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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 05, 1895, Image 1

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e3 Vol. IX. No. CONCOIID, N. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 1S95. "W nonE NO. i,45 - UUlPl" AH J) l TO D stitutions of learning. Col, iii. 14 V W In U 25 ; 1rov-lv' On Sunday, Jan. 13, j Lull UL L LliilUlJg . ti .ii D niiion ser- vice m SI". James Evangelical Lu theran church. Sermon by Rev. J C I Davis. Subiect : "Always abonnd- PFYOTlOXAL WORK OF OUR'- tlip wnrlc ftf thp rni i n0. MINISTERS. 15 : 58, j"!ii Wakes Tp. I Yesterday afternoon about 3:30 Ticu-iniuj;- hi:i.y riisiht n! !iri j 0clock ft man and woman drove up :t!othotiit..Aii cc:1Srejins j t() th8 cotton platform and the man win i'niioi'sio2i Kerviees at m. iq uIrcd where the . waiting room !:w.u I.aor.rti ( Snmlay W:i3 J tll-it tllG liuly WPS going off Oil A! lend. . i i . . . F . .1 i I j 1 i .1 -I , At a meeting oi iue miuuiej oi ; mat uepor, our. irom me depot on Concord vsberd:iy it was agreed, to the other side of town. "It used to the 4 o'clock train. Ik' v.' as told that the trains did not leave from Ivive i. n-iui services during icvt V L :' v 1 - " c-; A Jl 1 tv"'e ft-.v-i rV;veh to church. The foh .a wing is the programme: Subject "Hurvi Ration n d f u:r rolrabl-:-.-. n lae :: : vice conformity to the Th and oi leave from here' said the stranger, 'Not for many years," said a plat form man. "Well, I ain't be --n here in about 2' josrj. The train used to Lve 4 his depot at 4 o'clock, and 1 b:ought my wife to send her off on that train." He was informed tVat the depot had not only changed, world. Psalms h ; !hii ix. 3-10; but that in the period of time ! re Matt, xxi. 17-20. Central Metho-!fer:cd to ( vi d the rc.hoduleb had - e.r'rei. Jiv. 7, :U : cbang: 1. The two droye off b Pev -V C Ahvrvler 1 ninv" -. look still depicted and Thmks'Hvm": For ! t ht ir f t.cvc. Charlo te Observe r, :ui i. If: tor a- ::k '.-mi: 11 : ' ; 1 JL '.: cj Ac! ; i an invfi j-ir ': av-b5"'1'-!!' r I Christ fo :h. i. i: Jl X 1 1 ;i i t) i iCi ' .."i i iO a 5.; . for'jr fc 9- ii MS : Ksb. iv. 1. 1U. i' i; uu i j . o j I't'i'ian e u:V, J -V.. 'J, T p. ::i , irircb, Wodaes , ;cd i v Kv. J i C mm j An Anti-2'av.H ( iis ii. i lb: re is a raib-ad chap vlio hnovre bid i'ible bett-r than he obeys j "Ckncal appbeants fr free tran; : poriatit-:! on a Wetrnr rilroid re j c-' ve ihe following card, it is said: j'Tho'i shalt not y.ii-s.' Xum. 1?; MSulTer ruf a mp.i.i to t aso.' Judges I 3:2s: cIsonf shal! ccr pa?s" Isuiah j "1. 1 0: T!: gencra'ion j-hrdl not TliOiih they ' T O t r ir.d 3:30; roar, yet te.ey c.innot p3?s. !'' .: :'ev ram ihcir laiA R Mcoee. ,' )H '-.Til v n:. Rrecby Icrian. be-di 1:3." A. R. i mm or.; fomit, cial, indii l! id i and pOiiil 1 ; i . a.itiiori'. v : i c r S t i a i a day, J Ii Jlay I?o as !H:vIi lor ; on- Mr. Fr.d Miller, of Irying, 111. writer that he h:iu a severe Rbbry iUve c.ii:ct:en to vice t-nd ill ! troubIe fDr nianJ 3'0ar with oc v-rc ! trafVie ; for ;!! m-.dl r- ! l5113 in his back rind th his oludder was effected. lie tried many ?o called kidney cures but without my good result. A' out a jear ago h' cgan the use of Electric Bitters, nnd found relief at oi:ce. Electric Hitters is (.specially adapted to cure all kidney and liver troubles and often gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove cur statement. Price only r0c. for large bottle. At Fefzer'a Drug store. i.e;i. .:, Thurd- , lu, k in , lead by Rv, I V Oin I : ii . Subb. ct : "Foreign Miir.sicne" Rrayer for all missionaries and mie sionai y for moie l,ibo:eis, for Fi. csayertion of Jews, Moh.irn aiLdyiii md be -ihcn ; th .t the war in the E..-.5t m ;y open new doors to the gospel, the African rum traille may be suppressed. Luke xxiii. -lo IS; .Matt, xxxix. 3333; lb di!) xxd. 7 2S, Forest Hill M. Fh church, Friday, Jan. 11, 8 p. m, lead by Re;. B F Davis. Subject: "Home Missions" Prayer for home and city mission aries, and for jpissionary societies;! for a larger apprehension of the so cial mission of the cnurcb, for in creased co-operation, for a deeper sense of responsibility in behalf of neglected country districts and the unreached multitudes of the cities. Cobiv.' 4 ; Isa. lxii, Baptist church, Saturday, Jan. 12, 7 p. m. lead by j Rev. M (x G Scherer. Subject: "Families and Schools" Prayer for parents, son?, daughters and servants, that in all their rela tions with each other they may fol Florida on WIic1k. Next Tuesday from 0 a. m. to 0 p m., there will be standing at the depot in Conor rd "Florida on W'lieein" r:ar. You need not go to .Florida to see Florida, It will cost you just 10 cents to see it. And you can not af ford this opportunity to see Florida, The gentlemen in eharge are very clever and will fake pleasure in showing you around. Don't forget the date next Tuesday. See press notices about in this issue. Regular Communication of Stokes Lodge, No. 32 A. F. & A. M., Mon i day night Jan. 7tb, at 7:30 o'clock, Ail members are requested to be present. Business of importance. Take due notice and be govrned ac cordingly. By order of VV. M. J. L. Boger, Secty. low the divine teaching; for all 1 n0iisorr saicor Rent, charged with the training of chil-j The bouse on Main street, opposite, dren and youth ; for all ChristLn'j W Cannon's and lately occupied societies for young people ; for Sun - j by D J Bostian. Apply to Mrs. E day and day schools, and for all in- C Wagonei. j3 2w. THE RUSH OF tiCMANITY. l'e;)!e Who Travel, a fSeen hy :ir Jlejmrier. Mis Maude Brown hag re turned from Salisbury. Mr. Bob Walthall will leave Monday for Gaffney, S. C. Dr. John Thames spent Fiiday in Lvxingioa, proft;iiii.iilly. .!;;yierr r.i.. i.4 .vsgers will return ! to the University next Monday. Mr. Richard K. Pliarr, of New York city, is in th city for a few CHEW Tlli FINEST TOBACCC, WHICH IS " LUCY -HINTON," 3IA2JUFACTURD JiY T. C, WILLIAMS & CO., Ricliironcl, Va For sale by all firstscJass dealers. MAD WITH THE WE AT HE CUKEAU. dayt?. Florida Orange (Jioweis (Vimplnin '1 hat They Were Xot Warned of I lie I'd'eoxe. Jacksonville, Fia , Jan. 4. Fruit growers of Fio: oia are loud in fhpir -v... - s a , ,i : Miss Elizabeth Gibson will leave i l" negligence ot ine Weather bureau in not givinar them next Tuesday for the Normal at Grtccsboro, N. 0. Mr. Jno. 0 LrMi, of Charlotte, i-pout Friday in the .:b y. en hi a re turn from Salisbury. Mr., Lacy Dick left this morn- ing for a few day-j viit to home folks in Greensboro. Mailer Lloyd Philip, uftor spending teyeral days at ihe. bom.? of his uncle, Mr. M V (b.oter, has re turned to Rock Hill, S. 0. 1 ;-jvp News S a va i) n .v b , G a , J a n . 4 . has just reached hero that ". b:st Friday nigh at n out-of-the-way place near Willicho:chee, in Coif ve county, the hoar.?' cf a colcrvd man man i! a 'red Peter Vick;rs wa.s de stroyed by he. fIo:ji Vickcrs, a bro:hr of PeUr, tbrie of iVter't' children and four 'children of nr timely warning of the freeze which was 0 disastrous to the orange and fruitgrowing industry in this Stare They estimate that they could haye aved a half million dollars had the warning been given. That the weather office is negha gent is proven by the warning sent out on Dee-mber 20th. This wjrn ing arriyed in dacksonville at 10 o'cb ck I. said that frost was in dicated for ei'-t Florida the orange ero Aug section and a cold wave for -.vest Florid i. Five hours before mercury bad touched 27.7 and it was then freezing. Orange trees can stan d frost so the frost warning gave no alarm. No intimation was received whatever oi an unprecedented 'ii-' 1 OS. i 1 otiur co: on all, wt re b;s U.l' n'.C i r.i:- de It ij 1 The State co?)im:-i!id-r writes us j e origin, ItircU 'h Artiicit Mdvc .lie jju'v o.u e r o i.or Cuts, Rrui3.,j Sere?, Ulc - r?, S lt Rheum, Fever Sor-s, Tetter,Cb.apped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all kin .Enr.dim.- i.'l y-: livdy c;s Piles or no pay n quired. It is guaranteed to ;:v satisfaction or money refunded, i'nee ;b" Ct ntsr re box. For saleaMb lb F-dz-r's .Drug store. Tom Watson's Dally .div.;en(!cd. AtJanta, Ga , Jan. 4 The 'Daily Prea?, the organ of The Populist party in Georgia, sufpended this afternoon. Ex-Congressuiao WaUou the proprietor states, tht the VTeekly Frees will be continued and that th ? Daily will be resumed in the next State campaign. from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "Af ter trying e!her medicines, for what seemed to be a wry oh-iiinate cough ill IMJr t WO f'.'ii I; Ml wu i-ri.l ff J inn' , ... r : . . ., . .1 i i i. -evj viy ;:i,u ill, Llie end or two dava ihe cough "enurjj ? left t ht in. We will not be without hr rafter, a.i cur experience proyi s h-, i: cure whf-re all other res nudies fail. Signed F W Steven s'a'e Com. Why- not give this ,ire;it mi-dicine a tiial, as it is guar anteed iind trial bottles are free at FeSz.-r's Drug store Regular siz:--ooc and $1 00. ROYAL SjLN FaBRICS-W-: ranted all -dills:. Fv. t.-ntyour inches wid- worth 2o pt-r yard. We are selling at 75 cen ts. FORTY INCH DKES,5 COODS Worth 50 cen's. Seliin.g now at 25 cens. FORTY IXOH WOOL' DiiiS GOODS Worth bo i sell lug at 2 7 ce:i. ALL WOOL DPFss Worth GO cents. 35 cents. i .; HANDSOME DIAGONALS Worth GO cents, IS -tw s dlinw 111 do Ce 48 INCH 1!sI0T V'crth GO centp, we arc FelHng Worth 75 ci-nt?. wc p. re :ellinT at 50 cents. Don'c faii to st e ms b'frre von buy. We can cave you iv . Uiv vOv AL.l Ci 'I r. ' o ..: V J K: -.. We ever shown in , th! c w the Ladies, and we rrai. Pi ices. n4 For Tour Keueflt. We will run 'busses on January S, 'o and from the depot for the ac comodation uf a'l who wish- to see "Florida on wheels' Fare 10 cents each way. Leave orders at stables. M. L. Brown & Bro. Yon Ou;;ht ioKcc II. For the benefit of those desiring to yisit the Florida exhibition car, which will be here on Tuesday, the 8cb, I will transfer any one from their homes to the depot and return for 10c each way. Leave orders at stable, M. J. Corl. 3td To All WIioi:i it Slay Concern. I have authorized Mr. J L Boger to collect all fees due me and give receipt for same. Respectfully, J. Y. Fitzgerald. Lost ! Rtd Irish Bitch, between Concord and Catholic church on Gold Hill road. A liberal reward will be given for ber return to Dr. L M Archev or Dayid Earnhardt, mm nmmww Ul1: M A N U FA CT UUKKS O F FIXE GING.1I AIS. OUxING CLOTHS, PLAIDS AND SHEETINGS, GRAIN AND SALT BAGS, r 1ELFRS IN mm. mwmi BUYERS OF Gsustry-ProdflGi mi ft! AND. Four.foot wood filv ays wante ' best prices for same. We invite pe insoections of all the goods we M ;i ufactur Don't f,R to o f e our es and ;biidr.. r;, ,.f' 01 the best line of Mrr, (o be Ft en in Cor. red OROo.SEr SHOE ut MorrioNjLentz 1 a bd ton 1 tt (It U i J J 1 1 1 Cox cord, N J. M. Odell, . D. B. CCLTRANE, L. D. CoLTRANE, Capital, Surplus, President, Cashier. Book Keeper. 850,000 SiLceo DIREC 10RS ; J. M. Odell, I). F. Caxxon, Elavi King, J. W. Caxxox, W. tt. Odell, fW. H, Lilly, D. B, Coltrae, CONCORD MARKETS. COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer. " Good middling 5 05 Middlings 4 S7 Low middling 4 02! Stains 4.1 tc4 75 PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon 10 Sugarcured nams ...11 to 14 Balk meats, sides. S to 9 Beeswax Butter 15 Ohickend 10 to 12 Corn 42 Eggs 15 Lard 8 toll Flour (North Carolina l.?5 Meal c 1: - 55 Oats 40 Tallow 3to4 ''"iff 4

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