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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 19, 1895, Image 3

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A BATCH OK LOOAL NEWS. I'iclievl l'p mal Vut i Nliape IIj Our The hunting party scared to death two rabbits Friday. Mr. Robert. Coble, of Forest Hill rouu the Pythian goat the second time, Friday night. He sa.d it was J in: One man has proposed to con tribute to a public library. The dead b jats get xjorc than that out Ih. X L liOcj, w China Grove, is juite sick, Mr. Kos.- lias many friends here, who will p be sorry to he::r of ins iliutss. A Salisbury hog wa3 killed it was a year old-and to t;ive an idea of its weight one ham weighed 2 yciuulo and 10 ounces A youug man, a clerk, who is p;tc una obliging, u as crushed to the earth while usiistin a 00 pound country hisfie from a bugay on Frio a)'. There will be a change in hotel circles in Salisbury February 1. Mr. P A Frtcks, the owner of the Mt. Vernon, has leased it to dipt. John Bn snt, o- A3htvlle. Contractor A 11 Frcpst was in the city looking after the work be h-ie hand here, lie says the -Xmas. tuiao: oi the The J ,.-t!Mfr wi'3 a dtn. ;S. V.) I -Jt.- lr. Vv II WaRctielJ, of Charlotte, in Concord at U-e i-t. 'ioua on Friday, February lot, fur one dav I'raeUee limited to eye, (ar, 1 . : , f leut Dr. A ii Dreher returnc . Irani a visit to Wiluung.'oa, and taut oui. :o his ho'.he in Mt. Pleas ant. He Lai not deckled uicu a .-ire ?.-! t!i:l:i:: from South 1 iDe imprtcslon Lte?M to that .w, eir'f'idel, doer c to brirj liquor the State. Such IP not the care, h'jv.-ever. As mnc.h as a single giU b:i can b? brought in at a tinw. (j Juicy ( 5. C.) Ledger. Says the Salisbury Herald; Miss Luhi FcS.trmac, ot Iiarinui Springs v. i:e is attending Echool at Buena era. Va., spent but, night here " ad left tor L'.-r home this morning aa wi - to h t-ilpram nnnouncmg the serious sickns of her father, Bey. J H Eesperman. The Strrvdar! a jo 3 Iiid many friends in Coucord will be pained to hear of the continued veakness of the good old Mr. V N Mitchell. This v. inter i:as oiie hard with him, and seidom h-'s he been seen m Coi cord. We liope as the winter passca away his strength will increase and that we may yet see him in town. Mr. Caleb Pitts, who is Kegister Vv'eduitigtoa'j right bower, does not think tb-it Clarion Batter is the dictator of the Legislature. HeLajs that there are many Bopulists who think Mr. Butler needs to have a collar put on him to hold him in oh ok, nud for that reason he can not have his way. Phew ! Mr. I'u tier is the central planet around which the Populistic people get their ' bm, Whatever he thmkatlie a-: :..v.nir. l oarteen barrels of whiskey from die rectifying establishment ofMr I) L Arty, and seven barrels from the destillery of Mr. T D Roseman, were seized yesterday afternoon by Deputy Collector H P Watson and KeyeDue Officers Means and Mebaue. The seizures were made by direction of the Ke venue Department for al leged irregularities. The whiskey was stored in the cellar of Bingham & Go's store last night. Salisbury Herald. THE RUSH OF HUMANITY, j , tt, -r i I I'eople Wlao travel, as Secu bjr Our j Reporter. Mrs. S G Murr, who has been visiting in Salisbury, has returned home. Mies Margaret McNeely,of S:Ui bury, is visiting Miss Fannie Kogers, Master Thoma3 Barringer is home from Charlotte for a few days. Miss Joyce Clay well, of Florida ia visiting at ex-Sheriff Morrison's. The Kev. B F Davis, on the 1st, duy of January, 1S95, by the mem bers of the New Gilead Reformed church. Or rather the pounding began on that day and has been con li'iutd ever since, until pounds of pork, sausage, sourkraut, bird, sweet and irish potatoes,shelled corn, live chickens, butter, groceries, eggs, etc., and cash have found their way to the parsonage, and still the good word is there is more to follow. For that which ha3 bijen received aud for what is to come, brother Davis would heartilv thank the kind doners. Coming so near the Christmas-tide when extra drain had been made upon the pirsou's pocket-book, chid kindly rememberauce is doubly appreciated both on account of the intrinsic value of the gifts r.:d more especially as a token of kindly re gard on the part of those amongst whom the Lord hist called the brother to labor. Nor io this the only time that our broth j: and f imily have been re membered since he came into our midst some eight nunths ajo In dividual member of both congrega- tions have repeatedly shown their kindly regard by contributing the necescarieo of life. And cri W'soes ire ui.Libeee of the Trinity (Con ccij coagrcgation lefc at the pai senage ea;y lo dar- for the use of the inmate? , b aides haying on tw o previous- oecaio.- yasited the pur -Sonant ia a bjdy and pounded the inmates, tirus sujpling them ;th much that was useful. A 1 of which hath caused joy in the hearts ot those so KL.dly remembered ant no doubt more joy in the hearts ot the kind donors ; for 'cit is more blessed to give than io leceive." lUoauy .u loan oa real eotate, W G Means attorney. tf Everct Wretz. 4i3aaaay, dis is dead bum beer." Barkeeper. lVell, wbt do you want? Didn't you ask for beer without a collar on ? If it wca gentlemen ber it would wear a collar.'"' Cinc'.ali Tribune. 9 SEC" Speculation HAMMOND & CO. itocls ct-ncl Bond vrrrj. Kt q 130 & 132Pral Street, NEW YORK CTTZ, N. Y. Stocks, Bonds and Grainjbouqht at.d sold, or carried on Margin. P. S. Send for explanatory circus lar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter, (ree) dwly mi Tobacco Spil.or ftittokc your I,ile Away Is the truthful, startling title of a book about No-To-Bac, the harms less guaranteed tobacco habit cured that braced up nicotinized nerves eliminates the nicotine poison makes weak men gain strength, yiSor and manhood. You run no physicial or financial risk, as io-To-Bac is sold by P. B. Fetzer under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. Addres Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. j3 1m. i-aimury. 1 rel,retllt tQe Charlotte Steam r .,,,,,. A tt . """""'j. -"j uGbiiiijg lu wear Collars and Cuffs and even a Shirt "aundried in the very best manner, will do well to call on me at Can nons & Fetzer's store, and eecure a price list, I guarantee all work to be satisfactory and any article lost or torn will be replaced or paid for. Also any bundle left at Cannons & Fetzer's store when I am ik,l rasere will be promptly attended to. Mark your name plainly on the bundle. My basket goes to the Laundry promptly on eyery Tuesday night, and returns promptly on eyery Saturday morning. I solicit your custom, and only ask for a trial. jO lm. R. E. Ridenhour. Agt. liOoli Out! A co d wave is coming ana if you want to keep warm, buy vour coa! of Brown & Kimmous ; they hav the be3t in the market. Leave your j orders at Kimmous store and they wit! be tilled promptly. We also keep shop co tl on hand constantly f-b3dw Brown & Kimmons- lielucel lailr(inlKalks. North Carolina State Convention Workers, Raleigh, N. C. Tickets on sale January lil, 22 and 2:, Limit January 28, 1895. Fare fer round trip $0.70. INTERNATIONAL $ $S'k.,lICTIONAR Y I F Sia-ci ssor of tJte " Unabridged." f 1. . Ha; l l'i int- t i;nr e'lico. tit-r.s. C ZPi : UAA Q -f m-arly all 111(1 the I te-fl a mil j' ,ixi im mll l y every ;tio ie.j'iTi'.itt.'ii (ifll'L. Srl:iols, tins reiiiii. with- j cm iiaiiiLer. " e.iiO v.iih l:ia till" t v iinTs tho , ' f-;;ii:i, Uv i.; r:n y i, clrfiiii- "lion, for 'f:s;!.'. o i:n'Uiols i:i imli t ' :( Iiut I r'!;:::!i'! ili fur icrsi' vet " e: anreli- -islv .--v.i :f frjrts, K j ",!icli;,'!... v, '.' ;;:. I i'liial a !4., ,.,.., , II,. ,. -.,,..1 , . ,.1,.,,,,, i i The G::o $i:n:c:nd Authority, So v,t::c II.:::. T'..T. .r.-.-. .hotio- v. s. A bu;iiU!' t'l'iiu. 9 K c.xi;::iUAii co., ru?usiwrs, i f FpririfZr.c: !, .Vrs.v., T'.kS.-i. g mm Soml to the inbI;.r-!iors for fr.'p pnr.:v'ilt. VJ-1 o not bay chc:: n jfj.rlt.ts of :ijiri..'nt e.Utions. $ SALE Or VALUABLE TOWN PROPERTY. Ly virtue of authority vested in me by a deo 1 of trust from Caleb A Sutlier io Jaino3 C Gibson, clerk of tbo tfuporior Court for Cabarrus county for the benefit of six children of said C A Suther named in said deed of tnibt which is dated Jau uary 10, 1SS0 and duly ri-mistered iu tho Register of JJaoda oflico of Ca barrus county iu book 31, pap:e 331, I will on Monday the 3rd day of February 1805 sell at tho courthouse door in Concord at 12 o'ciock, uoon, all that town lot oil Church street said town, adjoining the lots of tho late W C Kimo, Josey Suther and others, and known as the Caleb Suther lot, for the metes ana bounds of which see saia. deed ot trust. Terms of silo $350, three hundred and fifty dollars cash, the balance on (G) months time note and approved security required at 8 per cent, interest from date of sale. Jas. C. Gibson, Trustee and Ulerk Superior Court. Xhis, December 19, lbJ5. dw CONCORD MARKETS. COIfTOK MAltKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer. Good middling 5 05 Middlings 4 72 Low middling 4 G2 J Stains 4 to-1 75 FRO PUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon 10 Sugar-cured nams 11 to 14 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 9 Beeswax Butter 15 Chickens 10 to 12 Corn 45 Eggs 12 Lard 8 to 11 Flour (North Carolina 1.75 Meal 50 Oafs 45 Mlow 3to4j r-- - - Kcvcu ue Seizure. Notice is hereby guen of theteiz ure of the following property, for violation of Internal Revenue laws of the United States, supposed to be the property of John Carter : One horse, 1 wagon and harness. Nineteen boxes tobacco. Two empty boxes. Oue keg whiskey. J'hree jugs. Any person claiming said property is hereby notified to appear before the undersigned at his ofhee in Asheville, N. C. within thirty (30) days from the date hereof and make sach claim in the form and manner prescribed by law or. the property will be declared forfeited to the United States, M. E. Carter, Collector, 5th District, N. C. By R. S. Harris, Deputy Collector, Concord, Dec. 22, 1894. THE ARM LOCK BED SPRING Adjusted at both ends. The most comfortable Bed Spring yet known to the world. It will not get one sided it stands perfectly square and will not be come loose. THE ARM LOCK . BED SPRING is in many oL the best homes in town and county. Mr John P. Allison and Dr. L, M. Archey say it is complete and they would not .do without, them. For further parLlcuiars calit on me or addres.1 , J. Wallace Cook. Concord, N. C. CiiLEBKATED SOUTIIK-N JELLICO COAL. T T'' POSITIVELY GOOD, COMPARATIVELY BETTER, SUPERLATIVELY BEST COAL OX THE MARKET. HIGHEST U EATING CAPACITY LEAST PER CE2U1 OF.;ASHES. Three Grades. Prompt delivery. ; .TRY IT Samples EREEI! Leave orders at G E Fisher's store, or with my.waons.! k. l. cravp:n. i curt Aolico. All persons are hereby notified that the J inuary, 1835, term of the Superior Court for Cabarrus county will not be open before Thursday, the 21th aay of January 1895, ana all jurors, witnesses and suitors will not attend before that day, Januaiv 21, 1895. And .further, all suitors and witnesses in ciyii actions will not attend before Mondaj', Jan. 28, 1895 of the second week, as the civil docket will not be called before that time. By order, -.TAS. C. GlLSON, Clerk Superior Court. ount Amosna SEM NI AR Y. A Flourishing School for Young ' Ladies. TEN TEACHERS, Ornamental Branches Receive CarefuiiAttention, ; REV.SC. L. T. FISHER,.' A. M Pbincipal, MOUNT PLEASANT N. C. n nw 1 PNY. 1U U -1 JL 'PTl "C T A Oil -Tn rnTT i.i i -r nnTT inrj uAoi or liiCi j3AliUULL STOCK. Twenty-five children OVERCOATS, Six to nine years old have been thrown out at the low price of 75c for choice. Thev are BARGAINS. $7.50 overcoats for 4.75, 0.50 suits for 3,75. 4.50 suits for 2.50. EN'S PAIN TS a 3 low as low as 4 and 7ij cents. Undershirts for ,40 (its- All-wool overshirts at cost. T3 IS '11 A NTS Calico 2 W2 cents per yard. Outing 4 and 5 cents per yard. Wool dress goods, pants cloth, satin, all remnants of silk 15 cents per yard. Don't fail to buy some of the small shoes, V2 to I, at 50 cents. Ladies Sizes 2 to three 4' and one half at 70 cents. Zieglers, 13 ay State and all of the best makes at tho same price. The price on o u r e n t i r e s t o c k h a s fcieen cut in two. All win ter goods must now go at your own price. U II U UU1I 1111 X I ey y "v "ft try yUIL JL JCsak AYrf J j

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