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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, February 28, 1895, Image 2

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liie Daily Standard BY JAMES 1". COOK. iFFIOE IN CASTOR BUILDING The Standard is published every day (Sunday excepted) and delivers jd by earners- RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION One year 24 00 Six months 2 00 Three months 1 00 One month 35 Single copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. Terms for regular advertisements 'dade known on application. Address all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord.' N. C. CONCORD, FEBRUARY, 28, 1805 kW EVEX UREA IC Thursday, wa3 ninety yeare old. Al though h vin five sons in the min istry, he himself did not jjin th3 Methodi3t church till the age of sixty, and late in lire he became ore darned to preach, Mr. Jones leaves 130 descendants. Mrs, Cleveland has joined the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and it was Mis3 Frances Wil lard who, the 'other day, had the honor of pinning on the dress of the mistress of the White House the white ribbon badge of membership of that organiz ition. The January sales of ra iron at Pittsburg reached the enormous total of 263,730 tons, exceeding by 80,000 tons the sales of January, 1894. This ia said to "beat all preyicus records.' An exchange says that "there is a whisper of spring in the air." This is doubtless correct. The poor girl caught such a cold in the recent blizzard she can only speak in a ; whisper. Kew Trustees for the Uniuersity. The following are agreed upon as the new trustees on the State Uni versity board of trustees to fill va cancies this year: Democrats: John W Graham, R B Peebles, M E Car ter, WHS Burgwyn, Francis D Winston, A B Gorrell. Republicans: Abram Alexander, Thos. F Floyd, Z V Walser, E A White, Charles A Cook, Spencer Blackburn, James E Boyd, James M Moody, Virgil S Lusk, D A White, D L Russell. Popalists: Cyrus Thompson, J T B Hoover, John F Hogan, S Otho Wilson, Harry Skinner, J B Lloyd, W E White, W A Guthrie. sur Las., V.'jnday the cause of woman's .ecehed a defeat in one Stut i scored a victory in ans other TL popular branch of the Mis. ' Hgislature, by a decisive ma joi , feated a bill to allow woi u i'j vo e at all elections, but the M-'.--achusetts Legislature pass td -j ii giving women the right to vote at all municipal elections. This bill was strongly opposed but its supporters had mas3 meetings all ov r the P-rate. orgauizjd thorough'y and carried ir. through. Many of the leaders of the 'weman'rf puff rase i ovement live in iuascach Jcetts and have a gieat following there, though some of the leading Massachusetts newspapers oppose very vigorously this theory vl woman's rights. The idf a does not appear to have sprouted to anv considerable extent i Missouri. o E C Benedict;, the banker, has bought Tweed Island and the Indian Iltrbor Hotel, at Greenwich, Conn., for $100,000, and will csnvert the property into a private residence. -o The New York Worid figures out that the syndicate which took the $02,000,000 United States bonds, pocket a prUit of about $5,000,000 BKEEZY JIMS. J I' St IKS AND THE LAW. A wide difference of opinion has existed among lawyers xn the ques tion whemer in a criminal case the jury is judge of the law as well as of the facts. The supreme court of the United States recently made its first distinct declaration on the subject. Three members of the court pre spared opinions on the question, which will fill one hundred and .fifty pages of the printed reports. A majority of the court hold that ibe jury is not the judge of the law in a criminal case, but must take the Jaw from the bench. Justices Gray .. rl Shiras dissent from this opinion. :id 'x press their yiews elaborately. 'i'he decision is one of the most mportaiit that has been handed down by our highest court in a long 'ioie. Atlanta Journal Paiesis "I have just discoveied why political aspirants always have their hjgs pulled." Giglawp "Why ?" Pares s "So that they can take lo.vger strides when running for an office."- IN'ew York Herald. A friend in need is friend who generally strikes 3 ou for a quanter. Tammany Times. "Trimmins has a first rate voice," said the critic at the concert, "but he always comes in behind time." "Yes," replied the man who lends money, ',1 guess it's force of habit. Trimmers7 notes are always over due." Washington Star. A Louisville man insists that he ha5! seen bluebirds there this year. He'll probably see other things ifjjbe doesn't swear off." Washington Dispatch. Wouldn't it be fine it Gresham and Lilonkalian were to elope ? New York Press. "You hayen't read my last poem have von ?" "No, I'm to weak yet. Wiat till I recover' Atlanta Constitution. A motion favoring an international bisruetallic conference will be made in the House of Common? Tuesday. The goverment will oppose it. Mr. Bilfour will bUpport it, Speculation, HAMMOND & CO. 130 & 132Pral Street, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. 800 "3T-AIE?-IDS OIF Stocks, Bonds and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. P. S. Send for explanatory circus lar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter. (Free) dwly Professional Card! I have located in Concord for the practice of medicine and surgery, and respectfully a3k the public for a share of their patronage I may be found at my office at any hour of the day or at my residence at night when not out professionally, and will gladly respond to all calls promptly. Oflice under that of Montgomery Cro.vell. Respectfully,- f J. E. Smoot, M. D. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Having qualified as the Executor of Robert A, Crimminger, deceased, all personr owing said estate are hereby notified that they must make immedate pavment or suit will be brought. Aod all persons having claims pginst said estate must present thorn to the under signed duly authenticated on or be fore te 12th day of January 1896, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. J. A. Bakniiardt, Executor. This 12th day ol January, 1895. j.rrrEE snaps. The Durham Sun is on its seventh year. The six years just passed and -ompk-i.d guarantee to Brother Robinson splendid success. He has a cou foothold and the Sun will Dr, J. E. CARTLAND SURGEON DENTIST. Makes a speoialty of filling teetli without pain. . Sixteen years experience. Office over Lippards & Barrier's store after Feb. 8, 1894. 125 fo-id!. YOUWB u w z mm 0- Vy cigarette fiend, Postmaster hisbe has resigned to look after his r uiialo law business. It id thought 'ha4- Co-.UTesjsman Wilson will sue Rev. Samuel Ct Jones, father of a one.?, vao died 111 Cliianmaii amlJcwcsH Married . Atlanta, Ga., February 17. Joe Lee, a Chinaman, and Ella Moses, a pretty young Jewess, were married here today. The ceremony was per formed by Judge Blood worth. The groom wanted the ceremony performed in open court, but the bride objected because of the crowd of curious spectators. So they sub stituted the groom's laundry for the temple of justice, and the ceremony was duly performed. None of the bride's family were in attendance and no Chinamen were present. Joe Lee states that since hs cut oil his queue two weeks ao his fel lowcountrymen hwe cut him. Lee 1 and his bride have been sweethearts i for a long time, bat it was onl re-! cenny tnat sue consented to marry For men, women or boys at prices ranging him. i flJii$:5to$S0. We ship from factory sinbjcct mm 0 no.- . . Co approval and are the only manufactur- AH Nni:if s J!-;iseopa2 Chun ii. j ersseliingtlirectio Consumers. We have Tomonw beiiip- Ash Wedmda-T !riii. w e offer greater value lq our ,i , . . -' ; Oxford Gladiator wheels at SfiC) 0 tvSO than there will be Services Ul the abcVC. ! other manufacturers with prices from Moo flini'rVi i f 1 1 -.1 r. 1- . . .1 1 I i rzt .1.,1 wo-ni ' w - w J. - i-i itu .11. yj tlUoQi ttUvi Sr i iivuxy nuvtJ o'clock in the afternoon. Sen nP i "" ?ay locnl deRlers a proflt f Fifty 1 ! pn cent. Cut this out and write to-day for aiSO on ihuradayand Friday ftL.r-' oar handsome catalogue. Address, IF YOU BUY Ay eoria noon at 5 o'clock. AVFnnn On Bicy tie Department niio, tt tqt Rrr.nvrn .111111 II J . V I J 1 V 1 J I J 00 W PC w p o W P W O PC w p o PC PQ W P z m W o Is Handsomest Line Ever Seen in CONCORD e have just received 800 yards of extra line Hamburg Einbroideries,assorted widths. This is by far the handsomest linewe ever had. Send for our sample box and select your Embroidery at home. It contains 81 samples of Ems broidery and 59 samples of Torchon Lace. One Hundred 12 mo. cloth bound Novels by Standard Authors, only 15 Cents. RACKEri r o in D to O GO r o w D do O d oo D. J. BOSTlAN,PROFR

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