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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 22, 1895, Image 1

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P.::; W iliui r y0:: .. e,rn. i ( t-15 i.e- i A wan; ar; !:-tU J. 1 K" " CONCORdTn-C. MONDAY APRIL 29 189 ' r- ' WiionE NO. 1,503 N-- JAS- HOLLAND ASSIGNS j T7"3111 r ' " z..,,.. , ' ! "7 RAIT? fV rr-kTT'x- , . I i - i nvm n ra - mm mm m . j i i j i . 1 i iiil iv. ifiiw i 4 i i t jk. ! fH ra a ?3 3,"!;rzcCJi 1 TirtlJi'e of -i-: the ccr-1 n U l! I ioEiioraoii oi!!!,ii.!iiicy , - .-hion of the A;, '.V..'..: OxJ i,'. .r-..tlus Donnelly evinced y," pxxl sense, rather 'y.' ir;c speculative '' . 1 The G:it .Mr. Donnelly Is a man ef the most versatile talents ; his successes in S $H medical science, ai trie par, ana in the field of letters, Are rruiny and unique. Those "5 familiar with his i nTlt:m;s (and W who is not?) are always impressed with which I N A. . . - ."- 4 At tihoHty rsition. One is that he possesses v retentive mind. But v h;;:i say this is a : ; ::-at his memory is : . .i tireless investigator. s 'i.'-ted library, with - : -?very sort, which at volition to ; . nr.ati'Mi or reference. :,c values above :::: 'CYCLOPEDIA . r which he possesses ,t his residence and lie knows that . ; p.rwr questioned '; -aid to have won : , :: , u:t upon evidence iritannica. NCYCI.OPEDIA A note the tine articles .;d Shakespeare, and satisfaction, endeavor incs of , . ... ' alleged cipher of 'Ah comparisons are l :ind instructive. . :..t ovii THE I " I VD!A BRITANMCA 4 : tcr procure it while the is being sold at ' ; prices. Address OBSERVER CtlAULOTTU. A. C 11 A KNTKY IN JAIL. ;--h liiof i:(ciilivc Ar i ' ' ! ?'r .1 u r!T . X. C, April 20. Walnut - a Liu sensation. Last --ivnr Gentry, who is alo f nnd ono of the ;t c-i'izens, dsbisted a !"' in the arrest of a l- o. Tho latter was t! f' Io-ck up, but refused i.ti! niter ho was given one h - on (ho head - by Mayr Xrxt day the negro 1 ' !! ;:u! ht and trial was M t: ' 1 today. This jury returned a ver-' 1 ' ' ::ro came to his ' b!ow3 ii flicted on 7 liiG mayor. ' ' was at once issued for ' -Tayr.r Gentry and be fraried to jail. His ! rolably corae up in M - i-.ieh opens Monday. ' -:) v s Sootlrng Syrup bas -1 " r ever fifty years by '-xA in i.h.-rsifor their children with perfect success. child, often3 the '"-j '4' lain, cnre3 wind j-' the best remedy for M ill relieve the poor ;f 'nimediately. Sold by -,' !-i every part of the ' 'lV'ty live cents a bottle a,i)ikfor -Alrs. Winsiow's i-np," and take no other nnl I'nrmcrN Oilier IVrhous 1I His I'ronorfv xvi. i. out IVvfercnooi., to the Merchants' National Rank, and l CorporatioiiM. CreditorN, Kciii,; Tiial.le to Pay JUH IiMlrbtcdncKs s Demanded-Dr. J if 3I A!en, Trustee. The assignment of Jamea R IIoll acd, Esq., cashier of the Merchants' and Farmers National Bank of Charlotte, was Gled in the oliice of the register of deeds at S:30 o'clock last night. The annonccen ent will fall o the city and State today as would a thunderclap out of a clear sky. The assignment recites that the said Jas. K Holland is indebted to the Merc Hants' and Farmers National Bank of Charlotte, N. C, and other pereor.,3 acd corporations, the exact amount (f said indebtedness not be in now ascertainable, and is un able to pay said indebtedness as de manded, and that he desires to se cure the full satisfaction thereof without preferences, and assigns the following property : The lot on which he now liyes : all those lots in said city conveyed to him by W M Wilson and wife, De cember 20th, 1S92 ; one let at Dil worth ; one-half interest in that lot in the city of Charlotte at the corner of College and Eighth streets; 350 acres of land in Gaston countj, as the J K Holland farm : also all cattle, horses, mules, hogs, wagens, farming tcole, dairy fixtures, machinery and all other personal property of every kind whatsoever on the aforesaid farm ; also two horses, one surrey, one pfeajton, one buggy and all bis paddles, bridles and harness ; also the household and kitchen furniture in the residence where he lives except such personal property as may be exempt by law from sale under execution; also all bonds, stocks, chooses in action wherever situated, belongng to said J U Holland. Dr, J II McAden was made trustee. Sunday morning's Charlotte Observer. G ARf f f k L i. -? rai w.uukeSons&Co.'T: K LC CK Buna ' .V. DURHAM, N.C. U.S.A WiADE FROM 81 600 ABSOLUTELY PURE J TBE COOK-MEARES CONTiiST. M0 Our Obituary Too Previous. Fat McUuire, whom everybody klnows and wbo ha3 lived 15 years of tee awfulest of existence, and whose obitupry has been published time and again in this pr-per, dropped dowu on us Joday. -We could scarcely beMeye our eyea it was fifteen minutes before ve could convince ourselves that we were not dream ing, is alive, well and himself. For two years he has not touched any morphine, the habit that brought him to the brink of the grave and held hiii there for years He says he has tried a dozen reme dies, been in hospitals sanitariaums, alms houses and a lunatic Asylum, but neyer in the pen or in a legisla ture. Quit he did, and he eaid there is a time in the life of a morphine user that amounts to a crisis beyond this he either dies or quits tha habit. He didn't die but is here yet, 30 years old and weighing 35 pounds more than ever before. TTp cava he has no past cravings, he would even refuse a dose of Dr, Bull's cough syrup with his old The Court Decided That Cook Is Xot Entitled to the OfEee. WilmmstoE, N. C, April 20. The case of Charles A Cook vs O P Meares came up before J udgo Hoko in the Sup rior court today in the form of quowananto proceeding. Cook was elected Judge of the Eastern Criminal Circuit, by the Legislature, but it was admitted by the plaintiff t hat ho was elected two days before the bill creating the ofiice was ratified. Immediately on adjournment of the Legislature. Gov. Carr, claiming that there was a vacancy, appointed and com missioned O P Meares, Judge, uns der authority vested in him by the Constitution. The case was argued by Hon. 1) L Russell and L C Edwards for Cook and George Rountroe for Meares. Xhe decision of the court is that tho relator, Chas. A Cook, is not en titled to the office, and that O F Meares is the duly commissioned qualified judge." The caoe w;ll go to the Supreme Court on appeal. Rev.Shealy and His Work. Rev. J D Shealy, of oar town, conducted communion services Sun day at 11 o'clock at Mt. Ilermon .Lutheran chrnch three mile3 south of Concord. There were 9 additions to the membership, by confirmation. At 3:30 o'clock he held confirma tion services at St. Andrews' Luth eran church, on West Depot street. There were 10 additions to this church, 14 by confirmation and 2 by certificate, Mr. Shealv is ver much . er con raged with his work; anc though here only about six months his peo ple have grown fond of him and ihe ties between them are just what should be to accomplish a good work. Last Sunday at the other church, Cold Water, in his pastorate, he con firmed nine. TOWN LOTS TAXES. virtiire of fificnte cf J L Boger, Trx Collector for the town of Concord, and pur suant to the provisions of the Machinery Acts of the General As sembly of North Caroline, I will on the 1st Monday of May 1S95, sell at the Court House door in Concord the following town lots on which the taxes levied by the commissioners j tor said town for the year 1894 re main unpaid, to wit : wahd 1. Lsette & Smith, 1 town lot on Main street $ 14 10 Pondex ter, P F, 1 town lot on Mill street, ad joining V Thompson, 3 23 Troutman, W A, 1 town lot oo Spring street, 3 CO WARD 2. Willefor 1, J A, 1 town lot East Depot street, 2 10 WA2D 3 I3ranick, Mag, 1 town lot East Depot street, (El len 13ost property), Dry, W F, 15 acres land 3 -Mile Branch, (Jroner, Mary E, 1 town lot (old store room;, ward 4. AltxanJer,, 1 town lot, Coleburg, : Alexander, Hiram, 1 town lot Loye Town (balance), Freeman, Alleu, 1 town lot Coleburg, 1 35 4 01 1 35 98 2 05 1 73 1 35 1 5 3 CO 1 54 1 35 3 41 2 73 3 CO 71 3 CO for fear of meeting up friend. D P Dayvault, from the signs cut, is about to have a circus. But on in vestigation ii is a car load of "Cncus Soap" he hae received. Four Bit: Miecesses. Having the neeeled merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal snle : Dr. King's New Discovery, for consuption, Coughs and Colds, each bottle guaranteed Electric Bitters, . . . I the great remedy for Liver, Stomach taste tor his A: Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. lung s JNew Liiie i ins, wmcn are a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do just what is claimed for them and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to ttll ycu more ef them. Sold at Fet zer's Drug Store. Gilmore, Sandy, 1 town lot Broad street, Gibson, Mg, 1 town lot Broad street, Harris, Henry, 1 town lot Broad street, Holbrooks, Adam, 1 town lot Broad street, Ichord, Elizi, 1 town lot Coleburg, McCarter, Andrew J, 1 town lot Broad stree", McRea, John W, 1 lot Broad street (balance), Pharr, Martin, 1 town lot Broad street, Spencer, Ellen, 1 town lot Broad street, Miller, Rondolph, 1 town lot Broad street, Blair, Z, 1 town lot Bioad street, TO THE SlIERIEF OF Cousty ; The above is a true list of de liquent property of the town of Con cord, presented as in accordance with law for you to advertise under execution for sale for taxes. J. L. B0GER, Tax Collector. L. M. Morrisox, Ex Sheriff of Ca- barus County. April 10 th, 1895. It h stated that Mr. John Mc An ilty, ex weather prophet of tie county aud inventor of the Hccofer Mole Rooter Plow, has sold his farm for $25,000. It is located in No. 10 and has a good mine on it. BOTTOM PRICES TO IT MIIIIS ! I am back at iny old of business, ALLISON'S corner prepared to welcome my old friends and make new ones. I keep a full iine'of DRY GOODS, SHOES, HATS, GROCERIES, TOBACCO, &c, always at the Iowf st prices consistent with liones4 busi ness. Will meet cuts at ali times. I can buy as cheap as anybody nnd will sell -is close. Haying a stock suited to the farmers' wants, can use your produce. W ill exchange goods for all kinds of country produce at cash price Call to see me. JOHN P. ALLISON. Speculation, HAMMOM) & CO. rollers 130 & 132 Pearl Srr NEW YORK CITY, K". Y 1 16 Cabarrus Stocks, Bond3 and Urain benbt at d sold, or tarried on Margin P. S. Send for explanatory eirout lar on speculation, also wei1 mar ket letter. (Free) dvly Professional Card. I have located in Concord for de practice of medicine ai.! surge-rf, and respectfully aok the public for?, share of their .patro-.a. I may be found at my othce ;U hr.y Lour cf the day or at my-r? sidtnee ;.t nihr when not out profession;!; ly, and will gladly respondto uil call promptly. Office under that of Montgomery ct Crotfell. Respectfully, tf J. E. Sjioot, M. D. Sf)soraijce If you would be insured against worry and annoyance in your HJ bicycle riding, you must secure "J the bicycle with best reputation j&fK-i frit fl i a Vil r criri rr f Vi . Pnltim. bia. The quality is better than ever this year adjustment per- wN fect built exactly right. Let tt m rl n 1 o Columbias 5 100 HARTFORDS (next best) $S0$60 $50 Beautiful Catalogue free if you calL U. L PATTERSON, AGENT, CONCORD, N. C. mansion llonsc Laundry. I am tie Concord repc ;ntati v: j oi tne Jiansion.iiouse bte; u, Ijaun jdry, of Greauville. S.C. If y-u collors, cuffn and shirts, come ce me and find out cost. You will be paid for all articles torn or lost. You can leave your bundles at tho Furniture Store, whether I am presant or Lof, It will receive prompt attention. I send basket oil Tuesday :.nd :! returns Saturday morning. Come around and seemf . nib 13 3m J. X.Pell- The B:st Sake in tie worU for Cuts, Bruise, Sore?, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sors, Tetter.Chapped Hand3, Chilblains, Corns and ali Skin Eruptions, and positively curee Piles or no p";y rt quire' U h guaranteed to ive satisfaction or money refunded. Price o Cxms per box. For sale at P. B. Fetzers Drug 8 tore

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