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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 07, 1895, Image 3

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A BATCH OF LOCAL NEWS. k-i. K".! Sii.i !ul in SIuipo H.y Onr n.(li:t 1'ouvil Fustier. .! i ; for t;iie c.iii on R A Brown Our 20 j carpet bus arrived. The . ):-:. 3t Mvuk -y o loan on real estate, W G ::..orney. tf The beautiful fell in glorious .. ,u s d n c cl ay e y e n : n g . M-isees Sterling silver set rings :te. ,.i Com-iPs J.welry store. 2 Manic poultry food ut Sims & A : vtiult-r't;. Everybody uses it. M :v. D A Caldwell is quite' 819k v ? h ynp, at her home on Spring t ! a. i. I. C t Of Prof. Ford, the Yonkers States v j.v : "A u ' pathos a lit! 1 , I . c' are of 1 V if. i .:'d .ire iiuu on cult at Colon's ' V. .31 ore. itjv. :. (i u ccnerer, of St, Jam.-s ' ,::.u;;h, is (piite sick. Ii itibly the grip. Kit.: is pulling up new scenery in ., ' - !0 SOU ii:til. L tie srage is oe ii-:v, I) i'. Melv. nzie, who has been i . . .j l i a te 1 11 N 1 w Y 0 r k , lias re e e i v e d - u. ..-j.v .1 a e.;ll to Hillsboro, N C. .v p;-. : -aingfor the increase riK r:.'.- of t-ixation m Concord, .... .. . :. h.ivj by Mr. Hileman. W" j ivecived tht5 hand a ti.:e French and piain .nu.:..: in 1 -.I Sims A Alexander. A.Ii wo i sample carpet just n d. ' !:Iy 2':j. p t y."id. - avL. -it. s t " -d -re Fri- ' ana .jturaay mgiil. i is a ir-ui in stor; for Concoid. Secure ... ,;r ucketc, K'vn-r ".t::. today. He's on C ''-'.-.:. J 'i fac he has changed c-i .-ritirg all is chang", .-A'jept pocke: change. Mr. J Whit secretary .".d. ;r-:i--.)r r of the Cabarrus Cot . .1 Mills, is very sick at his home . ,ui;i of Concord. lf the carrier misses you, let it be ..v,:. at this ollice, We haye no o.hei v ;iy of iinuing oat oversights .;f carriers except thiough you. The prohibition Li 1 1 introduced y ii'pieo: of inu X . C. ri U, has Uvii uiifayoruuly reported by the . jnimtttee to which it was referred Mr. K L Keesier and Misses Addie Futterson and Bertie (aantz have re tamed from Danville, Va., vheie tney attended the marriage of Capt, rii. I'atterson, The residence of Judge Bryan, tt Newborn, was nearly destroyed by ure on Wednesday. The loss to the building is about $5,000 and to che furniture $1,500. . The unheard of Jow prices of 20c per yard for all wool carpet is the result of the auction and not jealous cut at competition. We got it at loo and can afford to sell it at 20c. The liacket. 5t. The wife of a Mr. liogers, near Salisbury, and daughter of Mr. Caleb Fisher, of No. 3, Cabarrus, died Tuesday. Her remains were buried at Trinity Lutheran church. No, 4, on Wednesday. The Charlotte News of Wednes day says: Mr. Jas. N Brown, an old veteran, who fought m the Mexican and subsequent wars, and who has been a true blue Democrat through thick and thin, is here today. Mr. Brown is outside of Concord today for the first time in 20 years. He is a type of the gailent old South erners of whom there is now but too few left. 'THE RUSH OF-HUMANITY. TVopIo Ti'Ut Travel, as ficen Hy Our KcErlcr. .-i-Lawyer W M Smith is in Ral eigh. & Hev, J C Davis is visiting at his old home, Athens, Ga. S A Strauss, a frequent yisitor Aiul shoe drumner, i3 in the city. Miss Minnie Tern pic ton, of Mooresville, is visiting Mi3S Mary Uevd. Mr. Ilile 1 an introduced a bill Vedntfday asking a pension for Mr. Joseph W Blume, of Cabarrus. " - Rev. B S McKenzie, of New York, will preach at All Saints Episcopal church Sunday morning and. night. Quite a lot of campers from a dis tance took up quarters in the rear o M'-. Dayvaua's store Wednesday night. Mr. Day vault showed them lcs of courtesies, enough to make ihem comfortable, Mr, Sandy Myer3, of No. 11 .vhose itiiliciioa with paralysis has oeen noted in these columns, died Wednesday morning. Mr. Myers w s a quiet citizen, who attended to his own affairs. For a long time he was mail carrier on Flo we'd store route. .Mr. J no. W Wads worth, of Char- iofte, who-e serious illness has been nUd in tins p-: per, and Lit her nf Mr. J 'in. O Wjds.vori'., of this place, is grea'L' ::npro.. Tliis will be giad news to his "tuny friends in Concord, it will come to "ass taut all the churches will adopt the plan ui I'ryou Street Metlmdisr Church at Cnarlott- in th matter of Separate communion cap.: for eae : memher. The teachings of medical .-cienc- re quire t h 1 s . Wilmington Messreiiger. 'V'v 11 i I. S;nd your address to II E loick len Co,, Chicago, and grt a free :ampleh"x cf Dr. Kin'd New Lifi Pills. A trial will convince von of their merits. These pills are easy in action and are particularly tlitct lve in the cure of Constipation and Sick Headache. Tor Malaria and Layer troubles they have been proved invalu1;!.'. ''I.- are guaranteed to be perfectly free from eyery deleteri ous substance and to be purley vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigor ate thesystem. Regular size 25c per box. Sold a. Fetz?r's Drug store. Desire lor a lull Xutli-at ion. We are requested by the chairman of the Graded School Board to state that he would like for the full proi ceedings of the late unpleasantness to be published. The affair was not of the Stand ard's making and we regret that all is not peace. Our advertising space is open for any legitimate purposes at the usual rate of charges. Ail Free. Those who have used Dr. jKing's New Discovery know its yalue ana those who have not, now have the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised Druggist and get trial bottle free. Send your name and address to H E Bucklen & Co., Chicago and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills free, as well as a copy of Gui ie to Health and Household Instructor free. All of Svhich is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing. Fetzer's Drug store, Jabez Myers, who figured exten siyely in Charlotte several months ago, ia now connected with the Buford Hotel of Charlotte. I represent the Chi rlotte Steam; ij-iunary. Any one desiring to wear Collars and Cuffs and even a Shirt .'aundried in the very best manner, will do well to call on me at Can nons & Fetzer's store, and secure a price list, I guarantee all work to be satisfactory and any article lost or torn will be .replaced or paid for. Alsoany bundle left at Cannons' & Fe'zer'd store when I am not there will be promp ly atten ded to. . Mark your name plainly on the bundle. My basket goes to the Laundry promptly on eyery Tuesday night and returns promptly on eyery Saturday morning. I solicit your custom, and only ask for a trial. 0 lm. II. E. liiDENiiouii. Agt. THE CHARLOTTE Or3 o am f 5 r NoiiTii Cauolixa's Foremost Newspaper DAILY AND WEEKLY Indepenoc nfc and fearless; bigger and more attraetiue than r.vor, it will be an invaiuabk; viait-- to the home, )he oilier, the eiuo or the work room. Tin: Daily Observe;:. AH of the News of the Wmi-M. mil ph-t: D renorts IVhu tha STATE AND .NATION Li ClINiOLS. ,K The Wi:i:ki.y 0!;si:uvEia A p'Ui'eet;i:y journal. All the nows ei' v.-o;:k. d'hf: ru i).)rts la-o.u tlio Lgishtture. . A SI,,"1 f, ; VTUf E ', me-nivr tin; WEEKLY Oii SFIlVKlt. Only ono Dollar a Yeur. Sv.'id Im s .i;;o!o c.oies. Address. t;ie observer, Ch ;::,ottk, N. C. KXyOUTOK'S NOTICE. H iviig (i;ialifl-l as the Executor of Ejbert A, Criii;i;i;nger, deceased, HI personf owi'ig n-tid btate are ri.xeby jiDiiiied ihit thev must ni'tke binned it )ayment or suit. will be brought. And all persons having claim.-; '.urnst said estate iiius'. p:'e.jent tht-ni to the undtir- sined duly aui !ienth'-atod on or be lore t'e 1 ii Lii Liny of January l8fJt, hr this liotio i will bo plead in bar of their rocuvorjT. J. A. Baknuahdt, Exociitor. This 12 til day ol January, THE ADVERTISERS E'Jlt 1895. Morning, Evening, Sunday and Sunday Editions. of tlio Hiliost t lass- COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER. Established 1707. Published eyery evening. New York's oldest eyen in; newspaper. Subscription, G.OO MORNING ADVERTISER. Published every morning. The leading Republican newspaper of the day. Clean and fearless. Sub scription priee, $:.00. SUNDAY ADVERTISER. Wcw York's most popular Sunday newspaper, The only Republican 2-cent Sunday paper in the United States. 20 to 13(3 pages. Subscrip tion price, $1.00 per year. As an advertising medium the adver tisers have no superiors. Samples free. Agents wanted eyery where. Liberal commissions. Address THE ADVERTISER, 29 Park Row, JNew York, Mount Arnoena SEM INI ART A FlounshingiSchool foriYoung La lies. TEN TEACHERS, Ornamental BranchesIRec3ive CarefuliAttention, REV. C. L. T.3 FISHER,;!.r.M?J Principal, MOUNT PHEASANT N. C. I WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL MZl:7s.DICTIONARY A Grand Educator. " Successor of the Unabridged.' Standard of the TJ. .S. (Jov't Trint ing1 Office, the U.S. Supreme Courfand of nearly all the Scboolbooks. Warmly com mended by every State- Superinten dent . of Schools, and other Educa tors almost with out number. . : . A College rresldont -writes: "tor " case -CT-ith. ivliicH tlio evo flnda tlio " word sought, for accuracy of defmi- "tion, for effective methods in indi- S 2 "eating pronunciation, for tereo yet " comjirdhensive statements of facts, " and for practical uso' E9 ii working "dictionary, 4 V.'c-ljsier'ti Ir.ternatioxial' excels r.ny other single volume." The Ono Great Standard Authority, Jl Supreme Court.; SpringQehl, Xass., U.S.A. KkjTVo not luy ci:-:t: iv;-r::iis ol amutat clnions. i"l U1 I " II". : mmiiiki; Tl J I ia i i I t; J 'ill Ii J II i ll'l, i THE ARM LOCK BED SPRING Adjusted at both ends. The most comfortable Bed Spring yt known to the world. It will not get one sided it stands perfectly square and will not bus coni'3 louse. THE ARMoLOCK BEDjSPRING is in many of "the best homes in town and county. Mr dohn P, Allison and Dr. L, M. Archey say it is complete and they would not do without them. For further particulars call on mj or address, J. Wallace Cook. Concord,. C, CELEBRATED Pi"SOUTHE JELL1CO COAL. POSITIVELY GOOD, COMPARATIVELY BETTER, SUPERLATIVELY BEST J COAL ON THE MARKET. HIGHEST HEATING CAPACITY LEAST PER cent;of;ashes. Three Grades. Prompt delivery. s-:try:it SarnpIesJFREE"! JgiS" Leave ordersat G E Fi3her's 3 tore, or with niyi.vagja." K. L. CRAVEN. CONCORD MARKETS. COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer. Good middling 5 05 Middlings 4 87 Low middling , 4 G2 Stains 4 to4 75 PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon 10 Sugar-cured nams .....11 to 14 Bulk meats, sides. 8 to 9 Beeswax.. Butter 15 Chickens 10 to 12 Corn 45 Eggs - 12 Lard . 8 toll Flour (North Carolina 1.75 Meal .v,.50 Oats -45 Tallow 3to4 1 I OUK MID-WINTEU mm 1 S3 r Id w ' "WILL BEGIN TO-MORROW And now is the time t: avail your selves of bargains. This is no old gag wo- mean business and the hrst o coa e wi!U'ot the cnjam. We have a a few pieces of All Wool ress Goods word 75c wholesale we cller them j at 0vj per yard. We have one-half dozen w t that are woith Si. 00 wo offer at G5c 1 11' ,1 . i , Mi iv UUVJ lliO ueat. piSCQ of La 4Tf 1!P ever sold in this town price, &I.23, we sell nt 7oc per yard. We have a black 41-inch Henrietta Surah, wholesale price 75e, we Lell at G0o, aikdall our winter oods m propor tion. We have a grand bargain to offer in Misses and Children's OOATS : a $5.00 coat, to fe-o at 3.7o and 2.o0. A small lot wholesa'e price $2-00 and 2 25 to go at 1.23 each. A few BLANKET at prices th it Ruit everybody. Now don't fail to aee our block of S H Lamm V We. have eomo special l-argdnsto oifcr and guarantee prices- l.Vilt ot be underHoid, The old adage is this: '"Seeing is believing " YTe say Come and see; Glad to s-ec- ycu and will interest you. Truly, Mormon, Lentz 2o i Coxcoud, K. C. J. M. Odell, President, I). B. Ccltraite, Cashier. L. D. ColtuajSTE, Assistant Cashier Capital, Surplus, 850,000 $1G,COO DIRECIORS: J.rM. Odell, D. h Caxxon Elam King, J. YV. Caxnon, V. R. Odell, W. H, Lilly, D. B, COLTIIAXE. VALUABLE TOWN PROPERTY FOR SALE. The following: valuable . town property is offered for sale, private, which is located in the northern part of the city on the east side of Forest Hill ; One two-story, 7 room house, good well, stable, orchard and out houses.; one two. story, 6 room house and on 4 room house on St. Charles street, and one store house, on Mam street. This property can be bought on easy terms, which will be made on application. Address W. P. Silealey, Lincoln ton, N. 0. or W. L. Robbins, Concord, N. C illO RAPIDLY READ THIS AND THINK IT OVER ! We want 100 men who have energy grit. We will give them a situation in which they can make money rap idlythe labor being light and em ployment the y8ar round. Requires no capital or great education. Some of our best salesmen are country, boys. Youns: men or old will do Remunerations is quick and sure We have n eed for J00 men within the next 30 days. Do not wast time. but write at once to H. C. HUHGINS & Co. Publishers, j23 lm Atlanta, Ga. House to Rent., Four room dwelling hou3e.on East Depot street next toJMr. Sapp; apply to J. W. CAtfNOir. dlmjlO. r IHI r Aim JUtU Oii If 1,1 U E EASILY

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