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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 06, 1895, Image 1

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"TITO I h IT Y 4 NlTToT 0. d(5b CONCORD, N. C, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 0, 1805. WiionE i, . 1,14L S. KKIXG Kli DEAD. ; !i"V. :m:l Ir 01:1 i nen 1 . Barringor, of Char amhiy morning at 9:20, 1. oru therefore hud n. n. in 1 1 i c i i n v ;er?l ; ker d ii1 '. iii . ;. was a brulber '. ' . , , - . , , , 1 i e-av- .;t- ! in are ' ' ' i .A- ii 1 - , i.-.-;oa a- c:ip : . , , ! ' ' J JU t j rMiin1 major :o w r-;n 1" u v a: e ; v ti- 'i vi ' hi I 1 ll 1 i, i ..... I . -VI IV I - v r d 1 1.. n. viimon, r.e was c:in- . -1 b- 0; -00 i' n "ye 1 ;n v1 wa? i brnvnne of. cavalry, n I birr:: was a Republican i he n li" otcd fcr Cleyei' .. and since then he vo'ed the n. --rabbi ticket. . ' 'b " b . -:v v, ere elvyen in Gen. JJar r's fe.inily, only tv.-o of whom : ; livir. sr: Mrs. Gner, mother :bn S A Orkr, of our county, and b b'i'tor Barringer, who for - !n held a Government posi- '.v. 1'bVpt. : . .1 rinrvr La-i contributed b tb.- boner and njood name bb Stute. He s rived to be per- t ; ::)y accurate in all things. W hi 1 v : d eu-ry c-nt due him, he - . -. i . r ai in- owed, was -always : i to church, and every cause .ri.VA'plll'.' I ' :o .-0 .in.hur." sinn and .-.)u V f o - 0 i . A bl (' ' amis company. T n. liai.i.n: r was thrice married His lirst wife was Ivlhss Eugenia Morrison, enU r of Mrs. Stonewall dackson; his second wife was M?ea .. .din Ciiunn, of Asheville. His t1 -;rd. wife was Miss Margaret Long, bb- aial oni- son survive him. The f uncivil was held in the b -byterian church at 11 o'clock on nday, February 4. H !!. ! miu Out. ' TiMy Long, a disreputable colored rnmn who was tried before the ' nt t rrn of court fcr being a e ;:ht y girl and bad renduct and , l o wr.3 sentenced to six months on - chvln gng, made her escape :b ,ui the ofilcers without them -,vi:ig it until some time after she : ;:)' e. After the sentence was ; ; . ..d, she walked right out of the j ' art house unnoticed. Tuesday afternoon Deputy John bb itsc caught the woman in the low r edgi of the county, near the b'nion line. She was wending her wav Southward, Mr. Cruse had . vine trouble in bringing her to town a? she was very contrary and repul dye. She will have a new frock ' . . I under present conditions would not 1 1 , . .Ltiv, t, L'ood estate ; he leaver;. SOUTHERN STOCK MUTUAL.) It has long been a problem nrnong business' men how to do our own in surance safely and pnni -biy and thereby keeping within this State a part at, least of the enormous amount of money which is p ud annually by our people into '.he outs ciie Fir: Insurance Companies. TLu"c L likewise a growing de in and from the insnv? ru'. bio r cheaper insurance xi tb ; ecci Yi L, !:;, e Southern Soc! (hat ho p 1 a : i o f th !iv;! ccii. jiaii a ie i 3.0 V autiu rated (Lve!nir.-.-f,- ' or. "i . ne v; -.oiern on th-- one ha::d ar-t! b( rm business with a subscribed capital of 8100,- 000, which O. -U, ; I 1 ' K ' iiv.'i p -i c ue ;Uid " ive b lain" a- rood ciedit if it I)ad f he 1 i1rplu3 o-' con.e of iU OiOer an .. :ro:.gcr compe rors. I c: Oibd is sub-cribed by 20 i , , . ! men v.noe names ;'-ear 0c.(.-w, an : JV'AVl.VV Ill millions ot ! doilars. The policy o f l h . or. mpa .y v. : be di he iv nt from that of in ;.,! ncvvly i n s 1 1 1 u vi coiii h bid for premiums is cutting of r.ites 1 The Southern Stock Mutual will ! charge th: same rated as other cons pnus and will reduce tb" cort of ' insurance to its i:d:cv holders hv the sharers in the pre fit 3 oC the c nipanv. At the end of each year, after paying losses and ex penses and setting aside ten per cent of the gross premiums to accumulate as a reserve fund (the income from wmeh will go to the capital), the profits will be returned to the policy holders. This feature of the policy holders participating in the profits will en able this company to do a thing: which present competition precluded the f deck companies from doing. It will enable the Mutual Company to exercise a decree of selection which tie jossibJe otiierwise, ana to reunce the cost of insurance is the only way that seems practical now, by exclud ing that which is bad and . unprofit able. 'ihepb.n has the endorsement of many of the most influential and nicccscfal businessmen of the State. Below is a list of incorporators and subscribers, vnd it is doubtful if there is a stronger association of business mca m this State ; J S Spencer, Charlotte. E D Latta, Charlotte. W E Holt, Charlotte. I) G Worth, Wilmington. Lawrence S Holt, Burlington. 5am'i McD. Tate, Morgan ton. James P Sawyer, Asheville. J S Carr, Durham. Edwin Shaver, Salisbury. V J Murdoch, Salisbury. L Banks lloli, Raleigh. Buuindiau Cameron, Kaleigh. A F Page, Raleigh. J M Worth, Asheboro. J W Scott, Greensboro. J Van Lindley, Greensboro. L M Scott, Greensboro. E P Wharton, Greensboro. The company was" organized here today by the election of the aboye named gentlemen as directors and the following officers: J M Worth, President. K P Wharton, ViccPfeauIont, A W McAhs'cr, S.oreinry and Treasurer, This id in one e ise- a Ci'v-ensboro enterprise as Greensboro men,; Messrs, E P Wharton and A W Mc j Alister are the originators and pro- ! ;ect ors of 1 his bu t p re. '. ?er y i a , an ce VI . 7 . a DA. A i: ' I i,P A senu-u t-v its lacorpora era r.iiti nro- 3LtJf i .;ih:l. lain and cioui.y ..,!...,. 1 '- 1. . .1 t..:- U Li i . rot ii mod frcaa Q.uarJerly Meet j port t!e Vadkb nvcr y fiul. r l:.-.s a of sold 10 ic? ex pec-: in ca-:i:i :,e-; m(-t. CO V ':: " daj , 1 me ' citizens her-- from ay, but that is i.ol un t v'-' them m j "er t i ninu rs li ;vt t ;; Jehu Moose is home on a j h; ben in ii. hm Dad i.on,. minth r " ' I j j c,,c',",red tie fvaili : Tb 'ei.a . p .-a-s b.-rt b: 0 a vi. j n .aNe;! pivtly a,n ddgin-" to ere;, heia .I'tinie for seme little distance from the road. It j urnc V 0-K, ) p n , J. it : ' L i mart O- Bt ForOKi V:fty Tears Mrs. Wins lovs Sootlib.g : my ..i.n been used for over fifty jrara yj million.! of m'otherr for their children while teething, with perfect success. Tt iieOthl-: lie chnd, j"ie i,; the gums, all s aT' j-ain, cures wind rrWn c ti A 10 flm Tina" v.Ti'fiitr fnr Diarrhoea. It will relieve thu )Oo: little sufi'erer imr.ediateiy. Sold by : IJrugguts " in every part oi cue world. Twenty-five cenU a bottle, Be sure and ask.for lvMr3. Winslow's Soothing Syr-ip," and take no other kind. rv.v I.I To Nizo l'orlriiitw. Having decided to go to Florida when through with my Art Crato pupils here, want to c1c?e out my stock of frames. In order to do this I will make life-sized '--portrait, either from photographs or from life, and frame them complete at the following unheard of prices: My $10 portrait and frame for $0 " $15 " " ". " $8 " $25 u " " " $H I will xake any of the aboye styles, framed complete, for any clergyman', at $5. , ; This means virtually a fine,' life size portrait to the clergy absolutely free. These offers will remain open only one week. 5t Otis A. Miller. Individual Communion Cups. Rev. Dr. Creasy is nothing if not progressive. At his communion ser vice Sunday he inaugurated the cup system in eerying the wine. He had fiftv small glasses, in each of which was put a teaspoonf ul of wine. After fifty persona had been served the glasses svere taken in the church parlor, washed, and brought back ready tor fifty more. The individual cups for cummunion have been agi tated and urged no little as a safe guard against bacteria. Dr. Creasy U the first Charlotte pastor to adopt this system. Charlotte Observer. CE1EW THE FINEST it ? i s be hi i' 5k Tit T C WILLIAMS For srsdo by all first .clnss i -i l-i l i 7 I! ! y i- .-f-.Ov' I ;1 , -.- , El. J-i "'.' j c.0 . ! i . L" s.r T.. c : r.r.-'S p ";fr. ?r: r . ! c ' . ...... j. k " .'v . :;7 AND ' 'Hl Ci-ieorcl I'r'.v!v ior;, iieiu ... oral na efii, i'i HA' l;irsi cnimcii (-a ss u.i diis-d in, X .1 rcu ' in ' ' tor'uu reiauons uf Idas. PcII ..mi La- i 'i n : Oeab v. no ;;o to other par g of the ndard Oevral d.i", a no i in--; de a note of sbot-o having bre?: se'znl by chief of pn n;o Boy r, that v-eiefaand buried in the co don seed ! ; ; t Y o : n ? ' s rr i a ho: e . T h e y h r:'-n ! been heard from. The shces were pe?iu factored bv.the J iy State Shoe comnanv of N"ew York, Tnd are sup b-j the ones that were slipped to a": irderof toe Tf-r.n ?sse e Coal and Iron ootnpany, of Birming ham, Ala. C;vef Boger is tracing them ;dl around. Dr. U S Young on hisieturn trip from a trip to Kcr' hern cities, met up with Secretary Ilokc Smith, of the Interior. Mr. Smith, in speak - imr nf nnhlic mailers etc, crave out . . . , present panic is neanug an end. That in 30 days it will have disappeared. The reason for' this is that the foreign credit of this county is such that cur bends are sought r.nd whenever forces in this country fee that Trey can not dicta' e and get control of the issue ot bnds, that the necessity for such will cease. Notice. Complaints are coming in daily from all psrts of town in regard to ftrrng fire arms, which is con'rary to town ordinance No. 4. This ordi nance will be enforced against any and all persons violating the same. See and read said ordinance, and be governed accordingly. J. L. BoGEa, Chief Police. Ilarlcleii'M Arnici ftalvc. The Best Salve in t.e worH for Cuts," Braises, Sores, Ulcr3, Salt Rheum, Fever Sors, Tetter,Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 ccntsr pe box. For sale at P. B. Fetzer's Drug etore - TOBACCC, WHICH CO., Richno-d. T7"' dealer 4: iiaL- ii . V V A .. .ii vL' --.y . ' ll W '-IvJ' ii ll li iUl v jp -- -firing to voenn r1 n . '"v- rr -"If is the learning acquire at midnight that will raakej-cu. i,. .:z bright and dazzling a 5 rbkb-.y' And in tills terse epigrru" the ; ro1 Frenchman stated a truth that ay? un equally to struggling, aiubiuu j young men the w;bl ever. Insomuch as yov h?.vz y-t y ; place to make in tz world, an 1 vr'b avail yourself of cpi-'OrLiu, v.ei Increase your knowledge an ? iaiprev? your mind, so will you n:l your life successful. and happy A man's train is i r!v;a : rrodncte him to cultivate, and vb- . will be his support. Plant That QorJ-T.n with seed cf knowledge and frcm 'br vines will grow the blossoms of financial gain and honorable preferment. Nver before in the hb'.nv c f C Torld have young men ' 1 ' " opportunity to fit themselves for tho battle of life as it is no-. tkcar. In this, as in eveyrb' ;: American push an.1 pub . lead the world. All that the college fyr-.-1-v hj been taught, and more, r.-n 1-3 eecured by the young msn who ge3 , eet of the Encyclopaedia liritannlca now offered to The Observer subsalbers on the easy payment of io cents a day. But remember that our special introductory effer is fcr a limited time only. x. - The Observer, ckar; kA fx R G .A Z " vyryT? His Non's low Irovol Y-Mvl Miiford, Deb, February I. Tims tin McColley, aged 13, a ; ;onr:n:n; farmer, who resides about H vo L .h:? east of this plac, iv.iS killed ol Sat urday by his. son . About 1 o'clock on Saturday liter noon McColJes ycungct son. , Harry, started to walk to Mil ford, bui his father ordered Lie: to rnnn-nr at home. When the boy rented b) do so, McColley caught bbni lj the shoulder acd threw h" hc ground. Amos, the old-rt c.' 5;ge I 19, went to his brother's .-Ltaiiccv and, on tLe impulse of the moan-ad, picked up a stick of wood, and hit his father a blow upon the hcnd: which felled him to the gr.n.n-d and fractured his skuib McCoiIey neve: regained consciousness. The mm derer has not yet been arrested .

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