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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 23, 1895, Image 1

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Vol.. X. No. 09. CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY-23, 1895. WnonE NO. 1,45(5 PdLL NOT IX EFFECT, MV Was Etafftseri Today, ISut j , ;n: i s I'cr C'eii I. is tSie ISuIe , H i v a ri2:;Ii Yet. ;;ih jb, N. C., Feb. 22. The in- ; iii w;;s ratified today, but by .rnisrfden of the clause making ! r ., ;. orce it dees r.ot & into 1 :ntil thirty diya after the ad :.. :;t of t!:o L?i$latv.ri , .-. : rg mi: Guy drive, but ,i ho -, e c to i'leas.uit ,-!i, ;(i i he nccpiion a! tii3 Sem : I-Yk'av :iicht, weie well repaid ii- trip- iwg tho?e who hd va re : Mrs K A Brown, " ! v ; : " d Mad Brown and h,b : on Mo-, Charley Lowe, r .. i l.uin Bro'.vn. u 'I ' 'her al Utr f.'rsulf.l hool. r-l lei I)Hb:on, who pus alined a fx i-reid i4 out a week no, 1 y( ; -:-'ion as teacher Cr d School to the Bo:ird. 153 Mollie he vr?ition accepted ;;, e'Ctvd h j, vacant by Miss Dodson'a resig i i: There were two other appli-,'-,;; of whoai are competen' rienccd teacher?. :; iclilfii's AiiiKr MUve, The In7t S:ik-e in ts ' worH for Bi -:is.:, Seres, Ulcers, Salt ':., uin, Fever Sores, TcUer,C happed liuado, Chilblain:, Corns and all Skin Krupticns, and positively enres L'il.i cr no pay rt quired. It is "aaratiteed to give satisfaction or i'!o;a v r- fended. Price 5 cans per h.. For c de at r. B. Fetzia's Drur - 'ii t 75 n nV-rcr I'orron. F--rron, tne r.'ro, who murdered ' 1 .-;,:: Owen, wa3 successfully car ritd through the country from !N:nva:i to i.exirdon j iii, by Sheriff Monroe. .Judge FrOfVD was in Salisbury rhen the ;,uMir occurred and he in : true ted the sheriff to protect the :"--"er :',r. the liidc of bi.s own life. .v:M-riu Monroe did so. An tifort is being made to have a ;pccia! term of court to try Fcrrcn. if this is done and "justice is meted f promptly, all will be well and Much good against lynch law senti ;rs "it wij i he done. ' :l y t-i is i ft a I f . K V Coker, of Ashland, was hav Lis well cleaned out a short tirr.e ago, and while the worK was : i;g on a china pitcher was fou d ::i ircal condition that h;:d been in 'he v. dl for forty years. When 'it : U into the well it was well cover i and full of nice fresh butter, and h a tal, en ou the other day it was o. peifcct condition, except the . F dh b'-'ing broken off. The but- r was as nice and fresh as it was h d .v it went into the well. tra.nge to say this butter had never s?rorS enough to get out of the iij i ii it is true. The water in L.- well is very strong. There is : ; . 1 i i i e g o d w at c h i n t h e w t-1 1 1 'ait ir:3 Leon there a number of The ftr.v of water was so i'.roij;; and deep that the watch ' ' 'ihl not he found. ' and like Mc 'ontv, is still at the bottom. This U is on the old Shockley place in ' ''a western part of this county, ;djQtit eight milts from thij place. ('rorgia Tribune. '.Hi. !, ne Kiu fci'on v on, NO STRIKE. T!tc Committee Wnirh Went to Wn .li- inlon I!ack-RaiIronl Affairs. The committee of railroad eraj j ployep, which left here seyeral days ogo for Washington to treat wit'a the officials of the Southern Railway Company in regard to the 10 per cent, cut, returned yeserday. The ccmnuttee consisted eih Engineer T J Shrives, of Birmingham ; J S Bur den, of Atlanta; Engineers Fe zer and McCuBongh, of Charlotte, and Conductor Waiter T Moonev, of the Air Line. The trouble, the corn mittee said yesterday, was over, they thought; that CverytYu.g was set tled and th;t there would be no strike. One thing the men wish stated, and that is about, the report that Third Vice Presided Bald v; In had said if the men did not accept his contract thev could ret out. They say that Mr, Baldwin made no such rtatf ment ; that is absolutely untrue. The Obseryer learned yess terday that if there hid been a strike the Florida, Central & Peninsular men wen? ready to stand by the Southern men, Charlotte Observer. I! ay !o as .TEik Ii for You. Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes Unit be had Severe Kidney troubles for many years, with severe p .ins In bis back and also that his b!--dder was affected. He tried m ill so called Kidney cures but without any good result. About a year ago he began the use of Electric B.tters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapt ed to cure all Kidney ard Liver troubles and often gives almost in stant relief. One trial will proe our statement. Price 50c for large bottle at Fever's Drug store. A Caucasian Itoporler Y.ntH Kat Ioison. This is from a Raleigh letter : "Mr, Thomas Bailey, eon of Rey, Dr. Bailey, and city editor of the Caucasian, was poinoned by Rough on Pats, which was on a biscuit which he ate. For seyeral hours he was very sick, but is now ail light ' 12 l ook it Jiack . An enthusiastic politician and ad vocate of weighing all the cotton at the platform, bad to take' water on Friday. Everybody ha3 a right, (except women) to be politicians and en. thusiastic, but thee two give no one the authority for uttering a broad untruth. A man made the charge that the cotton sold here and weighed at Cannon's factory and Odell's wa3 not weighed correctly. This -was his argument for the platform, and he had no other, Representatives appeared on the tcene about that time. Statements and proofs made him out a nr.srepresenter of facts, lie begged off, 'fessed up and took water. Possibly more misrepresentations have been made about the cotton weihirg &c than about anything of this decade. I'oiuk! Tlirous-" The Standard. Friday afternoon the Standard ad vertised for a gold watch that had been lost in the city, on the streets, Thursday afternoon. The watch was found by Mr3. Ed. Cline, and within twenty minutes afier the ap pearance oi the Standard the watch was delivered into the hands of its owner. Verily, advertising pujs. CHURCH DIRECTORY. St- Andrews Lutheran church, j Cannoville Rev- J. D. Jrhea'y, pastor. Sunday School at 0-30 a. m ovary Sunday. Preaching every 1st Sunday at lla.'in., and 3rd and 1th Sundays at 3:30 p. m. Bapti-t Church Rev. J. O. Aiders ' " hmv, pastor, Kernes every Sabbat at 1 a. V2. sad 7 p. m. Sunday school at 9:15 a m, Prayer meeting every Saturday nigh I at 7 o'elcek. Aii Sa ids Episcopal church Rev. J. C. D.;yia, rector- Morning service at; 11 a. - 1 7 Sim da v 1 3 0 a. m. Prayers Wcdres dav at i m- Forest Hill church, So-uth Rev. M. A. Smab, pdor. Preaching ;it 11 a. IB, and 7 p. in. Sunday school at 9:15 a. m. Prayer meeting every' Saturday 7 p. m. The 'public! I cordially invited. St. JamAs Lutheran church Rey, M, G. G- Schrrer, -pastor. Services every Lord's, Day at 11 o'clock a. ni. and 7-30 p. m. Prayer; .meeting and lecture Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Bay's Chapel, Methodist Church Raw J. R. Moose, pator. Sen ices at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 0:15 a. m. Trinity Reformed church Rev. B Frank 'Dai, pastor. Sunday school at 10 adm., end preaching at 11 a. m., every first and third Sui daj- And Sunday school at 2(p, m , and preaching -at 3 p. m , every second and fourth Sunday. Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 p. in. Aii are cordially invited. First Presbyterian church Rev. W C Alexander, Pastor, Preach ing every Sunday at 11 a. m., and 7:30 p m. Sunday school at 3 o'clock. Prayermecting every Wed nesday night at 7:30 Central Methodist Church Rev. R, II. Parker, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 3 o'clock p. m. If you expect to buy any embroid ery this season you should see our line of new patterns and new prices. The Racket. f21 4b A rrcalful Airair, - Gas tenia Gazette: An awful death overtook' a young man named W F Gladden at Mr. A P Froneberger's distillery la3t Monday night. Glad den was tight. He had lost some sle?p and was sitting over the fire nodding. When the distillery closed about dark, Gladden was left there for tne night, as he was not in a con dition to be sent away. There was about a hatful of fire in the Ore place. Next morning about day light Gladden was found dead out in the floor, - with all his clothing burned: off. His tongue and lips were burned by the Are and smoke ha breathed. There were signs of hi3 haying crawled around in the room in helpless distress- He was a young man of about 25 years of age, but was not considered altogether bright-witted. Nobody knows how or at what time of the night he caught Gre. A negro woman not ! far away says she heard cries of some f one in the night but as it was a com ! mon tiling she paid little attention to it. Nothing in town to equal the as sortment of Hamburg Embroidery at The Racket. f21 4fc A pious old lady recently sent as a silver wedding present a pair of fhtiron, a rolling pin and a motto worked on cardboard reading 'Fight On." Tit-Bits. CHEW THE FINEST MANUFAOTURD BY T. O, WILLIAMS CO., Rickir ond, Va. tdW For sale by all firstsclass Uedea This Banner Readers of this paper-can now march to knowledge, honor and success. All intelligent poop'e a --roe upon one fact that there is no middle course to pursuo in life. It itu!-,; to yroross or retrogression. We mv:st co forward or backward. To S:xc-ed m Life h- th-.- d'-siro snd ahn of ill. Chief amonjr the elements of success is education, and chief r.!n"n.g' the sources from which that educa'ion may be acquired is the ENCYCLOPEDIA EklTANNICA. It trca-s f every sybject on eartn in a e'ear, pr.i.;iica ar.d sensible way. It unv railS to vo-2 a!! the secrets of nature, o far as they have been unlocked by the wise men of the ear'h. Far from wearying you, you will find it entrancingly interesting. We wil' not toll you that vou ouht to have the ENCYCLOPEDIA HR'.TANNICA. You know that already, don't you? But we will tell you t!ut you ouj; hi to get it now. Because a rood thinjr AJ rn W7 c-"m,t done U)? 0()rL . VV Mil V 6 h.cause.rtnerooKsareori: cv v;iue t-o vou, every minute you are without then is a loss of that value for that time ; is it not? n ;e the best terms and prices can be obtained now. it is the opportunity of a lifetime. For specimen paes, prices of various styles of binding, etc.. address The Observer CHARLOTTE, N. C. P A rich man to draw a chech, A pretty girl to draw atTcntion, A horse to draw a ea:t, A plastor to draw a blister, A dog figh4. to draw a cio vd, xlnd our goods to draw bargain hunters. D. P, MM m u ACvOlDv j4 I tsX-f&t-Z-Y&r TOBACCC, WHICH IS dealers. North Calolina t - Cabarrus county bl'VET10 CcniT. Elam King-, administrator of Ru. ann Srowe, decease c1, plaintiff, vs. M J Lf o, Mary J Norton ; : d husband, D A Dortnn; l;o,a Rice niv husband, Win Icice: Jcseph Lie. W II Lee, Jo c E Corzine, John 1 ee, M A Myers, M C Vto-jg. , 3';a-n Furerscr, Maitha Kedy md husband. livlh ; Adroi t, Frank, Elizabeth. Aib-.rn, Sle pt: en and Mervin. Fn: ;: r "v, Mary IVjcachpm and hrf-h-n(1 John Meach -m; Eiiz-s.L-ili i ei person, Robert mc(c , Z:v::.n Parnell and busbar: d, I . Per noli; Isabella Smith ? i;i hus band, Bob Smith; J.d- . C j rr gerson, Cora Austbi : :, hus band, V O Aunnn; Elizabeth Sossinonac- Luthnd. dohn D Sot-samon; P'-rtett io-.: rn'd husband, Gcoro Ihie, and. Annio Furrsur, ut-leiahiuty. It appearing to th ih.etion of the Court from th;- k ; John A Sims, Sheriff ot Cab :n us County, N. C, and from the liffidayit of Elam Kins filed in the id.-cvt- -r. ti tled aclion, that John 3f Leo, c'v vin Fur person, 3Iartlia Kelly and husband, Kelly, Albert, Frank, Elizabeth, Adam, Stephea and ant. other Mnrvin b'nrorrsnn o n nnn i . rt ' ' . ACSlUUiilO SJl LUI3 3..tll'-, tXlll U1LC1 clue dUigence cannot he fuiind within the State of N.. rt'o Carobnn, and necessr Jii : vi proner parties to the abovti-. nti'iLd .-spbcitti proceeding, which lias t :eu beun in said Court ' to i-abjeet to sale the real esta'o ( f e .ut Ruann btowe described m th? cv r ml. -nut of I te plaintifl for the purpe :e 0! mak . To KftV the, (h'hfs fiml charges of admini;-ti..tion :n the -vs tate of t-aid itu-en li r wo arul whereas' the said defend, John W Lee, Mervin Fureroc:i, 21uiha Kelly and husbann, Kelly, AU bert, Frank, Elizabeth, Adam, Stephen and -Sfervinb'ui,. h 'v an interest actual or co: inyvi. . as heirs at law f said Raariu Srowe in said lands. Nov, therefore, the raia John id. Tec, Mervin Furrso.-, Tvlar ha Kelly and husband, Kolly, xVlbert, jrank, Eliz ibctl , Adam, Stephen and Mervin Fuia.:ixhon are hereby not tied that unless ;,hcy be and appear at the office of t he C-'erK of the Superior Court of : -,d county and Slate afon-aid m ic the 2Sth day of March, lc9-3 a:,d lead, answer or demur to the complaint of the plaintiff in f-p:-.-. i !. pros eeedingr, that the ; :-i i , ;'; :;i -pp;y to the Court for the kj id ipjinand- i ed in the eomplaii.;- nd 1 i ccstf?,- ThiF, 9th day of Ft u: ta.; . , 15. 'AS ... O i .(SON, Clerk 8iii"jn..r (..'ort. THE ADVERIISSR; 110 FOR 1S95. Morning, Evening, Sunday and Sunday Editions. A s r i v e lie jj i ; U I i -;t 11 o urn a I of flic IlK',22t'sl Class- COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER- Established 1707. Publi-V'.'d evtiy evening. New YorkVoV.-..t e-n ing new.sp.iptr. Sufj.cfiption, O.e.ij MORNING ADVERTISER. Published every mornmi leading Republican nev.:'. The per or the day. Clean and fearless, uh- scnption prnf, hOO. SUNDAY ADVERTISER. New York's most popular Sunday newspaper The 4ouIy Rep.,.h-lie"ai 2-cent bund ay paper in the United States. 20 to 'M pages. Subscrip tion price, $1 00 per jt-ar. As an advertising medium tl. j eCv a tlsers have no superiors. Samples free. .Agents wanU crj where. Liberal coraTrisionH. Address THE ADVERTISER, 29 Paik Row, X V.. i

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