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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 21, 1895, Image 1

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r ; in A. No. 97. CONCORD, N. C, THURSDAY, -FEBRUARY -1, 1S95. V ii.,v ti VA -i tr 4 AFTER THE ttNO-va FRED DOUGLASS DEAD. CHEW THE FINEST TOBACCC, WHICH V If 1 1 T J71 u - x ; .. j , 1 , .y:j Mil A Oil H 3 ZJtt I 11 . M JUiL . 1 JLri. Jl ibiU ' '0 6 :n J v ?',u?i . .a - aa 0. iai'i ale i cni'iv d lo..; Ck-veind, oi uy iuui j'cen toMy i 11 (J Owen 7v,i3 s..or and r rhit FoTOP, col- ung . M; 0-vt n w.i;? attf ntbr to, when the latter i;.; -;i :0-'J -.1 a : ottd vrrinnn lie wa: : -ho or ti'fo'V) yc-irn rv.o in ; Miilfirr7 for Pi? ! " . , oT Statesvillo trieu 1 i: a- t!" !.,:(:, fr-r o;re '."hen he wrenched ' the pis V ! ? ho po'iccn'a'i 'nd Cov'aped, " :d fnvl ' 0 e S:" VCl'tl TC- 1 :i I;.m : P-aifh Carolina wmtcd f(-d'V7 for break- ,11! I 1 1 u ..ail hoiuie )i ta ii'ciiiJ oil ot Cleveland laat night. r) 1 ia -1 r . ar c o n c k I c l a b u d to be his accomplices in the 11CBU)lLllll L"111' 11U :t hist niizht were arrested and anially went from hcus0 to li0USe sk- u.u a le to arrest Fer- iiug oufc those in 11 cd i)r' 1a?ne ;'.ai3 t. en m l.-r he H. d. He pulled off his ii ..iter getting away and was k-d in the snow to an old field i ; Mn'p- vn i Ihj from (Tm ebind. till bt-fore noon oy Mr. Pink bb, who wfi.3 helping to arrest a Mr. Webb fired on the negro !: a chot gun and was in turn r i)v me oeizro, wuu 'iutv nu. Mi's run and ran. Shortlv after n Deputy Ovren and his party i oa Fciron ia a woods asked him .-aiireiidcr, which he to all ap- ,y !v a saying he wruld go i m r T l l I :iv a. uwoa ami ros partv ! a s'art-ed towards the negro and in :ou! ;evtn a . f a i raucd the gun he . irenj Mr. Wehb (which he I ;.-n p.. Iding with the butt on i nil l 1 a a no aiat area, me luaa . Vjrroa ;.t acc and Itho cniiina" aaa ais3 T.'ora Dres- I lior, ' o itii i ; 7 I:'eo' L ileywooel, c.lohcd ofi'-'t; T-uio alacKenzio, so. I t: n 1 t b 3 . .5 )on : . i . i -re i.t " a 1 io claa A" - 1 ' aU i ..; U'j Oil t SiO j to tho teeUv lit 1 y 1 .1 a1 ,'3 c" Mil I : . . wilt 50 or a-) voan -M r,i fpd X ' " i 1 r 7 ' :Pa. ! .ve'iO' n :-. ; a r a . f . O 'r - re- i PM It was u pit .-.sant entertainment at J'.l'Mo 'V J Montgorr.ervM. g Man complimentary to iil Ms Mott, of D&yidson College, who is it guest vf the Misses aIor,t gomerv, and r: ina von n hi.iv. i The 11 wero -'1 ::! in tvn- i cc?tur;:e-3 Ok ntlenun m de- f-il dro.. An :erveo. A -: ihtctl thr.n:s:-lv; i a "etcm nr"' h. it n'aht ;.t t LUC home "r. and Mr-?. M L Brown. in;; l. vn rocs'- royally entertained. v -"V -x TT 1 The Washington (N" C) Messenger telU on Dr. Payne and f'ces it thusly : "We could not help being forci bly struck during this cold weather, fit Efilf denial ar.d sacrifice in tlu in terejt of the poor of our city, exhib ited by tne Key. Payne, postor of t i.t.,..:., i t, t r , was called to the pastorate of this church (we think; last May from Concord, and in thi3 short time by bis untiring zeal there are but few homes among our citizens, re .rdless of creed, wrere his footsteps have not been heard or the benediction of his presence felt. IT undoubtedly believes in the adage, "a house going preacher makes a church going people." TIi is Is fr ToNilit. Tho .DeweyxIIeywootl Concert Campany which will bo heard here to night is composed of live ; highly finished a tisis of national reputation. Tho urogram consists of and vocal lolos, duetts, trios and qaarttes embracing thn classics an well as tho popular and. pleasir g sehctiona of the day together wa'h. delighfully bright and ontcrtaininT readings and imperso- a lor a TV, a aitiFdrt comprisirff praiio; r'd: ?T Xuilei, pianist 'innd Clnv;- .?.rar"ITryai, reader and im- ncrrjoaatcia Mho ruff rt"i;:aacnt eai;:as laic under tho ausv pices of tho 1:-; Sou Ui Club will be : ih-.jw:; -,.! ru Wit vciiv treat, and all hIi.tiM v ! Ibvia. elves of tho op- r' the so five fj J VI f . Polly . a i. .1 (- an ngei ;e ah.-t cf ', es. died hdv i No. 0 to vaship, , 1 V W -.1 near ;,e T1X f terooon. 1 , , .., 'ohn Dry, son of?Tr. William 1 ;. .T , r ,i:.',l j.)-,- .iir iKrhf Dry 3 quit) a.uf I? friraid.. i. j i Mad r.h I ' -. T iti . .. .:Vit,:j M, CVal ypriags j j rd raavm-a"! r) -Meraoin at O Oi-' n --a T .O e earns coah s j ' - o e a(s and 1 qasrt fir ! i;c A , , .. . v, v.'.hbcr tiaa-ed volition During ST.. Day. Hf ZM: i rullosily at JSijjlit. '?' ivbiJiiltOi , feu. .;),- Douglass, the well-known colored orator, oied suddenly t. 7 o'clock to night of heart diaerweat his home ia I Aon.ooti.i, -s ci:p'jro of V,-.-hii-p ion. Ho was a prcr;)ii:e-it ii-nre in. the vciiian?: cos vea tiou this afternoon 1 1 . - t . .. .. it - . i .. j. i x piatfoiia. lid v,i.ii ;-;p(;iVntJy in th ' ft of hC'dtll :.f t f MOlf We g- thi.i from ''tat(sviih Mascot ; "A gentleai s fr A&h-jvill.-- has been writing to can of StareSfilJe's fair daughtt-r?, until a cca tract of; nurrira:- 1 :.."?. days prior to this this man wrce his girl at St.te$yi lie ta n:eef bia in ! Aslieville and they hon n i a u The girl wrote him if she wa3 not worth coming after ther would not marry, to the mountain man come down last week and found his girl not in a good humor, but this was patched up and arrangements were made with the preacher. Eyrvy-' thing went on lovely until friends had come to see the union and the girl announced she had changed her mind. Of course all was consterna tion and while the Blue Ridge man plead with his Desdemonia, but she would not. He left on the next train for his horns far up among the western hills without the fair maiden but with more sense of how to court her' The idea that all won, en want to mnry so bad that they will run after men, h a mistaken one. Oc casionally a desperate ca?, who does not want to die without changing her name, may run after men and finally run one down and corner him cO as to fefch him into her coils; but such women are scares, thnk God. That mountaineer belongs to a back number and ii's good he had the birk knocked off of him. . -O RcaH of Ilov. J. M. IIcI rit lc. L ut Sunday evening Yii J T lledriek died at his home m Char lottesville, Va., after a long ilincas, in his fiftieth year. Oar peep! 3 will le'-neiala-r; ..-v. Ilediick who for several years, . of Cold Writer, Mr. ii-.rion era1. Pros per ij Latheraa congregations, year of hi3 pastorate was ex tremely bard. JMost of the time he was confined to hi3 h f; :'t :y ! thin'-iin? a change et chai ..f w1 . ; .t: u. l3.cU ii uiii!. c i to the place woe re h i i ..1 1 . ijiuJ ! ra a v v!e confidence of all w ho k IT' 'eavp a .v if e, op eeveral step children. i o !. ...c:a there will ga ot from this c.-sa ca nity the warmest ympaihy. r - Br: a- th c .- ' n v . t V - I Hands, Chiiblains, Men s aad e - ij Skhi Eruptions, and paMvely c v,q Piles or no pay (i.areal. gA-nateed to give satisfaction or !r.:;r--c7 refunded. rice To cents per A oo v. ia.-'i i--1 a- i . . re -.. -i. traa ytore Nothing in town to eq'nl the oz - ijli 4V s& ? I A N F F A C WILLIAMS T ' 1 EST For sale by nil Hi.:-tscl:iS3 v i '.n ' V fr. I' Wo Eo Gladstone The grand career of one of the greatest men of modern times, now drawing to its close in the ordinary course of nature, is one of the greatest object lessons which can be set for the youth of to-day. Not all can hope to attain such eminence, for not all are endowed by nature, with such won lerfiil talents, and backed by a rugged ph -ique, which can endure the strain of an active life in the public service for so many years. Educations Knowledge Is the foundation for success in a great career. Thousands of dollars are expended yearly by men of wealth, that their sons may be fitted for the life it is hoped they will lead. But there are other ways open fnr the resolute youth who will diligently apply himself to the advantages he finds at hand. The Greatest of These .VUy ;'.fe!y be said to be bound up in the twenfy-eifiht volumes which go to make up the new up-to-date edition of the wonderful ENCYCLOPAEDIA ' BRITANNICA, which for some time has been offered to our readers at very low introductory rates. It is also offered on such easy terms of payment that any youth with a will may own this great work. Only ten cents saved each dav will accomplish it. Fur full and complete terms and f.ample pages address THE OBSERVER, CHARLOTTE, N. C. CM Here is something that haapeae 1 not far from the centre of town: th-1 child was threatened vath pneu rnoni,v The physici;a told the raotner sue must put a piasit-r on P the chesty iVbcu'ihc d;-eior returned in tin a-'::;, hv r..;: l the hidy MM yM a e r oa hr huMauaPs tool !MaM, Ti r'aM. Mi -.avi a . O a. , : i. 7x ;; ; a a : 1 1 Ml r -ill.' Je :.. : , ih i- v-wi: iv- I i rt' i . I j '.;a-!.. .-v rjj oiher littoxi- ' j j ; ; -ac end altera- 1 di n l live. It ..a'aiv oa the su.'h'.cii d h- - - 1 rpn ' n ana f .a , -. .iv'.e y : Ma.n :!iCo cf i i a Mrs ,S r.-V: j .'ilk i JT t . 10 t iie C: - - - ae i.i iLe 1 1 anc::ov s- r.actiac ' i. - v ()d people fi-:d it MM e-ac f -a p -a. a r i . t. s-. i ' - I ! - i. I . . lit t. tie You .-h juid 6:,e oar batutiful i: j of jTiaPoarg E ahr aeer before lau- &kifii ?y v'.i . T U K D j i V CO., Kichirrni. y:1 deal err. i' irrus :oui-U '-1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ehmi Kiar: adniinisir..! . . .r ana Sow-, th cens -c!, ia aim-, vs. 31 J L;-, alar,- . hordy'L;'. T? J) I-?! -'G ano a.- l- ind, " . " i - - 0! L . . i I ... , , ... Ct.'j ;-:iao, d.-ii?i M i r . a Myers, af C .toi.-ia " Foificv, :'.m ha !vmd. - K , 11 . Frank. A a ' a phen and Mciahi 1 Mary vfneh :u: r ' dohn Monobv KbV person, Koboat :iie(;r'v . Tataicdlauii i.Uo.u.v nol'; Intad'a sair':V. ii i vi n band, Jiob Smith; Jo? !'U. ; ; v -gCt'SOr,. Cue , A i;: : band, ,V V- u-h vSo'bumon ami lr- :a '- hi! - ia .t - - j 1.1. M bos baa d, Gee, a:, Annie v uv.crv? It nppcarim: to t be. i'Ta rV,.-. of tho Court fiom liin rcauiii oi John A b'iiasi IJjeriii ci; C.;la...u Cuuaiy, N. C, and from Hip 0; day it of Ehini Kin filed in the a! ove-e, th d actioi', that John 2,1 iu-, jj vm FurgciFon, Jfartbr, lrM'"' rd husband, Kelly, AlbcM, Piadr, Elizabeth, Adam, Stephen r.nd ,m otter . Marvin J?'urgeiso;; ; ?) uon -rppidents of this Stata .'-ud M'ror duo didgence cannot oo lourd wnum tuo totato oi 2s, nit J-aohaa, and are necespr v-roper parties to tho above-era a. en , r.x-'wl proceiidinpr, waich ha;3 begun in said Court to idvr-t to sale the real estate of sr-id Piuirn Stowe described in iho complaint or the pkiintili for the pui p;:;. 1 il ak in? assets to nay the dabt and charges of ariminihtratioa ca iho ess tate of Fa id Kuaun Ficae an el whereas the said defra laat ' John W Lee, M ravin. Eutt rkor-, Martha Kelly and husband, ivcaiy, Ai berr, lranlr, Ei:zab-4h. AliHM, Stephen and .MerviuP'ui . hvo an interest actual or e.; . heirs at hw tf P i a said lands. Now. therefore, fhc hee, Meivin Fuigi-ou Kelly and hiifct ;.,ai, -Albert, a rank. El-zib- r. ' 11 t j'ir.n a - -1 Stephen and Mervin Fu ;. '-on -r,- hereby not fied that uta.: , ,,L..y l-i and appear at the .;f!l.. y- r" ;i of iho cuprior Coin (.a -a e " atv an Saite Hforjf8ui . 1 u - 2S;iv. .v ct M :' . . . an s veer or dimnr fo t!: " -l ', of the plaintiff ji i.i .-i u c, ceediiiir, that the . . j ' to he Court f r - . " ?A in thee in pi ?! a .. - : Thi?, Olh dy of T; v. ... . , ... . a. ' 1 1 T T-f I. "Toiauag, Evening, fM ) au.e A !iaH a i i n w H - 1 T , 1 T i . . . ..imi',: . '. . c'.'i'.u hnr. in : !-T;!e . 1 M , ) ... C'l n :ml ('. Ui.ii.uil If, ! ! rt- r. l a j f 1 Or I'M-; ) hr:-: Ih- Th Pi: vl tt a 1 f

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