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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 19, 1895, Image 1

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TPIJ fji yrtii ij a on O 1 ill i U AJtM Vol. IX. So. 117 MASON AND OVF'Of W. "!(" r r flu Itrtif r:4 ':sv.y-h: i' nr ;;.': If r Iliuwca si Jft;n ii it u led On!. Baltiyb, Jan. IS At a incc-tiDgcf tiie Democratic caucus here tonight lcy the nomination of the United tea Senators, ?; Domination for compliment only, th-3 following gen 1 1onic n were offers' 5 by t'rc;r friends for the Ion rr t?rpi natoraddn : I'-ian, AyccrV, Pot! rnd Coverror ' 'arr. M-v-v: 'v.:.? norn ip-itcd cn iirsl billot by ;.. vole of 20 to 10 for the other three candidates. jLiire were live bihets taken lor i'.v.' Vvo:ern ivnalorohip, with the f ciio wing named gentlemen in nomU nation: Overman, Osborne, Ana f i, CrMcfp.-d ;vd R T Paar;tt. On he last ballot Oyer:nan received 2S i ..-ixj n .;ns v,ao a, a ntn-uiiu-jiid. There wore prtaen'" 5 men: lord of i v beiisiAUire. A ti;e outlet it was arecu bv r.I! -r eroinat? Bm- .v si they v.fjre not named. a -. 'h r :nd'.L, r V 1 i ' . 1 r i f n ' 1 - ho '1 o i r- f fro i ! o v ai)e : h r v, e ahont it In the f re lit.- rai k Gi c hlei a war? a little boy wi:h c. cbi; hen. The rr&r.el. :'. mot watered. .ajf, t . l k r it :. 'o the t ".p, sci.. v,ur-': vv .'v,irt rhrd the r' .clier. The j i; a rnivaont anoth;T : 1 o pUovv.1 u! e.vau th oh rs. uh'O vrith a r; ;'.'! on. ''Joiinuy. tc)c: it baei iO ' h ; t ' I can't :;o out rilit When tho preRcher turned Ueh I i r,T,f.-. o b v.d ; r-g.i n.:;other ho' came a.oi-s bearirj: n chickcr.. ''Ahem ! ; said tho parson; 'lhanks " TLi- Le;d nr. u!:til 1 e il;cu;J:t his coop would bo oyerta."cd, but he f aid ho would look out for that.- Next inorniur: when he wont cot to take v. pr o and tbty pay it was real early when ho mado tho vimt he foal!'' only one little old chicken. . i I.'..'. t...iv lu ii.0 b;..ii-J che: :c a -....t :j tha . .he one boy wort took tlo c 'nicker, and w i.o around 'JUL' r.j1 A That w-.s riui'io a" social rratp.t'';ng -t Fori?': .! : ! ! ebureb Ikday idv hr. t o- oee-:d' obw a ilissioearv Tea, given by the - Woman'.! M !.;. : . - V il li 1 U i J Tho rroj'ummc COeo:,.-;:;u oi lauac, r. r- and rccP aticu. fj'hc rookie by M,-3 Coleman and JTr. k-i. ., h.u . -. .d A oedth at the ' ,' y. ; i - a .... ,. din:: ..a 1 recUabona bv tho to nr. - i ;if:a W' "ri'o in e homely anorcci-.ted bv all ter these Kvcrcicea all ed the led tire room sen e U -. . i ... . . i . . i . i3 ell - ) Mil t : t"i :?. 1 ; Pe 8ck of iiu ' ;- rdte. Tlo. o-hele . oa:j carjiel out mic r.d the occasion will be -trfally i J l. ii j i h. .'f f ni o nf ntr.lif ni! P ' ,4SUiv ;" !,;e oivinbeid and friends , I of the V,,; :o3 :,)?s?onary .Society of Foia.;:. 1 1 ill Church. I haya authc; h...,i klA. J L Be0er t oll-c1- "II f"-a r?e and give reeeipt for same. Ibspoetfully, f J- i FlT.(TIlA l;, rvj ei'-v Four room dwelling house on Fast Den iJepwi ttieu-c next lo xVi r. upp; app.y to J. W. '"A::-o:r. dJeilO. FIRE IN COLUMBIA, i-.- 5 I ho ' rN '.fcci;! a J oi ol Out A ssionic Citizens. Columbia S C,Jon. IS.Abont S:30 o'clock this morning the Co lnmb& Female College building, one of the oldest and most thoroughly equipped college structures in South Carolina, wa d: covered to be on fire. Tha- building wus damaged to the K'iiount of 5,000- The Ire originated id the rcof oyer the fourth ilcor dormitory of the western vtiiisj and wasdhheuii for tirenea to et at. It id supposed to have been caused by a defective Hue and to have boon bu ying during the night. It had groat headway when discover ed. Tl'e youn indiei, over 100 of them, ue eat "morning saidy" in tlu! ehaad. When tiie alarm was sounded, there w.u consternation, out i be jirls wee not panicky. i-iy of theni loct all of their v,n-U iohe, jewel j, wafchea and olher cf Lctr. They wrc :di got ton out of the H-' -e :w! 1 he citizens ha?.eued fr rLrnv; a t'uir nonni 1o them. i quatered i.orogbv in a h; v acts in Columbia. The u a fa ihtihe tlamea for two h-.ui v ., . 1: aa f be fore th ey c x tins gu i shed the lire. The building was inn-rod for 7,000 and the furni Hi;', f v - ?".:). -J J J ? 1 r .1 . ?k k'ora, a white woman of hi. !hiii r .- .., dh.d at the heme of .Vl. J TV Po'ovn), ilso of Malbr..! Cheek township, ye. erdav af tcmoo.i -r v oai'e. She l-aul been sick fvr v '1 a : a ad beiea; unab- to et mod. eat attention, whee she was. L.ho ;, dh: .1 faar mde w' h a (woo ' months- old Lab" oa be: breas', to l;nd .otae cac who would 023ist her. U br, ,:,., u-.q u;m- sin'v hi fhoiv pover'y-s'.rickni ho ce, and tne'poor woman, almost c j.?d .vith ;;iin, started out' r,a amission, from wh'ch 3 1 io never irciunet). '3 no 'ViM ' yea "3 o jkl, vu)U Je i child and a husband who j3 p'os tratv.d by aicki'e, M J If Wed-diiijiJ.-.t, gayc an oder t- Mes, Andrews & IlarC) endav, I' v a cas- kt'!, .-.iid siiu 1 1 ba be. eu ii t'l' eeiaee:-")' in .Mallarl O ae'. Ch rr lotte Neve, The nivht vaa a pleasant oae, and the yoi-r, men who responded to ': io .oation to attend the recep tion a llr2. George W Jkans will eve i u oiooibr the delightful time a. .a the elegant supper Friday night. The it caption wr3 complimenery to Mis-i;e3 l;eilean't Kat' Menus nd Av.qz Mcis, three of the charming P'ebaka:, ','ho are spending some time with Tdrs. Means. The yomng gentlemen who were present were : Monk F k:or, Ivlaurey Kichmond, P; :e '', Ibibe Young, Earl Prown, Vidt .(din j-lou, Pud, Joe ; aa 1 C'rU-s Lowe. For ('f r 1'iiiy i'a-i ?dr.. V i's'ow78 Ecotlrog 8rup has otrrn nsca; or ocf niiy jears oy mill ions of mot her;? Pw 'heir ehii h r while teething, with perfect suceoss. It sooth--: i he child, ofter.a the gaa.s, cdLyc all ;?dn, c-re wind :cl;c. a: d k the b; s' remedy ter Uiarrhoor Ic will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists m every part of the woilu. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Pe sure and ask'for ''Mrs. Winslow's . toothing Syrup," and take no other Hind. mwZ&w CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, JAXUAKY 20, 1895. REFUSES FOUSFS PA It D OX. av; su)r lr Will A'ot I'ai-jJois i lit Pnlisltury Fmhcxzlcr. For quite a while people in the western part of the Slate have been signing petitions fcr the pardon of 1 II Foust, the Salisbury man who embc .dec! the funds of the bank of whicn he wos cashier sometime ajro. Foust was a prominent citizen of the town and waa P'.'no-M to be one if therno3t exemplary men in the p)aee until he foil from grace, The charge ogaiii3t him ;vas clearly prove i j and he wad sent to the peni teatiiiiy for a term of year?. lb, b-cthe;, Mr. O G Fouat, pre rented an application for pardon to Carr, but z : day the Governor announced that the npplN cut Ion was refused. Xl EYKKliOh DEAD. Aehvillo, N. C, T; r 18-Miaa y'-A';f ekvova. noon, ohh .J1 daughter of vice Preiddert Adlai .1-1 St&venson died thin af; ornoo: at o'clock. V 'r Steveunon c. mo to Atdioyhle about tho iniihllo of October, ac. conpaniod bv her mother, sufTerinrr from wuuc waa Urnt coumaorcd to ho a heavy cold, contracted on the co;:t at J.lainc. ihj however, deve. ioped into cbvrniv? pneuaiieai 7itb. tubcrciords comnh'-ai ions of k;deey trouhlr.. Aii ot tao famdy, oocoepl her hi c 1 1 r ke e' . , were pro';-.iit. Fr-dind .. 'y f u acred aer viee. wdl bo Lelu in tho .nior.-i of i ho liattery .Park ifotel tomorrow at .o'clock, und iho remains will leave A diayille ier a pneciai rarfor Bloom iiiti .ii, x'k, itt 4 o'clock- Tho inter- uient will occur Uonfay. Tho board of aidc-niion adjourned ,1J' '! "M'osbiuu oi sympathy lor lho hardly in. thfir bereavement. Tho ear in which the family, aecomn panied by ALanagcr jtcKissiek, of tho Paltery Park will leave, "was plaed at tho Viea PresldenPa diw poeai by President PooP, 0; tire IPu' Fglu iGLltu. ro lor HorMliic'ir As a remedy for all forms of PeaaWdie Electric IJittcro baa proved to be ae yery bes. It dfecl3 a pcr-u..- a :ya I cure and the most dreaded habUual sick headacho yielda to it? inlluence. We urge all who are j. ibcled to procure a bottle, and give UP? remedy a fair trial. In 01903 of habitual constipation Flcclric 13 te-'3 cures by giving the needed tone to the bowles, and few cases long resist the use of this medicine, Try it once. Large bottles only Fifty cnits atiPetzer's Drug 3 ore. A hl InviUMtiou. A eordial invitation is extended to Ih.e ladies to visit tiie Art Craio yiucbo and see the exhibit of crayon drawings. You will be astonished at the work of the pa pi Is, You will re ceive more attention if you can come 1 "a bef' one o'olrck, as 1 iv 1 busy 1 . . . . J teaching alter mat iiour. ion are welcome however ofcany lime. Artist A Millhr. 3t Liberty, N. C, Jan. 18. The Farmer's Alliance erchauge store at this closed its doors P-dav under eveculion. They have car ried a bge stock of goods and the failure 3 to be regrets d. S'i-;vsli 7!l i I It (own. Mr. Z A Moiris, of Harrisburg has four fresh milkerj for sale. Ap ply to him or at thi: oil: co for in ormation. j2S CHEW THE FINEST "''V. T r-rv 4; a :tanufactukd ey T. C, WILLIAMS CO., Ricliiion.iL Ya gT For sale by all first-class dealers. a i aouiiniceinnieifiit E TO THS U .. CAROLINAS TO THE t,!8 SOUTHEAST OF Tho C1m.arfott-3 Observer na'wj an announcement 0 mora than ordinary Interest. By! aP ftiTangonjeDt with the publishers cf thai fj:rcfls9t of all refers? Utrerlss, Tho Ecoyclapaidla Etitantdca, nJ.-tb (btis;) sdition, we &ro enable! for a short t'uno to ;;iac3 this iClnr cf Books wkhla sa$y reach of every rc.-i.Jer. This edition 13 bound la 20 Royal Octavo VvivimQ2 n l s the only coinploto a:;J uoatUd ciiiioa of 005 fj"ot rr.rv :n exJstrce rGvfjc-3 to date. That sovns sort of an Erryclrpdia I3 a n:ccs.!:y, all must cicknovvlcue. Tiiat the ! er?3t nniTANVlCA 13 the very best L-yc!o- p.t-dla. ne v.!!! deny. Only its great cost I fer-'f.ic ScrO.ier EdlCon, Szoo j'or the njinburh JiJlon-has pro vent. i its furchjsa h rc-tof- t?-. At those ; ri:?s none but ths rich c.-uli fl;Tori t.) own it. vc ofltr fcr a limited fi.r.o t- ihe leaders cf The Cb.'ERVl an f 'l'ion sup cri.T cv:" - .ho c.-.t'y Finb".rrh tidition ::t the ur.hea: J of introductory rate of TEN CENTS A DAY For t; is baiail o-Ciiy you can t.cuio thc-.-i a3 Roy?) octavo vo'cmc. ccrp'ote n-.-.d un ctridijed, revised to date. The Critanp.ica aelf needs no endorsement. Fcr u) years It hvs St.... - d th:' cn.v. )-,!.-:- .r.rk of our iZngilsh the noblest work in a !7 liter: jret the ona only adequate representative of tho 3 3v.i"ced thought n? scholarship c i '.he wcrld. !t Is the only Encyclopedia in which each principal subject Is treated by an acknowledged authority uon that subject. No ethar Cr;cycl.:-?rclia given Ten Thousiai Dollars ' for a slna- arMc!o. nor Six Pur.dred Dollars A page for wrieai matter. The fact tU-a Was Kpcndi?1 in Its prep.nrr.t!on requiring tha labor of of tho world's f r.- 'test f cholars, te!!s the story of its exalted superiority. Over C'-o American authors were ernplo'ed on American subjects and American ir.stitutlor.2. The BditSon We Offer To our -eaJers comprises many features worth? of i mention. 1. A t! trough equipment of new maps up to date, c?:n2 to produce. "h. A mer !.:-:. Copyright Articles, re r ri'ai 1 t lata by eminent American writers, la t-.her r.spt 10 this ta.iiv.i is word for word, Lr.e foi ' - . .;o fr r pae, Identical with th j expensive F jlnburgh Edition, costing $3.oo per volurae. 3. But e-.e cro'.vninj- feature of this Edition hts .Ar.mic.:? Adll'On -tl Revisions. j-repAred under tha supervision of that widely Vno'V'i Encvc- Kdic Editor, V. H. DEPUY, D.D., LL, D.. assisted by a ccrp-? cf tr dnej writers, tlinrouhly rvlslnjj the entire ork to date. Not only are a'l Scientific and Historical Subjects broujht f.bso!utely up to date, but a vast fund of new information Is aJded, relating to the material, social. Industrial erd e I j 'atlcnJ progress of the "'-rid. together with many tix New Biographies not in the original Edition nor in any o'.ixr Encyclop.tdia. Fcr a Sfccri Ttes This elegant Rofertnc-s Library v 'II be offerel to subscribers of THE CKAGJ.C. 7H OSSSVS C.t remarkably low Irtroductory prices, aaJ Ori tt-rma so easy as to s.em almo'r (uiicrous. There are four styles of bi. ting, and all 5ty!e3 have double-hinged, flexible 1 :KUs, 6cveJ precisely I e an Oxford Teacher's Bible, so that they are dur.b'.; .nd convenient. It is n acu.-l fact that this boolt L ..iorc Ctr-!y bo.nd Edition wh'cii Is sold lor 53.00 per volume. L'non application we wJ:! sc r.i yvu doscrlptics vr.d prlcrn of the varlovs ftyic-s, rd you Day select any style of binding- you cboosg and have the priviio2 of paying for it at tha J ate of ro co'fs a day, ba'f the .f t bc-'.nj delivered to you at orco ; or, wo will deliver the entire set of 28 volumes on payment of 5-00 per month. Aii charges paid by us to any - ;ar;ai iaar-n !n U.iitci States. THE OBSERVER, Charlotte, N. C. 6K' v"i'. 'f Ailtli-l N-'fVe. The Best he in tVe to "'4 for Onts, Bruis.?, ore?, UJc-.?, Salt Rheum, Fever LSot, f:tter,0haf ped Hand?, Chilblain?, Corns and all .Ski 'l Ei'upticiis,- .-itid positively cures Piles or no piy rtqnircd. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction or monev- refunded. Pi ice 25 cuitsr pe t P. B. Ft-Izer's Drug etuie Wiiohe NO. 1,427 TOBACCO. WHICH I!?' oun :iip,v,tm.;:i u i sir r- WILT- BP, GIN jL.r.d now js. tho Unic to i.vh'.i y. u . selves ot bargain:-!. 'I hi;-; ??ftg- wo mean T?iti!0?-r?. l- hrst to C0?ii0 Wl. l t(C3C I Ij (TO i,t. ,i .- ' ,.. ! .... ... ... A . J . '.. . D ; word TCo wliohjRh- - WO ';; h"--at Uc per ynrd. We lmvo o.e -hall' dozen M I'' . " 1 w o o that aro iAh Ri,' per yard. Wo hr- Gi ever f-old in hi?; t vvo ft t.t per , ;n-: '. -i.a . black LKirch Ik..ri-M.; vho!tsa,.le prim T1, , and all our viuiti h-joi.s ;a Lion. Vo hav:s j.' I ).xi 1.4. oilVr in .Mitt-s .d CM!L .: ..v -a i S5.C0 coat to r;o r.4; JIT" v-.,?. .V small lot wiioh'sai"? if.- ice ' nnl 2 25 to at 1.25 eaah. A if-: HI wc x a h ... i. :x a.. a. at prices that suit everybody. No, ilou't fail t j see our slock cf Wo have some special baiv; : u io ofiVr and aaraot -aicr. 'i:T "t)t bo ui:dpsoM. Th i oM a": - ' .'his: ''Sooinrr j? " Vve Oome and Bee; Glaa to bet yvu h- .I will interest joa. Ti'tilj-, MORRION, LENTZ ft Co ikil Mill i Comcoud, N. C. J. M. Odsll, I). B. CCLTRAXK, L. D. CoLTUAXh, Capital, Sarpbi?, 81'; ono DIKEC TOllS J. M. Odelt,, f). F. C. s Klam Ki x., d. V. v a W. B. Odkll. Wr. H.. ' ' 1). 1,.(.-ot ar?. axe, VALU A 13 LK i in vi an FOB bALE. The folio winr valuable :cvi property is offered, for fcale, piiV:i!-j, which ia located i.i the na;Ll: .. n. part or the city on the east ri-a , f Forest Hill; OHO t wO-SOa, i lOui-l nO-. . good well, stable, orchard and hov.r-03 one two.3fory, :"::n?n ! and odlC 4 room ho-?ecn St. Ch--es street, and one store house, on street. This property can I t hou ?h' on easy term?, whii will he nude cn application. Address W. P. Sitt:alt:v. Lincoln' on, N. 0. or U'. L. Bobbing Concord, "V. C J fc-HI- ULLtl

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