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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, March 05, 1895, Image 4

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a It May Io r.s Much You for Mr. Fred Miller, of Irvir.g, III., writer !i)Ht lie had Severe Kidney troubles for many en-;, adth ;;t;vere pains in his back ami vko that hip bladder V.R3 atLiited. He tried many sr c-illed Ki'-"ey circs bni wit t: 01: r. ;i v viae; ! a About a year nao bo bo-ani l.h1 u:e cf Klocli it II Was raid For. . Mrs. JmlffC Settle Read. Poet "wLat did you do with my Greensboro, March 4 The 1 w Irs little poem on Eternity?" Editor Published it and here is a check for $1.20." Poet " Why, really 1 " Editor' o thanks, picas. Oar foreman tacked it onto a paid obit lUurial found reiki Xr cues, i 7 and , . 3 received twenty cents r,a iMe; r is ii uiers p- p;.ad. uuia ed to curt ail K'dney sir tl kiver trou;.ii- L.tiw ( fa a .v;iy. . aim-: m in 8 tarn' roH-'. Or- in a will, prove our otateaafat. Price 50o for brgi: botlk: -a V -ak Da-jr store. 35T.taa.aY jrjo. She- -"kViu: i n:;ak love gj blind V a !jr;e far it raid the full amount is turned ever to you." -i - -- :t in Sio r-uti "Do you like the nm-acof the Viiu ":i ! '(Yek I iV, because Era not i iruol Ktuek ai waive notes.'" it M -J w if u 1 y ( e- if( actn in his CO J ! A :...c. t;r t van a--'ho. THIS IS rainy fueuds ot tir Idary Settle,, relict of the late Judge Thomas Settle, were gra;tybocked yester day to ih-ir ofher nn?-xp:cted death at halt past 4 yesterday morning at her home on Asbeboro street Mr?. Settle retirt-d Saturday night ftp- p.irently in i;-'rr i!3'ial. good health, :. a .t a rd km no? iced to ta breathing badly. Medical aid j was summoned but was unavailing. JanD WE HAVE NOT BEEN AFFLICTED kV'T Ti.ak telf-icliaiice can. A be im- j JIO L1 BOX SINCE, parted; it mu&t be, dever'p'.d. j "-"r::::rz::::r-:.r: ..-z:-rzz j 'Co oil r in an. y friends aild. cnstwhier we coiiIa v i "When rim Clond ?.E TU--? von wili n n i ., DURING. THE IIOI.TDAYS ; ' i r n c, 1 V a 1 i " ' ::i 1 ' a .n -. r.t f n r"' '1 V;-:? Stan a" wiiu. trie red nottc-st Ijiie; ot 1 'ever shown vy Concord. 7e sny wlu;t vro )tip.o.n : l 'v n iwhat we snv. Wiit.-n we sa v ' ! places, and if yovi will bur i-ive iv.:, n c:::iic- v. . you lots of ood Furiiituro for a In:U 1 ogIl. noie jo-'! -nv.g 1 'v; ru n . e ,;.:'Y0 njst bfii- l v 1 ; ! n i I Ii! PI, do rM li:;,.. ,d (ji: ' :d ; 1 i 1 Spare 'b -. crt. ' f tho I;;-' v-t o bir"'ov tbi'r tiiti: inter .oek cf ? ' oy-' ' 0 T : "' 1 ' P 1 V 1 f t 0 ""r f J jf e- -ih-he 0 ; 0 ;j j j)oy 1. .v paiits aiied r.i ore f "iiu 1 half tlte ?".riib'r iric'. Thk'- (!rnl .o-ive-- ?:;. firiv' -je. Bnv ff'.iils r d we ar I ;, ' ,j vii!:;' .ij caroTiU'is to-1 iull "oe !" i-1 i ' t id it. '? l)ere is unt .a diodtl v ::'?! t ip the vrhofe lot W e are -d''shed with tiie iV. ..!. lids ipbiadid lot of boyJ 1 - I 1 . X (' X 1 . I ... : oiie, a n;i :;.;.;o tor ine oas ..,.0.' . "I i:: ,; k i cf : 1 -a " i' v..:,:ilbw: ; . - . . - : .(.;; " " r ak a ) c 1 1 1 k . y 1 1 1 - ; ure vcji t !;. Lorn K.:0 to 011 I Itvia a::d lei: tl-oia .re a froh. G ; o i 1. it- a r- V OQITX w 4 . .-V ."Ax iJ I ' i. K '. ; :dl a-ei by pre-f Chicr:? P.v t v(VT :V Y;-,,. f f - r, 1 iv. ' V,,. V- u .a --: a . :! . b '. ir. the ; .; 'Xo, :ja-; ifi v.;'L -"-it oil voi-"(. c ' cl :-t hin;r that waa lb'1 r:y. Of M:)!!r::"' we woahl TI v tv, litter ":o-3 o-er!)ron;ised k ') rb-- r::f iy fi"1 '-'op'M s fit -;o ents on the dollar y-a :. Ocdob.-: r, .,V;' i , f : I 1 1 1 i r : 1 Ve hy the handoOCot Eki-e ut' Mold 03 ty. J-rlrg h3 year piuru-e. Wo asa"l yo-.. ! VHTT 13 T TKT "KTk O r 4 j a :u e -o" v " ce -a W !) k I ; - , h ;..( , ! v,rni!" a .ait doik c je 's ii. ' as at t hat rate. i.' ;;dviWi!aa,o Ot Hi.k, 1-, O - 1 . r-l ) w A the if; (ha! f,-:. djkL 1 j IVES 1 it you 5 "j J r a c ? are! ra 1 , t -.o (.b-";,l: lw''i nk-o isivll ! h . d r d a-:- -aid 1; n.-a ;:, . -ii ;.v-ad; o " 011 kiv. I ''hi .l.2e aaal 01 Id,. k;r. ok-; 0!: Pad an Err! 'di ; ad J t; : aMs, in k'-- "V a: aa-. fe r. t:ki at. J'roai $ to :-i dollars. ad 'd- ! ; : -d i: nor .oaai m3 and pat them ka;d ;.' : raa'-ak:1 ad 1 c'' o I .- 'ba'Ca'- CB ee le!- ;'a ; d;.n;.; lv;;-i at carle vi. pricey. p.,,-, j-i-p h"L- VJii i V iv.V-. : 'raa-- v 'e'e c: .a. iaa '.our . '. e! . r, .!ee . -.i, 1 a. 1 . !.: . .v are 1. a.. ; r !."ik be P A Ik r rk i V . IV ' on i ! S k iv V- ' k k I -i a i j dk, fra:a LadUea E.etcf-, but ta t ia..(a latcdj j ure of e:. i a f r jour money'; v, crtii; ovcry instr ieat v;o 9 ell k 01 f.a. oM :aad reHabk; aadaa 'a hied, her r'oeii iho te;k of ;e. 0 .1" ti.adi i-i p.i si tabard aa Gold dollar p. Wo doedn tell $000 foify!. Td yck "But we do sell a Ikaao far 2Z0 v.orlh Ccry del lea of the two hua died aad fifty adacb ii; cct.v. Eat ley! just kike a hob ;k k'O COO one. CaUaou e fieo o:-kippk'A cation. " . .. . :a: ikr t ) ', i 'III i i I i f , ' . f ' ft ft ft f '-V s (Ts " v v.v : v v y v v v y y V y y y" i l i v 1 i I i 1 i I I I 1 I I I i -O aa t K-a Sot 'h , jr-i-i: ?:? .-. a, r r-. i r. t : Ki-Mi '-' . 1 'i.-.-.v-.-i . I iti2(-u:a, kev: r k.a- s, Ti- a-r, 'M-pcri ied?, (.ddddrie, (.ri:. r.;;.d aii oKni jf.rt? a , o t Hie.; '. no t ' 1 3 ' , 'i r r-. -. , x") !:'ir:--nsri o"ki1fa ? ; . ; v .. . - L - .V . i j , jk 1 1 ij-aa r. 4u u u.t'v ly-r v.-!-' iv.r..; o,:'.:d'!d ( -d; d'! laoLi'y rvftiiak" kii' box. Par sal. rf 'k b I" ftorc rc4'duvd. It i aer !k U - a'a.: !;-kd;a::a J K ZJ iJ1 ul :i C: a k IT-""'-. A M n rn r-err i a . r,-:.u- ? si Paf-ia; e-i " ; r- 'ft ' ' r. T iiiOl-.LV '...a d " - rr - p--, ' 3 . 7 t- i,72iaJ-ri(Q;c:ai ' c; i: I a . anv't rii-r- f ' pi" inv: ()!:U-o.-;t- Iv.i; t j 'i' l.u.Oy ;:! a o : ..Sfirftf.ibu. r Wariuly n ro jd "nnU"! ' y f-M-.-y a?J-. and Scrofula p. p. p. r v r ; n t -e .i .-i . '.s r tha v-oil's (io' o '!. it--3 tt ri5igt at j .? c at 0 ! i" d i s. r'yr-tla di.ef).63, Rivi n ff tb e ! t f vr.t r 'Vi an 1 happiness vvhiTO t-lckrje?.-', ay leui'nj ani lutslt.udo l!r: ..iU Fi.r rriir:f:ry,socoiienry fir 'I f.-rti-ry r-yj'.jii; 1 or bl"oa j.js-'T vi or; w- - ;rick!y A?!), roko :-Vc t asu i-ctas- ; T--I- Q J!7 "1 "1"a ri"."v:;n Li iv ma:; Hues., t-:tv.;t'i.l, iJ. i.t Im'': .Si-Mi.y. r'.r. t-d -1 (! t-jo r.on !"ioro ioo l tfi-nn troo .-i,;u i. .a t r. tlic .'.lut :a----- "" b:d three !:Htl33 C. O. D. ja8. m. nf,vto:;. MAIM IICUSK f AVA?:Na:t. OA. CHARLOTTE B'RAXCII, Vi. M. "WIl ha-'LE R, dAa m per -t, 'i f7"(' vhovi it rfl"ij concern: I br-rc ..y t . c-ria to v ndori-:! iropfrtkv.'j -w.v; (-',' iJ.. i'. P. ; or eru; tivr.;j or i.okin. I i.;- utiy -id (jioiiKri't-abl-i t-rv ptinn on -jf'j ' -y fuco. I triod frery knci.n ror'r: !-;y f-:.t ill'', ;-i,r:.t'! J i. j1. vs 030d, '. aka'k'k Tnoiirib'd vko.-';1:'; ' a tri am now r.t!rly cured. r,- fa nil blood and sk!n.. di, -on, hJro (ii-Cdy,) J. D. JOt!. jW, blotches, pimples, oi4 chronic, oivnaiia, e..-. " :' i ;f '7: v ; ;:-a cyo f-m-a. ao 'sv(r;1 so,:p;?-a, 'Mir r:c-..-ur:scy tf e'aa- e h " a;:$, 'ef aai rhf z:u a;;;.I,i ia inea d "o:i -!-(.;j(-vs:vs htr! -.:ota- cf f :--a ' -: p.o: it I'm; e iuv s I. f. J. I.r- J:;:-tAo 1". a. r- . 7rj;?.r?ao '.r ro a. s. i. t ad i .lV, ad '.'.'.'. '.' '' ;s f r-pnmj.TiM. : . ' ' " ' ' 1 .a.;- :.-ut eil:tlons. S . . . V.Oi-VWVV irf orti"3 o P i'dr--' ' tetter, souia lit a a, lions, er; mi ei'-', c c z e r: i a - vr a rn a y p a " " , t; i t h c u t f r r i f c.'.-.trad!ct.ion,that PMP. P. is a;r- ri,,,; blood puriik-r in the r.:i',:o3 po-'rive, speedy and p-arrj.-:.::;...'at c t- in all caao.-?.'es whose systems cr6 poisoneu ar.d whose blood Is in ?r irrp'iro cr;- .r tlon, due to menstraal Irrcalsriajij, are peculiarly Ih-iiciM Ov t ;-. r 7.- r: dw'iful tonic end blo'-d cl.-: a : . JbriJu Cancer Cur?,?, Trstimnrrjfrom xhe 2-Iayor cf 8 .idn-.Tc", ;- Trt., ,T:- . ! ' "I J Lutman Hicce., Savannah, "Cv (:ehf!':r;tl l:::v9. tr'"d rorr '. , P. P. Prickly Aat, Pol: Hoot and Potasoium. 8PKTNGFIFLD, MO. , !?5T. 3 4f:., P I can spenk in tho l.iyhest tr:-.s of rotii!!cine Uora rr.y ov:rj p.-r--.: ! KftO"vfi!re. 1 wns afftcted v.-'itl. i,c,.rt dise.tae, plotirisy p.nd rbetimati.-;u ?o. '3F yeaTH,--wr.3 troatvd -.-y ? he ".'cry i.'...a 'hysicir.r.s ar.a t"i-.t hucdred-a of dol lar . tr!cd ever .n:f- v-.-ca ".. e. - oit findi. rt-li.. r. Ih .ve only" t.-tkoa f - i- narie o. .- '-'. r t. x'. :'.s r. ; i c r.i clioerfuKy aiy c baa done me mro 1 ! ;; '1 anythht 1 ha v; v-: r t.: t-;-,n. I en rec 'nr.ien-i vonr r?vlu ioo ia a:l tcl2'oiirs of the ;.bc e ;P, '::'- c--- MRS. M. ?I. YK.fiV. CprigL.eld, Grear. County. .Mo. I-'. P. for a distal 01 the t-kin, usually Irnov'n as ?!:u rnr'rif thirtv years' .n-j5 j.' . i:.d fou.i reut relief : IS .a"-, p'K-if.fs ing lilooii ?-nd rn;oyes all ir- v;..i::..r a-.- niti--? :;.!: -a rh d'-c . . a- and prevents cry sprendinft of the c-?r o . I b;v' tn'.-'-.n Ovo or r-? j:boiilc3 and feci oonrtdnt thutanrdi;or course ff;ct a e':ro. as v.':-.o relieved Jx.o f 1 oc-a ir;ai)ir..-:lo,i and 6tc-n..aa a trc:c?. Yoirsiru'V, . .n-r Attorney acLavr. ""D 49 Cy Iii r r ( j 3G inclies, wide at 80 per yard,- - V T A -r - NA iH:. 'wK 1!. sidol Diseases Mansa Fr-23. ALL DE.UGGI3T3 SELL IT. PROPRIETORS,' 33" li-."3-g E!c-i,, Go ' a,- buyU4jy4i3sJc o LADIES : ! - - ) Don't !nilto se car rorc'ic:i dkin! i;i Kdlgirgs " and In5eni11L iiPato elate. BEAUTIFUL Kai ;Kai Kai k-h Siiks Waists. fo iAllis & tit syia. a-'adl ;ja:ca' "a.

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