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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 07, 1895, Image 1

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TITO ... i...: 1 iS-. Vol.. IX -No. d:h CONCOKP, N. C, MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 1805. Whole NO. Eiid 7 Tk A pi - 1 At i P W ,mp D 7- J T T T TT C f.Vf f rom nub 1 lifn too ."f'-fr hnv. T!vc (Srcpn OooiN Thief Arreted j ins received the compliment paid us, Richmond, Va., Jan. 5 Thomas dr.ri g 'he ko-idiiys. 11 lanwr, tiie man a-resten in . IVi:burr as one of tha nun who While "Ir. Pov? and Mr. Mr Mc yesterday swindled Mr. A W ''.Yich !";V'nt"; ' 'N;r;;:::i vire ;n?p?ctin: tbuj.ul not ers " Gloucester couiry, oai of tU jloni: shiee, I happ2tied to be iu my- ! ?5,000 by pissing cfT blocks of cop self, and naturally asked questions P'T for ''M !-rioH C X ;, ? hat t h;s is the- Week : Jkvaaa and Praise and our ) -) reiniMe-r ara u-voupg i T TTAT r ON he uplift i.i: and be tterm nit : v: e n.e , we as a comma I .'P t U. 71 j ; i '.' vi :; ' !;kt; a 7 I CREW THE FINEST TOBACCO, WHICH IS LUCY - J- -X 1 X N JL M ANT FACT l' HI) liV T. C, WILLIAMS . CO., Iliclii; a. Tor sale by all lirstsclass Scalers. . . : ; i v ere 1 1 ) r e c i-ielir.ed tfk tell me rne in tii: A).:u;:; cue co:-:; v. ho Earned to be u u Ai 'c'-1 - c, the. H & Rll f f 2 i 5 ? M V) i n ,i I i . . , . . I ne house on da;n street. copoGit.- H H -5 f! ?, K ?. " 5 f v a i U ; ell their troubles. 1 hibicbdpn: r.r.nt v;Mc ; e.. tue , , ,4. 4 1 . ?UJ1 S $ 1 M h ? I S i -,s in W ,MV the d. tl nude Patker v.orea ! hyAl-:ui to L t Mix on ; in r'f"er;.dr.uv;r hi? br.rd "nt "!iv 1 i'.g a v,,re als.o st-en. Oae of A - -.-t oik I f i V T t i ' 1 W'1 -i '; 1 inn 'hus.i on 7.t;.n?:. rv S, ranted all jr i("'h;:'.r V"T. r (: :- " ho ha? it a ' ;i : r th.-'n id: "1 .veuld have naid th j ' rr1 l?a''ibu:v:, V:i., J-ayi Vniihuas; to and from th.; depot lor the i:..- ' yard, Vve ;ie c-jj;rag' e.'; :".t:n::i!s and trihu -; i a. :ay, vei5, - ;; s . 'e should 1 . he 1 .ord for, ": l .-t i co 'n 1 i l . t i r : i , in in before I canto here, had lie k-nt j r-?!'5 I-i(--..:.r i ..r v:. i in re ; c )nio la' ion ci all wno wisn to s e i':ict." liis -Ttn;'A ra.:d 'e rndv -0 swurtie n t toe ri :ir;vn , in lono.a on wheels." luire lOceots oily. eaaii vay, 'Leave orders ?.t t tables. ! M. Jj. I' mown A Bko. FORTY JXCII PI!:s Cors:-W.-jiali 50 ce nts, elb i .- j-.r-v a him that if lie had paid the man before e':tmg the an hey j he v.ouldn'l he the; e in j til paying for it no v, or war Is to that etL ct. 1 (I ah: kno-v why they did it, but I a- i i la? i-pianai ; hat Ihiiher Dotc 25 cents. li May :: FORTY win)', pim-'ss : : t ;. Now 2 cen au :u .a ..'. col i iv . J . I OT: Mr. I'nd Mi'ier, (,f Irvua.', mi ' selh writes that he b in a :evere Kidac v , n!ar Oornnnricaion of Stokr-s j ALL WOOL DKF vS GuOD trouble fur many years with an ere ! L',!-- Xo- :)Z A- R A- M'3 Mci1 j Vorth cents. hUh.- . , pains in hio back and aLo that his d:lJ il!-ht Jan- 7:30 '';lo- " 001,1 S' a " o. as:, r ins ;nt consider the l in i .i ?. ...!.... tr i..-. i ..." All ire-tubers ara laouestet to be , tt a innpAnir v., . . ., , uiaiiuii v. an aueeieu. iie nun uiauv i 4 i n A pm iv i ;. . i ,, ..d. hi unsafe afr-T this kind of s:?mrt ' ( Ct,j. !;i,,uiv cures ha w; ! wit Prcsent- 15nsin ss of importance. any eod rcoull. A eon: a ear a:o!'1 ?ike ,;c nlico rtn1 hti vrned ac he b( -an the ucf K'ectric Jiitiers, ! C0Mlird V'S order of W. M. eleaks ia.- a f.stcd it. Fee!ia::r in! T ... v :t v-aere ' an- ... i ; I". air ha:...; : ! at there mirht be a - : r:;;ti.r ; a ?ai y, I withdrew from i the h L.a v a. Js ami took a meak. i op!e rt t- r ( i i j n j ' r As Ucual I, like many others, am a-T 'rii-: wisii the :bi head" bhiee "hritnns My -anjrel is '"a-ar" t a 1 : 1 1 :i wa'cr tor a soak, almost i .- xc.Vtiv.z t i 1 1 it must never occur ' x h na.aay p:a;ai.;c!. Vrishm you all a happ I-. - c v.a- j , w c...r. i ran as ever, aiid found relief rt orce. El -tine! J. L. Boger, Secly. Uit'crs is o :-cial!y ;ad-ipt-. d to cure ! rt-,; -N .rr,,n ,:,iVi. all hiuiie'. ;..nd l;er tioa-hs mid! The !V-st S d va in the worb! for ofte Oi ften c-iv :s almost instant relief. hit3, bruise ores, UlciS, bait . ' '!) -crr.i?, we inn a;',i ,v;p , ro n,-r of. h'b Fever r-ors, 'JVtterjObapped at 2f)cen. ;ne tritji will pic.'.' our basemen.. , ' .,, , . ' 5 Kl ,. - , ,F -t. ... . . , . 1 , . , ,4 IhnuK Oluiblains, Corns and ail fiJISC1 ; rH ''rftf biee only icr i ire bat a . a,t;.:i-, fl- .-, ,,. nr.. tlxuii yah HI k i s i .J.;. Worth CO coats, Nm-v, 2 at o:i cvnts W( rth 00 -ct m n c 1 r . . n a.!i iu , . . ' . ' lie ei' e tuli : 1 ' . : m u..r !.a-u Pk- f-t, h,.,,0 ;or,n.v :il Korx 1:11. I 'o rev f. Hi'l a : v.- ay ;aa uvea, in tins com ma nit y Ian:;. Wliy, if they rant a -, c." -,7 !!''.' ifc "'ill v ivo to be ba:-t 1 7 a r-maV individual 0; cr- .ithoiitijs h ' V notaha; to dn v. ith such modern 1 a;n th inkful a ve t ia j c yppf fir c n 50 me s reet-3 cnu't even cross fro in one side 5k "7 liie ot'i " r 'necami-a of the ah ?e :f the olia-r; and on another 'hre ;r .n Md- va?k at a!h . he'1:vi btal who r isei ruah an m hfa i ho vl :;:an the tovn f-- 1 ; laeeiate wh ;t f-'v tin' f!'h iafaat child of Mr. C, II Corxihcr, v.diase wife (bed only a few werhs e;ro5 - as found dead in its bed Sunday mamir.a;. The child is an ppoL u to have smothered. Pearl, the h-vear old daughter of Mr. XV li Z-mmeran, died nt 7 (iVpl- afer one dav's iduess widi cump. ('earl was taken sick Friday e7- aiai; but not seilously until Saturday niht. The fun..?r:d was preaelicd "rom the P'adjyrcriin Chapel th is, Monday afternoon by Rev J O Alder na;u, of the 1 iptiit church. . . .... 1... i.i 1 .: 1 ! e i 1 o 'Ui ' m n u v a1 ; v. cr T 1 . 1 nes m: no pray . onireu. Jt is .Tunra!:rel o erive satisfaction or an' rev r. funded. Pri -v- X?a Cv ntsr ' e ho7. du- s-ilead P. lb Feiz r's at, -ay mar !r,rW;as stolen irom my stable. Fimler-avill be rewarded. IIkxkv Johvson", Colored, Eistfieid, Mecklenburg Co. do lw. . . c JB rvi : Ped in-li Pitch, between Concord onl Catholic church on Cold Pill road. A liberal reward will be lawdi far inr return to Dr. L M Archey or P ivid Earnhardt. M ANl'FAC'l UHm;S OF F.N S GINGHAMS, OUrlXG CLOTHS, PLAIDS AND SHEETINGS, GRAIN ANDZSaLT PAGS, o b-.M flV V to ti i th I :nOy-TJir.-'' a I Tk". Aunrna. in': (.'7; a a.a.-s, ii iacn ; la y arc cousid. tied is to call a mass meeting of the oiti. vs and form a corporation, get the hah avi.nav to make us an appro p- i-i :)!: aud let us bur?d bridges and tn "die-, and ch::-a:? a toll. Th? mud :: ' '""el.y - thick to 1 on iV :w ..a : ii thaikfel f;r ki . 1 - - a: ; ::ev.s doling the ho' id. ays. Ree ides two shirts and a pair of eehs, i :a:n the happy pos-eiazcr of .i -.l donated by some organize '.ai of liars in our midst 7 bo falsely eeas-i tae by Saying I in entitled to a ,r s;nae on account of my having Pev. C L T Fisher, of Mt. Pleas ant, wa3 in the city this, I'd on day morning and expressed liimalf es highl y pleased with I he encouraging attendance at Mt. Anneia. There are ninety-thne students in the seminarv under his splendid manage ment. Misses Lottie K'atrn?, l Salisbury, 'v:, Addie Raters. m, cf thie eity, acal -.ait with Professor Fioher and will e-ter M. Anarna. iI.v a Ti aitti. kTiinday was a day of res', not only for the toiling masses, but the festive tramp as well. We were struck by one Hnndnv ovom'ripr. lip wanted a f oardhia: that wes believed f, . rn, , , 0 , . haudout. T he poor old man was 8G years old, and was on his way to New Orleans, he said, where he ex pected to make by the first of April, lie rested Saturday night and Sun day a "hoW kjanip, near the depot. hj Wiviu to het.ii untruth, 1, like snao of our other prominent men, exairgcr-de Tor do things through "jgnO!aueeJje-;"?at times that we wouldnh. do laU-niioRally if we knew it was wrong. Kornerand Ilileman, like the man "vith one ieg shorter than it really ought to be," have many ups and hw v in this old w A rickety world, end are misjudged and centureduiijuciiv myself for lying and Mr, liikiii ?n for ignor ranee. Of course these little trumoedsup charges amount to nothing thev only humiliate us for heter s 1 )rur store. A W;!rr;tn( So r an I'i.e I. ; r .U i i . IV'Ston, Mass, Jan. o. An in dictment warrant h is been i a-iaal -i.TT C 7'-- for the arrest of lleav P ;a;hiinz ! sj ?i rrom for thealieirod emhezzb'-nioit. .-f si a, i ()e TuestLtT ui-lit pjv cow. n derp I COO in rid frc-n t1- Vm nVl'eelor. ! r....v, with horns ciuud to wand 151odgett Co. tSp'ibiinr, whio was - forehead, right -far stnooth cut and oruk iay tile con!; . . .aa.u b a : .veep. er of this firm, and had I v n ;.0 yea is in tlieir unpluy, disja: :red from Poston in September hat. At that time it was not believed that the man was an cmlczder, hut later developments convinced the linn th it :adi was the f ict. i2iiti.- ti I lit' :.t;;a-. .. The State coinmuiuVr writes us Tr-aa Tancoln, Xeb., as follows "Af ter trying ether medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children we iried Dr King's New Discovery and at the end of two d;iS the cough entirely left til cm. We will not be without it hereafter, as our experience pro yes that it cures where a!! other res nudies fidh'' Signed F W Stevens, Stae Com. Why not give this great medicine a trial, as it is guar anteed and trial battles are free at Fedz r?s Drug sorc Regular size a ec and Si 00. Worth ? cent:?. - - ... d ,: at ;"0 c. Don't fil to .: -- - - 1 rv ; -r b u y . Ve can s a v a 1 "W have the best line of t . n V- '.7 ; "t a'-.." ' ? Saturday morning win'e APs. Emma Wright was w .liking about in rear of her residence on South Mam street, she slipped and fell, breaking her left leg just above the aukh. Her foot was also spiained. Dr. L M ArchevTslattei the broken limb, and Mrs. Wright is now rest iug tpiietly. This is the (hot accident yet re ported, caused by thefreezs. 1 HS 'fi1 At the regular monthly meeting 3i the Knights cf Pythias Friday night, the following efliceis were elected for the ensuing year : W W Morris, O. C ; F h Emery, V.'C; TI L PropstPrelate; S B Uamm r, M. at A.; J F Yorke, M. r.f F C E Alexander. M. of E ; G L the time being. I think 1 will re ir i it T , s For the benefit of those desiring tovsitthe piorid. t exhibition car, which will be here on Tuesday, the Sib, I will transfer anj one from their home to the depot and return for 10c each way. Leave orders at stable, M. J. Cohl. 3td n rm To All Wlioia it May Concern. I have authorized Mr. J L Boger to collect all fees due me and give receipt for same. Respectfully, J. Y. Fitzgerald. ver shown in this 'r wn, the Iulics. and we i. a ?.; Don't fnl to - ei;, Ladies, Misces and (dhildr. r.r,' e 1. ( a the best line of Si 1 to be seen in Concor1 he CPOSSET SITOF MorrioiLen TZ Fd r m mm n 1 eUll Udllrti o- Coxooup, N. c. J. M. Op ran, D. P. CcLTilANE, L. D. CobTHA Xr., Capital, Surplus, Pj ebident, Caeha-r. x .' 1 . I. i $50,000 $14,000 DEALERS IX DIbhCIOJ.o : -J. M. Opell, D. F, Cannon, Flam Kixo, J, W. Caxvov, W. U. Opell, d W. IL Lilly, 1). P, Coltraxk, BUYERS OF kinds AND Four'foot wood .lays wante ' best prices for same. We invite en insDfcctio-2 of all the fpods we Mar ufactur CONCORD MARKETS. . COTTOX MARKET. Corrected bv Cannons ft 1 V---r. G ood middling .......... 5 05 Middlings 4 Low middling 4 0' Stains -Id to t ; 5 PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv O. W Swin.k. Paocn P Sugarcured nams 11 to 14 Bulk meafs, sides ....StoO Beeswax... w - Butter b5 Chickens 10 to Corn J- - Eggs 15 Lard . & io"1 Flour (North Carolina.. .l ' Meal , 55 Oats 40 I allow - 3t0

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