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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 27, 1895, Image 1

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i TIP 7 IJU. P1 1 Ml 9 J? CONCORD, N. C. SATURDAY, APRIL 97. 1995. 17 NO. 1SM THAT PROTEST. --1 vy TIIEEUSIIOF fcU.MAXITY. III . W S . i 'Am 1 vfv- v ... -ijv ; 7 : kn.vIeJge inV the with n sledge ' -'--d -Jit---! of ,7)7.4 URITANNICA ' learning. !.T';.ve articles upen ;'. r liiis'ni-ti? r of sncli : -rt thst it h i the d?m.inds of any .:-. Ev$;V' article 0 1 in a way to ma?5 - :ri and ncl a tak. 1:: :;3e? of' wealth ... 41, n education. Yon . : 1 w ' : ; 1 1 1 1 i tc ! rr nlik Anv nna nts a !ija ''' d -r :mI -cr-:nt t v;ii ecure for .'nrr;p-. ndiiim of tills COmpicti n. ' vr: jvot.'i! card on it : : '. rf -fk r - it -, C. U)J ID, .'or ail forms of 1 UitVrs has proy- it.. It t!lcfs a :i I the most dresd- 1 rio'H fn j ;r :Ji who fire 1 4 . 1 1 ;ire a ootiie, anu t tii;tl. I si cfices ; n rv.po no jit the needed tore j ?'f(.meoftJlcDOf,u::e;,t ;sJv!l Ul!;inn,,!S S l rol IuSlass moii fists The Question A-s,vcrul j It will be remembered th:t v.hc-a the Mzzeiist Legislature adjourned out of resrect to Fred Douglass lie arch niiRcegfuatJcms-, the Demo cratic members framed a protest and signed it in order that it may be sprtad upon the journals. After j the protest had been put into the nancs of the derk3 it uiyGtcrioush : 1 ; , . , i " . I uisi.iipe.uiu, nne mavj ether ddca menta ; intrusted to the yokels, and I as never spread upon the minutes, j lich ht3 be- n written and many jiLjuiric3 have ken made as to what iecr.w of II-dt cument and why it was not put in the journal?, but up j till now kj explanation was made 1 about tae matter. 1 I ! The Messengtr is now prq-.-vd to j answer the questions. All this time I Mr. J n Moore of 13-jrgaw, Pender county, has bad it in his pocket. He is a fusionist and one of the clerks I of the lar.t Legislature. i He chiims to have picked it up j from the iioor? Did he pick it up ! from the ilooi ? Did he drop it on t e !loo;? If 20 why did he not put it in Its nrcper place instead of in his pocket? He seems to have re garded it as a paper of some value, otherwise why has he preserved it so carefully? ::d it, Mr. Moore, to Col. Coke, ! Secretary of State, and let him put it cn the records where it properly belongs. Let generations to come know there wer e a few Legislators in in that never-to bs-forgotten as sembly who were opposed to mis cegL-natlon and who 'were not ashamed to honor the memories of Washington and Lee, and who ea- j satd lo put on record their protest against the heinous action of tke blokes and box-ankles who disgraced North Carolina. Wilmirgf.on Messenger. Atlanta, - -Mr. N ? C-sunon, fV.f GaM is again in the city. Mr. W li Ly!es vrent Chailotte today, Mr. E F Correll is in Charlotte this afternoon. Mr. Geo. W Means hus reMirnnd from i abort revesne tiin. & rtrom I cit zen vho .0 : in (lie co ry a .cw .;a'v corn 11 J t f y HA out in the riviera I with a large and aver to ' oomfo; his ovir Tharrni . iaiu.;! - 1. 1 3 v 7 ?. : 4 3 Oil '.a1 u a-: M,v W P She The ladip? of the M; IIS! .! i. w m 1. 2 I 5 t) ? i ; 5 : r :na ton, is in the city today. Dr. J D L bie is up Irona Georgeville for a few dyp, Key. J Q Weft,- of St. John's, fipent the day in thi city. of Lincoln ; sociation 'iv no ?t work ia earnrst making j.rranf7' ?te or!'-."'Sf't) f. making arrangement!? for rprnnr'' fl V ; i gt,;.v ? ef the he ? 01c so'dir? in graveyards will be covered with the beautiful ilowers that are novv ao I toy. V II Siickiy, of Et,.ohv j ;-Ioi.ilfu , huh Con federals aral ville, rpent the day iu the city. Mr. II McNanara has returned to the city from a trip over the country of several feeks. Union alike. There will be no dis crimination on Decoration Day. Efforts are being made, also, to have address by prominent con !c:Icr '.t.-s, of .,hich we will let von ..113 .riiiirae Vo.nng, o. know more about later. Winchester, Va., is visiting Miss Carrie Pemberton, at Albnurie. T U7il L;U ii. 'i ' t ii ' 1 1 Considerable underhand work is going on in the fusion ranks, but to what extent nd what PceompHsh nc'Qt? they have made we are yet nnah'e to f ! mention them. WKlW.W!invS-J.'-fliTTllBTBr C hnrlos Cruse Shot. Late Fiiday evening Charles Cruse, i colored boy'of this city who, liyee Kaat D.Jpot street, 7hile cleaning hia old revolv r, thinking it unloaded, b( gan snapping it and watching the cylinder work, when suddenly it went off. lodging a bill in the calf of hi3 left leg, the ball entering just below the knee. Dr. D G Caldwell probed for the bullet, but could not find it. '. V. Alexander has roturnpd from the meeting of Presbytery at Morgan ton Mr. Jacob 11 saa. ! prominent ; . ., . . . e L - . I yery interesting things, but as we do cotton manufacturer of Atlanta, was L.f nrn,i;f fuG ,f - , . . ,t , 5 not credit them it 13 best not to iu Liic ciiy Louay. .Messrs J F Yorke, J C Wads worth and G L Patterson returned Ia3t night from ib: Hi idjvillc races. Mr. W II Brecon, .of Durham 13 in the city, the gnst of Mr. W R Cell Dr. and Mr. A Young return ed last night from the (h3b.eriea in Stanly county. Mrs. J W Clifton and little child urnveu today from Danyille, Va., and are stopping at Mrs Henderson' on Depot street. Mr. Clifton, night operator at the depot, hrs been here some time. Speculation, HAMMO.N D & Stock &M Bond t 1 ;v 50e. at 1,?E don't advise your buying nv bicycle but the cr:o inadc ! " COLUMBIA V-? $100 it costs ' ''V.ce ecinoiny, 1 v" dollar of it. you prefer pay lcfs, then v ni-e lowcr 1 : a : machines -t v.'o ,;ow will ' -n and women or "'' and girls in THE ;AkIF0R1) ':) !S0 C:irl from Conforms. Garcia were received last night announcing the marriage, May lGtrj, of Miss Isabelle Davidson Mont--T'c:-, of Concord, and Mr. Beyerly Sydnor Jennsn, of Kileigh. The ceremony will take place at the Central Methodist church, Concord, Mr. and Mrs. Jerman will be. at home, Kaleigh, after June 5th. Charlotte Observer. !uts ?ii Ills Tliro Early this morning on my way from town to the c:nvict camp I captured Dan Moore who escaped from the chain gang last November. Dan was Serving a four months sen tence and made good his escape three days before the expiration of his 1 . . ..7' il L U I had an mniing mai iV, in a nouse near nit . ::.t t; -:re this morn i eg, JIc WntMl fo l reali In Jail. Monday as the Federal court visitors had begun to come in, a number of prisoners were brought to to jail, which came down West on the train in the evening. Some little time after the United States Mirifca'Ja had depocil d t;;,-ir pria onxrs the j-il and Itlt, a i;;imiti .c raoonsniner came up and asked Mr. Xicbolson if "this was the jail, and if any Mitchell county Marshall had been there." He was told that they had. The man demanded supper, saying he had a quarter to pay for it; while he that he was :h;t had been there an i that they ran off and left him at the depot, and the marshalU must be found. He said he was a prisoner and had paid a negro ten cents to find the jail and that he was here on Lrncle Sam's expense, and must hive his place inside. The j viler told him if it was his desire, he would lock him up and that he should not break in. He was turned in and next morning the Marshalls were scour ing tbe earth for their man until they finally found him m jiil. Stateeville MascsL SALE OF TOW?; LOT' FOU I to see me. TAXES. By virture cf levies a:.I the cer tificate of J L Boger, Tai OoHecior for the town cf Concord, and pur suant to the provisions of the Machinery Acts of the General As sembly of North Carolina, I will on the 1st Monday of May 1895, sell at the Court House door Concord the following town lots on which the taxes . levied by the comtm-ii-.ioiiers tor said town for the year 1891 rc main unpaid-, to wit : VTAKD 1. I3ette & Smith, 1 town lot on Main street ward 2. Wilieford, J A, 1 lot East Depot street, jLLioON'S comer,' prepared to v. -'V my old !rirnds utui . new ones. T keep a H;v ;;. BUY GOO Ik;, SIIOKS. II ATS, (n?ot:;iV): TOBACCO, always at tii low vyu , consistent with lirr.t-;t Yd Al ness. Will iiie: v;tto ,0 times. I can buy as clu-a, a anybody nnd will sell ns (-' farmers' wants, can ns? your produce. Will exchai!--good3 for all kinds of co mfi v produce at cash price?. Oil 8 M io N P. ALLISON, j 130 & 132Ftarl S-i-f ITEW YORK CITY WARD 3. Branick, Mag, 1 town lot East Depot street, (El len Bost property), Dry, W F, 15 i acres land 3-Mile Branch, Groner, Mary E, 1 town lot (old store room;, WAKI) L Alexander, Sarah, 1 town lot, Coleburg, Alexander, Hiram, 1 town lot Loye Town (balance), Gilmore, Sandy, 1 town lot Broad 3treet, lo ate he told Mr. Nicholson ! Gibson, Mig, 1 town . u 1 ! Bread street, vas a p'irt ot that crowd TT IT -. 4 1 ii arris, Henry, 1 t sentence. W13 hulirff Henry, 1 towu lot Broad street, Eolbrooks, Adam, 1 town lot Broad street, Ichord, Eliza, 1 town lot Coleburg, McCarter, Andrew J, 1 town lot Broad street, McRea, John W, 1 lot Broad street (balance), Pbsrr, Martin, 1. town lot Bro:d atieer, Spencer, Ellen, 1 town lot Broad street, Miller, Rondolph, 1 town lot Broid street, Blair, Z, 1 town lot Bioad street, 2 10 1 35 4 01 J To OS 'v 05 1 35 1 5 3 GO 1 51 1 35 3 11 2 73 3 GO :i 3 GO i ig Stocks, Bonds and Grin ho I ' .sold, or carried on Marrii P. S. Send for expkn&tor r-ir . lar on speculation, v.lcn wc ' -y -ket letter. (Free) " .. ; : I am tLo Concord roponhth of the MariMon'Honsf: t T.n- -dry, oi' Greeuville. S.C. Jf jo think cf wearing uicely donc-i-:-colloid, eullu and i.wiits, com a u mo and liud out coed.. You will be paid fo, all ,.s. .u-.i. torn or lo.jt. You .:i hav- y- . bundles at, tho Fsmituro Stc-r whether 1" am'presant or ne t, Ti. wi!i recoive prompt attention. I t3cnd basket oil' Tuesday .nd returns Saturday morning. Come around and see me mhl3 3m J. X.. 7 Professional I have located in Concord I,r I j practice of med:cint; and ; : and respectfully ak the public for . share of their pa:. on - I u y found at my othc1" au any . r the day or at my residence at ni.l t when not out professionally, an ill gladly respondto all c; promptly. Oflice under that of o u .u. .. Cro.vell. Ke -ctfnlly. f J. E. Smoot, M. D. Iinoli it? 'h Amu ti, IriiiIo. Tomato plants five of the finest varieties, 15c per uozen. !To the Sherief of Cabarrus I Ths Best Salve in tl-e v. j niuLNTI ' l . - , i Cuts, Bruises, Sore.-?, Ulcers, The aoove 13 a trua list of de- J pu ,p i( n.' liejuent property of the town of Conn j ilGljrn 1 -v "'r ';f;r ' lJ"---;liiPl' -x cord, presented as in accordance Hand.', Chilblain Corns and r! W. G. Boshamer. vfith law for you to advertise under Skin Eruption?, ai'U posit. . c... . execution-for sale for taxes. I Pilea or no pay require-d. It J.L. Bogek, tij.1ar3nte-d to iv at:'?f.i't;o! Lax uoi lector. t L. M. Morrison, rx-Sheriff of Ca- j r R A Henry, of Macon county, has run away wnh Miss Brysou, leaving mere? rt-fnnded, Pr:- 1 1 . vif ?nd i'-r children, tirk-i::i P-r hr :jS ( b(in t M. '. OOX. For at i April 10di, 1S95. store

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