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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 27, 1895, Image 2

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r, 1st i The Daily Standard BY JAMES l.COOK. T v; .ucpoR BUILDING ! lst "Th vi'dard is published f-very day 'Su idixy excepted) and vrs o& by carriers- RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION M 00 . 2 00 . 100 . 35 . 03 Six months Three months . One month Sin;;Ie copy.... ADVfcllTldlXa BATE. Te-rmb for regu.'av advertisements made knov."i on application. Address all ceniniunications to THE STANDARD, Concoci. y . v. CONCORD, APRIL 2T, S.5. j S j vi...... ("Jr-n P i: v.veil , , . n , - x , , , , r Jand p. m. Prayer meeting ami ( rtii ,r Agency u;.)v u i the eri-..-tlwj doa t nunc :t eith'ir, thsy unud as ih:t- as Hour, o? :r:ese accept auvt-riioin.v ; a u:. Tie ioi i'i I.- ! u:i honest rj-ti?: ly lie j ir.rv,-.-, ,,, tfi'. makeM no dfur- ut tha' rnakea no diiit r- "' w " i fc we i t more absurd ?.dver t- c : . ' p'i pocitiojd than our Osd ; it '-VtiVtf for a n.u-.n to Keep . r ii N '--. iy -vryr.cdy bys ; :i . ; . t i i : ' , . f , , 1 A .Joke oa J oirn. Hen. Turner wa? uddrcta- a ;-:-Vr crowjl of f.-'iii'.er.-: in HilLUro, iong time a.o, telling J the Li I-to rite clover, etc, or in j Td: as deliyering au ialu.i cA-hz. V.'hih'i he vvas i Mrs. rl'urner, his wife h&p- 1 . . ! l v . s-.r irn njrd of j ' : ' - l TTpcn being tok! ! w:...- ialkir. abort xrndnff, ; 1 1--- hatr-d to evpes..- V;in, i - ro-jh . jrf,0,; c,pt j v. r -;d have to tell it. lie i? ! 4 V, 1 c -; .;;;.. ; , , n jj p.;-M ' . , ai.d he now has a man at ; a Chil !, s., - ;rie.l f ..r ...-ca Miss, s!.:. clunp. to Ci.-tc-ria. 1 O- 1 j -j - i iiLjt'i, 1 1 at i .dW: ill says: i c Dr. jt.z ia-;..n ' lM .tUvi with L:: irppe , pr ? for hi' i v !'0 V.'l ! :d I -v!0 i ; y 1 1 "7 i7 store I senl for 1 fir-', d-'fc h'.' .11 ' : :r: id ,:fh-j' u :?"!', m e " 'jl': -: U Ck- .v : . ) f r. & eonntv, 1 ' v f :kv:!b S.! - " . bL,:..l, 01. a i ---- t . , - .- - : ' , :. ..... ii..') .;i.;t j . ... . . &. 1 V b,, fnr J ll.L ins vii' .tio a.i aui-iiipw to rum fcnrct yo.1 n v , y-. i o c'l ended iiiia rchooi. The j -r0 l:s2 tr. run. o nrnr,l or,nn! ! . 4 1 - t?i I prevent a lyncniag, fehu- ah.i3av. ife and tv;o children, : v:.-: horsehirned last fall for a in fo T J CHURCH DIRECTORY. St. Andrews Lutheran church, Canncville Rev- J. D. t hea y, pastor. Sunday School at.,!.30a. m., every Sunday. Preaching every Sunday at lla-fm., and 3rd and Baptist Church Rev- J. O. Alder rann, paste:, services every Sabbath at U a. in. and 7;30 p. in. Sunday school every Sunday at 9:45 a. in, Prayer meeting every Saturday night at 7:30 o'clock. Public cor dially invited. All Sants Episcopal church -Rev. J. C. Davis, rector. Morning service at 11 "a. in. and 7 p.m. Sunday school at lOta. in. Prayers Wednes day at 4 p. m. Forest Kill church, South -Rev. M. A. Smith, pastor. Preaching lat 11 a. im. nnd 7 p. nn San .lay . school at V:45 a. in. Prayer meeting every iturday at 7 p. in. The pblie ": lull ' invited. St. Ji nu Lutheran idinrch Key i M, G, G- ScLerfcr,-pusUv. Service'- every L-jrd s, 11 o cioc a. m. lecture niuLiut-iui) hi ' t. ui. Bav8 Ci;apl)J( W!uiWe!mreb l;oy j j, si00Be pastor. Hon ices u fl, m. r;1Hi 7 p. m. Sunday sch ou! ' :i5 u. ni. Eirsi Prbyterian church Re r 1 io.abuei, .j hu r. ti'.i , rt , i t - j - .1, . i tic !n nvnvTT snnii of 11 n T: I ft 1 i 1 I 7:;i0 1 m. Sunday School at 3i full . . . . . i . . . . z . , , , - - o'clock. Prayermeeting ';very . vvl- nesday )iighL at 7:30 cent I a.i iiietiiouijii v-i: --j -.: ... H.r Parker, pastor. S-jxh-iccs nf ! a. m and 7:30 p m 'ianday school ' o''c:k. p m. j TriLitr Roformed church Rev. P' school at i'l a.m., t.i;d pleaching, ut 11 a. m., every first tuiiu uuu , da. And uii.iy ifchool at 2.p, in , -d preaching c,! 3 p. m , every Becor. I and fouitb. Sunday. Y. P, S. C . D. meeting every Sunday j evening nt G:30 p m- All fire cordially invited. ! - J Sou thpert, is i parte-! by the Ujy as L:.!n run a?'tty vrith a comely vuu? coloicd woman, u jiiembtr oi j his !io hk. lie took also -;,'v)o, w id;h j lie ha.d i;focurc.l from a, viucv. il ..j.: ; a ;Je H!t'.' tv, e i : : ; ' ; -' ' ---'-.-... 1 1 1 p. meeting of IVjrtl C-omm:- I i . . . 1 il Id?", lS.'o, an election j .1 :..-.! ..lid cidcicd tu be held at ! v,.,i i-., voting pioei Oil tiitj Irzi idenday in May next for the i ci-ulin. ! two T. --a Oomniiouci.: from ar. i 4 .:ir from and by eacii :k3 optii nis-w The fed- j -ist::tr3 x : o s..- l. .i - T . . yj - . . ". 4 ' - vol wl 1 T f "i. " UitT ' t t:0f't?youviooi ood alvr.vM I f t" . - - bz7c.':V . . TTTTfn7":, v ct':i'.r uiai if icturers ?th ceaTrrTs kk to Every wheel fully s.rri-T.-t:.a. j j57r?V,. : . y 1 - ai d rlgT per c t ; cut this out p.uii v. r;t ; to dv for ' 0X11 .o catalogue. Acdrc, -, . . I UNTOLD MISERY FROM C. H. King, Water Valley, Miss., cured by Ayer's Sarsaparilla "For five years, I suffered untold misery roia muscular rbeumatism. I tried every known remedy, consulted the best physi cians, visited Hot Springs, Ark., three times, spending 1000 there, besides doctors' bills; 1'ut conld obtain only temporary relief. Ty flesh was wasted away so that I weighed only him-ty-ilu-ee pounds; my left arm and leg were drawn out of shape, the muscles uc twisted uii ii knots. 1 wa.-: u;.;;l;- to dress myself, except with assistance, ard could only hobbk: about by usin a eane. had no appetite,, and w;is ass!:red. by the (looters, I oiiiiM not live. Tlie i;iins, ;it t:iues, were so awful, that I coidd procure n iu l only '- i i.r'.ius of liypoiei u;ir injec tii.s of i-.!rphi:ie. 1 had my hm!; !;ndaL'ed in o!ay. in sulpl;:', in po.iliice.s ; but these urave only tm:praiy rtliet. .Cr tiyin erythip', and si: iba iiii: tie most awful t. i sires. I bi'-irut to f-ke Ayer's Sai aiarilkt. , inside of two months, I v. .1-. ab. to walk v, itlnear a can.1. In three months, my limns 'a'i to si reiiL'ltiei.. una m UP" e(;Uie oi ,tx , , ?iI w j ht has iJK....ase.i 1 . 1 I .,..,.... 1 , ,.. t. I . i 1 1 , vO i day's work as a railroad blacksmith." , ,t. ,,, . . - - .H.A'.S J'lLLS run' If ..t!f;rh M WI'F ACTUULU- i OU J'TXG CLOTrP', ' i 1 i 0 ' - and, i . . a - - . Z it 1 1 'V- i i i ft ' ..o PUYEKS OI 1 'ft 1 i'ullfei'V-U'iJM j 7:!i'.r.r: for same- Via imito n.j 01 1 ' 1 rvUi V WATCH THIS SPi CHANGE EVERY 1A iM 00 s E q -v V O o O eg o M (JQ M b C3 j w H o P3 w I RACK ; irl O O c I:'. ?1ITi-ar cdinse. . Uii-irlotte News 10, D. J. BOSTIAN.PRC

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