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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, March 23, 1895, Image 1

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1 I r -N. f F " r- - V bun I a I ... i 1 t-i f v ATo. 124 CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1895. ij--i (: v..:; o:.. . .-jUK A BIG HOUSE FULL. It . . 9 it TO htti II. TT J Not Now Ncrary to drive knowledge into th; of children with a sledge !::;:-; ner. It has become recognized r, i toe new up-to-date edition of Vri r xCYO.nPJEDIA BRITANNICA ;i : ep::ome of human learning. contains exhaustive articles upon a!i sL;Ijects ; it contains matter of suc!i ,11 ,-md varied interest that It Is c;-;r;prent to meet the demands of any every one. Every article of vork h of Knowledge - rCX ! ...d is prepared In a way to mak6 i;s :.. y a pleasure and not a task. Tc-se articles are mines of wealth an.; t've-; of strength to any CP-1 wh.i desires an euucation. You : !" h.ive it. For it Is within the r ' h of rich and poor alike. , Any on en Cents a Day 0 .i can; and that small amount, i f-.r a short time will securofor 1 this valuable compendium of "ooi knowledge, this complete sry, this means of obtaining a .-'h education. r simple pages drop a postal card h y oT.r address on It to The Observer CIIARLOTTB, N.C O.r, JSms 2,:tu:il r.Y o Concord repesentativG ; naion"IIouso Steam Laun (IrcGuvillG. S.C If you wfiariy.i; nicely done-up ::'. and sLirts corao sf o "u.l out cost. tid all articles i or io-st. You cau leave your at the Furniture Store, to' i I piosant cr uot, It will . o-O ;:.t att -ritioi). io'-t oil" Tuesday and it :rj- .1 .iiihiy iiiorning. i uiid bee J. N.Bell- Lot paid in full by the ,'nl v 111 ba advertised for L, M. Morrison, Tax Collector. v M r Fifty Years. ' o.v's SootlrngjSyrupJlias ' f'r ever fifty;" years by i ; colliers for their children with perfect success, child, ofters the J-: 'ill pain, cures wind 1 fbe best remedy for It will relieve the poor " o immediately. Sold by ": ' every part of the 'Owiy-fWe cents ; a bottle. 1: f-v rs. Wirjclow's syi',d," "Kd take 1:0 other m '7 w Democracy Met Friday Xlgtit A Con volition to be Ilf Jd-Exccnlive Com. niittcc Appointed. The call tor a mass meeting of Democrats, brought a big couit house full of them Friday night. Chairman Smith, of the Towns ship Executive Committe, called the meeting to order. J L Ilarhell and J as. P Cook were requested to ac t as i secretaries. There were calls for Messrs. II S Puryear and W R Odell. Both re sponded, telling of the object of the meeting and urging the propriety and importance of holding a conven tion. Upon motion the mass meeting unanimously voted to hold a conven tion tor the nomination of candid dates for aldermen, school commis sioners and a nvj.yur. The Representatives of the lour wards divided up in the several corners of the building and held an election for ward committeemen. When this was dcie, the mass meet ing endorsed, the chairman added as the 5th member, the election of the ward men and thus the following gentlemen compose the Town Execu tive Committee : F L Smith, Chairman. W It Odell, Ward 1. 11 F Coble, Ward 2. K A Brown, Ward 3 ML Brown, Ward 4. The motion proyided that the committe meet at once and decide where and in what manner the ward meeting and the convention shall te held. Immediately after the adjourn ment of the mass meeting the Ex ecutiye Committe met. The Primaries are to be held on Wednesday night at 8:30 o'clock in the different wards as folio .vs : Ward 1, Cannonville School house Ward 2, Forest Hill (place made known later). Ward 3, Court House. Ward 4, Town Hall. These meetings are for the pur pose of nominating ward aldermen and school commissioners. On Friday night at 8 o'clock, in the Court 'shouse, a mass meeting will be held to ratify the action of the Ward meetings and '.0 nominate a candidate for Mayor. A Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, cf Canajoharie, IST. Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best resuts follow its use; that he would not be without it, if pro curable. G A Dykernan Druggist, Catskill, N, Y., says that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best Cough remedy; that hejhas used it in his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at Fetzer drug store. Piegular size 50c. and 1.00. James'J Corbett has written a letter to John L Sullivan, sympa thizing with him in his trouble, ai:d offering to box with him at a benefit which he suggests should be given for Sullivan in Bostonor New York. Corbett also states that he will box with any pugilist suggested by SuN livan. Peter Maher, the Irish champion, has written to John L. that he is willing to box with Cor. hptfc four rounds on their merits. No details have yet been arranged I ADISTISfiDISIIED VISITOR. DASHED TO DExVTH. THEIR NEXT GOVERNOR OF N. C. There was a distinguished visitor in the city today (Saturday.) It is a man whose name is on the lips of thousands of North Carolinians. He 13 one, who through patriotism, ad journed himself out of respect to the memory of one more, "distinguished (though dead) and who wept over the remp.ins of the deod nepro. That distinguished gentleman vva3 none other than the Hon. Ambrose Frank lin Hileccan, the Dougbssite and the next Governor (?) cf North Carolina. null Frog Sausage. A customer who purchased some sausage from a young man at the Greensboro market' -the other day returned neit day highly indignant, says the Record. "What's the trouble?" inquired the vender, "Why," sa d the customer, who by the way, wa3 a lady, "it won't stay in the frying pn. It just jumps all about and I can't keep it in its place. It cavorted so this morning that I called my husband into see it and he says its bull frog sausage. I don't want it. Pay me back my money," and the young man com plied, but he is not advertising that kind of sausage. The trouble was that it was gen uine sausage, no beef or dog in it, and was therefore rich with grease, When put in a hot pan of course it "jumped about." Four Friends of the Editor First: Tho subscriber who pays his subscription promptly in ad vance. Second : The man, woman, boy or girl who introduces him to a news item. Third : The subscribe who is not afraid to tell the editor when he sees something in the paper that particularly pleases him. Fourth : The subscriber who doesn't hesitate to tell the editor frankly whenhe sees something in mt h the paper that doesn't please him, Every oneof these four classes the editor of a live newspapers"needs in his business," The editor fc of ' aliye newspaper must have close collections, must publish all the news aud must be in close touch with the minds and hearts of his readers. J A Sisn.Painter in Greensboro Falls rtni isniimn? and is ;instantly Killed. Two roving sign painters have been in the city several days paint ing signs. They; were very good workmen, their names being hew Mann, of N. Y., and Robert Mc Donnell, of Chicago. This morning they were engaged painting the letters, "The Brock mann School of Music," on the front of the Trogdon building oa East Market steet, a few doors west of the Court House. The sign was being painted on the wall just above the windows of the second floor, the men using a "swing" that is, a plank placed upon a long ladder, either end of which was held by a strong rope an 4 tickle, on the end of the rope there being a hook which was hooked on to the window sill. These hooks were large and ap peared to be strong, but one of them was bent over considerably in ord r to get a hold on the sill One of the men remarked that he didn't like the looks of it but would risk it, and it caused his death. The men had almost completed the sign, and were working on the last, three letters, the "2" iu music being almost finished, while the "I" and "C" were mapped out ready for the brush. McDonnell was near the east end of the swing and about this time Mann moved np nearer to him when the hook sir lightened and came loose from .he- sill without any warning whatever, leaving only ona end of the structure fastened to the building. McDonnell fell head-foremost to the pavement, striking squarely on his head crushing" his skull and killing him almost instantly. A piece of his skull as large as one's hand was fractured, the blood and brains running out over the sidewalk. The other workman Mann canght on th window sill by the tips of his fingers and pulled him self in at the open window. The fall was perhaps not over 25 feet, but when the swing gave way it naturally turned McDonnell thead downwards, causing him to fall squareiy ou hi3 head, othewise he might not have been-killed. The body was taken in charge by the city and turned over to under taker Forbis for burial. Greensboro Record. To Tlie Wwiitius Public. I wish to announce to the ladies of Concord and surrounding com munity that I am prepared to do any kind of worK in dress making and cutting. I solicit a trial. Mrs. J. L. Brown, Church street, opposite Reformed church. m21 Iji. Candidate I'or'JIayor. I hereby announce tor the people' of Concord that I am a candidate for the office of mayor of Concord, at the election in May. If a Dem ocratic nominating convention is held, I am subject to its action. Very Respectfully, E. McNimara. March, 21, 1895. WiionE NO. 1,480 A Card From Jlr. Crowell. To the Citizens of Concord: In justice to my friends, it wcU be well to state that I am not a can didate for reelection to the office of Mayer of Concord. I have been elected two consecu tive terms, and have done ray duty so far as I know it, Whatever I have done has been done believing it was for the best interests of Con cora, and the citizens. I have endeavored to represent the whole people, regardless of, colo- or party : filiations. If I have pleased or offended any citizen, I did so in the discharge of what I believed to be my duty, in hewing to the line, chips may have fallen into the laps of some and into tho eyes of others. 1 am a l2mocrat, and a!?o bJ:ea local option should be eobliuued In Concord. I am in favor of a limnic ipal conventior, and will do all 1 can to elect the ticket nonrinttied. Thanking the law abiding citizens for the aid they have jjo t-n mo la enforcing the laws, abd for the warm support, I have leceivcd of the voters, every time I hhvo csked your hands. I n.n Respectfully Yours, J. L. Ceowell. ADMINISTRATOR S NO TICE. Having been duly appointed and qualified Administrator of ihe cs tato of James Hagler, d enyod, all persons holding claims HtraijKt sid deceasod, are hereby notified to present them to the under-signed on or before the ?-2nd da of March, 1896, for paymont or this noo will be plead as a bar to their rocovery. Also all persons owing said deceasd, are notified that prompt ravine t is expected. A. F. HAG I TR, Murch 22, 1895. Adruiuisri ccr. 0 W:$.138TJ$R'S $ , fireau cftht Times J Vj. --- '.A " rnubridz!-" Planum a -" ' . TJ. S. Cov't Vri-'t- im: Oii'n-e, to.-1 i Snpivr-.c (' . . 5 of i:;hiy .!! to?, xnendrd Oy cvt-r J State f J n'iitf!:- (k-nt f i S:! . w' nr. I f-v I0.:r.L- toi'H it'ii. ost v.iih- f " ;.i:-o "with whiYh the rye fr'.i iho J h " v.'ortl sought, for nfc.orr.ry :. '.i "il:n, fjr ef rtiv pu t ' 1 J:.0" 0 " ?'i'.!r! j prominciiM'!!, i i v t '' i comprehensive fetaJeuieu;. t; iwt.i, v '-,-.;... :''!; f ft! o - b - rfe-i r.: i f.;v ;;raciicnl Lie i' s a . .iV. creels cr s:r.';I-j v..::iu--.' $ Bo w.ites Hon. T. .T. Ve--- ,) .U..:l . v' ... to tv i.'iv-:-- f- )i :-'.-t'-.:y . ,- 7" California prunes worth five cents a pound fetch IS cents a pound 18 real Frenck importations when sold m San Franciscc. . p y: $i . y- v v i" I SCHOOLROOM T SALE OF REAL ESTATE. By authority of a mortgage exe cuted to me by Washington and Isabella Reed, on the 2d day of July, 1886, I will sell at the court house in Concord, to the highest bidder, on the 18th day of -April, 1893, a tract of land containing sev entyfive (75) acres, adjoimDg thc lands of John McAnulty, John S Turner and others, a part of the Diila Reed land. HIRAM BOST, This March 12, '95. Trustee. ft If it's anything n-'tJrd in a coth room we hare it. We are Head quarters for Blackboards, Deskt and Seats, Crayons and Era-(r, l.'.aps mnd Globes, Inks and Infc -nation. Whit we lell c.i , jo.i -?-. ... J on. Everything zie s-ll you is guaranteed. We Jo bu;:n-ss on the " menty-bacli" phn, and- t, do n:ore business than anv other kouK in onr line. We t jk' exery body inter"! d in sckvA -.irk tt kaze our catalogue, so nr can dj still more business. Cata.'vjias fi u. AAA 63 FIFTH AVE., NF.VV VO'' it V hT. A I vvs is 'V 1 mmh0?. - 1 ui iiiiiui' O 'r.v- - - - r j s .A for the benefit. '" - i'L ASTER. Ouly2Jc.

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