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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 07, 1895, Image 2

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liljr OitkivSi Irliuiu in. TiLCt Dal'v Stas&araj i.Itt8bg My s.-At e com. j i 3g Presbyterian General AFSenibly Tzzzzzz- j to mcut, here May 10, thirty-one cy jA.tiiis f. took. ; go and two hundred and twenty- , ;- .- i three presbyteries will be represent- T. - rr i ed by GOO defcte. ll L jow gen-Ci-:VJii 1N-V : . h'--- ' j rru!y conceded tbat the Rev Tir. - - ! ILbeit Russet ILv-h, Ct Now Yr!., Tl,.W.rd; pnbliBhMl ev,Tywii!te moderator, General J,mes day aday oeerU ?) .nc delivc j A leaver has bee;. spoken or. m.i V, . " . ! the assembly :3 not in fav-n of el Dy carrier- ' layuan lor moderator. Cue of the subjects tu: i."!- i . "Shall Polygamy Be Toie . in the FreebytCwan Church ' The C no month.... :i; upu ----- .:n:-lA con? llie sTnf'-1 01 j:ilia- ' 7 " n j. . ADVERTISE u liATI'.S. TURNING GRAY AND THREATENED WITH BALDNESS Ttie Danger is Averted ly Tsjig 3 VSGCH RATES OF SUBSCKH'TION One year 00 Si- months 2 00 Hi 00 Ter,ji.i for regular elve.-i::onientt; made known or. application. Address ali'communieatiCi.: to tie STANDARD. Concord. N. C. "Nearly forty years rgo, after .-:-m- MvM'ks of sicknejs my h.-iir turned frray and be;ir ailing or,t so rapidly 'that I was -.hreatened with immedkite baldr Fearing Ayer's IJair Vigor highlvspoken of, 1 commenced usin tim prepara- "Xnea P.aby wa..-? sie'e, v.c gavo her Castcria. JVheii hho was a C "aiJJ, slu crL'd 1'or Castor in.. When sihe beoamo ;I:,ss, r.un- to Castoria. Vvten she bad ChL-''rea, slio gavt tuciu Castoria. CONCORD, MAV.7, 05. i ii i; it k i lit i x u iso i i : . The election Monday changes the - : .! .:r:ee of th - govern me utal .e;:e 'C v T-.3 Co i .cor'. i creu, just x v i-a Cotton eced is a Soutnern prodac' Chili will buy and its rail roads. i In Paris fruit is artificially col- Old P. :' e p - to ; bvr 1 kf; . ' J it all !!- ; who ?iad tlr: Co a.." id u rear -. lshpeming, Mich., id built over tiiiUvrd. Ti;? world'r railroads itaob U0, 4 C Ldlee. ThSiSJT.viti--'-.. -.7. Tbev !" i P. b.- id -ove: 5 1 oiucv. t..-- u rh.- tow a -3 own. r bfon iacrea?.:-! and r, ' " ti uniier a!i circurnstane:, id all cha" coald b( b--i'd for. Ai' nave done th best y r.oulJ aud they retire with the f the t-oT-iu In the death of Collector M-E Carter, tf A?tieyille, the State hae iott one uf its beat citizens. He was popular and his hfe,from a ilaancial point of view, was a splendid success. Ti.w ti-iaies of W T Crawford, no. kj v.vcrsou, J G Hall and others tire neutioned as s'.icce::ort3 of Coj ; From a letter written by Kev. J (uiLderuian, of Diaiondale, Mich., v.e are permitted to xr.ake this ex tract : "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Dis C 'verv, us the rcoubs almost mi Vidous ir. the cae of my wife. While orought down with j'.-ieu-moma f ucceediiig La Grippe, 'ler rible p'iroxvFiJis of couching would last hours wih" little interruption and it seemed as If she could not survive them. A friend recom mended Dr. Kind's New Discoycry ; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in results." Trial bot ties free at Fctzer'i: Drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1.00. tion, and was r well satisfied with the result that 1 lane never tried any other kind of dressing. It stop ped the hair from falling out, stimu lated a new growth ot hair, and kept the .scalp free from dar.druil. Only an occasional appMrntion is now needed to keep my hair of good, natural color. 1 never hesitate to recommend any of Ayer's medicines to my friends." Mrs.II. M. IlAinirT, Avoea, Neb. Ayer's Hair Vigor' PRErAKi:i r.' DR. U. AYER&OOm LDWEUKASS., ILSA. jRk . . lector Carter. The choice, howr k,r. A CUliYiiL. 4 Is with th'i Old Sheriff. The iown tit-ctior: is oyer und the excitement thereof is over. The nolitici&aa can, therefore, return to busine:. The results of the town eieetioni oyer the State do not offer much balm to the Fusionists who vexed :neir souls to know how to visit upon the towns their hatred, It is r.?w Ex -SherifT-Mayor Mor-r'son. fa I N K Si' Here is a good sample of Western humor; A Minnesota paper says that : farmer of that place raided 1000 j Va-helr cf popcorn this year r..!id -:Ured it in a burn. The barn iught lire, the corn began to pop J aud Oiled a ten-acre held. An old I iiare in u neigaoorii: pasture wilt) ; iefaotiy-.' eyesi -boUi-ht it w sr Andrews I; M Purnishinv WlSl Company Btrfrour't TabUt htk postesses many advantages over th' ttt liquid tnh, mhJ n said at a io-ver price. Dis solve a tabltt in water end you pet a di&i blacky pttmanent ink, that flows freely, does not fun, leave mo sticky, mussy sediment tn the ink totlt, does not corrode the frn You mak it as you want it. If you buy it and Jo.'t like it, set.J tt bjck and we'll return yiur monty. For fif teen cents t e will send enouzh tablets to make half a pint cf combined ti'i 'i':" and ecpyinr ink. For ffty zui xnll s.nd enough tabl'ls to t.ihs a gallon of the bat " i. f.rol" rnl rov rver i'u. Sckooi inh won't copy. 4 4 & ? 4 i MANUFACTURED OF FINE GINGHAMS. OUTING CLOTHS, PLAIDS AND SHSETIHaS. f AND SILT BAGS, DEALERS JN o BUYERS OF3 cht ,aw the corn, i rP if 1 i aj sno,v and lay down "il &W :md froze to death. I ! I'orOi!!' Fills Years. Mrs. Wiusiow's Soo'.h:ng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by IF YOU iiiiYft . millions of mothers f:r their children j fl?ff feflpl while teething, with perfect success. ! S SJ1! I Sfekl1 fe lt scot lies the perfect ;hild, oftens the r-----.Ai.LiI nir.w ,.ll.c 11 ,r..a - women ur uoy& ux pnees ranging olio, aid is t?ie bst remedy for diarrhoea. It wiii i -Aleve th -poor 1 foe " i von to',.. 7e slii,-. fronlact-ry t:.1c c t to iirjii-vci arid arc slie :v nanuli.'jtur M'L . . Llix.4Tciirect to C&itsimey. Vc Itave ificrer imT.rdiately. Soi l by ! .rlcistor -hT. at to "o tha in e ve r y par v Of t e :it - " aaufact urera vitb pri cos f rom JI OO rp , , ... i iA, i jLiVcry viioci uuy vtxi-rst.2iia. !) ... .' ' rp i. . ..i i i,t Be su w und ask for '-Mrs. Vinslow'a Soothhij? Syrnp," ani take no other kind. mw"T 1 111 tilHQ! ND Four foot wood always wautod best prices for same. We invito an inspectio s Of 'all the goods V.wo MaaufacLur far xumatomo caialoe. Aadress, .fiVE:n Sr . . o.ecie uteris: WATCH THIS SPACP OilANGL EVKRY DaY. :r. (; w w o H o r. trj SO s. DO to cq Q CO o T j ! - J ! a rr; oo n CO rj o a M CO CO w p, or w Q O or cq ti o o pi GO w o l0 :( ! :!:! ! 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