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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 07, 1895, Image 3

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s"k i aar wiiw'iMiaii,M - - iMMMmaMBHBamMai ;i OF LOOALJNEWS. i I ! 1'ul i'i Minpei Hy Our uite pick wif: T Caldwell, of Statea olccr d mayor of that : Pc moor a ts. of suit; oi town property I'husant, by Trustee Alex- ' u 1 1 " I; V,!uin-;ton elected ,f Charlotte, on Monday, position. lu,rt is btini: agitated on the i -ct --.f erecting a. monument to . vt'cuiuivnite dead. 'nL r.ijssenger train thuc went w w Monday night was a long one. THE RUSH OF HUMANITY. Kororter. Mr, X J Rowland, or Stateayille was m the city this mornirg. Mr. J y,r Cannon pjnt e forenouii iu China Grove. -Mrs. Dr. J Smoot returned this morning from Salisbury, where she has been for several days. Mr, W 15 Kendrick,of Raleigh, spent yesterday in the city, ggggjg Miss Lottie Region, of Greens boro, is yiaiting at Capt, J M Odell's. INTRODUCTIONS AMEW. p;,.S2eiig9T' Mo3srd li F Coble and C T Trey are in Charlotte- today purchasing furniture to equip their new nomce. One o: the beat men J B Best-cf High Point, 13 in the city 1 1 toua?. 1 ; of U T J J. ad wig was elected . iV-:if Mt, IMeajant. The olh'ei . ai iliw man. Just so, Mt : .v;:.; went Democratic. z, Kennebec ice handled by K :uiiiicOii is4the beat. Delivered r,.' iu :;ny part of the city at all ilU.-j. Send i j your orders now. Miss Etc el Coleman, grand ..;;i;f of Mrs. Catherine Mc ri.v- .ii l, of this place, and who has rent the winter Soutn, leaves for -i-ic Thursday night. uis-iuid the creeks on cither side rf town are terribly swollen. We snow of come boys whose "heads" M swollen, but such was not cau3c .. ly the recent rains. P- W H Wakefield, of Charlotte, v 1 i 1 iii Concord at the St, Cloud on 'JhursJav, May 23rd, one day. practice is limited to eye, tar, :?se and throat. If Cannons, Fetzer & Beii are not tcrprifting they are not anything. Iney have recently purchased a church truck, used by nearly all un dcrukerf, which is a needed and convenient appliance. Announcement of the marriage on Tet'ldday. the 15th of this month, ' o'clock the afternoon, at the uOiLe uf the bride, Mis3 Fannie Lanier to Mr. William Widen houae, both of Gcorgeville, this county'. i'rof. V E Wright has closed r very successful term at :-':.oohvi!l j High School. The en '"drMt.ut wa3 over one hundred. The rustec-3 hive elected him principal -r nfext session. r. Johii L Patterson, of No. 5 -:uhip, will be married to Misa --u.a Liugle, of Kowan county, Mill Bridge, on Thursday, May in Thyatira church, at 8 0 ciock in the evening. i'hv u-urograph letters testifying J Uir.:lQ by Ayer's Sarsaparilla ' "the: preparations are Jkept on ' - tr:: J C Ayers Co.'s ofhee' : Ma3i. They are from all Vr r'i-world and are cheerfully l(J yone desirous of seeing " - " -tr- shown a list of the names r jhants who have signed a v'cjing to close their places : at 7 o'clock in the evenr "a - 15 to September 1. 5i,y -.teiy ooe, grocerymen and "" vgneil it, only three are - j u0 2J Jlt every one close C'eriis need the rest. 1 J ' reusing thing happened "'. . aj uie sereLaaers r-'.'r-i:in from a visit to the '--'I officers on North There were about 40 ' ' 5. ach individual having 1 -a ;;...." of lumber laken from u '-V'r property, placing ' th 3 sidewalk, when ev J C Alderman and family left this morning for Washington, to be gone several weeks. Key. Al derman will attend the Southern Baptist convention. For every variety and phase of the many diseases which attack the air passages of thj throat and lungs, Ayer's Cherrv Pectoral will be found a specific. Its anodyne and expec torant qualities are promptly real, ized, and it is always ready for use. The Democrats in Ward 4 did re markably well to poll as many voters supporting their licket as they did, owing to the fact that there exists 41 more colored voters than whites. With the three white voters who sup ported the negro they are entitled to 44. Mr. Thomas J White, clerk at Yoike & Wads worth's, brought us a sample of his Fulcaster wheat, from his farm in No. 11 township, about 5 miles south of the city, that is four feet high. He has three acres, he says, that wili average four feet in height. The next meeting of the North Carolina Evangelical Lutheran Synod will neettin St. James church in Concord, N. C, next May. St. Paul's, Wilmington; Auguaburg, Winstou, and St. John's, Salisbury,- all wanted it, but the votes for Concord were too heavy and nums erous. John B Ilussey, of Washington, private secretary of Senator Marion Butler and Washington correspons dent of the Caucasian, brought suit against Josephus Danisls, editor of the News and Observer, for criminal libel. The papers were served. spier Whitaker, of Raleigh, is Hns sey's attorney, The Standard is recipient of an invitation extended it to attedd the exercises upon the occasion of the forty-second anniyersary of the Rutherford college, May 20, 21 and 22, 1895. Cabarru3 furnishes four students at this institution, Messrs. W B Bradford, J F Newell, W B Black and A B Goodman. To Introduce the 'JS'ew Ideo - Pattern," for a short time we will give FREE with every SI. 00 worth of- DRY GOODS You buv a PATTERN of your selection. 520 LADIES' BASQUE. Sizes. 32, 34, 36,38, 40: 418 GIRLS' DRESS. Sizes, 6, 8, xo, n years. 275. LADIES' SLEEVES. Sizes 32, 36, 10. EVERY is fully guar anteed to fit as correctly as ay pat tern you can buy. PATTERN 478 LADIES' WAIST. Sizes 32, 34. 36. 381 40- We present a few cf the numerous Styles we have. t 434 ( LADIES' ORGAN PIPE SKIRT. Sizes, aj, 34, 36. a3, 30. Quantity of material required for a medium size, 5 yards 44 inch Roods. e THIS WjE at: CASMNOiMS & FETZER'S One hundred dozen Children's."JMisses and' Boy's Caps at 15 and 25c, These eaps are all fine goods, worth from 35 to Goo come and take your choice at 15 and 25c. ffj B'JYSl ftNEE PANT SUITS AT 50H! le of Police Boger ' U13 crowd which seemed Tlie KlcctioiiJ Abou I . The many electiond in the State have been beld. Democrats on in Durham, Saliss bury, Raleigh, Greenshoro, Mocks, ville Stateaville, Wadesboro, Lexing ton, Lumberton, and elsewhere. If the Fusionists amounted to anything anywhere, it remains to be seen. Burial oftfrs. Cook. The remains of Mrs. Lydia Cook, who died at Forest Hill Moaday morning pajsed through the city this morning en route to Mt. Gilead burvine ground, where they were laid to rest. Mrs. Cook was 88 years of age, and was the mother of ,r tu wr norlr TOsner ot the jir. o uu.ii i " x County Home, Mrs. John Props Better at 75c and better still at 1.00. Everybody can Jhave a suit. The 50 cont suit is abaut like you have been getting for $1 00. The 75 cent is as;good as you ever got for $L25, and the $1.00 suit is a good one. These goods are all cheap as 5 cent cotton Also a good line of better boy suits double seats, double knees, patanfc waistbands, in allAwool goods at $2.75, warranted not to rip. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ODD COATS FOR BOYS AT LESS TAAN HALF PRICE. Thirty dozen 8traw Hats' for children" at' 15c. with'silk bands. The bonds cost more than we ask forjthe hats. Two hundred ODD COATS FOR MEN at less than half price. We sell the coats for les3 than the cl?th that is in them would cost. Men's heavy, strong cot- tonade pants at 50c, cheaper than 5c cotton. Also a thcrs ougly well selected line of men and boys stylish suits. Elegant line oi i nliniimLiJ MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : Have just received by express a lot of beautiful side combs. MORKISON, LENTZ & CO : Have iust received a lot of lovely dress gingham in 10 yd pattern, regular price 12c, our price 10c. MORRISON, LENT2 i CO : Have just received a lot of pacific percal ;)j inches w:de, wholesale price 12c,our pricecOl MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : -Have you seen the 200 una breilas at Morrisor, Lentz & Cos., they are selling at $U0. xou ought to see the beautiful Dresden-shape goods at Mcr rison, Lentz A; Co's, peifcct btauties at low figures. MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : We have just received soma of the handsomest dress goods m all ths latest importations ever seen in Concord. It will do you good to see them. Don't forget to see our 200 umbrellas at $1,50. MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : Have you seen our $1.00 Ox ford ties, best shoe on the mar ket for the money. Our 81.75 and $2.00 Oxfords are hummers, said to be the pretiiest tie in the city. MORRISON, LENT'Z k CO : Ah, now ! Our lino of chil drens slippers, Oxford ties and shoes are just the correct things in tans, red and black all sizes and prices low- We havb a few large size ladies trunks that will be oifered at low figures. Morrion, Lentz & Co CONCORD MARKETS' COTTON" MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer Good middling G Middlings 61 Low middling .......5,75 btains 41 to 5 PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon g Sugar-cured nams 12H615 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 0 Beeswax 5 Butter 15 Chickens 20to25 Corn 45 -Eggs ....10 Lard stoll Flour(North Carolina) 1.75 Meal 50 Oats 37J Tallow ,3to4. SALE OF VALUABLE TOWN: LOT. Under and by virtue of a decree in a snecial proceeding entitled Elam King, Administrator of Ruann Stowe, deceased, vs. W J Lee and others in the Superior Court of Ca barrus county, N. C, I as sach Ad ministrator and Commissioner will sell at public auction at the Court House door in Concord at 1 o'clock, p. m , on Monday, the 3rd day of June, 1S95, a certain lot of land in the tOTvn of Concord, adjoining the lots cf Mrs. James Benson (deceased), R M White and others, ironting on Main street, known as the Rock House lot, the metes and boundaries of which are fully given in the petition or complaiLt filed in said proceeding . Terms of sale: One-third cash. balance on six nunths time, note i from date of sale. This April 20, 1S05. Elam King, Adm'r. and Commissioner. H A QPTrON ARLR STRAW f-i A amJ security required with interest The latest and best colored Negligee and Dress Shirts, a most attractive line of gentlemen's and ladies' scarfs, all bought at prices much below the usnal valut and as we buy under value we sell under value. There are many reasons whv vou should look over our stock when you want tto Jbuy. We have a lull line, ona piaase you in GOODS AND oil L,HO. jpecuiatson, HAMMQKD & CO. Stock cind Bond We buy in large lots and save'from 20 to 30 per cent'from s regular prices,-and often as much as 50 per cont. v e can always give you the best values. We want your trade and will make extraordinary efforts to Dleaseyou. We put all our energies into this business L,.d our constant eitort is to give our customers me ul uuuaj for the money, aud we believe that we doit. We return j Stock:. Bonds and Grain bought and monev for goods that do not suit.: Come and sold, or carried on Margin. v- . 1 win V.ift & 132 Pearl Street, NEW YORK CITY", N. Y. H ZER. P.S Send for explanatory circus lar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter. (Free) dwly 1 J n- v and Mrs. William Long of this city

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