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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 19, 1895, Image 4

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X, I1 ' mmSimniu ,Ji:;2:AjLi 1 Si' CHURCH DIRECTORY. STUMS 3 FT! Money is scarce, times are hard, but tlio feeling of kind ness ioye and iood will still remains in the human heart, and seeks expression at Christmas, now as always before, ii - Gift." of "Giving - What shall these "ditts" be? Something useful as wrll as ornamental, of course. Let us suggest a few things. Well, if you want something for your husband, father or brother, We suggest a pair of slippers, line soft Russia calf, or Ooze calf, Serviceable, handsome and comfortable, Nothing will add' more to a man's comfort when the day's WOl'K IS (U)Uv, llKl lie &eeiS Hie Utaaan; kjl huiui, umi St. Andrew? Lutheran church, Cauuoyiile Rev- J. D. fchea'y, pastor. Sunday School at 0-30 a. ni every Sunday. Preaching every 1st Sunday at 11 ft. w., and 3rd and 1th Swii.': -iyo at 3:30 p. m. Baptist Church Rev- J- O. Alder- Sabbath at 1 a. in. and 7 p- in. Sunday school " a m, IiTyor every Sr.ruruy nij;!.l at 7 o'clock. All Sa jits Episcopal church llov. J. C. D:vi rector- Morning servico at 11 a. ia. and 7 p. m. Sundny school af. 10 a. in. Prayers Vv'ednos dav r.' ' i . in Foi2bt liitl church. South Rev. M. A. biu.ili, pastor. Preaching at 1 a. in. and 7 p. m- Sunday school at i :!." v.. m. Prayer ineetii!-: every batunuty at p. in, ipumic; n,w i.;a ,"vtl (Yf in m oiv nf cjrai... o vued. ; . slinwrs. It will draw a man home, and make him bt. l.itlieran churcti ltov, , , 1;, . ; , , f1lovo Til(J11 win n,-rl to his rey spect. It gives a man iu air of dignity to have his feet aU tired in nice slippers. They are nice to put on Sunday morn ings, too. Then thre wouldn't be anything wron;; in giving a HANDSOME SCARF. Git TIE. It's a sine qua not; in elegar.t dres::-, ard is always appreei. as a piesent. Anticipating tl'.g' 1 '-steof our people, we have just laid in a special line of goods in neckwear, selected from the latest styles and nest make.-. ; It always gels, away "70 (JIVE IT TO 11TM 1 TIIJ NECK !" fs vonr fr". nd or relative a travel-;: man'? k so, wiiat's he n:at ter with u'ivini," him a handsome Traveling IkigJ Or lit n trunk is v. anh J, we havf insl Ike ii '..lit things tiaveling hag-, and trunks galore, of all M.f-, ma. s and styles. At;ntis- so.iiM'times a lady i com-..llcd to :-';ve :nan his '"walkiiur oaneis " le iiuuideiate enough to : : 'tare ! M, G. G Seliere r, pastor, oervices i. every Lord' a Pay i.i 11 o'clock a." m. i ard 7 .1 ... m. 1'ravcr iiictijtr and 1 lecture r; dncpdav at 7:30 p. in. I ' I3;;v' Chapel, Methodist Church Rev. a u Alooee, pantor. Sen ices at It ... ia- Mid 7 i. m. Sunday schc u a. m. Ti , t;. jlvforiiied , ju; oli R- ;. B . Frai ': rnvi3, past r. Sunday i &chov.l . 10 a. u., fa:d j leaching nt 11 . fvery first aril ihird Sim dlV- .i.::d Suildrtv .i"I:0'.d at 2 p. Ill , ;i and jut v;,u :r v.t a p. i. , c very 'j fcGCor.ic' : 'ci!'.!-!: Sund.i.y. Prayor ji moeii: r "W:- i.t 7-.U) j m. A', t: .. codi'.1-ly iavited. ft Fii.-t I : by 1 1 r:a i: ch'.rcL Rev. j! C .m-. ndtr, Pas 'or, hreucir tf iiig 1 . . ' '.vi tidily at 11 r . ;:; , and 7:30 ; 1 S 111-day sclooi nt a I o'ck . "'. Pi .lycrii'v ctii.' very Ved- nes."' a; .r it at 7 :' 0 i Ce v"l k:hodi: Ci:l:iVii-Rev. 1 !R, L . i 1 r, KtMoi". jerviccs v.i 11 a. " ', " ! 7 p. h':.:'I iy scl'.ocl I at Z .:,c!.--- p. i::. j - t. p ste- ;- ; 7 1: I.'JM'Oicr.r S:"t.' Itim I,iJ'. j M r. i. Cuiilloittc, ').ugsist, r.f I BeitverviL Ii!,, .y,. -To Dr. Hie. V. lakt-M Willi I . .Grip-.e and f5 tried : ! ';-v:;i;': e- nil iil-oi: ' ' ' ro ;:.;ul i-;i I va.-; j ivt n f up ar i . '-.' I c.uid r.ot. iie. Having I Dr. V' .':i N"V Discover) in liiv ; atore : .- for lo'Lo ard began its u. d from th v. lA'ti ducc vegan I to g -1 ; . : r. :n:d thrc 1 - - i . ..I' a . . 1 1 : !:.. v. or U; ;: . its v. a J., v 'Vij'At Let p 1' stoic ur si:i,rP. it.'' Get a I free,:..!.- Fetz I A;k hVtc. MA s Presents1 rist FOR BIG FOLKS, LITTLE FOLKS AND ALL KIND 3 OF FOLK The Furniture Store presents for husbands, wives sons ;,t laughters, mother and sisters. THE FUKNITUKE STOP presents Iorasomebody else's daughter and perhaps somed.. else's'sisterand'your own dear JULIR-ANN" No place like the FURNITURE STORE. i Eyerybody concedes the fact that if you want a presen! f a BRIDE or GROOM the Furniture Store of ANNOYS, IETZEIl & BE1J, is the place to Ret it. D.2 S. Afcarsload of presentsjust in. O. F. UP TO DATE! 5 . , t 5 v jr 4 v. lr' f 7 F, e" Wemii'.ht many olih'i liiiims that woahl suit r -wi V-'J 1 V O tiotis to. supply your Xmas want-, ana will do the bist ossi I hie fou' you in our linn. Willi host wi.shos lor a happy Xnias, ! Wo roniain, yours tj'uly, Asnsunl, and an we runs hnve trado any cost, aro oAoriuf: bpcciai induceniuuts on aU our iiiftt rumen tF. Special indueo liionts! Why, Uir-y arc simply Vr-ondors at our "Hard time Prices." Itatlicr d'Tiill, fur ub to 'quote prices lit . but v.e prnfrantPO that r visit to our vareroomr will raphe you buy. GAWNQNS Si FETZBB 4 1 1 i 1 icos os , looia I j V A. 1 ! 1 O . - hot o.ikos. Time iikuIv oui. iow. Gold vatclr s o; lilci 4 J 1 J 0. F. 1 All r T T A rp 1 7 T a 7- T7 a 5 a r "1 Special indupoinents for cash; special inducements on instal ments; epeciol inducements in superior ins t rumen ts Stoiu vsav, ?dapo!i k, Hamlip, Matbiicbek, Steriii;;;. Greatest libt in tlm world to choose h'ow. Cornu uiiii sco just once and test if tlio above is not correct, or write for catalogue. L 4 A I tli H H T i JjW U 1 -. " mm, MM m Mm, TT r o ' i JL. 1 J I Mi ei i : .T.P. ' K. K.;. ler, o jo tl Von ai moil o . 1 c . : ' .. :-.ll (- ) Cul;;. vt t1.-, Ooiiiily. ?), el. ' a?, hov of !. T. II. ;m)., Toii:is Ke:t- l.V c 1" (";ilitir;'i; v . 1 . 1 1 " : M-n-'iy ooi!j;:i;in:ic(i t sil'il - o'h;iMiinnd lAy (,tv,(,:iiii;iii lo 1 i' l.oit n- 1 1 -. 1 J u i : ot our :r Of ouiily Ot Cai'Ui no, at the :uurl houe ju Con ' ord :; t: '!h;i-:ay 1 fo-'j th; tt Mondhy in March, ls'.r, at wiiicn time and ph-.'-c ..;ey Can, ii ' lla-y ce Ji!, ii'akc tlicr.i-e- j : nt i t a i; t i ii' or iclc iidajil , in the uf untitled case and take such Ctioii I'.iuy ec 111 to t.-ko witii re.iraiu lo il:e inattci's in vo!v-o! j;i tuj.; We are now selling K LOU II cheaper than it has ever heon sold in Concord, especially when the quality of the roods is fallen iiuo consideration. We have just mailed to. our eusioinei s, quotations v.'hicli j are extremely low. Wheal and corn always in demand an highest market )rices. We dill oideis uom)tIy and iuiniah) price list on a judication Ooneord. N. C. WAIN HOUSE SAVANNAH. OA. CHARLOTTE LRANUH, W. M. WIIi'LLER, Maxaoet,, "I '' t- 1 f "TT ' -r- r -r 1 ; 1 WANT. YOUR TRADE jam i;s v, ;itiS(.N, U;-.'ik hujierior Court. 'i ;v IEXPKCT TO SEr.iL OU ? ONE. THOUSAND YARDS OF FURNITURE PIANOS AND ORGANS' FMlt. AD'A': L'KATOirS NOTICE. Ik-i1i:,.idi!. d viz ii-,t?diristrator of Jeny Authony, dtccaod, ;tll per 1 1 Ncv tyie;?, Fine Work and Low Prices count for anything. Don't you Bons orvr saia estate are hereby notified t,c- -t the y r:iuzt mcik'i iriinio diat:, in, rif, c,r bait will be brougt; audai in-ons liavir : cianud-against said una pro; nt them to tht undei ;: d duly anfbeuti"atcd on or before the 2nd day of January, 1300 or thia notice will be plead in bi;r f T: recovery. Jan. ;:, ;ja. ELAM KING, Administrator. ND r UB T M T TAT1! f i H J H W n think it loolisb. to pay $i7r0 or iHO.Oj for anii Oa EcdrGv-iii buifc wLon you can buy a better oao troni mo in OAK for SIS 50 ? Jo it ui-o to v- SoO.GCU for a Parlor Suit to oao dealer, when yoa can buy ft lujttrr ono from mo for $22.50 ? I can oil'or you tlifa Siniio .savin ir iu all trrade. and styleKcf riiriiiiumo. THB LAPiGEST STOCK iu. yoa to CtlOOSE FKOM ever displayed befoiv -PIANOS AND ORGANS?-: A D : 1 ;iSTiiATOIl'ri NOTICE. llav.' , ..uuliiied iv. tbc Administrator of Iflaiy i'(!L-(.rson, ducjtifcil, all pcrs owing fslftte are hereby notified that luiy iu m.iku iiiijiiL'tuuic pnyraem, or Suit will lc brought. And ail persons having claims against said estate must present them to tlio undersigned, duly authenticated, on or before the '1st day of July, .0t'.i, or this notice will be plead in bar for their recovery. C. IWCLINE, Administrator. This. Dici-mleh5. 1:)4. Jiy. W.M. SMJTJI, Attorney' I Fveiv instruccent 1 oiler you is fdrictly firs -class and is fully uurautetu. writ o tor cata!o?uos, priori ana to:;u.s. T or Tiiivtv Days I vrM oflor p renn'ar 6425 PIANO for 8375. T licvn of hfr nrr'nl hnr.nmoo,-i,. k,.. t:aius a.-i 1 iiavo Lover betoro oe;n able to I p.iy freight on -ill in truiosnts, r.nd furaiiii iiuc ?otl, 'scarf and irstr actor. H .M. ANDREWS Dealer in Maitcis, Fi:tuit no, Pho'i: d O, 10 18W. Trad- street, CIIAIiLOTTE, N ( -1 rM; Worth 15-and SO cents raper lyard. J i v.. ff

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