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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 20, 1895, Image 3

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"" HA roil OF LOCAL NEWS. 1 '" ? it !is! Vi!i'il S'uslicr. ... ... , -to no lights on North ,v)r. is every indication of ?i y being on us. v r w : months until blackberry " i tho ni?;m'.iiiie we can all -1 I' , . ..( , ; . i the b.?st sov in town iV: . !, , jy.ojev. ror sale 07 Joan r - performer in the Nickh- which was 1:1 Charlotte f, ' was serioaaly hurt : Silver Millitary Beli wish a.;i U-d color webbing Uorreli V Jewelry store. , v, ill coiiiinumon service . Kv. fox a;ed church t mor :;: ;hjn;.ni at 3 1 oYioefc O.i 1 Vrl'U '. f coiorcvl .vii Uio Vc3. Dvyut street nn.u a crcquet ' i Jul soap th it was dis-vvt-r ki'-va last week is for ) c '.ki- or box at John 1' : 3t s : I) brick makins fuii blast oa hid vy. A kiln is to yard v. 1 i i 1 burning m using , few ' j or;o'ini;-s to watch ; ry old people. On. i;i of this city has re ae ::o childish that be 3 with the small boy. "CI ,1 dm en by a --- f x ihtcned on West t Friday evening. After w-r the di'ch it ran into at Scotia seminary and No one was hurt. vine one was exceedingly gay ;':h:j lii-ht in the north end of the I f the ' cops" would run in the ..:"Y.c who dhooc pistols and scream i.i various parts oi the city late at '.at. it miht stop this hilarious : lac , Lr a t i 111 3 at least. A San Francisco girl, disappoint td in love years ago, has built a O'bi." in the woods on the LTpper ilmcm river and lives there alone. She is an expert hunter and has raised a pair of grizzly bears, which iie very affectionate toward her. iltijiy Ward Beecher once in formed 1 man who came to him com- '-i'0T of gloomy and despondent f. hhg;, that what ho most needed was a good cathartic, meaning, of y-''u-ce, such a medicine as Ayer's luiariic Pills, every dose being ef- 'i y. editor of an exchange says he some people so exceedingly K' ot that in speaking of a person's i;-r 1 -i'cist in calling: it a limb. That 0: but the young lady, who, ' --kii cf a certain breed of chick--. calh-d them Brown Limbhorns, ; -aitl-d to the cke and whole ;- ry . -No small objection which young ioiks had to the old time spring f ascines wa3 their nauseousness. 1 -i our day, this objection is removed ! Ayer's S.insapirilla, the mo3t -'.rfd mid popular of blood-pirn's i? ?y pleas int to the palate a3 a 'T'.lht' I The Washingtou(N. CjMessenger speaking oi a feryice in Wa3hton ''clu d?s in the folloin words: " ''v hear the sermon by the Kev. lvne, of the Presbyterian : "rch last Sunday evening, from :uie ul Thirst," highly spoken of. ':) Payne is one of North Carolina's " pit1, nit orators and as a man is ' v '-e?lcd. The Presbyterian -urch is to be congratulated on THE RUSH OF B OMANITY. lv2iWho Travel, as Seen by r itcporler. Mr. W O Boshamer returned today from Richmond. Mr John 0 Benson will return to Wilmington tonight Lawyer L C Calwell, of States ville, is in the city professionally. Mr. C G Suther, of Forest Hill returned last night from Hunters yille. Mrs. J M Lo nan returned to day from Greensboro, where she has been for several days Misses Funnie Alexander and M.-iy Stafford, of Uarrisburg, are visiting in the city. Editor Will SherrilJ, of the L'xmgton Dispatch, ia visiting his m other, Mr. J B Sherrill. Mr. B F Rogers returned this morning faom CharloPe, where ho has been for several days. Mr. J Clifton, gof Danville, h;i3 aceep ed a position at ths depot. He will move his family here soon. Mr. M J Freeman is in the city. He has been conflaed to his home tVr several dus and is yet quite un well. Dr. M 'ilohlen will be absent from the city until Mon.lay after noon, leaving in the morning for Wtthevilh'. Mrs. M (J Ducetibury will re turn tonight from Oxford. She waH expected tc day, but was left at Durham Mr. James M Gullagcr, res presetting the Old Dimiuion Stcam- snip Company was in the city yester day and today. Mr. Cbas. F Wadsworih, one of the directors of the Cannon Manu facturing Company was over from Charlotte h-st night. . TO CLOSE OUT ALD THE SAMPLE SHOES we have they will now be offered at half price. The size3 run 6, 6, 7 and 71 per gendemen, and the Ladies run from 2h 10 4: This makes them cheaper than anything you can find. WE ARE CLOSING CUT ALL THE 6j. OUTING IN THE HOUSE AT 4c. A - STUNNER: Forty inch Wool Dress Goods in seasonable shades at 22ic. New lot STRAW - HATS just in, pt popular prices. We are receiving big line of entirely uew SH DBES8 FABRICS The Charlotte Observer announces that there is a rumor v float to the effect that-M 183 Winnie Davif, ''the daughter of the Confederacy," i3 to marry Cel. James Richardson, a millionaire planter of New Orleans. Col. Richardson is an intense South ern, and an o'd friend of the Davis family. The Easter Service at Trinity Re formec church, which was postpon ed on account of "the sickness of Mrs. Benson, will, on account of Mrs. Benson's death, not berendered on Sunday eyenh g April 21st, as was announced when the congrega tion wa3 dismissed last Sunday evening. Concord society will lose one of her most charming attaches by the de parture of Miss Miller, who so ef ficiently taught in the graded school the past winter. Miss Miller has many friends in and out of the city who regret to have her leave. She has the good wishes of the entire city. She will leave for Pineviile, her home, next week. in all nice and attractive shades at 5 to 20o per yard. LADIES. SLIPPERS from 50c to Sl.7a. The styles are correct. KiTNew Clothing received this week at the riglit kind of price. AND THIS "WJSIEi'lEI - A l' - CANNONS & FET dirt One hundred dozen Children's. Misses and Boy's Caps at If) and 25c, These eaps are all line go d3, worth from-35 to 65c come and take your choice at 15 and 25c. B')YS' KNEE PANT SUITS AT 50: w--,i, v, -Ai lit v-s if. 1 ,-.. $;;.; j t: t'f & I 8 f.-H H n ii ft U: f-. J? it 1 Li : I? 83 E3Y A-' us E "5J J 3 eT--? rfr i lei S3 M 3 U J I s K w t-- For men, woxnen or boys at prices ransm0 r ,.ow c , ;; tc c 5. vro siaip from factory to oprro-rnl and arc fliecnly xnaaufaclur- ",T,7aI7c rl to Coas-arcj-saj no Aconts. We Offer greatervalRei- our r.tvor tnannf acturcrs witb prices froui 5i' Better at 75c and better still at $1.00. Everybody can Jjhave a suit. The 50 cont suit is about like you have been getting for $1 00. The 75 cent is as good as you ever got for $L25, and the 1.00 suit is a good one. These goods are all cheap as 5 cent cottoi Also a good line of better boy suits double seats, double knees, patant waistbands, in all wool goods at $2.75, warranted not to rip. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ODD COATS FOR BOYS AT LESS TAAN HALF PRICE. Thirty dozen Straw Hats for children at 15c. with silk bands. The bonds cost more than we ask for tie hats. Two hundred ODD COATS FOR MEN at less than half price. We sll the coat3 for less than the clth that is in them would cost. Men's heavy, strong cot tonade pants at 50c, cheaper than fc cotton. Also a thcr ougly well seected line of men and boys' stylish suits. Elegant line of Fashionable Straw Hats The latest and best colored Negligee and Dre3s Shirts, a most attractive line of gentlemen's and ladies' scarfs, all bought at prices much below the usual value and as we buy under value we sell under value. There are many reasons why you should look over our stock 1vhen you want to buy. We have a full line, ond plaase you in MORRISON, LEXTZ & CO : Have just reccivod by express a lot of beautiful sh'e combs. MORRISON, LENTZ k CO : Rave iust received a lot of lovely dress pingham in 10 yd pattern, regular price 12j, our priee 10 2. MORRISON, LEXTZ & CO : Have j 1st received a lot of pacific paitalSi ijehos wide. wnoicsaie pr:ce 12", mr price IQj MORRISON, LENTZ & CD : Have you peon the 203 um brella 3 at Morrison, Lentz Vs they are selling, at 1.50 You ou iht to nee fie beautiful Dresden-shripc ods nt Mor risoa, Lentz iV Co'd, perfect bo:.iuios at low i inures. 1IOUUI30X, LENTZ & CO : We have just r cive l somo of tuo h.mdvsjm(t drtss goods hi all ih-3 latest importations ever seen in Co ic nil. It will do jou goji to tee them Don't 3ort:ot to yn our 2J. u sbrellaa at SI. 50. MORRISON, LKNIZ k CO : Have you eeen our $1.C0 Oxs ford iias, bbot shoo on Ibe mar- kot 1'-) r 1 1 ; 0 m . a ey . Oar $1. 75 . and $2 00 Oxfords p.;cs humaiars, baid to bo the protii-jst tij in tho city. MORRISON, LENTZ & CJ : Ah, no.v ! Our Ima. of chiK drens slippers, Oxford ties and shuo- are just ilie correct thing3 in tans, red and black ail s zes and pricaa lo-.v- We have a few large siz3 ladies trunks that will bo ollered at lo-,v liares. MORRION, LENTZ & JO Mount Amoena SEMINARY A Flourishiug School for Young . Laiie3. TEN TEACHERS, Ornamental BraLchesIRecoive Carefui Attention, REV. C. L. T. .FISHER, A. M i MOUNT RLE AS AN TN. 0.. . jicij National Bank. Cohcokd, N. C. J. M. Odell, President D, B. Cclthane, Cashier. L. D. Coltilax, Asoiitant L'ashier Capital, Surplus, 350,000 $10,000 GOODS AND STYLES. SurtanSaoinG catalogue. Address, We buy in large lots and save from 20 to 30 per cent from regular prices, and often as much as 50 i3r cent. We can always give you the best values. We want your trade and will make extraordinary efforts to please you. We put all our energies into this business and our constant effort is to give our (3ustomer3 the best goods for the money, and we believe that we do it. We return money for goods that do not suit. Come and see us. 1 CANNONS & h H H K 1)1 RECTORS ; J. M. Odell, 1). F. Caxxox Elam King, d. W. Caxont, W. II. Odell, Yt. II Lilly, D. 13, COLTRANE. CONCORD MARKETS. " COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannon3 & Fetzcr. Good middling. G Middlings 5.i75 Lo7 middling 5 1 Stains 4 to 5 IMODUCE ilARKET. Corrected bv C. V? Sink l?ucon .."....8i Srigar-cured nuuij 1 1 fcol2 J i3ulk meats, sides 8 to U 13ee3wax iiutter 15 Chickens 0 to 25 Corn 45 gg3 10 Lard ... 8 toll Flour (North Carolina 1,75 Meal 50 Oata. 37! ; Tallow .4 3toi such a pastor and preacher." 05F0RS in ----

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