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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, March 25, 1895, Image 1

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15 O. FJr. CONCORD, N. C, MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1895. Wiions NO. D vs. NEW KORNER WRITES. I am. really glad to see the Democracy of Concord get ting together and getting a yhnmp on themselves. Toat meeting Friday night was a daisy. Jt was a meeting of ii rho Knot -vl mi "" ciciiiut. JL lie ivX manufacturers and the mill 4i':an(3 wcro t'--"re, eide hy side it i . -i . . . U .: VV Sjl A"; i "llic crciiant and h:3 clerks were ' .S.'-4 f ! there the contractor and. his cm.. ;! "i ( g i ployees ere there the mechanic JL 'J-ff j and the day Jabcier were there. It , rMC md(ie m-v lieart glad, bubble up - ., ..' j nnd overflow to see that ghost of De- y 'fZli , Li:-:;:'!-l j iRoeracy Materialize thusly. I have "f I yry.JpH ' always thought there was a likeness. .. 'V; ! :l iw-.nldnncv, a cimihtude between A NEGRO KNIFED medium of exchange as money 1 S3 XT7 Viof TT7 1 TIT OV- O.I t rrn i ou)er aione is i not a cure-all. There is not a j Aml n Whfle Ian 1Iml to Ilc Drssea Sonr.Wn mn l.l u;, AI"S: to Ji"-WIiat .Saturday DM nouiu lUKQb uia capital with a prospect cf getting fifty cents on the dollar in a year hence, payable in silver muddle and reconcile the Republic; n and Fusion leader the milenirnura will h mar at hand. Slah. JORXER. rrr . i '-.v .- t- .. ; 1 ! way.- The common, every Sunday -eryice :J the Sabbath school is left to the 'vctiiin hh! the :m;'l fry, -,-h:! it ti- heads ..f fond lie, won out viih THE RESULT. in Police Circles. Some people may have amagined that we had no Mayor, after Mr. j j Cioweli'd article came cut saying he was not in the race this year. It appeared this way from the life misdirected. Saturday evening about 4:30 1 o'clock Mike Goodman and Dave j DUK III I r "1 rT? A hrnail Roy falls ruder a Freight j& FetZcT'3 Store CUggcd in ; v w uraiu ami efs Several Toes i uJ (tfiT. Piaster Floyd Ccok. the enc jeas old aon of Mr. WallMCPCnok, of Format Ilili,- met v;ich an aeeideut Saturday evening by which reverai toes had to be amputated. It hap pened at the crossing of the Beatty'a Fnd roulpt d the ouHicin, nv.le aboye toiui. A number or snndj boys congregato. :h-it place to ride passing freight trains, and Master Floyd, bsmg no small, made a grab for a side ladder to a box car and missed it, falling with one foot un der the VvheeliS. This io warning enough for ihe lu'.s to mere thoughtful Ihn to try to a ide the freight Iraina. h'ioyd amusen -mt. A h:M l-ifpr Ei tueed to ''corr.ider hinjel Svaas began hweariug boicUronsly . Ytp'7 Jhicf ; Roger pulled him. He re-1 r j 9' (i AR ET uns : i si ' VV. D u Kc S v- r. ' C rtiicct c!i;u icaiaitu, vjii.ti gni rani ; vrj.TK-amebic :n , t --I DURHAM. v .:. v :.. . on the ground, lie deputized sev eral to aid in r.arrvinT thp. mnn ir..i h , .w- . s Bn n fH- Jcck-up-but strangi to say j jiJtgi'J frgSt)- i , ) r . some were eics ana others had j . v , sprai.ied fu-an-orboils on them, Wlteu ! L.J'Bli'::1 Messrs Dayvault, II P Tucker and ' Jess Gannon were deputize, thev ' T n s a hard h'j labor, or laid up with the seventh -dav headache rest. Let a protracted meeting, a revival, or something out of the regular old " ':, ",v- " .j.'an net stylo crae along, ana '. rni Willi a ;ivj.i,re i Lcon:e re" agnized . somc lul v,iL'1 c?i aiTlx D. !h - J tvih.'.)n of the 'or anvtlii' else i", euuourci.d to r-id. , the pasioi !rci, then all lethargy i: j vis fortunate in njt hing a limb 1 thrown an. le aul the ;:eal oi then ) or li life. ' ;-:.-;i; mtr of such oh! fellows is beyond com p ire. They .-vi-. interest that h Is hnrn onf on t,v):r:n Tn diKp? nu 1 r;a- vcr ritiy Y-:3r. vi the demands of raw , . . . Evcrv art:-'e of rehC ignore the little munic ipal skirmisbes, hold back their It i i r i 1 i i 1 7,-- n. ji i nea"v arrnrv or an snot and r.r.i-- i nister for National and State brth ! articles ur,on right along. Down street thty III, , a man to each leg and arm lj y J '71 n -i wav to make ' $ I r s . W i n : low's S o o t h : : S v r ' i p !aen m :)( for ovei , ye; To millions of mothers or their Ciiib while teething, with perfect s icr-x jit soothe3 the chilli, i.-',.- ihe came came ne reiused to walk until he got near; the Town Hall. Fully one hundred j people followed right alor;g in the stiver. Evans was lodged in i -1 1 1 vvhere he remained until frier. da (.ok ! 1 ; i V i . Ot Situ rday nig lit nar Hoc Corziee's store John Laughliu cut a colored men, who (1703011 xMr. F Ki!o' hcHJi7.- piece, "vest of C'.(?o(d. The liosii on one c.oer-x . r CO; 0, an. i 10 liiC It.. i.C-('.J D.arrhoc:.. Ic v;"ill relieve the poor little sufferor irn.tcd'iate1;; Sold by t:J-s are mines of vealth townshi- :irmish line does half the um?' ;xllay Puh rures md ; -f trer,.?th to any j duty, they forget that this is the -:res an educ-ition. You .. , , . - 1 uem un uieu juuug jueinuoraic! are taught to shoot straight. This h the oulv true educator. - ! f 1 1 1 t I i . nesii on one oner a mei: ng one vt-v was j 1 1 1 wide op:n gash been several inches !o,.v. t he , & woi'.'id would have bein f'ffd. Dr.! I -or it 13 within lap ; 'in-. r.Q jr ai.;c. Anv one 7 V m; :n J th t small amount : . hert lime will scur2 for .:! ;jh!c compendium of ' .vh-dp, this complete 'h: means of obtaining a : education. iUiple pages drop a postal card v' u ' Ifjico r,n if fri Korner seldom takes a hand in politics, it is not his providence, but he has in his time and generation beheld rampant, roaring Democrats "kernoodlingr," mingling and com- I mingleing with wdley, oilytongued Ths Ob3Srv6f Republicans of every shade and uiARLOTTD, W.G color on a Mayorality ; and he has :a often thought that if they could suck through the same onill out of the seme swill tub at home, why not keep it up at the national tank. Fvery voter's political bias should belike his church fealty; and he sltould be a regular at1 ndant. 1? Til vnn- iJ 3 !3 i Archev c;. .?'cd up the gash. 1auph i '-i: committed to j ill to await a world. Twenty 11 ye oca's 'a bottle. S;e an re and ask ior J,Mrs. Winnlow'a toothing Syrn)' and take no other kind. mw;&w TV.ue ends one Saturday in police circivs. '..'v. -a.-.". C o n cor d r e p e s e n t a t i v o .:onIIouf?e Steam Laun- ir-.e-avi:. :'.C. I; you vring :eJy doueMip m and r -r s, come sfc 1 out cost. ; ' t vj.ii i jv all artieh-R t. You cui leave your i 1 Frnituro Store, r.iv: cr not. It w ill " j ticic. :u. ruing. i see me J. N.Fell- v ; -;f ihe Bell Tele p e.i: , : ' in the city ar- Matial for the ex P"t up, Fvery thing is :. 1 ju?-. ui soo a a 3 the . ho ILemen will begin. ' iv' ihe central oflice : 'Jr. Cloud hr-tel build- u.;cu.i.ej to the people - ter,t I em a cindidte 'if mr.yor of Concord, .'-.u in May. If a Dem--inating convention is hh.ct to its action . Very Respectfully, -.7 rt a ? This wiather is enough to give anybody the blue3. It rains and rains. Many people haye not run a furrow. Some spring oats haye been sown. Other yt.-a.-j corn :d;. .t:d :cdi oe; any land is prepared for planting. Isomer would li! to discuss many things, and a few he would like to kuss, but implicit confidence in : Democracy's choice at the next election of mayor and aldermen makes him feel re rent-. Biu our next board ought to regahiie the tax on unprofessional Tom and Jerry medicinemen, outside bill posters, and peripathetic venders I know not what of, The tax on a gasoline medicine man like "Texas Harry" ought to be $50 per month instead of 5, The town would then get some benefit of the stud imposed on the unthinking public. aa a a.- I wish to announce to the lad' of Concord and surrounding co n inanity that I am prepared to do any kind of worfc in dres3 making and cutting. I solicit a trial. Mrs. J. L. Bnowx, Church street, cnnR Reformed church. . m ; ! .v. The Primaries for the nomination of 7aid aldermen and school ccm- rnis?ioners will be held Wednesday night Apni 3 at 8:30 o'clccK at the following places : Ward 1, Cannonville School house Ward 2, Forest Hill (nhce made known later). -rd -h Court ilonse. Ward 4, Town Hall. , Friday night at 8 o'clock, April 0th, there will be a mats meeting of ti: DcLiocr'its of the several Wards at the oo'irt house fcr the purpose ai rahfvinp the Vv'ard nominations and for nominating a candidate for Mayor. I am b.'iok at m oi business, -v- r corner, prep;uVd itjv ohl friOTid s and iiovr one.3. I h DRY GOODS, SHOES, II ATS, (HOCFI i Ii. b 1895. '-tij;.r tomorrovv. The Douglassite conclave, I see, has adiourned, I have followed its proceedings (ad neuseam" and find we are saddled with an increase of ten per cent, tax and some pie crust promises, without any lift m the shortage of currency. I have al ways "had it in my bead". that it was not a shortage of currency, but a shortage cf capital that was hurt ins us people doven here. If e have the capital (available) we can Kpovial Term of Court. Governor Carr has ordered i special term of court for Davidson county, to convene on the first Men- W. R, Oi.-?AA. R. F. Co n i. e A Rkown i L. ii;vO' F, L. 'mith 1 Executive ' (. Coaunittee consistent. wi?b 1m??i -a. TjeSS. Will meet r-Jy tines. I cn n hwy a aiiyb;dy n ml i il s;-;: ; Hjiynirc i stock iarmei , Ava?rn, -au produce. Will goods for all kind-; el produce at cash pri. -u to see me. f-- ...'. - .. '-T.n-r-:OiM SALE OF BE.L ESTATE. ? rjtbority of a mortgage exa r., niu: ;n rt.,ni ! en toil to me Dy vvasmmston ana uayiuuu v. .Luis r.'uu is taiau T , T , -, , 0 j 5 p 7 , ' Tsn oella ned, on the 2 1 day of especially for the trial of Mr. Shem. ijniyt iso, I will ee.H vt the court well fcr the killing of Dr. Payne, house i- Cneord to iho highest t i ' vrrrn i "ii -i ib'd(ler,on the lh day of April, Judge E T Boykm will prt-ide. ; ir;, in-t, of land eont.uim? sev 1 entyfivf 75) acres, adjjining the . r Hands of John McAnulty, John S ri.roBiff.Mu. 'T-rner -rd others, a part of the On Lippard's scales today the Dilla Heed land. Uv.- i tiw.r-i t li .j r -ot-xj I lIIRAXf 10S"I , , , This March 12, to. weigneaaoa tnis is ice result: Tnrap Snell 301 pounds. H P Tucker 251 pounds. Jesse Hamilton 2CS pounds, Trustee. I FOR THE I SCHOOLROOM f5 ,V" . :.i a A' MJXISTRATOR S NOTICE. Haviter betm duly appointed and qualified Administrator of the es late of Jones Harder, deceased, all ! persons holding claims against said Total 820 The remarkable part, however, ! deceased, are hereby notified to is only one f these can ride a bicycle get the currency. Bimetelism, a t Tump Snell. Neither of them, however, can ride a 'bus, because they can't get into one. present them to the undersigned on or before the ?.2nd daT ot iiarem 1800, for paymont or tbi notice will be plead asa bar to their recovery. Also all persons owing said deceasd, are notified that prompt payment is A. F. HAGLER, , . r w. . (exnec:ed. comoinatioa ot gold and silver as a iv Mikv NEiiVE plaster, omyc. IMreh 22, 1895. Administrator. If ;t's aryf!:;n: roon v-f v '. I V ' quarters f-t ''.'.. k i.r,-r m, fv C - L,au.-it find (,'cb. IV hit -U t r i -OA t J-l cn. Eve-j; - .V J guaranteed. We .. bwr thi " ,r.c;:ty-bjk " ftm, a, do -" ire bw.i than x in our HV -.;' o y inter ' d in uii! -u A ;is .).r . . sv u ; slid n:3re bu w. Cj'j.'. f, .. .e l i-J 65 FIFTH Aa.,NLW .vK I Company HP l3 fK-a L'JiF t ;dl Ac. Cal . 4. ' f1

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