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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, March 04, 1895, Image 1

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(I Let i, f So. n WRITES, r is i good day to1 i;ibu ; fodr;i;ili:;;:. 10" ; I- -. rher the evil. J 1 a thh . ! 1 t ;ndnv. I o '! yp.. 1, , f. Mi'.;. J tiful i re::il i.U i : r1; chapter on- berius. ilere a It not - i death, for it says (;i; L" All dowo thatchap is hronght face to face with d of death. It tells of it. ; see if you don't begin to voar account and see which ih-j larger. We quote some Ik iJA ti.l all the days that Adam vn ACre iiine hundred ?nd thirty -ir, : au,: 1 died," "Aad all the days of Seth were uiidred and twelve years : and 1 And all the days of Lnos were ni-e hundred and five years: iQ.l hedir-d." '4. ''And all the days of Caiuan '.v-re niiiii hnudred and ten years : he died." ;. "And all the days of Mahala? z were eight hundred ninety and : " r y. -.16 : aad he died." '-And all the davs of Jared Line hundred sixty and two yeurs: and he died." 2.J. "And all the davs of Enoch thr-.e hundred s'.xty aad five vtdrs : God took him." 3T. "And all the days of Methu 5?lan were nine hundred sixty and years : and he died." 31. "And all the days of "Lamech were seven hunred seventy and seven aars : and he died." lor those of you, who are not as fimilisr with the Bible as my wife -1 1 are, I will s a that thi3 .man hameeh 13 the father of Noah and f;r;iLdfather of i3hem, Ham and Japhrtii, vho aie the great heads of races no.v in existence. Further, Japheth la the father of Europeans an 1 ail i he Caucasian race ; Shem is father of th Chinaman and -tad others ; and Ham ia sai-. to u the father of the negro ut wi;H .n; tne Indian comes in, Kor--crkncH-s not. In these verges we jreoiad -to think of creation and -rth, Woman is not mentioned, W she died, too; because Methuse : aid to nare been the oldest and the omen must haye died, or-",e- distinction would have been c- -jther side of the family. A' 1 iLi- died" comes to woman as 1! ,:: , ,an hj jead 'lw!:tM the street walker and i ef -oaiery as well r-3 the .1 ; !e r.iv brought i ' ' u r ne iieo n '-" 'm t.rc tne p:opie ' -''ill 5C tth:" . no '' ' ) '3 hv..':i.-o one he awi'i! if e."ue ''' f now. Marion ;' 'jui 'e "; l years V r, h,: (' :;, L-1 V ! 0'ipd'is jequ.' - hs to resolute, ween and adiourn j , over hhdtath. Was'nt he fortunate ! ! Anu ,ie weil." Th1 od die ; the bad die; the ;.e, ' v r i 1 ' :L LJiu um uiu; tne rood one doesoun.- Juie ; the smart die; fhe ignorant die ; the rich die; the ipoo; die-; ana the husiomsU die. ! A m.i:i by the mn::- of -WardV'v lii- mt. who gloried h; the h ade- of Ive; York'3 Lvhio.;a.blc 4( ', duu I sud itnly ceva- d weeks aero. Tfe rth only .:i-at $10,000 ; g.,mo :igM.hi H.tors h lni! there thought ' h; e ot h tw i; i oho luvxinii;: trie .'. . ; ' ' Oh ,ir f -no .at, with ; , : .ti a-nt tba' "he died." C. , . : ; -''" x V'-i-) i r.;r ton, who cou Id w'tt Al i it i3 not ! v J '' the father of his , .laj ;r, ,vii:utr7 ..i,d wiiom the N. O. Teg- r tature rauj.u ;o nener until ::red Dougldb died, didn't live near as long as Ad.::u, butoi; him i' is eaid uand ne died." Lincoln, the great emancipator, whom the assassin shot, drew large crowds to look upon his cold re mains. Of him the newspapers had declared "he died." At the City Hall in New York, crowds were trying to get a last look of him, who received the surrender of the great and christian Lee,before his body was put out of sight till the morning of the resurection. What an active life Grant had led, yet the time came when it was said "he died' When I first became old enouqh to notice I knew hundreds of men fifty years old. Now it can only be eald "and he died." The human race is born to die. Die they will, die thev must. Though they haye nothing to do with their existence here they work out their probation nntil is said of each "he died." As "he or she died," will soon be said of all my readers, is it not im portant that we should all make the best use of the days allotted ua-? Life is too :hort to quarrel; too short to injure others; too short to find fault with everybody; too short to gossip; too 3hort to be a miser; too short to get drunk; too short to swear: too short to play big I and to play liLile jtoo short to grasp all and give nothing: too short to see motes in 'he eyes of others and not the beams in our own eyes; and too short to be bossy. Now and then we see on door-bed Is th emblems of mourning What i3 the meaning of those bunch es of black material ? "He or she died." She is clad is black; a Jong black veil in graceful Jolds falls from her hex her gloves are bhek; her 'kerchief is blackbordered as well as her static ery. What means this? In the words of the text "she died.'' The dead are in the majority. Those who sleep the ia3t sleep of death might be counted by thousands of millions. Wrhile talking with a vvoirwi, who was begsing money to huy a ruilioad ticket, I shw Sidney in ner race tneic ncic cigno ui. e i ief. She informed me tnat xie had a ton. "Where is he now," I 3.3k..d her, che looked sadder and 'vith tears rushing into her eye?, she said "why, he did." All along tba pathway of life, every day by word, by letter, by newspaper, b? j ne iw ih ciorht of CONCOIID, N. C, MOB DA , MARCH J, 1695. ! rpp PV,MonMrtf ,iflofh v. v.l.vuvjv. w vAVrttU' rtUU Lie Ul Then Why are people s i moan, so b-td. so proud, so foolish ? Yours K0IN Kit MR. WADS WORT IT DEAD. -low ii in-. Deatli lltMM iifMl Coucur.l Mr. J ,nn W Wad-won, of Chars lotte, i3 dead. Our reade rs will r. u.c:i:b2r that n r - ir. John Wad3wur:h. of Ca ¬ lotte, i;i.s hee v for f.ome t critical sta1 iie'Ha. Ueht'.iveai and friends took him to vashin and later on to ''hihulelphia with the hopes that the most rkillful treai ii-ent ni;-ht result in a cm-'lete A. restoration of his health. For a while it was thought that he w : improving. We have not, the fads of the sad death, but it occurred Saturday night and rather unexpectedly. Mr. Wadsworth's remains will be brought home and interred at Char lotte. He was probably in GO years of age. He was the father of Mr. John C Wadswortb, and a brother-in-law of Measas D F and J W Cannon, of our place. The burial will take place to morrow in Charlotte. Attention I Dlnrk Boys. Don forget that next Monday night is your regular monthly in spection, a full meeting is desired. By order of W. S. Bingham. Captain Commanding. You Will Enjoy It. Every citizen knows well how. they have heretofore been entertained by the Minstrels the Tar Heels. Their gags are all new, their. songa and choruses new and pretty and the orchestral part of the show is un usually good. We say this because we know it to be so. Go out Jo morrow night and have a good laugh. It is worth the price of ad mission to hear the "corkers" thrown at Jesse Hamilton, the middle, man. The quartettes are simply grand. End men all good ones. Be sure to go, It is giyen for the benefit of the band. Last Ifotlce Town Taxes. Onj;Aprii the 1st, 1895, I will advertise all property upon which the taxes for tha year 1894 are not pa;d. Call at my office and settle at once, and save costs. March 4, '95. J. L. Boger, al. Town Tax Collector. An Interesting1 TaIIi. Miss Steva Dodson, a returned Missionary toChina, who is spends ing some time in the city, made an interesting talk Sunday afternoon at all Saints' Episcopal church. Miss Dodson told of the customs and peculiarities (to us) of the chinaman, how the boys and girls were sepa rated from birth until of marriage air e age, when the young men would be allowed to peep through a curtain or partitioQ to select from a number the one he wished for a wife, and how all the females of humble par entage that were adopted by per sons able to rear jn, were thrown into a ravine and ' .,;. away vw.h. Her talk was inre3ting from ginning to tend iind her i -, f - , . ., ehowed their appreciation by the , CHEW THE FINEST Of JINI'FACTrRD by T. C, WILLIAMS CO., Miichir olid, Vu For .ak- by all iirstclass dealers. dj j ' f ! li 4) i DUKEQfDUPijM SlGARETTES gi-vv by -;-:i (i W.DukeSonsiCs 'THEANERICHN TOBACCO CO W DURHAM. N.C U.3.A UCDIII8I MADE FROM High Grade Tobacco AND ABSOLUTELY PURE A rich man to draw a check, A pretty girl to draw attention, A horse to draw a cart, A plaster to draw a blister, A dog fight to draw a crowd, And our goods to draw bargain hunters, m U For Over Fifty Yc'i r. ( Mrs. Winslow's South'" ng Syrup has i been used for ever fifty years by f millions of mothers fur thir children while teething, with perfect success, It soothes the child, oftens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy tor Diarrhoea. It v,ui r-:)iee the poor little suiferer im-xtiiittjly. S r i by Dr.ugbts m every pa-t ef the world. Twcntv-iive cents a bottle surt ana ask ior'lrs. Winsiow s 3 i 17 f T TAKES ! p. mm Wiiohk ISO. lvy. TOBACCC, WHICH IG 44m A J'X"i North Ualolina t ... .,. r, Cabarrus county ' ' Ll vn King'. aJniinistrr tor of v?. M J I.c e, lary u- :t . "huf band. lJ A tou; Rive ami i-uband, .hn . f! c0r v; T pc ,,r ,T r - J . C.' J.,ie, John 1 - e, V At C. it), Fi-erson, tha K ;" . : riaLiiv, ii,ii::ant:L.j. w, ;ne phen and Meivin "Scr: oyfv. Alary Meachaio : .! h.i .:.!.: John aleachani; Ki ... '. .-; h 'r . gerson, Robert cL... . lm ... Parnell and luisha. d i d iV;r noli; Isabella Smiiii r;i-; hut band, Bob Smith; John (J .v ui gerson, Cora Auptin :id hus band, V O Austin; Elizabeth yossamonand nusund, Joh I) Sossamon; Harriett Piiceand husband, George Price, and Annie Furgflrson, defendants. It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court from the return o! John A Sims, Sheriff of Cabarru? County, N. C, and from the afh'dayit of Elam King filed in the bove-enti-tied a ?tion, that John M. Lee, Men vin FurgersoD, Martha Kelly r.nd husband, Kolly, Albeit, Fran'i. Elizabeth, Adam, Stephen and au other Mervin Iurgcrson a?e non residents of this 3 Lite, and aftar due diligence cannot bo found within the State of North Caroline, and are necessar and proper parties to the above-enticed tspeciai proceeding, which has been bgu.. in said Court to subject to sale the real estate oi taid Ruann Stowo described in the complaint of o the piaintift for the purpose cl mak ing assets to nay the debte. rad charges of administration on the es tate of said Ituann Srowe anil whereas the said .defendants John W Lee, Mervin Furgersc-n, Martha Kelly and husbano, Kell", Al bert, Frank, Elizabeth, Adam, Stephen and Mervin Jb'urgerscn huve &n interest actual or continent to heirs at law of said Ruann Stowe in said lands. Now, therefore, tho said John M. Lee, Mervin, Furgereon, Martha Kelly and husband, Kelly. Albert, Jrank Elizabeth, Adam. Stephen and Mervin Furgerson are hereby notfied that unless they be and appear at the office of the ClcxK of the Superior Court of sm.j count. ' and State aforesaid on or before ihf 28th day of March, 1895 and plead, answer or demur to the ec niplaie; of the plaintiff in said sp'vh d pros ceeding, that the plaintiff ..xil :ppiy to the Court for the relief ac ,n ne ed in the o.mplaint and ior i-.usts. Thip, 9th day of February .; ;.'.. JAS. C. G1V.SON. Clerk Superior L'o. 1 1 THE ARM LOCK BED SPRING Adjusted at both ends. The most comfortable B: Spring yet known to t.h world. It will not get unn sided it stands perfectly square and will not be come loose. THE ARM LOCK BED SPRING is in many;of ilie best homes in town and county. Mr John P, Allison and Dr. L, M. rchey say it is complete and rhey would not do wjthen tliern. For further paricuhi.i 14 1 on nsa cr address, J. Wali j Concord IS . C, I - - - Wantkd Active, f : ; m n or I?dy to tra. e i re;v I established, reiiJ)!e 7 inout ny anu rat;.; wiia lroiv f if su:?,d, hut he huna a ran m;v. - i:?ar a(M au":- ion tu Iu.l . envelop , v;e ' c jo-tig. .kind. n: w Ik w -v

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