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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 07, 1895, Image 2

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Daiiv Standard OFL-iu IN CASTOR KUILDWa Tin. Sv.ud,a is published every cd by errnors H v TKS (F SUBSCHirTlON ?i 00 " 2 00 1 00 ' 33 05 S who claim to be teachers of the wor of God. We have been hearing that thue was a great rtvivaUn Albemarle ami. wj have been hearing, that there is more hard feeling stirred up there Mian has been known for years. We trot this by grapevine telegraph and flnhvev1 ! i day i vu- ui'1"-"' wu inc. cuuj We used to go to Albemarle otten on business. A more lovely, dwell ing-in-pesce kind of people we never saw. Baptists and Lutherans went to the MethcdUt probing; JUethos dists and Baptists went to the Lu theran pmvhing; and Lutherans and Methodists went to the Baptist preaching it was one of the most harmonious, most char: cable state cf affairs we ever saw and ve saw veil then, Ilanu in h uid, the people min gled together in good, .in peace, in love, in sympathy. WIku.i picture. That picture ia spoilt now ; a brush, diry.d in red paint, has lue dr:.vvn across it from side to side. "Th , Professional Card. One . t.u' Six uiouths. . . . Three months . re.outh opy AnVKKTISINO KATES. 'jr..s for regular advertisement made ho;n on application. Address all communications to THE STANDARD. Concord. N. G- COXCOKU, FKBliUAliY, V, 1805. i i : i su vi A:.ia:.ntAuri: I have located in Concord for the practice of medicine :. and surgery, and respectfully. ask the public for a share of their patronage I may .be found at iny oitice at any . hour of the day or at my residence at. night when not out professionally, and will gladly respond to all calls promptly. Offlce nder that of Montgomery cV'Grotfell. Respectfully, tf J.-K.Smoot. M. D. SAMPLE CARP peculation HAMMOND & GO. ' 130 & 132 IN ral St reet, NEW YORK CT.TY, N. Y. i i r. is none ot our . .,.l ; , f h i t n . i f 3 ; cvscful oting her 1 it v.e-. K Slocks, Honda and Uiuir bought ad "sold', or tarried cn Margin. V. S. bend tor explanatory cirir bluings, but WlJhircn speculation, also v; , My trar- -.vas e-i ihmu i uno tu-ht tho ihin i ' . . . 4 : i P,.. it ,,F I -or n f Si)?-! :. n. t 11 1 lU.Ll, l V 4i v .v - , L ten d;u it h us. His preaching ! iv ail except a l'W we j- had ket letter. (Vne) y ill t. U L.'J'.i brethren who couldn't !t)say them. We dont like crrircli , jjavk V0UU.ka 'I he tha' is under the Li I' e v dunT lit" the r:'"!yn P1!IADKLPH1A TlMES -H,iuu' iJ nu,il 1 Wh or 'insults people. We don't :d. Lro.her ruettcune to a. m , :i ln . Ali ch,-wti .m, Bible hp wii) throw a tone iat bnaks on: THIS MORNIX(i ? r . ; w or a, Tin': Timks is the mo.t ; n-n v l. .. ., i i . ; i j , . l of ail d -nominations are trying to go !mi,r nuldishtid in roniisvlvania. it for h;m to do He not only j 'i'linv is one route onlv ; ; l!111011 of lul,!ic -T" a,1,i;.- v line ia tu, pa4 , k,vj ir..: :,r.d obeying the Ten Co in'c-rit v, homr.t government end nt i'rf?n iiouse to licme pre u; .;. . , t prosperous lutlu.sti v, ami it knov, A 1'hri- ::' m on; denoininiitit)n j uvuLm; public i-sin-s. Jn tm ,.' . i Pn;:u!e; t and 1h::-' shisc a J . .other ienominatmii. L.-ctu. a p.T- .uureh of the time we are ivady to . J oun i int.v.' ;n . Ill iHij ih'IMI.,1 :l li -1 ! el:ii!ii3 t'rit it i uiiHurp 'b.-eU tioi: a:iil iiH .smi lu.-i Si.o. icomn.gcj tH, (sontiaJs el e Toat m--t re :'.-. result i h .1 fort', -lour conyrricu. as a . f .v meeting. 1 '.ere m ' trciK: r !ii i: e v s ! ire i . Tiik Ti?n:- aims fo hav- t Vo i,':e--e:it eireulat ice; by deserving it, and l.i aejve 13 a o f a Ltter i vri' a by Key. d W Snt. 'e to i he i'ibl.j". iieeorder. Now isn't it a ; and overcoming.-! are concealed, cov erui up or ventilated and received nc pity thai w lay! M-n have to see those, vho Lriug the giad messages iJ. llliii . li'-- UltU nil ji" ch iri ' v if i: in another pew, win gei. iijo o. Ho'. ' h .r much about, lo-K- tu a 1 ii.e, wv make a face like this? It is j no'ie of onr businesc1, but that is a ilur that a minister ought not to j east. Ali Christians ine th fame iiblt ;, -y . ndorse it; and why ' "i'c th v and it ? f''his thing of blowing smoke in th- eye -' of o dier Ohriatian?, is in itoa:ivc of a sorry article of religion, . that will get its possessor burnt hereafter, if he doesn't repent, V.Te verily beli ,-ve tl. re are a r tan iif; v. Hpai)tr, Sut-diiKMi copies of any edition will bo sont free to any j one Bending their j'.ddroys. Ti.uv.s --.Daily, 5?M,00 per iwr " -m; SI-0 ) for four months; '.)() eenf-' pi' month; Sunday edition, twenty-four hu'go, handsuma pagt,.3 coiuuiiio el-'gautly illustrated, $2. OH pt an num; Daily and Sundaj, $5. (U) per ni-htv few narrow minded religion, , ;iJ;il;:n n0 l'(;ilts l,ur 1JJ01-'a-, ' 'a " I Iv edition, oO cents a year, Addrts.-j ists or church bigots m iieaven or ever v ill he. They just can't go there, it eeein. Would tJ Cod th ic Chnstia;:ity would be substituted for religion Mce of theformer and less of the latter, would make all placed better. 1,1 i il l S.'.AI'.s. all letters to 1 ITK 1 IA1KS rUIL.VOF.Ll'HIA. PA. .,. , . , . he;: old lo!) lngersoll is tiemi, we laymen expect neiter tirngs , Aral eternity he learns, A mia ,,:rs-we exp:ct them to AJT;M wllJ Aicw th. inllticnces cf what they preach and the messages of faith, L..p ii ' charity the gn cutest of thce is charity. We laymen are curious people and the p readier ought to be careful. He may get forty-four shook up consider ibly and get them to feeling Lwfl.y L.ean and no-account and they may go up and give their hands ao visible evidences of this feeling hut there are fortyfour or more of ethers, who need to be moved; they are driven away. They can't under, stand how it all is. The same Bible, but the preacher "use3 too much of it" and hence some didn't enjoy it, bethinks, lie says so; he writes about it and calls the names of a great body of Christians. There is nothing in the Bible to cause Chris tians to fail to enjoy its preaching, but Luiiiaa agencies may work in a lots ci stuff that does not make it enjoyable. We are not taking sides, but we make a protest m the name of those who might be brought into the church did they not see just such exhibitions of uncharitable and crowingTemarks, coming from men, The Standard reproduces an edi torial fr:)iii the Atlanta Journal under the caption of the "Turn sf the ri ide." Tim is Secretary Hoke Smith's paper. We speak of this merely to call attention to the fact that Hoke Smith talks in. his paper the way he talki in. private. This editorial embodies the same senti ments that he expressed in a recent talk with Dr. Young, reference to which we made in last issue. A Georgia editor, after writing editorials for five years on ".Republi can misrule," for three years on Democratic success ; for two years on the financial question and foi one year on the folly of the Popaliats, came out last week wiUi enly one little editorial a3 follows : "We have at last found out that the people want the news and don't care any more about the politics of a weekly newspaper than they do about the warts on the moon." ' i To All Whom it May Concern. I haye authorized Mr. J L Boger to collect all fees due me and give receipt for same. Kespectf ully, -r Y. FlTZQEBALD. MAXUFACTUUEllS OF fine G:v;Gimis, OUTING CLOTHS, PL VI Do AND SHEETING W rIrNT AND SILT BAGS, o .r..'' : DEALERS IN y - mm. mmmn BUYERS OF Pouatry PraduBi of ill liii ... . ; - ' and;. .. , Four foot jWDod galways :waiitod best prices fcr same. Wei invite an inspections of all; the goods! wc Manufactur w u w in 2 W U CO o Cm O o in : On Q o 20C PER YA ALL-WOOL Jjast Saturday! wo got in a bargain in all wool St-mple Cr;rpets, which we advertised in The Saturday evening's Standaid at 20c per yard. iMoiidav we were not able to supply onehali the demand. Vy e telegrapiied for 200 yards more, wVick v e look for todays will continue to sell at 20c. You caivf aTrd to wail for eel wfeathei, if you need a Carpet, you do not often have the opportunity to buy a Carpet tit 33c on the L We understand parties say our Brussels Carpets at 40c per yard is second quantity that good Ijiussles can't be bought for less than $1 00 per yard wholesale. We have the samples which are always cut Ironi 'perfect goda and as good quality as can be had. The reason we can sell them so cheap we bought them of an auction goods house and not from the manufacturers. THE RACKET D. J. BOSTlAN.PROP'l-r O z D GO O O z r M O t J GO i W 50 O

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