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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 12, 1895, Image 1

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r 5 JSrkl. 1 j ; CONCORD, N. C FRIDAY TABLED THE BILL. EDI TOR K EST LEU CALLED 01; " iJfklLil 51 7131 I J i f ,), 4 - !Prof:ssicnal av j V'AVNK3VlLl.EfX. C., April 4, j Editor News and Observer : la j regard to the assignment bill which j seems, in some way. to have passed jthe Legislature, I desire to : ay u -1 Mr. .Smith ui Stanly, introduced a bill to prevent preferences in ; nments, 1 underwood i:; afla j iiavintx had several conversations l with nun in r-.pird to it v. -hen r :,e bill was reported by the Finance Committee, Mr. .Smith told me that ; it was not the original, but a sub j statute, understood to have been I prepared by iiaAamai, Chairman of th Committed I was opposed to the jLiiiith bill, and when T leanv 1 that iit had bee i amended at the iaManre f r.atuv. :,r,4 i Ol u a. II i . Aii AJ i v-Vel' oppJCai Ivj tA ,..:".n ' "'' ' I: un chief would result to the busi ness iiiteiv-:'3 of the St:ite if radical ion should be had along this Aiil Mr. Smith came to me . e r. "1 w : i I , r tju's Bro lie V ii ir..r.lf.t Air. F L .Fmery, iiunc-rintendcL' of the Ode 11 IDU, ;;h0 is a fil:0 -crat and who has been nothing else for the p.-n?t IS year, caHFd upon i Fl Kestler this (Friday) morning and requested him to retract throu oh n- his ppcr the uur-ent. wh en a;.pei;id in the VoiUbuie oi this week : "Tne Demy hiyo put (na lire time Itepablican for commissioner -n w?r F -rnap- he cacrifices his p-iity for the oik- ul a j b. IIow d- the Denis like the fusion ticket ?" Tke abo;e iUatem-nt raised the Djmocratic ire of Mr. Emery, and ' j jnstifidvn, tr Si I 6 ttion ! -' 'i"!J .1 111"!? i -r it '.. :1! fl,., ..- I i. t LJiVj LV7 J . ur.-ioyoj j and said that lie would have noth i ii.,-, i in iu tiu-r o do with it, inasmuch as the tubjtiUite had changed the ' ;,u ' -r.iv,-!. , purpose of his bill. Subsequently I 'e .iied up the bill and moved to lay it on the Lible, stating at the tin: it j w:w -i dangerous bill. The nv;f:oa v,3 cai i ied by a large majority, the j Democrats voting the affirmative j soiialy. I never Iieard of the bill any more j until I noticed in the papers flfter jibe Liis.ature had adjourned that it had become a law. W. T. Ljee 1 3-- vours '-v !t r..v.v, i - ? ?i TN T" T ' M 3 I - oyr- "o."- tty W.DukeSons&.C:. J y ;vT!icAM'.r:CAN TCEf.CCC Ct'.T-'.f . : -; y - rf".(i ., - r f ' DURHAM, N.C. U.S.A. Vi -'. ? j AIS FIT. O M s r "? "J J if n i ri AND The Best, S;ilvf in rm-lJ f,-... I t.,,. , , - -""..,,- vuio, iiub;.?, ooiVf.. Ij crws. Salt a ; w nw ri.w!,: i .v.. : nn ivueuu), iever r-ors, i etterjCh.ppcd Hands, Chi lb) aim-, Ce-ns and al! Skin Eruptions, and po?tiveiy cuo no ; -?.7 i'LOiuit.d. 1 i, is ji , - ur. iveauer o:ud ne woah: retrace the rtatr-!))' n m -.jr.- t. r IJuvfilpii'H Aril i lies or pjuai inteed to yiw- patirfaction or money refunded. Fnce l!5 cents per uua. rui csaie at r. o, ietzer s Urusf .tore. TAXES. hv virture ui levies aad the cer 'Htm practice oi medieine an.; st.r;- r, and respectfully as1 p"' ' - "c-r . share of their patroDr.?p J . .- t found at Liy oilier at ny wur of the -by or at my nsbl '.. it when not Clit prof" '1;, , . 'Viii gladly repci d tr -y' : promptly, 01-lce nnder 1 h:. f; -.f ' Cro,7el!. Ke ip. w fa ih . ff J. E. Smoo-. i HAMMOND t CO. , .... 120 132 P-;- F'.w NE'W YOfiK CiVY, J biocks, Bonds and Orr:; 1 - . sold, or carried on Ai;;.-. o: J L ,-W-er. Tav nolh' -tor! for the town of ronCord, and pur-! X- S.-Send for exp!a suant to the provisions of the 1 7 'u, lLluu AX 1 ''.'-', 5 tir ?! yes Ilia, h io 'Tito TVaiilini; I'ulflic. T vvl?h to announce to the ladies of Cor cord and surrounding conic ninnit; that I am prepared, to do k in dres3 I solicit a trial, j . i ns. .). L. Rhowv. , t , 1 Cluweh stre.r, o-posif? l?ef''rr.:cd 74e0ii I on"1 '.Mr:! r, f vn1!' in A- k-.. kJ lO'v.:! iWii 'ii i ; , , r ' and cutting m? I.m ohurch. m o 1 In. - c - .1 c 1 .. 1 V rfvOtj "'VJjy "S'st.-.v .ire ?'. cy'7, 1 Th KirstonM'ree Tress say?, in :?nd I Tr ferrir: to the-new magistrates : t ui ears Tlie ne-wlv appointed magistrates we nit m:igistrafc.j, b au.v? they este-rday, but j failed to qualify. They Lnk l to j I j i i'lfy be can the certified lists -Js . e ! :a'c net sent out in time by the r oc i J d.jd. r-ot send. the 1 t f AO i. i I 1 . u . i'- i j WaCiei oat u I neck home i blanks to send . "; a' w-1":.!. - ! co.::2 to him in time. The bheks (Adn'L c'i-:e to him in f t.? city. H-ia I tive b '-'ause the public printer e ;.: al. :j ! Lv: . .-: :tt V;ns:,cn zo far from the wtw;: in:tea: J Stu'w capital. Ths public printer at I Winston v;:is eleetfd-bv th funion ! theen on w In'fc ' 3e Ivaiir:itl ".V;ir. TaltiDiCre, Apnl 11, -President ITcff-ian, of the S,rbo ,rd Air Line, said today that tb decision of the inter-Stale commence cornTiissAn, which pevLvrs the Southern Kail company to r. cct tJe rut in p'wsenger rate mad i Ly the Seaboard to Atlanta without rcdtwig the rate to intermediate points, would not affect the situation matt rially, except that the decision might give the bn preoion that hi3 line was in the wrong in cutting ra.tej. Comment ing oa th .- decision Tresident IIoiT man said ; , 'T no longer see any use for the inter-State commerce commisron. That body has virtual v iven the Southern Kailroad company a weapon which to fiht up and has lien P. repudiated about the only important clause of the act under which it was created- 'the loni; snd fhrt haul' clans-1 of tt" !'iw h . j been, nph'dd by all the courts, and I am surprised that the inter-State commrroc com mirsion should be the first tc "ullifv it. I cannot say at present what we will do next, but we are able and ready at all times to protect our rights aiv.l property. i semb.y ot INcrtii (.'arolina, 1 will on the 1st Monday of May 1S95, sell ui I IIo:jfie dour in Cuucord the following town lots on which the taxes levLd by the commissioners tor said town for the year 1 AO I rc-- main unpaid, to vit : ward 1. Isctc & Smith, 1 tcvn lot cn Main street Pondexter, P F, 1 town lot on Mill street, Aid joining V7 Thorapso:"!, Trout run n, W A, 1 ,'otvn let oo Spring street, WARD 2. Peoples, Alfred, 1 town lot (Hurrage lor), Willefor i, J A, 1 town Iog East Depot street, WAHI) 3. Jienic;;, mzz, 1 tor.'ii iOt t Dcpcitreet, (!:- st property), Dry, W F, 15 acieslan-l 3 -Mile Branch, Oroner, Mary E, 1 town let (old store rcom;, WART) 4 Alexander, Sarah, 1 town nnp! 00 i 0 I 4 ft p ; $ U 10 3 23 3 OU 1 (15 vl 10 rip) r (i ? 4 S S ' -i fi w HE 7 n i y Eas 4 (A 1 :w) I am Mcli at my old of business, Whon n."J y v'Cis sick, prnve V.-'T r,-tr.ra. "-1 . - -o . . 1 ii. a t If: , . . I -, . 1 1 . . ., j 1 : r. r; ,i : n n.jr'n 1 '- q 1 When she bocamo Mis.?, sho clung to Castoria. : 'otised by a col , being ' ' ' rv.p r:ad bn e himself nd ":" yiati wilh hiiii ' ' - f rry. oTur to get it ' ' se. had alapi d printers sfarvaticn wsges. And this is "reform." y , Wli -n sho a Child, &h.. cri f' r Cus.. When she had Children, she gave them Cn -t oria. 5 i -ff t. T i. ?. ft r r ft x' i j? 6 & & si m. tl 12 8L M & l liOuil LOW-ii 1 mfirk. a-i' ipril 10. Mr. Khrlwr (f the biy Ni2ht, corns tonight by tak- T (Ainada, an. .11: about sixty y. in this city jo, lie came to edth. ile was U 4 frfE don't advi-c your buying any bicycle but the best one made he COLl'MB? A--for the $100 it costs is wise' economy, every dollar of it. But if you prefer to pay less, then we have lower priced machines that we know will I give you satisfac- ; tion. Patterns tor men and women or boys and girls in THE T $80 $60 $50 Come and examine. Beautiful Catalogue free if you call. G. L. PATTERSON", AGENT, CONCOKD, X. O. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction i City, 111., was told by her doctors j she had Consumption and that there j was no hope for her, but two bottles j Dr. King's New Discovery complele- , ly cured her and she bays it saVca j 3air ; her life. Mr. i hos. ieix, ;-'j Florida St. San Francisco, suffered I from a dreadful cold, approaching Coiasty ; j Consumption, tried without result; The above is a true list of de everything else then bought one bot-! ligent property of the town of Cgd. tie of Dr. King's New Discovery ! cord, pre:-:? ted as in accordance and in two weeks was cured. He isi with law for you to advertise under naturally thankful. It is such re- I execution for sale for taxes. lot, Coleburg, l!S Alexander, Hiram, 1 town lot Eoye Town (balance), 2 05 Freeman, Allen, 1 town lot Colebur, 1 73 Gil more, Sandy, 1 town lot Broad street,. 1 35 Gibson, Mag, l town lot Broad street, 1 35 Harris, Lb nry, I town oll .rook?, Adam, 1 town lot Broad street, 1 5 j J chord, Eliza, 1 town lot Coleburg, 1 35 Me Carter, Andrew J, 1 to-vn lot Broad street, . 3 11 McIJoa, John W, 1 lot Broad street (balance), 2 73 Pharr, Martin, 1 town lot Broad street, 3 00 Spemr, Ellen, 1 towu lot Broad street,' 71 Miller, JRondolph, 1 town lot Broad street, 3 GO Blair, Z, 1 town lot Bioad street, 1 10 TO T H E S II K K 1 K F O F C A B A li A U 5 .... i i -i my old' .fneiuls and a -f,Ve 11IAV011PS. I keen ;i f?:l DRY a OOI SHOES, HATS, GKOOK)1 i jAC O, i. ., always at tli " low.--3t w: -consistent witli !mr;o'-r J, ; . ness. Will inert ct rt times. I can hn , anybody anel wiii belt Hay ing a stock 6ai tv. . 1 ..j ir farmers1 wan:-, 'au a x l product. WiM exchn- , goods for a1! h-e ' of CGr - lroduceat CAfdi P rices. (K 1 .! to sea mo. J0H 1 it' - A V. -mix- r " F.l't in ?;tico. At a meeting ol Bvard suits, of which these are samples, that; prove the wonderful efficacy of j this medicine in Coughs and Colds. Free trial bet des at Fetzer's Drug Store, Regular siza 50c and $1 00, i April 10 h, 1895. J. L. Boger, Tax Collector. L. M. Morrison, Ex-Sheriff of Ca barns Coanty, li it ',. ofi ce . . . -, held Ipill ls: , .i. b,'., Uu i was calietl and oiu-.iu to be i.e ... the various voiiu placv (u Mi st Monday m .lay nexr. purpose of elecan a AAor k two Town Cotnmipioncrs fr'-m . by each ward aai one (Arad-' Qoh " 1 Commissioner from and bv ward. Books open now. The f lowing Uegistrnrs w-re pn-Ait - " : Ward Xo. 1 : John B Ca!dwA Ward No. 2 : J an ? N B-r.-n. Ward No. 3 : P A CorrcV, Tr, No. 4 ; George M Lore. By ordt r of Hoar el J. L Hartsell, April 2, 1305, Clerk.

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