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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 26, 1895, Image 3

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A BATCH OF LOCAL NEWS. , .... ?i p iukI Vnt i" Shape Ily Our UiiHlliH Prtiril Iuslier. nt begins Wednesday, Xhe rate of taxation will remain , 2 ce litis. y ,-aporated fruite, at Sims' & .k-vunder'd. Lots of grip in Raleigh. Due, it &:iid, to bud air. 'iihsis the weather that makes heart of man feel good. 'fir Heel Minstrels Friday night. :! :L fan. Laugh and grow fat, .'ee snow is yet left, although .ve Ind more- th;n a week's sun- Jiilifornia probes and apples . ..i-u, and choice canned goods, at ; V Alexander's, A little child by the name of ivtou in No. 9 wus burned to LLin itusu uF Li U M ANITY. I'ooplc Wlio Travel, as Soon by ar RoDorlcr. Mr. Jno, Correll, of Albemarle, is in the city. Mr. S .P Holloway, of Rich mond, is again in the city. Mr. T J Rowland, of Statesville, spent Tuesday in the city. Mr. Geo. Baker, one of the pleasantest little drummers on the road, is in the city. Mis3 Ella Ridenhour, of St. John's, is visiting her brother, Mr. R E Ridenhour. Mr. R M White, of Charlotte, is spending several days in the city at his son-in-law's, Mr. Elam King. WtOBf . Tar Heel Minstrels Friday night. Watch for street parade. 26 4t. Quite atnumber of people were in town today. Four pound feather pillows, oOc each The Racket. 20 6c Leut will put a stop to some of the pleasures. It lasts forty days J ana lorty inputs. The prettiest line of Hamburg ever shown at The Racket 21 6t Hyacinths are in bloom, aed those in the window at Yorke's Jewelry Store are pretty. If you expect to buy any embroid ery this season you should see our line of new patterns and new prices. The Racket. f21 -it The Standard saw with pleasure its good friend, Mr. George Shian, of Georgeyille. He spent a day in town and was as busy as a bee. You should see our beautiful line of Hamburg Embroidery before buy ing or you will regret it. The Racket f216t Those lare maple butts hauled through the streets by the Odell teams were for the purpose of mak ing the large rollers used at the bleachery. Mr. C F Ritchie made just what the Standard said he would a hust ling assignee. It didn't take him long to wind up the Lowe affair and put it on its ftet and satisfy all parties. Mr, A 13 Kelly, one of the two machinists vho put in the spinning frames at the Cabarrus Mills, has gone to Wilmington, where he will be engaged for some time before ree it 1 on Sunda. . o you want to buy any books, if i: saye you 50 per cent, on e'sher's prices. The Racket, f212t The Charlotte skating rink is ... up. The. sheriff wanted $40 ,.::d this is more than the fun justi- Ihe Standard was the first paper Norm Carolina to publish an ac- unt of the unfortunate shooting i 1 1 1 in Lexington. Why did on borrow your neigh ::T$ paper? Don't you feel good ;;.iee you have sayed the small price v eyen one paper ? Remnants of printed ducking, nly ?lC per 'yard. Percale 6ic harvard. Red and black calico at vkt yard The Racket 30 4t; Dil worth, the place to which Charlotte is hanged, has had its first 're. The house of Mr. D M Rigler was burned Monday night, Mrs, J F McConnell, who for sev ral years has lived on Spring street, eas moved into the house of Mr. F V .'jarrier, on Eaet Depot street. Printed Ducking remnants at 7 '.cuts per yard. Percal remnants 61 .cuts. Shorter lengths 20 cts per ?und, The Racket. 21 Ct A wagon passed through the streets this morning, the body of which was on six wheels and the bed . obtained nine other wheels that ere not running. Tar Heel Minstrels Friday night, benefit Prass Band. Tickets 25 and . Cedts. On sale at Cibson's Drug i-lore- Don't fail to see the great ---;ro specialties. f2G 4t, Mr. Monroe Dove got to town to- .vay (Tuesday), the first time in three """c-eks. He's one of those men that 'iiv.kei this work pleasant. We like H such friends as is Mr. Dove, John Goodman is carrying his orking hand tied up in a rag. This the fun he had at the skating rink Monday night. That's alright; you u't down our typographical artist i-OST Lady's gold watch charm, -ween Corl'a stable, the St Cloud -el It W Bigger's residence on South -ain street. Finder wil be rewa by delivering same to Mr. J E - ton, at Cod's stable3, ork has begun on the new Paro-i-ial School building: for Grace col Lutheran church on Corbin t. Mr. II C McAllister, of Mt. i :t3.;ot, is now doing the brick -k- Mr. G R P .Miller has the i-i ac i, -'lum Levi, a well known barber, 1 at Asheyille on Monday of par He, wa3 63 yeors old, a na ' - ui Virginia, and was given - -i-a national reputaticu by Bill y . who frequently referred to L in his syndicate letters. D. A. LOWE I. O. LOWE LO WE & SO N. turning to Lowell, Mass., hia home. Many people in Concord will sympathize with her in her grief oyer the unfortunate affair in which her husband , has placed himself. The wife of Mr. Shemwell is a daughter of Rev. Chas. Bernheim, once a citizen of Concord. The Standard ha3 been highly complimented by a number of sub scribers for the manner in which it got up on its hind legs Monday and published the news when news was news. We haye had no compliments from borrowers and deadbeats. No, No! The road from the rise of the hill beyond Little Cold Water creek, on the Mt. Pleasant road, is simply a Douglasite of the worse kind. It is not only fusion, but confusion. The mud is axle deep for two hundred yards. When there is a complete thaw, it can not be measured. Yesterday while a little son of Senator Moody was sliding down the banisters of the capitol he had a fall that niav result seriously. Helost his hold and tell aoout 15 feet, strike ing on his head and arm3, crushing hia forehead, nearly knocking out an eye, breaking one arm and injuilng a finger. There is great sympathy with Senator Moody and the unfor tunate boy. o 03 R l We have bought from the assignee, C. F. "Ritchie, the entire stock of goods of The Lowe Company at a big dis count from the original cost and will commence tomorrow, Wednesday, the greatest slaughter sale of seasonable goods that has ever been dealt out to the people of Concord We have closed up today for the express purpose of going through the stock and mark ing -prices that will paralyze the natives. The lew prices that lias always been made by The Lowe Company will now be discounted from 25 to 50 per cent. c OUR 'MIIMVINTEK CLEARANCE WILL BEIN TO-MORROW And now is the time to avail your selves of bargains. This is no old gag wo mean business and the first to co "e will cot the cream. We haye a a few pieces of All Wool Dress Goods 1 word 75c wholesale we oiler them at 0c per yard. We have one-half dozen Dress Patterns b 0 I LO WE& SON ill faMiri ij MANUFACTURERS OF FINE GINGHAMS. OUTING CLOTHS, PLAIDS AND SHEETINGS, $ RAIN ANDISALT BAGS, that are worth Si. 00 wa offer at f3e per yard. WTe have the ht n ' - LA p5 (W? ever sold in this bwn price, -SI.25, we -eii as oe per yard. Wo have a black ll-inch H..fmVH:i .i,.oV, wholesale mice 75e. wa s.dl nf nnV and all our winter goods in propor tion. We have a srand bargain to offer in Misses and Children's 3c OOAT8 : a S5.00 coat to 0 at 3.75 and 2.50.' A small Jot wholesale price $2.00 and x 2o to go at 1.25 each. A few BLANKETS at prices that suit everybody. Nov7 don't fail to see our stock of S H O ES We have some special bargiinsfo offer and guarautee price. Will r ot be undersold, The old a lage is this: "Seeing is believing " We say Come and see; Glad to see y. u and will interest you. Truly, Morrion, Lentz & Co CELEBRATED SOUTHED JELLICO COAL. POSITIVELY GOOD" ... ; COMPARATIVELY BETTER, ; SUPERLATIVELY BEST COAL ON THE MARKET, ; 1 ML 5 Coxcord, N. LC. I J. M. Odell, President, D. B. Ccltrake, Cashier. L. D. Coltkane, ; Assistant Cashier Capital, Surplus, S50,00a $io,coa DEALERS IN GENERAL 'IRCiyOISi BUYERS OF Gauntry hmi HIGHEST HEATING CAPACITY LEAST PER CENT OFJASHES. Three Grades. Prompt delivery. TRY IT j SamplesJFREE;! JffiF L2ave orderslat G E Fisher 3 tore, or with inyjwjujons. K. L. CRAVEN. DIRECTORS; J. M. Odell, l). F. Cannon Elam King, J. w. Cannon. W. II. Odell, W. H, Lilly, D. B, COLTRANE. i all Eiiii and; Four fot S vood always wantel best pricos for same- We invite Rn inspection Zof,.-all the goodO9 3Ianufactur CONCORD MARKETS. COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer." 3ood middling ....5 05 Middlings 4 871 Dow middling J 4 G2h Stains 41 to4 75 3 PRODUCE MARKET.. Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon 10 Sugarcured nams 11 to 14 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 9 Bee3was - Butter 15 Chickens 10 to 12 Corn 45 Egga 12 Lard 3 to 11 Flour (North Carolina 1.75 Meal 50 Oats 45 Fallow .vc...3to VALUABLE TOWN PRO PERT FOR SALE. The following valuable town property is offered or sale, private, which is located in the northern part of the city on the eat side of Forest Hill; One two-story, 7 room house, good well, stable, orchard and out houpesc; one two -story, G rr m hoiua and on room house on Sr. Charles street, and one store house, oa iMam street. This property can be bought on easy terms, which will be 'made on application. Address W. P. Shea ley, Lincoln ton, N. C. or W. L. Robbins, Concord, N. C SALE OF LAND. Unrler and by virtue of a decree of tha Saperior Court of Cabarrus comty in a special proceeding entitled, Edward Gray, J Dove and Harry Gray by km ne.t friend, A J Stouib, ex partee, I, John D I09t, as commission jr, will ex pose to public sale on the lirst Monday in April lbli, the same beiiur the lirst day of April, atl o'clock, p m, in front of the court house door in Concord, a certain tract of land in Xo. 11 township, said county, adjoining the iands of J Doye, M J Oorl, J Reed and J C Furger son, containing (49) forty acres more or less which said land is fully set torth in the complaint or petition tiled in saitl special proceeding. Terms of sale: One-thirl cash, balance o;i six: months credit, note and approved security required with interest fromdato of sale. Title reserved till all purchasa of money is pahi. JNO. D. JJOST, Feby. IS, ,(Jav Commissioner

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