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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, January 22, 1895, Image 1

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19 EI i i 1 ' 1 Jl I J 1 Ski V- rq !. Vol. IX.--No. i- F T II K HIG WATER POWER DEAL ! , ' i Ss-v :i IIjU J!iSIion IoII:ir Cotton j . a.!o!..vo.itt. Oiioii noon Alter it j r.r Year, There is low uo longer any doubt ;d.out the fin d cons'tmrnttion of the dr.d whereby the hum:-: so Tv;iter y w;r on the Cattv.vba rhtr ne-ir :!-!:;.. has Ixca tra:irr.I to :.V.t. .) M Odell o; Concord, IJ. C., , ; big cotton L-Cory man ami hi3 .i ; oc es, ar. -i i xat luey . ill at onco b-in the en-eiion of a cotton factory M a coct nf not bs than '0,00' );il, c wb. Work v.-ill ro doubt be '. rl;. nn it ?r LV e:rly qT'-"2 a:?d pushed ;o a completion .as crly as S. -., ran r7. it z uiidcroiccu th.ic Col. A that b::: b Trti d North . 'ore" ;..o:va ra:!r?::d -:v-:n:r t thr." hi.? hi: pairr., o will -nt:r into an arrange- r ''if v ifh t Ui-. -,f tho Chester & Lenoir Narrow (hinge .vi a.1; n n : ; no.! ' 4 . .. 1 , 1? .Lumoer Co, on tiie arrow Cai;g i, n;, ;m ar. 1 baild truck fiom tin re down iho river Sunk to the r-v; cotton factory plant. There aheadv a charter for tb:? latter road obtained by M.: -r, J L Lyerly aa-1 his p srtrer Phil Hp ettiemyre ana , ' 1 ,,,-- .-. v. I p r V r. v. ay of .it: i t .-. i i l. " l O iiir-Vviti--.' oi Lii j oc n tr.ctory at ouce, ic.Wjor oi Capt, Odell has looked into the per- (!-, ! 1 knor;s) aii about the water power v.:;a the 'ands. lleexsmioai the property f3 f:ir ba:k as 1S; and made a bargain "tli i:..- 1 re y . . ::vr xson, who iiund piite proieinently in North Carolina duriug P-coir 'ruetion, in which he agrttd t pay Air, Sw-pon ,00 for CcrL ,;n parte oi me th proper i v n ,1V Swe7'"'" ro t . ,1.1 1 11. fell through 1 : u i ..nicu xn iii-i n jv ianious i i' - i r cotton factory at Concord. But he now Iv.s his clutche3 on the atde o; hi3 eve? ag;: in ;i little more tangi 1 1 f r". r. J N Bohannon has : eil- !f e, v. . DM: !tV -;iitii5:r to have every thin ft eiened, . .i'.'U ..'!U -1. C -li -:vj . . Coiico-'d 'vPh hi: T.vife and ai ' -lehrd 1 rilliant wedding of Capt. OJeli's b:e. a ' . .. h;, wlicza husband This deal has created quite a commotion in certain circles It is be big commented upon more in every other place than in Hickory. !-nt i y. The Manufacturers Kev , o.d ef lialllmore had quite a long anioie about Puis ' eter power the i v bt fore this trade was made, While this is regarded as the finest p';er on the Catawba river evt-i e-er has now been bought actively into j demand and the only thing to hind or seven-d more sa'es of such pro perties rnddhe immediate building ot factorks is that the present own ers may inflate, or raise t their hind sights higher , than their fore sights and thus over shoot the mark. This is also applicable to those people owning what they call "gold mins es" or gold lands. "We hope to have Capt. Odell and his estimable family &s citizens of ! Hickory. 1 Jb is is the place of pure air, good water tiuu hue nertith, wita & ' chsap living ai.d abunJint pleasures with all the accessories of a lare city. The beauty 'bout ILckory and every tiling natural pertaining to it and lis climate is like our old ! friciid. IL'iiij' Biiara' patent soap, it fits any coO Hickory Press. i'li iUl. - 0: Pat :trday night last little Tena, the twe!7.verr-.o!d d:r.i."h'?r of Mr. .T,L- TV ehu Vr Pi-well, eloped with Mr. UrT;' ?da:tin, of Pamlico county. We 'earn that Mr. Martin had asked for 'he hand of the ehiid in marriage, bed rdie buig so young the parents would not listen to him but tola rJm o vrait till .die -ms older, but he did ; d care to wait. Mr. ScVeH vas conducting the erv-jeo the Free Will Baptist church on Saturday night, and du ring prayer Mr. Martin slipped the child out and went to Ilarlowe, v, :.h'V v.c:e married by John S o, X:.p Mr. Martin came to :owi! " .:Oay to bung the horre but iei'c hh briile at his brother's in Craw.n county. The affair created 4uite an excitement and Mr. Sewell w:r; very indignant over the mutter. "'or Owr Filly Years Mr". V inflow's Sootlrr.g Syrup has been vst'A for over fifty years b nd .iio,, of moihers for their children while t-ee thing, witli perfect success. It soothes 'he child, oftena the gnnis, albiys all pain, cures wind co1".;. i. '.d is the best remedy for Di arrho.1-- It will relieve the poor littl mil;:- irnr:ediately. Sold by Druggiats in every part of the world. Tw-ntyTrre cents a bottle, Ik- - are and asktfor '-Mrs. Winslow's 6oot.hir,g Syrnj)' and take no other kind. mwiV: y ?Ir. Iltasnt Iliwns. Mr. Tom i.ost of Concord, "en. Sunday here. Sr.i- of the ladies of the tov,-:i are l;:hly Lhg.:g 1 in getting up an u0!d Polks Concert," for the enter- tainment ot all that deshe to be cdi S bed and amused. As a matter of conrr' roveral cf the boys have be cor ;e i'. vclved in the preparation of conceit. A. grand success 13 predicted for the undertaking, since Lh name is :c trulv suited to the ,-- Tiie Colh g - t on somewhat of a boom since the holidays. The num her (f students has been considerably ine!ea:ed and some unusually bright minds are found among th: re'r fo 'cemc:;!?. It :3 said that the Cc ;c'-: will tu;n out more ?r;uluatr at thi coming commencement than it ha:; dono on eny previous occasion of a eimdar nature in its history. "We are ' 2 l senlor' 'I'r-oeli 'dt. Pleasant has no rail- road 'advantage av-d though her mail carrier Jrive3 a mule that has a little government of his own, yet in the pvi.oe essential of modem civdizv ion, she stands un3urpii?se-i and uik qiuled by any of her sister to v. rs. That essential is pretty girls. CViai.n mischievous parties arc vevy fond of burning pepper on the Racket 3toye. It is very annoying aa well a3 injurious to the proprietor oea- l'resli Milk Cows. Mr. Z A Morris, of Harrisburg has four rre3h milkers for sale. Ap ply to him or at this office for in- formation. j28 CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1895. TH K COLORED PEOPLE MEET. Th Mfo Colored t'liali iijces of t2:e Cotton States KpoKitiou to Open Atlanta. Seld a 7ft tinj;- iti Al ia lidi. Sunday's issue of the Atlanta Constitution gives a full page ac- o.uut of tiie presence in the city of the colored chairmen of the South ern oiaU s m the preparation of ex hibits fur the Aiiunui Exposition , U, , . ! 1 ..Ii . . I--: . t . .h pritr.s tht- pictures o a number ot them. others is that of !or 'vnsrc-.-ri W 0 Udem.-in, who is the chairman of the committee lor JN'orili Carolbi- 'J'he Co.atiiutioa sav'3 : V' 0, i.ho chairman of tee JNorth Car dina beard of cor:, riissioners, repre.euts a new type of the colored man in the South. L io a real estate ai;e-ni ni:ii merchatu. at Coi.oorU, M. U. and is said io Le prospering. He is a man of few words and uioc mi-L, but some well known A'Janta gentlemen who have had bus.aess deal in." s with him, ?. i.v that he v jl 1 1 do much for his State, ar -r 3 - I Section of Kenat; r Saleiu, Oregon, Jan. Xil The re election of United States Senator J X l)oh:h bv ihc t oiii or row is conceded. Sacramento, Cah, den. 'M It is generally Oclieeu that Cniiett SiU-b SenaiOj. George C Perkm-: will be re elected by the Legislature tomor row. i)o;er, Deb, Jan. SI -While to day'd bahot wns unproductive of any change, the Addicks people talk confidently of a break in their dints lion tomorrow. C h e r n e, y . . Tan .21. . t n oon Lon;er:ov; the Iegislature will ballot separately for United States Senators and Wednesday ihe Members will nut m joint session to canvass the vote. Clarence I) Clark and Fran cis K Warren will unquestionably be elected on the first ballot. O'-mpio, Wrsb., Jan 21. TP; liru L.- 'j'c for L iiite. S "atcd oen'-'or was taken by the Legislature to-night with tkd following result: V'ilson :J0, Kennedy 13, Jones 5, McMil'an A!!t1, 15 haw 7- -Ntcessary to elect 41. The seventh billot re suited : Wilson Z7, Kennedy 28, Allen 1j2, Jones 1, McMillan 13. 't:re for Ileadnefie As a remedy for all forms o1 Headache Electric Bitters has proyed t e toe yery bes. It ( fLet3 a per manent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick headache yields to i s iniluenc?. We urge all who are ai fiic'et to procure a bottle, and give ihis remedy a fair iihth In of habitual constipation Electric Bit ters cures by giving the needed tsne to the bowles, and few cases long resist the use of this medicine, Try it once. Large bottles only Fifty c-uta atiFetzer's Drug store. IZun't Tolm iit or Mmtlte your Hie A nay io the i; uthful, scarlling Jiilu of a book about No-To-Bic, the harms less guaranteed tobacco habit cured ithat. braces up rdcotinizul nerves eliminates the nicotine poison makes weak men gain strength, vi3or and minhocd. You run no physicial or financial risk, as iNo-To-Bacds sold by P. B. Fetzer under a gnarantee to ciire or money refunded.1 Book free. Addres Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. j3 Im. ; Who was the best dead-beat? Oair.; he dead- beat his brother Abel. . O n T? TT fpTT"D PTATCcn UiUJt J i MANUFACTUJU) T1Y T. C, WILLIAMS CO., Ricbironr!, Va fSr' For sale by all first-class dealers, A si n o mice ment .o t!, PEOPLE Carols n as A-: TO TH2 .OUTHiSAST rn Tin . 7 ' Joe Charlotte CI- soever ma'ts n aonounctrcnt of Liora than oi4inary interest. By special arrangement v'vh the publishers of that g-reatest of all reference libraries, Tho Z?.ric z!opxidi. Reltnnnizv t ninth (latest) c.'.it'n, rv? rr" er.nbleJ for slort ti.-ia f p!. o tnis KliT of 'Books within eary r;ac!i cf every rcriiVr. This odaion is bo fni in And is the only cnrrplrfro ani unabr'Jged edit; ' D cf tiiis work in existence revised to atc. T!.at snir,3 sort of a.n Iincyc'op.tdia is A necessity, all autt ack:.,wlod;o. That tho jrrcit n.7iTAN'xi-CA is the very test EncycIo- pa-dlu, none will deny. Only its great cost- for the- Scrlbuer Hditirr.. Sioof.rt: nink,.roh Fl.Anl,, ... 4 .- -1 ktri-.olors. At these rices Rons but the r:h Cuia artor.1 to onn It. -e offer for a limited time to the readers of THE OoSERVER an .lt,: .-: .... n . cjii.t'ii sux:i toi even li ui v-ubiiy -j; nLarg ,n Edition at the unheard of introduct ry rate cf TEN GENTS A DAY Fcr this small outlay you can secure these zi Royal octavo volumes, complete- and un- fihrldg-ed, reviseJ to date. The Dritannka itself needs no endorsement. For 119 years it r.".s ftood tuc crowninc '.vork cf our Di'ish for a sln'a article, nor Six Hundred Dollars a pace for written matter. The fact that Was expended in its prcprration, requiring tho ls'rcr of r.cro of the world's greatest Qhrl.z, tells the siory cf Its er.tlted superiority. Over 6;o Amrru.-n authors v 'e employed on American subjects and American institution. Th?. Ed'tlen Vz Offer To n-T roa .rs cor prices features worthv 0.' special raention, 1, A th(.r-u?!; .y.i'pni "it of new maps up to 3ite, costing S 0,000 prodrce. 0. Th.: American Copyright Arliclcs. re TTitten to by. eminent American writers. In c her 'sp.ets this tdliion is w id for word, !;i.o f r liiu.'i 2? f ' r"o, identical with the e.xpensi'-e Edinburgh IfJiJ.on, costing $8.00 per vci'. no. 3. th;t the cro'.vr.lrr; feature of this E ll-io:? lz its American Additions and Revisions, prepared under the sn- .-vision of that widely known Encyclopedic Editor, W. H. DEPUY. D.r., I.L. 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Upon application we will send you -iescriptj'jn fund prices of the various styles, and you rnay select any style of binding you choosa end have the privi'ee 0 paying for It at tho rste of 10 cents a day, half the set bei.i daiivered to you at once ; or, we will deliver the entire set of 28 volumes on payment of S5.1v per month. All charges paid by us to any laiinoad station in the UnitedStates. THE OBSERVER, Charlotte, n. C. Tho R?et Ftdve in r'-p or1-1 for Out3, Bruis-s, Soie?, U-Icfrp, Salt Rheum, Fever Scrs, Tetter,Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It is guarantied 'to', give' satisfaction or toonqy refunded. Price 25'ccntsr pe boxV For sale at P, B, Fetzer's Drug etdre f " ;- lar.;;ua;e. the noblez work In all literature, j ;;ver SOXl in this 1 ' v, u py;er, 'I ?u the one only adequate representative of tho I wo r-f ll at 7; p -. v-.,( Tyc" '-,",-' ' c! fl3v:-.nced thought and scholcrship of the v,or!d. j bbick 44-inch r" Jl --U llnh' It is the only Cncyclop-rdla in Whlch each j wholesale price lo,. v. e at Va" rrir.c!?iI subject !s"y ackncv.Jeiffod . .,..,1 Vl! 0. ... d" ' authority upon that subir-rt. Ni other .-,.., ttT 1 ' V - ' r-- 1 1 -i -r, , r ! '. e have ri :-rfar ! br.jn ti.cytha.a nas given hn Thousand Dolors : ... r:,.,.. , , n .-.J ?s ' WnonE NO. 1,121) mMi . , iujjAUUU, which is OLIi I'dliyVyl;, Lh V?j"LL BiLGIN TOMOHROTv Ard now j-3 tl;e ,2re to CiVc oi ba renin . Ihiv P;1-g wo mtaa Iraines-c nd tho c? Mi vec i v.? v- j i rr- , ,., ! ' ."V ' J W"01C3J. - WO iter them , , ' lli &er ' h.lA u ont'-bail t'OZeli 1 r i .; . I"- 'ii V K.J al&i US I tie'.t ero wor' h , I (; !- w j. ;v j j - ... ,T , ' " A J Vn&&T.ZZ?!!zs t e- bcl v'ee . --r!, , i f . n S3 00 coat to go Mt 3.75 and 2.00.. A k'1 lot whr'os ii'. jirieo I'd 2 zd to go ai ;-"1.25 e:ch. A few BLiNKET'S at prices that suit r tlt3 hodr. Kovs? dou't - all t ) soe our stock oi" use-. We havo some pjm e;fd l.Tvrrra !? t o tdlVr and Ruarfiittf-ft prices, ill ot ho u n d e r o o 1 d . i" h o old a :i -? f " Cviio and tec; G.'ft io jou and will iottreist you. Truly, MORRION-j LENTZ JC f n n I i Mi 0- Coxcokis In. G. J. id. Odell, ). B. Ccltkan-e, Co :h L. I). Coltkaxl, A?stant r-'-: -r Capital, Surplus 850,000 ii CjL i v.' itO ' .1. M. Odetl, n. F. Canx r Elam Kixo, ,J. V. Cav- -W. Ii. Odell, W. H. Lu.i.v, D. B, Colt h axe. VALUABLE TOWN PKOPEIITY FOR SALE. The following vaiuabJe hw: J property is offtrt-d for snip, pt: v.t ; whioh is located in the northr-m I .-irt of ;he city on ihe eust side oi Forest Hill ; One tro-3to:-v, 7 room good well, stable, orchard i vd ci.t nouses ; one two. story, 0 room h?e and on 4 room house on St. Cbnrh c street, and one store house, on M3in street. This property can be bought on easy terms, which will be nradt i application. Address W. P. Spealey, Lincoln! on, N. 0. vt W. L. Robbins; Concord, N.. 0 ' f, ?1 K 7 Z 1 :1 ' 5 . f I it . ;i ... " ,'-J..:.

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