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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 11, 1895, Image 1

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I. -HJii cinn A 7 CONCORD, N. 0. THURSDAY, A PPxiL 11 180,1. - v 3 u Vlntrn . 4 ii U U !n ,'vM.iincJ but one idea . jJ iii.nse! f well ;'.:t potent missionary that nun, : v.t toils : v of a!! time have done a u.i;onary that represents .-.i i of a!! knowledge, . . rrt-ts rf nature, ani serais . ; . Tliis nisv.rrury is '. r.ew edition ; A likMTA.NNICA. and it . ., ,n t-,::; - who can read. vvm! Vor.t or Inclination t .;r. nv:e. open .!-. 1 ide is will flock to you. :r..c. w;th your life before you s 'V, i ieas ) advance your ''s. and to make you a more i w"v i.! -winner it will . y,.u .Aith stones of travel, 1 vi'.ih:! rv. !ni!o:sMcal !: :!;- facts about animals .vt ir s-sc. ani it last j a : ., . s 'ti i p i i ' t a n - .x r r..-. between the rich ' - s to b' :h : "I a-n yours ''. ' S - 1 mi . '. A r''.'V will bay it now, tutyoy . ,,r if yovi wish to take :: -; .:ci'al introductory oft'er. Observer LtiAkLO T I ii, N. C loot Hi Ft . o r v;i;- wfoks rast Cicero . '. er, has been .' oist his eyesight, in whicli hns now com him. He Fays lie has . i tin whii'uu-r, huL he -. JIh went over lo Char y, 'vht-re h e v ill have an examine it and ee what d iv evening the team of -r, 'A colored dravrmn, ran '-re up a v, agon nd pretty r; one of his horses. He ir lumber from the depot, ' i;til hi j wjigon close to . tv.d on the other side a t d down the track, 4 the huifie?. They ran - p:u! form, loft the hind . .ionand brcke up the : The injuries the horse ''' cuts about the legs iln ;; H'. Va., April 0. Dan- 'u whn sentence was ,"w3ir'''f fr' life i in prison men t by ' M'Kie hist week, narrowly j '1 - h at the hands of a mob " :v:' 4 ns last night. ' " ' ' v: U-rday eyening -' '1 b'nd was going to L ' 'rhe matter was brought 1 nffs, who immedialely ;) 'h ' 1 : itter. As Sheriff : : he'ee J)?dy were not in ' " ' ,;' ' 4 Ihtchcd up and the '! fr. m the j iil and v ' 1 'if : f -rhe-vav place, J W Holing- took . u ' i f arly train at a v j; ' - -ticM and started for to the North. :e,fc' m'iIIc ford expec43 to ijn"0'' dtitting incubator in THK JOURNEY HALF OVER. I FRIGHTENED '1 Q DEATH. 1'm( s, ia 5 rtMl M. aiI Uiw 1(.- tut'ss An hc at ju!t? jfc vil!. Jacksonville, Fia , April 10 Fred Miller,the long-distance pedes trun, who is walking from New York to this city and return on a wager of 5,000, arrived at the union station this morning at 10:15 o'clock, thus completing just; one half of his task. He is accompanied by his dog Guess, a large, powerful pointer. Miller 'started, from Ne,v York on his journey at S o'clock on the morning of the 5th of February, and has been just sixty-seven days accomplishing half his walk. The condition of the wager was that Miller was to walk from New York t) Jacksonville and return in seven months frcm the time of starting. He was to start with nothing, and was to receive nofhing but fool aul clothing while en route. So far Milkr has traveled 1,300 mile3. His route was from New Yrork to Phila delphia, Philadelphia to Baltimore, Baltimore to Washington, Washing ton to Atlanta, and from Atlanta, via Jessup, to .this city. Miller has b3t but seven pounds in weight since he started on his long jaunt. The dog is in fine condition, being slick and fat. Miller expects to re. m tin in the city two days, and then s:art on his return trip. s i it To YVIsom It May Concern. I do hereby certify that 1 have been a great sufferer for several months with lumbago, neuralgia of the bowels, liver complaint, dys pepia and a kidney trouble My case resisted all the boasted remedies that had been brought to bear. I had about despaired of ever recover ing; my friends and neighbors had remarked that I would nerer go out of my house again alive, but thanks be to the Almighty, Dr. Holden brought me out safely. I am up at tending to my business. Would ad vise any cce suffering with any of the diseases named in this testimo nial to give Dr. Holden a trial. I shall ever take unmitigated pleasure in recommending'him to the public May he live long and do for others a3 he has for me. O. H. UrciiuncH. Forest Hill, April 11, 1S95. To lite Wanting I'isIjIIc. I wish to announce to the ladies of Concord and surrounding coma munitj that I am prepared to do any Kind of work in dress making and cutting. I solicit a trial. Mrs. J. L. Brown, Church street, opposite Reformed church. m21 1m. Make More liny. In 1894 North Carolina cultivated 53,113 acres in rye and produced 478,017 bushels; lGi,525 acres in hay and grew 23S,5G1 tons; 17,955 acres in potafoes and 1,113,210 bushels ; 095,147 acres in wheat and 3,475,735 bushels; 2,459,GG3 acres in corn and 32,959,484 bushels; 527,893 acres in oats and 5,754,034 bushels. The hay crop is far too small. Make more hay and stop buying from the North. The po tato crop is much less than we had suprosed- The wheat crop is ratber small Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia exceed it. If niore oats were made there would be much less demand for the products ot the hay fields in the West. Raise home sup plies all round, including home manures. Miss .Julia Taylor, Ala: s?u ,y J4 ;Iu Xlm J ails SK;u1, A;o; Hzz;ii:iAiiiin Aid. Newbern Jourcal Miss Julia Paylor, a htdy who iked by herself on East Front street in a email house belonging to Mr. J C Green, cloco to his own residence, came to her death suddenly about 12 o'clock Saturday rnuht under the following unusual circumstances: Mr. Green had juct gone into his home and he heard Miss IVjlor screamiur for help. He answered hick and rushed immediately to the front of her residence. Mr. Bate man Lawrence one of-Mecsrs Hack burn & Willett's clerks who lives only a door or two away from Miss Taylor on the opposite tide from Mr. Gren, hud j-ist returned home and he also rusred over, he and Mr. Green meeting in front of the house but who ever had b:en there had gotten away they found no trace of any om except that the gate wa? un latched. Miss Taylor had fciven the alarm from a window towards the rear but she now came to the front aud at a partially opened window proceeded to tell what had occurred. Hearing o:me one on h. r porch she had gone to a window to find out who jc was and what wai v;3ncd and a 3 she slightly opened tre vindow for the purpose, a man ( "he'er white or colored, the did not state), grasped toward her. Dropping the window she thtn called for help from a rear one as stated at the beginning. Such was her story as far as told. Mr. Green advised ber to go over to his home and stay the remainder of tire night. Before an under standing of wheter the invitation would be accepted or not, the win dow dropen drown and the con versation stopped without notice. The gentlemen thought at first that Mios Taylor was making pre parations ts come out, and after waiting for some lengthy time, without hearing more, Mr, Green knocked, but conld get no answer and at last h: looked in at the win dow and saw Midd Taylor lying on the floor. On the supposition that she had fainted restoratives were at once ob tained and lady neighbors summon ed,. Dr. R S Primrose who lives only a block away was also called in at once, but it was soon found that Miss Taylor was dead. OF TOWN iJTS FOR TAXES. Hy virture of levies and the cer tificate of J L B.?ger, Tax Cuilc:t; ior the town of Concord, and pur suant to the provisions of the Machinery Acts of trie General As- sembly of North Carolina, I will on rhe 1st Monday of May 1895, sell at the Court House door in Concord the following town lots on which the taxes levied by the commissioners tor rdd town for the year 1894 re main unpaid, to wit : WAKI) 1. Isette, Smith. town lot on Main street Poudexter, P F, 1 town lot on Mill street, ad joining V Thompson, Trout man, W A, 1 town lot co Spring .;lreet, "WARD 2. , PtO(de, Alfred, 1 town lot (Barrage lot), Willtford, J A, l'town lot East Depot street, "WARD 3. Bjanick, Mag, 1 town lot East Depot street, (El len Ivst property), Dry, W F, 152 acres land 3-Mile Branch, Groner, Mary E, 1 town ! Professional Cap:?. i j I have located in Conoid for the j practice o:" malic: ne and surge; v. jand respectfully ask the public foi (; share of their patroeage I may found at my ofllce at any hour: the day or at my residence at nigl.i when not out professionally, -iiA w'Al gladly respond to all e.'b promptly. Oflice undr that of Mo;.tor: r ACroel!. Respectfully, f J. E. Smoot, M. n $ 14 10 Speculation, 'i 9 23 GO 1 G5 i 10 1 35 4 01 rr HAMMOND & CO. 7! ft ICO & 132 Pearl Bwr, NEW YORK CITY, yZ. Y, Stocks, Bonds and (rrain leught - . sold, or carried on Maifa-iu. E S. Send for circii lar on speculation, also wet-kly mp.r -ket letter. (Free) dwl t WIiatDo You Think of This ? Our Enterprise correspondent tells us this week of a negro, Daniel Mil ler, being appointed a new magis trate in Arcadia township. Our correspondent sys that he is now guilty of larceny and is not allowed to vote ! This action of the fusion Legislature in appointing such a character (and an ignorant colored man, at that,) it is an insult to every respectable citizen of David son county white and black. For this and many other misdeeds they will a3 surely be called to accent in 189'6 as the tun rises and sets. .Shame, shame, shame on them ! Lexington Dispatch. "WARD 4. Alexander, Sarah, 1 town lot, Coleburg, Alexander, Hiram, 1 town lot Loye Town (balance), Freeman, Allen, 1 town lot Coleburg, Gilmore, Sandy, 1 town lot Broad street, Gibson, Mng, 1 town lot Broad street, Harris, Henry, 1 town lot Broad street, Holbrooke, Adam, 1 town lot Broad street, Ichord, Eliza, 1 town lot Coleburg, McCarter, Andrew J, 1 to wn lot Broad street, McRea, John W, 1 lot Broad street (balance), Mess, Paul S, 1 ton Jot Coleburg, Pharr, Martin, 1 town lot Broad street, Spencer, Ellen, 1 town lot Broad street, Miller, Rondolph, 1 town lot Broad street, Blair, Z, 1 town lot B.oad street, To the Sherief of Cabarrus County : The above is a true list of de ligent property of the town of Con cord, presented as in accordance with law for you to advertise under execution for sale for taxes. J. L. Boger, Tax Collector. L. M. Morrison", Ex Sheriff of Ca- barus County. April 10th, 1895. 98 2 05 1 J- 4 o 1 35 1 35 3 GO 1 54 1 35 3 41 o 70 98 3 GO 71 3 GO 1 1G tcWV.f T fJmncr tn Ipavfi vonr ninfip. ijiiaij . "u'"t) - j 4 'j Bridget ? Why, it was only week before last that your mistress raised your wages." "That's jist it, mum. Oi am not to be patronized by the loikes of ner. "Boston Transcript. Two Lives Saved. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City, III., was told by her doctors she had Consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles Dr. King's New Discovery complete ly cured her and she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 139 Florida St. San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching Consumption, tried without result everything else then bought one boti tie of Dr. King's New Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful. It is such re suite, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in Coughs and Colds Free trial bottles at Fetzer'd Drug Store, Regular siz 50c and $1.00. - . Tomorrow is Good Friday. OQ PCC I I i f i ii . n IIS I I am back at my old plae of business, ALLISON'S corner prepared, to welcome my old. friends and to make new ones. I keep a full line of PRY GOODS, SHOES, HATS, GROCERIES, TCBaCCO, ,fcc. always at the lowest prices consistent with honest busi ness. Will meet cuts at all times. I can buy as cheap as anybody and will sell as close. Haying a stock suited to tiie farmers' wants, can use your produce. Will exchange goods for all kinds of country produce at cash prices. Call to see me. JOHN P. ALLISON. Kleetion Xotiee. At a meeting of Board Corair.;--sioners for town of Concord, N. '. held April Is, 1S95, an fleet:::, was called arid urdercd to le held the various voiiog places on fiiSt Monday in May next for the purpose of eltctijg a Mayor :..' two Town Commissioners f r : in arid by ech v.ard and one Graded 1 :. Commicsioner from and h-v c; r: ward. Books open now. The f.-N lowing Registrars were appointed ; Ward No. 1: John B Caldwell, Ward No. 2 : James N i-rc J; n, Ward No. 3: PA UorrelJ, Ward No. 4 ; George M Lore. By order of Board J. L. Hartsell, April 2, 1595, Clerk.

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