ta:n i rr.a;. of j 'Oil 33 Vngrnncj-. Policcrr.en caught ttvo south-bound SfiMes and llsrri:-vc-r rants from th;; passenger train Wednesday nibt lin rrfiT.'a liio name as Chas. Fitzpatrick, oi'Dal tiuioro, 'wlio was goin to Qreon- villo, 8. C. luo other gave Lis I n.n- a a .Ice r.l n !V..,4r,:, - --' vagrancy, to which the; td. Thy v.'ero t.....iv CiAV-6 tA.:; Lcntcuceu to cn tl-" cl.-.n fSeo. SIcnH Scrlonsly Ilnrt. AVe loara that Mr. Goo. tiiougb, of the Organ cbr.tch neighborhood, was seriously hurt oc days ao. lie was trying to extricate the water wLkc! nt his mill. The wheel was frozen, j.ud bo fell from tho top of it, a of oae twelve or fitieen fett, sustaining some vory painful injufios. It was Lt first thought that his spinal column and seyeral ribs wore badly injured. A Barrel of Oil Stolen. About tvo wct'-ka -mo t-..rr of or r cer i 0. .C ;i'3'.:C10 3 .n j . o. r. CtE'e'-t "'ai ie.rErm'.a by & d rjr tht- n 1;3 vs-rel coali 'I down -., Buff a S r.rte':, ne&r r-.'lrcjt t -l-EEe. H" o'i 1 ami. f ' t.F n-i fc s' id. 1 'On. h-.-.U i.Ob -t.:.'i-- !0 t::.'J -j'-'-C l- pi-.'PratiAj cf thr .t.:. iiri-. : oe t- w-'.iid a... is i ' app d i t. o thlevcj ha, reileu ae t'aou.srh : .hing s a y3t be i fon jd . . at aa 'o tdis p4 o :;.3 c. ia:. : ' i c.her-. . ca th-.' i .i. t vaa t.- thro ! i hu.rt! :a ra i c;k1: d i:cthini- Uewfj on lc l'Li.if-plno'H. Whan Senator Teller was ad vocating self government for the Philippines, with a United States protectorate, last Tuosday, ho quoted the following testimonial to the Filipino character from a letter written by Admiral Dewey : "These people can bo governed without t' e slightest difficulty They yield to reason with little force, and I have not the slight est difficulty in gettiug on with them." THEN A VICTOR NOW A CAP- "IViiow Citiz-jni: lu is with ic fiuiie pleaaaro that I address my self in words of peace to a Macon audience. (Cheers.) Thirty odd years ago I camo into this town with 15,000 cavalry thundering at my YtcSi?. (Laughter and sho-its.) 1 was List with the roaring of can cer, csd tha rin of musketry. (Cbecrs.) I was greeted by the l?u:uin; cf wara Liov.aee and U13 deslruclion cf property, which I now profoundly icrct. (CLccrf..) The welcome that was extended to rne then was of the silent qali ity. (Laughter ) An illustrious citizen, then your chief magistrate, ihe Hon. Joseph E Brown, after a fear hours interview, speaking of me, then said to another gath ering cf illustrious citizens, at the bead of which was Howell Cobb : 'lie is a clever young man, but, gentleman, he takes the military view of the situation.' (Laughter.) I'hat was a fact then, but now I come among you and I receive a d'-eren1; weVomo. I wa1? then a I'- tor, . . 1 a-, u. cr.tivr. ! ; J: x oi , , I :c'a i- .y I utu a v. lil- t:ve ur ci id tTi j brave and ex- cciiCat ' le:r.en of yoar town h ive. - y ' a - 'r opn ahd generous ur itrFir, imrifoned me deep d?wa in their henrts, end I would bo recrcaiit to every f?alin of my :-:u if I r aired release from such -.i .tCanr- .--itr,.-. ai-CE''V - i?Lv tho irf'.T.L ' 1 .i tho Cibarruf Mil's, Tuo chili wo-u.u -oon Lave -.-en tl.;v j rncnih eld. Ai .and Mrs. T C Thoii- on had ) part with their child, f.'ic, We -aduy L:fjat. The chitd v.x.3 Or J Mi 3 oid. , T'"E- LITTLE " TlXEKCISF. i..t- . in i iiuivo utiilnift t c 11 Itonil- erfi! nn I!""Mxi;jr. The ''hritmns rxc reiser, at C". ton's ITall Thursday B?.5;ht w8 a very pleasant affair. It goes with out saying that no little pleasure was excited at the jevenile efforts that parents note with exquisite Wok-lUl - i - . . "out towanl tue oeur Jiiii IOiau I would regard them with some in-1 jdifterouce. The songs, and es pecially tho duet, were very creditable. The Christmas Can tata carried a beautiful moral of ,;rc-.iticr.r.ess and magnanimity. The littlo waif was well played and she and her benefactor so rivaled each other in magnanimity that Old Santa Claus wasctually bewildered, having made a little slip, too, in the initials of a name by which he was going to bestow cn one of the very best girls that which hurts naughty children's i e!ing3. While thus engaged he is caught by tho whole group and they relieve him of his burden of toys. The tree was taatily trimmed and the whole erciees were pleas iog acd meritorious. '"lie a' r.a ice w s rard! r.s )'. v 4.. ?i.ltlD -a'tt'oLarv titi d Zh-. exe'crct v';l ee rep:'a':td ic c ' h 1 tt r'jrot H:il. LLijor-Gen. Joseph Trheeler's dedsiou to rssi.n his scat in Co-2-c ar,d retain iiw ccaimia-;io--iu the rr ny m iy have a i c er s' ni'. :ace than that which L 2V j i. ' . r - II-ink-:r- 'i -r ft 'h -. f t, i -o.: ' ! - -! .ier ti- r; rjj life to i; not tbih d t'iO grati- tu Lie chantry by hie- in' Hmab-o services to it as a weai r of tb . l'?c ti. A cuIT his oou.u t.p Ij !. b- reccgnizo lb cm f.ub;uae.txilj ? hiaroly thsra is no raova patriotic ofiicer in the army today than Joseph Wheeler. It must always be remembered that when on the night o July T it was proposed to retire from San Juan ridgs and occupy a position that could be defended with less risk to the army, Gen. Wheeler protested with such vigor that the plan was abruptly abandoned. Had ho thrown the weight of his influence in the ether scale, his tory might have been written dif farently. It can hardly bo disputed that Gen. Shafter set a very high val ue on Wheeler's advice in a mill iary exigency. J'-b' to, for the little- Gentrat was a huuoiis) wan i or and . had toiiiiaft-ndcu j maav tboufcar.t of men on hart;- fought fieids long before he reached the t.iO of 30. There was no other man ol any rank m the Santiago cauipaign who could measure careers with him, and all the yeterans oi tho Ti7ar oi tec rebellion paid hi ni homage fcr Lis experience ad prestige. It is delicl:-v.siy humorous of Gen. "Wheeler to say; "Although some littlo dtr-cssion has been raised as to vz'j a::o, I hope to be eld cue -acta coe-u o make a --ool soldier." Joi0, U Wheeler was gradacted f ron t'-J Military Acad omy in 1S53, bf -hen 23 years cf age. Whtu bis State by adoption zzczind Whccbr re signed from the amy, ho v,-aa ap pointed colore! cf ihe 19th Ala bama, an infa-rr regiment. Ia the national army he had served as a dragoon. At Ghiloh he com manded a brigade and covered the retreat of the Confederates. He was transferred to the cavalry in July, 1862. About six months lator, and at the rfe of 27, h va3 romoied to a t3".jor-ca'3rf.j it Cuickr-ua'aa h-j led the e.i.v-1 ii'ry, a'io crossing the Tencooseo after tlic-i bat Lie, ho hurried Itot'.o crans, beit a force sct against him, and destoyed 1,200 trans portation wagons, v.ith their stores. Daily he hung on Shcr raan's flanks and foug! t him a?, ho clvmced in'.: Goorg'i. Sotie time Wheeler took tho field iih his omrc.iiid i'.smounted. Jcr;. O O Hovard. when ho visit.: u 'Tampi before the Sh after cxpeui t:cn sailed for Santiago, used to ! -r an. i J recall Joe 'tv 'louer s agrcFsivc uttac"'-" on She rr's Hoc- c: ccr-r'-.ri'.f.ion, nnd Howfird, vo served with Sherman, exprcOod ':.: pcatesi adoirntiVa for Whe-er as ar active, itdefRt':- b!e, indomitiM? soldier. An in c: icn; cf the Georgia CRmpugn was tho Confederate's capture of Gen. Georgo Stonomu.i acd lihj art:"llery transrortation. Wheeler became a IKutenant gcneral on May 11, . ISC i, being then 23 years of ajo, i on the death of JVo fituart h? -?as the senior cavalry fteuoral ol -i Con 2&Q says hopi make a good soldier. Whether a united and section- less country purposes to bestow bo'ior? p. ad omojumtnts on Jo seph Wheeler, tho American sol dier of 1893, is something for tho administration and Congress to determine, but if his services before Santiago should bo ade quately recognized there would be no dissenting voice from sea to sea. New York Evening S'n. Kot Deaa at All. The Stateeviile correspondent to the Obarlotta Observer eava : It ia learned that Wash Nantz, the negro who, when under arreat for burniD't Iir. Jimes A Ilarm' btra ras eiriccd cway from tie oficer.7 hj f. udy of unknov.n m: returned. Ii: ds;, 3 n;g covers 6wung L:ra up thr?6 timfs, but final- turned him loose. It ti not knows whera he has been. Tnll toazer Back. From all accounts the State peni- trtip-7 or et ho in a bad way. Tho State i'r:3urf has loaned :t Is ge Bams ' t mon . from the State to. .9 nr?, it ii said to o;s mircn - ;h ftii'.i ccosido-ibla arl.ouuta of menc? fr ciothing anu other supplied. The fueion racac-.mcnt of this ias stitut len baa be?n full f &c udal3 .iid v'7 cx-rava?-..ut. Ths lTt L. '.'tare oall addre3o ita 1 early in the ee. ion to peiiitrntitry .u0!-', tnd it ohouiJ nst rtt from its labors until the gsng no ia cons tret has bees e'eaaed out and com pcteat, honest and decent nu-n have again beer, pat in charge. Ye do not know that ho will accept ii. but needs of the State demand that Hoc. Augustus Lear:r, of Ir. dell, ehould again be put in charge of the St&te'n most important public institution. Under his former administration the penitentiary, which had long been & burden to tbe tax payers of the State, was made to pay its own way. The Legislature ehcnld change the law, tarn out Me?.borne and eleot Mr Leaztf. The election should be with such unanimity that be will feel it bis daty to accept the trust. StatesriHe Mascot. r. VAXes' Pain Pin are guirantooa to st e i'A' iliiiktw. HJo quo (loa7 i the little l yro oi antago, wu merry zzs cn.i:arcn, r. vjnrisi- r - , witn nis eyes iwidkuuk, x uw ucuuuiuuy aewaiiet.- Villi : ' r W il II W Y"? e to be old enough soon to will stand in the pulpit. A good "J j - E; 1 1 j Makes the food r-ors delicious end v:o(8some CJIPilSTMAS EXEECISj At Hie Vnrlims (linrcbrs lonetl fr; WH tbe l's;nlir Servli-cx ol the Sabbath ry. Something new in the way oi a Christmas exercise will bo ren dered at St. Andrews Lutheran Church tonight by the members of the Sunday school. Besides tho recitations and music, the chi'dicu will receive a nice treat, and ovigto his pressing engage ments Sacta Claus will r.erd Li wife to fill tho hearts of the chil dren rath gladness. There will also be services there Sunday afternoon. An appropriato Christma? morning diseoursa will be given by tho pastor, Eev. C J3 Miller, liuthernn cli.rth. T.jEc.iCri ri. ht tho exercise:1, will bo u:. l-sr ! ' tho r.urpices cf the LulhcrLc-aue. j iho programmo consisting o ' ; music, recitations, and tho read-j ing of an original pnpor. An appropriate sermon to t'li? occasion will be given in Contra! M E Ch-arch tomorrow m err : '.?.g by llr:. J TJ Thompson. T!.-r-will be regular services there o orrow n'ht. Tho rl - eervicea will be hold tomorrow coining and to morrow night at Eoiv.i t Ilill M E cburcl: by vicy. J E A -nold. A t,-tq,Cv o r:flc- 111 :: gJ:enth' child -a ct the Sunday school to - j morrow r crninj by their teach-' i at Cannonvillc Presbyterian church MondiV lnoriiiufr at 8 o'clock. The exercises will net be long, but exclusiyely for the ea joyiaent f the childroti. Boxes made to liniiato bric'Ue v-iii be given to the pupils of the Sunday school, containing candies, nuts, etc., together with some fruit. On Monday niht the Christ- program of music, togetLer with recitations, will be rendered, acd Prof. C S Coier will mako a talk to the children. There will be regular services tomorrow. A. ChriEtmas tree and exercises to correspond will be held tonight at the Baptist church. Tomorrow morning tho pastor, Eev. B Lacy Hoge, will preach on the subject "Ei3 Star." At night at 7 p. m., there will also be a sermon, his subject being "Whose Star Do Wo Follow Now on Christmas Day?'' Rev. Jas. Lippard, of Ohio, will conduct tho services at Trinity Reformed church tomorrow morn ing. The Christmas service:', rill bo held tomorrow nir; pastor, II ev. J II P.; ra.ika a talk, after whirl; cs, vclil ihe chil- dien will to treated to V.. i . J v.vV j nuts, etc. Christmas oxercises will bo held at All Saints Episcopal cht-.rch to morrow morniDg and tomorrow night by the pastor, Rev. J 0 Davis. Services will aiso be a?-. J 0Q loaJay, Tuesday and Wednoc, day morning at 11 o'clock. Daily of 21ih. T i r 1 l;-r : f t l Tatb Iadepen dent is convinced tbr.t the milleniom is t bfl-.nJ., f!n:r.r-to irom a gun I Lota, - o. ;;, Uitcta buaaca CI potato-' s, a load of wood and a bar rel oi tarr.ipa that bed rce. bio'.'g''. ia by deticqcents, a'.a c-r.c- raaa wiped out a debt cf ten uv:a i bi:d ;n7 Ft The nciitli a fty sicry. Wilmington is exorcised cvt.-r the rnysterio'a3 dc-tth of Sam Hall, ?. negro boy, boey wsn jund Wedceeday. All rffor'.s thus far have failed. Tho coroner c-, jury pronounced it death by the hand o! some person unknown to them. Several persons suspected have been dismissed for lack of evidence against them. BONDER JJ. ai-ff the cutmva wtaf Ho'.vJ's s:u-.siaril2a, ur.-l yet tb'; sand :i arc"; r;:ia make F U S 3 a m liuvd s Sarrai':!! t.. . pvr. JiCiii pare !kad. r. ;."' i : :-f't; O0V 4.'d l-xti! QY, -"-,,'-.i! ; Sarra- r-s . ' i V-t'V- J,' . ro Hpri'O Too Finny. Ir. Eo. a Gre r, oC VUilj 't' s w s nc' -ti hfhi'TrJ j drinker, but it seems was intoxi cated r--it T-oek, r..nd beirg thrown from h's T'agon w?3 so irinrJ th he died. He had a bile ot cotton on and was driving down bill at a furious rato with the above result;". I 1"t 22ulnl I'rc'trnm m Centrnl 51. Chnrcii. Th-? follavvig Ii the prograsut of the Chrisms ezeicUea ft Ce2i:t.l Melhoiist c:.arci toracrrcw tyxzo ing : Te Deem Laud.mnc. F nil Chorus TSLlojl. Hvmn No 53"Joy tc rbe '.Verld the Lord Is Come." So-jp'u. r L??so' Ev..: "... 3 : :ror:-E ik-z ' r ' - y . C: z0. I:. E::!E r- 'J c tr:e Cj.a. th? e: tcr Oi the baok cone me aha .t a. ccr.r. - the TAX NOTICE.; 'x he v x a x j-, ;. a r. o .7 due . s'f. the :doV- have been r,ced in my ha add v.ilh i-itrvc;lcab o col lect. J. II. pATir Tuw.i Tfx C iik c tor. CfT.ce in Dry & Miller's ehoe store. e2Uf. J:1 JUC. - f -1 -:i Eahed'il-3 is nab- lleh-d 3 information, and ti eubject to ch&nge without notice te" pal lie; Trains Lenye Concord, N. 0 8:19 A. ii. No. T7, dr.51v, Washs inprton and Southwestern Jim' ited for Atlanta, Birmmidiarn, jJIemphi?, Montgomery. Mobile and New Orhaup, aud all point? South and Southwest. Thro-Jtrh TuUman sleeper Mew York to Now Criean3 and New York to Uempht.. Din ins car, vestibuled coach, between Washincton and Atlanta. 8;53 p. m. No. 7, daily, from Fdch tnond, Washington, Goldsboro, Selcia, "llaleigb, GreenbborO IIuGsviile and Asheville to Char otte. N. O. ll:2lt a- ar. No. II, daily, for At-vat.- .'..! al noin:;: South. Solid pom:; r . ' tC ytlan:.. A- c-e, c-i'-y, l':vet'-a car rr. .vir iT-cccia bunas sleeper, Ot'cans to NerYork; Jacksoni ;.j 22'-v Tat .: ; Fulimaa .a,i..,'.l,.. v i: if - i - vu.e v i. from h'an xrarcirco Organs aad Southern Ft . Mc. S3, dally, Yv ashiar ar.u So ithweetern liri o; Y.a:uia-rre-t e.rl York; Taiup to Nt, Yoi, ALo carries vestibuied coach ant v.iaiasr car. Close cocnecHon for .'.'el mo. . ish, Sort'.:. B-r:. . t e 1, l . N :r-- L, 4, j .v i r IV - x iaa aod Goldsboro; nl olu-a ' Irir vrfnlk .At, OnviiiO tor .Yashi, - 1 inston and poiatH ISorth, ai -S:,f j ' :,r:', '"' "" j i'.:3t sti,ksi ci re;,'u i or iacil ivot.-clf tr ce. f,-ers oaiy to pnu.r-- v-i - r try ;;.,. r o they cioo iCeordins to tchdal-a. FiiANii S. u-iyyoy.Ci-d v ice riea. aud C-n'i tiTtfer, Yachinston, i. C.. John it. CcLr, 'i A. Tc as, Trafiis ll'gi-. G'-iil'ars. Ar't, Y. r, .:nct in, ii. 6. ii.lI.vaD-.vics, A3 taea'ii Ar't AMa-.U. Ca- W.,il. TAvaoi, A-.s,l(f3u J t'. Ag'u Louisville, iiy. GoffAU DcaES2iJr, Local Ag't, Concord. N, O. M, L. Brovn & BRo. LIVERY", FEET) AND SALE STABLES. JvT-t in rar oi St. Cloud Hotel. Cm- nibues ra ;ct all pasi:ens.' tra; Outta of all kinds famished nromTitly and at reasonable prices, Heroes and mules always on hand nr pale. Ere6oers of thoroughbred Poland China ILvs. tf M": :-ri Kiuib.iil w nt up to Grove Friday ui'ht to s end "'r'-ifA d-yyp ndth her p? rent p. l-i C'.v- C'ii tr?'t.riv.d heme frora E ;2-;h:'th college Friday night o stay until the 3rd ot January. En. II-hi. Gib or ietarned home F'iy n:h. frrm a visit of several weeks to V.v ' ics;o l find Bdti mere. Mr. Siduey Let tz has rctur-ied home fioni Fayeiteville, wher ; ho hae beeu c.:j '..:d In le roEr- -jv ering bu .ir.c??. Th: OE'li caille i.nd UufT'.lo mills, and the bleechery closed down Friday ovinia to givo the em- j plcyei holidays until Tuesday rrornirg. The travel on the railroad these dr.ys is sft heavy that scaieoly sny train reaches here on tims. Thurs day and Friday nigbt3 the trains were cont-Iderably olT of their regu lar schedule time. Miss Fan ni? Littles, ore cf the teachers of tho graded school, has gone to Norwood to spend a week with h'r relatives ar-d frier dj. E'r. J A Kcnnett'fi father and metier, of Ilandleman, arrived h.eie Taurd:;y aiht to wit during the hoiidajF. M:?s Jespie Scarp, of Warhicj;ton City, hca returned to her home at Mt. Pies ;s ct t-j v;E her mother ".clc'.'acr relative.) for a vhile. Mitj K;.i li'-'crlitimcr, who is 'eachia . oi tv IIcLeansville, near ;G .uKboro, pi -d thrcush hero to (caturdft' ; a ner way nt. to bcr I cf '. who t .3 for some w: istic? Es Dora i;ix eery ."t i.; -neat at 'o ':.-r homo ' v v : v, C.EEOKD, I-. Z CE'.. in Eorris t 'i'eia, .ppcait Ccci (j hou'-c-. ATTORNEY-AT-LW, CONCORD. - - H C. rrca;pt clteatica given to all business. Ofiice in Morris ba 1 iirg oposite cocrt horpe. pi the SOUTH . . . TLir.DIRLCT LINE IU ALL 1 uilS.. TEXAS, CALIFORNIA" FLORIDA, CUBA AND PORTO RICO. Strictly FIRST CLASS Equipment on all Througa and Local lrains; Pullman Palace Skerlng Cars on all Night Trains; I ast and Sate Schedules .... Travel ty the Southern and you are assured a Sak, Coa lortableand Expeditious jour ney . Apply to Ticket Agents for Time Tatles. Kates and General Inlorm-tloa, or Address R. L. VERNON, F. R. DARBY, T. F.A., C. P.&T. A., f.tarlcite, N. C. Ashev!;ic, w. C. Ho Trouble to Answer Questions. Frank S. Gaanor, J. SI. CULP, w". A. Turlc, 3rd V.P.iuen iVgr, Traf. Man., G P.A. WASHINGTON, D. C. U i. v He:irt Gisecie, O-rod tof .TieCC' H?.ART CURE. :'cA",:' ' ';;1 - .-;-.'-.:W i.'hi:' r ; I... c. c. 'Z7.', ot Wlntcrsct, Iowa. ivil 1 nrnulcturrT or writes cf Dr. MUrs' l.'.jart Cure. "Two years aoeo etti-ckof LaCdppo left me with a -o-ik Intrt. I had rQ down la flesh to rr- skin ai.d bono. I could not sleep lying dJwn f..r another::? fpt-Us; frtqucnt bharp d: rtir ri-;i;.s nrid lpitatlon caoscd a cod stliJt flilr of eaddta death, Eotbitj cuid induoe B.e rtiiaia &wiy from homa over night. My local physician prjscilbed Dr. Miles' Heart Curu and In a few days I ;J ablsto-JccpwcTl cad tho pai-n gradually lc-cprt j and Csally ceased. I roduced tha the Levies Elucd fifteen pounds, and aia row feeling V.ttcrlQovor; 37 than X tavc f jr years. -Dr. Mil 05 F.eai dlca 'r at3 suld L7 all drug-v -J-,', tuarintte, lirsb 3ouie'-: funded. Bx)!c on diL-" r - lv!x1 o&ncs of tl.3 heart sr-.a ;'..: 'X-iWJ Dli. MILES ME DI 'A L e .... r-kh ut, Inu, id A tl WuiTiTaTv njffO, iu tliei f.lal 11 ft

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