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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 10, 1895, Image 1

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11 I wv I ' I j 1 1 O jjP M M M H ' f Hi Li M i:..-. CONCORD, C. W E D N j D A V '.V iicnK !.'.. 1,4b v , CONVKNEAM) NOM.INATK. I U. S. COMMISSIOXER'I 1 r "7 r V wj A 01 t! t PROFESSIONAL a bu ! ab r;-;at ie rth mere Mas it considerable fetir : .aea: :r -a1-ad r I , f.- ,U I. .v 1 , . I. ... '. ; v ' 1 1 Ixi the colors! nr-opb" b--t r r X. 1 ! i.l t itiff Alt or 21 i:m. Thi atmra-phere h (ha Be a be t US OCCauoa bb '.g a in Lett ward. Ic Kem3 tht Judge D'ek h.-n cab'di i h'i CO 'l j Oil tit',' i W h:,bb' V ' ?Of the I; MIPT 'V r f . f f old rob a (I V- bb. ,a,, ,a. ; , , : . ,, , - a. e J3 btue. 8en:ttor Tntch- j ' 3 'n -. ar' ' b? to look Mfr,-T t.fvi ooi;?-! S ! practice i.f mcdic:ve nnu siu,. : . and rorrc'nllv a?V 4bo --uMic fnr of (--;r-i in vv'.i:;n I Ti- r ... I 1 - ) 4 1 ... . ! i, ' J - ? ! i'-.'a i-;ii:r;cl i.:-.;me v; ; conjuiu ooncr cannot i It vS':0it3 t b : r '? tbrco f i " ' ' . ' ' ' ' - ' , . . f ! J ! s?b".rc of t!-'"b' flrn'irn . . T 5 ' th(i fv or ,:t iiy n-sidii.-..;- ! v.-ben 'lot out profit " ' i ' : i ' ' ' - - TT ,111 I i:i.C .iC .':? ii.tii-.-fio 03 rei'i;0V:d ; :'!! M'rai'iS, the m tb- rrtv b:it H- --is .JHlbj--:H simnb mintbd ;i.n,;n to oat 0f I r-'' j "y j si 'J ft H J V:" v ,:j 1 "-beta tbec-::ay,;nti'jn woubi chccie 'i-i'iaor !Vitrb-:;ri d,,-7 r-.-4 b.'-i i 1'::'':- ir school co-vr-sicrr. ?v-;v - fs' o,v,., 5 ;r . -. .: ,; t? 'V I' ! 'M-d to rnti ilcY. Lcgaii, but tor bo Aa ..artiMh cr.u i , . -, , j ! b - b Pv T. ; -Hi ;C i j r i b,;s ' -' k ..4 , i. " i V 1 ' . ?.- 1 :h iv-'rr Tvor;- then ru4 in ! pr,1at f-'orr- t?"-". brr-MnoA i v.-,v t-. ' 1 .'.:Vb' ::t ; ' Pb ?br rrrceWing the majoi ity. 'P"'-v "' ' Tb--. !nofti?ifT did not put cat ou :ii : vt- to ,.., ' P, b,".b 1 v,'ill do po at tb,:-ir aadin tr-;r.-b- I 1 t 1 i.; uHT A t)l( tig b"?! tc ,;n C:P' d f'; Tvr''y ii) ;!,:, b '- it : I ,, . t, ., i turtt 11: -? WOal'l'-t factioa vv' 1 jr:;. f , o. ... I I in oycry -w-iy qn:diib-d and. ro;,d R -1 ; " j pub'irru'3, Jndc D;cb d be!"':iFOb b)'-V:br Vb:(.? WHUTSHJ "v'da b:'-i: to j:- o.b.:, I -- ! ta-i:o ,:C! !'-;! t-- ' 1 L - i " ' '' " ' .'f s;.., j b-: . '..i " '"- - '-J ' l Sub:, or larri: ! i . a ;v. :ul xor c V A ..'1 'tnilU r-7id rrrondder bvih j td " ! v;-kJ 'v.l put out a ticket U h "vcrtr d b biiyo raid ; trafa, lvr b -houid ball JuDkcr present and crad cn tbe ability of Jake J'ojijr t e A be--a r d;e.l t.. i a i OUid b'iV.P i ; t i ' ,b" ' , ' J j lar oil speculation, - ' . , .' , , '." i Ket ietter. ( Kreo) yon. 1 cc;)i.v:o you vere a cood Je?v,0. ; crat with ! ? , j ; n J n . r'--.- Pritehftvd o.xys bo is tb-ed of tliis ;r.rea tae.r rdvti, m Ibracoird. e a iHity. vvere aiseinurul in a most bi-utal and covardiy nia u'er Friday nih': aa tbev je;v-, rvMcr boaie bb-l !v Kvtj br.-bt era ip a ted, and that be 'deeply I into the herds of the I)emocra!s. i ' -1;'V Oil'; WO ) Ceai 2Ve 1 rrrof ifln.l If!, 41-, ..-..-U rtP ,,nf OOP iiyusi 1. , , . . - . . ' , vi X has tlv? new edition of eaOfb-ZbDM "CA, we say, u,eJ be :: . be:..! ia-b'-vta. It is , 'i::at: of it - -If, end ;,:.'' -'d n'v.v. i'nr a short .. , a. . a.. a or falo of I cn vh f." .'N!lt"'!rl th': frrao J ba,t a'y rates write for vil?v. , ' t A i i I ' ! ' 1 -) r,- a 1 t. li '.. 11 iieji.i iibb-j aio ben Jus- a3 v;e were going to pre: J L Montgomery inform d U3 that! 'h; j" i-- ,;b -v-ass- bis np.nv? was not put in nouiiivvboa. I brbch rd. Jed -- Diek j3 EConccsa,aaEwarti3ja3t u3 1 bv?th, n, v,, t:ie ho, e of Je,,e noc a. ir;tca,r-., and aha tJheek Smri9r; R K j,,- aiv; cou,ln of Tie epo Ftafes thaf til me: calb d for to nuhL kere 13 no mee O 4 - Tfiirlicifi .A u?il versa ry. There are a number of old, Ml? s I um the Surrmei boy killed, the buter rceivie twenty -two shots in hh back and nine in Ir'a right ana, dyiu;r i:a;f; nt'y. Wrtb bowels f-'''y ., 1 i ' - '' af lb"'--ub!ic is an ,.0 or eta ,i,)a, ; ' 1 3 cure-; en ebon holds a 7 bi the biotcry or a . b Neath and South. y :A -i of -30,000 Union ; in the metry. Ex ; raa from all parta of , ; ' Va oe-'-sion of tin ' ' (''.:' 3 under the ': '' ,v .l Army cf the ' : ua -3 on these ad Foldieio ot.rauk on ai the lee etrug-jle . canst city to the bay and Macon people -aa rtny of the .:-;-. .''3 la erect the en Moan, better known b- as lb.u McGaire, is i'it '1 in VVasti,if a;-. moan-, I wish to announce to the ladies buried j 0 Coacrd and surrounding com a v o I 1 ' . t . . 1 x liiurixLj uiiii 1 wu ;:-a;':nv.i u va. in, ivb.b v,f v in dress making ui'id cutbug. I solicit a ixial. Mns. J. L. Bitowx, Church etreet, opposite Reformed rbuveb.. m21 lm. the certainly getting it from hh Re publican friend. were 2hot oat und thonrb he tiU I Tfl PpfT A pronuneet Republican here!,: rrr, h, n.,sh :Hk Ofib-rs of I 1 U rJflii I iti- gatiji)3 resulted in fning such a of f ets to conn rot Jesse Sum- s.iys thrre ia a groat baht before j.. . la;v v,f,,e on tho M.01. - d feainrt! ,y.!JudKe Dick ahoat tbe commission. L-r tho kllimc Und i': mveati haired soluiei :j ::i this city reeI era, tn it 1 nsr ior-Attorney dienu rounty who will recall to memory I really does 'trm appointing for the I this day's pared ling of soldiers of Judge and that s hen there ere two j . ,; -u j ri Mi ? omi Lee's army at Appomattox just .'30 years sg3. Tt wa3 a bright bevatif;l day, just .uch as this, Wednesday, the 10th dny of April. J ; 1 I am back at my old pie of businoss, " 0 """" wiV t A" :i e v.itn ti:e iicnble or;a:e and be i Democrat after the place the fight' arrcscd aiuI C0IJlfpd:ted to jail is fierce ; but v.b.ere there is a Demo crat and a Republican, that is easy, the 1 emocr&t is appointed on non- potti,-m ;li;ad.. Txa:y the : water, and tne Democrats are getting their own. k,bbe boid w 1 1 1 provide.'' Greensboro Record. Young West died t?a ui day afers i .inI tttoi' Vi'-,t!;! , i 'i r,. vno grave witu ounaicr baauav. i ill ie.aa'a iiiia- retnrm-d a verdict 1 ' ' j e b n l I Li g JciSf. Sumner with tbe death of the two boy:?. Salisbury ALLISON'S corner, repareei to w-etc-j i..-. my oiu ii'ittruts aim iu ii-.-j -nev ones. I kee a fuH line cb" DTIY GOODS, SHOES, HAT;-, (tKOOERJES, Herald. Every member of tee Delegare Domocj-niie Excoutivo coiusstittoo for ! Legislature was pre ;ent when the TEu.s V'.ty. The several War! Committees an If France and England should gtt into a scrimmage over Africa it would be aoollrr caG- ,o i-ebbe; : lowing five men : pointed last Friday night to meet and ebct a township Democratic Executive Committee for the en suing year, met at tbe coart home one hundred and tixth ballot for United States Senator was taken ti 'V lighting oyer the pluudt v . y ... .... , .-a .--, .i-i--.4X'v'wVV.rtu' , '. ..-; ,ae -.j jj'J'J bvi 'T JON AT. i . , s - - 1 fa'.- ) S b- Sac ra:crif:hc '; K-' j f -;: i b-a;. : .- fa ; - ';! ? id S.' lU.v't I'rint- q a ; jpf; ;, ttoU.x.;. .: ' ; m,' iiiiM o;i tv. aim a-: 'a"a i. 1 .f r-i::v!y a!l ti e l"bb7 b Si-looll.o(l-:s. Vria-'b bj "U'rriuly com- I'i! Tiin.V-rt i y every V'j ftU'jK: S"! ' ri'.iicn- W. Jt. Odell, Chairman; av large. Ward 1 J. L. Hartselb Ward 2 J. L Crowelb Ward 3 - J. A, Clire Waid 4W. LBelb always at the kw'st prba-s conslxStont witli honest busi ness. VVill meet cuts at ail times, i can buy as cLeao as noon yesieruiy. ine aeaaiocK. en - janybody and will beil as elose, tered upon its thnte-m-ii weak yc.--j Uaying a stock suited 10 bi..e teiday .iiid the lines are as strictly j kurmers' want, can baiiiu was they weie when tbe j Irouce VV i a ebx bgo . . . , A. Koods for all k:;i(b- oi e:-b produce at cash prbw, (bib to see me. JOHN P ALLISOll contest began, notwitbstanding tbe death of Governor Marvil Tuesdiy, i which it was thoaaht weald hasten a solution nf the quesMon, - KB ylen Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria. Vahen she was a CTiiM, she cried for Castoria. When she becraae ?ilia3, she clung to Castoria. Two lAvcs Navcd. i:3.t.fln Tiviivv I Jilrs. Phoebe Thomas, cf Junction At a meeting of Board Co.'.ae.. tbty, lib, was told by "her doctors si oners for town of Cm.eorO. X. b.. -:bKATO;iS NOTICE. 1 bby (j'iabfi;:,d .'ids m,p ntf of jfra. M. a - c( uh(Hi, ttii ieraons ais uMiimt said de -a-eoy notified to pro tbe undersigned on or ah day of April, 1896. or tiiis notice v.uil be ' bar to their rceovory. ' 'I'sons owing said dc "' tibed that prompt pay ae-cteo. G. W. FETEEA, , Administrator. APril, 1S95. Jj. Kut of .c.i:l?, j Wheushe had ChiUren, she gave them Castoria. 5a aud o;l er ECanx- t;iti:ZO I'rc-id'jr.t irrilos: A' -v'ili v;Tl. a cyo f.r.sls tho in i. ai- 31 EiixIoy-s;Disoliarsrl. T?alnirrh Anril 0 PVipro ib n Cfm i nation and much feeling is aroused she had Consumption and that there WcaS no hope for her, but two bottles Dr, King's New Discovery com wide ly cured her emd she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos. EgCx-s, 130 Florida St. Saa Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching Consumption, tried without result everything else then bought one bot- tie of Dr. King's New Discovery ;, "r.ui i n- Tjrarticra io ns n, v.-orLinf? 1 1 the discharge today by the Sea- J and in two weeks was cured. lie is ai,-:-:-v-:a'!,tora;oirux , Qard Air Line of 8jx 0f its i naturally thankful. It is such re- o-V c',Trri: Ari'hority i veteran employes in me sncps nere. euus, oi wuicu mtse ure samples, Among these 13 Albert Johnson, the! that prove the wondertul emcacy ot (Tso. 4 ; George M liore. "Vo va.xs a ...i. n. .t. v-:-. Jw-aco r. s 5 held A pril lsb ISOa, an b at-a vra3 called and ordered to be h ii r -the various voting plac:s on tj first Momlay in iiay nea: :or ra r purpose cf electing a .k-yor end two Town Commisdouers fiOia c a , by each ward and one Grad b 'b:b b Commissioner from and b ward. Books open now. "1 .be feb lowing liegistrars were apr-jb:ted , Ward No. 1: John B Caidweib, Ward No. 2: James N Ero::., Ward No. o: PA Corre'b Ward .ux i: x: : ,tj -yiij CO., ruhUshers, 5 J oiuest liviug juuuujuuyu engineer, j ims ujcuiuiuc iu wuuo auu. vuiua. ii:xVi3y?- r-- v I ( who in 1839 entered the service of j Free trial bottles at Fetzer's Drug l $ the Raleigh and Gaston railrccd. Store, Regular s:z 50c and $1.00, this medicine in Coughs and Colds. By order of Board J. L. Harts ell, April 2, 1895, Clerk.

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