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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 08, 1895, Image 1

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, - ,3 E00 if , .- "it it ::. V I" 1 i j EE: A -j 0. CONCORD, N. C, WEDNESDAY, MAY P GOT EAGLE EYES, i nnlly built to accommodate; forty ! ;' hoarding pupils. This ws called j j ' 3 - I i A 3 1 OlrTH A mTT A 1 rl i 1 I M ;o '" TP? ! i-Er; r te r: bj HnE . tl ' i wis:j2r ,i O .Hi i f ''It ' r.-ft boarding echoed . i, : aiiluli 'Z 'hej f i J ; ' i 4 " 1 f K V'V -v - - : L! CUT ( house wfis brrnfd to inn u ear or tvo r5 '; -of,v E:e forgot ttn cnj.a I o re:-iPrriborc'l, and th?re re Li r A' ;1 J ii iu ler,::-;, ihav-z v;c Er;-taky, hd in tliom the bovj aud ' ihe iorgotivM .u'c, Thev 1 ! - t c. I -iCl exactly slcvriinsr 'oat Tii irronn'ir;. .. i 7 .-. i . f . 1 ,. 1 ! i . C;i' -J U;.u i - Ovt-r oca ,u i L'iU u ih 1 mnnnr-r. - v.r... ;t .; ''i j v hvJne frrni y.-inch a O n . ..- to ' .'mo n r i c k e I ',i t!i " """v:'i' t:rj th.t Ms :f.'S!siUo ' ate the ;r.n;'.'Cn r- ' !rs f -.;;- 1 'r.l'-'; i,ian in t'u ' '"' " -verier, "la-'y ':--? . :-e h.'.s e!l!.er fai .a to :f en cppcrtnltJo5!, cr i-pri"4 altogether of thj ! ' her j'-...-i.tici.a. : .T?TiJ't! . . 1 T 1 i. V.'., SCUOGi DO v girl t ' 'i i op !y o' ' r "' roo I tie j ivi3 avay in mci:r,Vii;S of tLnl wild cu-.-iy joi tro people over whom "Old Gloi) ,;utcm as Kip was by thf reo :. nc-y came from the nor'h of kc Imdand the sonth of Scofr.d - jtbj,t id, they are wbat we nil the i Scotch Li:;Ii jind many of us had ,..unu,uiaui unix, yigolid board ehntte,- 'oknout c-)!d - .iiiic t j .ii;-jAica uccuuse mcy wanted i nri,i I .V!i"" f;v rn that ws in 1740, ; iii tiaio o some of our other is ) - -.V '.' ; si ) -. ,v' :' --,( r i 1 t. ii v x P ? 6 ! r"5:. a If" j 1 M J between tholo art-. Hi Ed wi4h -sticks i 1 ht.t V r.vyT;!"iCA.i TQC.-.CuO -Mii'. f, is u2 n; 'v n :' i I ' S Mf;E FRO?.? - E ( . -r I v .1 Ian iO ! old in ji..Ej 'A' (' "I !r ; ((' : Mill t : " .-:n n;. t:r. U ievota to ie ;r! -,:rr:?s C? net va i!s. xt '.ijst t,!;,' .o an ijucatlonal r-1;!; f cers. and when theso e; tv '.ri'.rci ta an who has tiiiCi -.r, t'i acsi'y ti e cre-in cf i. ENCYCLOPEDIA ICa )i whv'e co'.'ege education Tt. .-nst hri'lurt rai-iatcS -'O Not 1 ' ' :r.j!ve cf Our spClai offer -.r -.t once vh!!d t'.-y can '-.-.i ,:'oat work at the Introductory . reth ,1 f:-r c-j!hctfng these i. r 1 n : 2 ;t is attract, si. 5 JS tr- - 'av :.;ch wu have given hfc ; r. df a tber 3 light in the U.:V'jiutici:.4iy War. After tne s cr ;aoy di-.ippj:ircd in the i-iountiihi3. In E e Io lands, all around these strange folk?, were other Pcotoh- j L'.ah pv.vpE, carrying on, what eecms j to us, a queer sort of bneinee? the . bujins; and selling of slaves. IcO our To: gotten Ones. i ; coiiU here for liberty, and they j would Lavs nothing to do with a j trade which made buman flesh, if it i .va3 nothing but black iEsh, the ; means of growiLg rich. Civil War broke out which made the negro slaye a free J American it is easy to guess on i which side these white men of tbe Southern mountains Would tight. And tlic-y did tight, too, having come out from their hiding-places in the born use-it i'or over -.n J -' r 1 , J s ! 1 " : n ''i'j,,Mtv cabin ,onsUf of tv;- br:--e bcnE ;nd the honse E a trundle b'od.?' bin it high enough i- r a bed in lot r' there U alvayi su re to be c-rt up there, even if the only pbee in I be upp:r Bfory whae oae can etnd straight is exactly in the center of the room. A straight ladder whic": stands in one corner of the room is I UJ u'1 s the o.i v -vav to ,7e; u; s'.ar-). i hcie When the -that c-crr. f.r nim:- a.-..! e.i nills for that purpose. After nun y it ir i h ral-i that this I , , . ,. , , rrvperiv nr.agci. wi.i giva Mra i of them haa bled and died on the r crx,i !:b-arv. he will hvs r. Vs r,!r,J a cost valuatlo he or---.- f -.r .e iiU-: -f CHARLOTTE N. C. Jli 's. Pir:;.it tllyrt I J ; t. : 5 - rfi--' ere batue-Celd, t those who were left ce me back ou ce more to the moun-eir-f; ?tnese:3 and were, again,- in I v:ry trdh forgotten. me tell you what it meaat for ; ihem o be 0 forged n. It in c a at that they, too, format oh! ro mnny Ihingd religion, educatica, morals ! And now, their ministers can is usually a box cradle for the baby. 'Thce ve rlso a h-ri.':f doze?! rhfurs, a able, occcionallv a cooking ptoye, but more often the big iirep'ee, one "bake oven" or tbe bioad and po- 1 tatocs, one ko:4o to vaE Ilia yeg- tables in, oae tea kettle, -d one "skilEt'' for frying pnrpo" Do not suppose that because these cabin home? are desolate and bare that they are not loved by the boys and girls who live in them. Many a child who lias bad to leaye them even for the cheeriness and comfort of a mission school his Ruffe red painfully from that awful thing calh the millions or i .Viiic; icti'uuf!, t iiu lev - c.:-.. -. . :-. ft soothe i ihe child, eft 'E-j rW PT, ll ftl 'sjn . p': r " y;n (1 : ,. j ;;, p. v ... t -. - " . i ...--) Diarrhr -a U will relieve t he paoi- j little srdferer immediately. Sold by i Druggut m every part of the world. Twenty-live a;: at; Be sure and ask for fEEn, Kina. wavs at tlio ioua ast mkca rsa-jn; T1 nil .ivfhSt. ;,a :ao. VvElbna-'t cut, at dl 4. Tv-v- - ; ;avaK T a 'i lie "rc' ytcii'.ia WhiE in ToulaaE receniiy we;r.,rni0rV wants, car: ia i j j "i n my! rit' a Liooti snirca tc .::a ; had the pleisjue or. seeing "The ITcn-e,' the riphana mrdn twined by the rresbyteriaa church if Nor h ; produce, ' Will jaaeaai:,; oda ior all Krais oi aoumr to ! to sa me. Carolina. The property is well situated and is right on the Ol:do i railroad. Besides ecvcral cmpaSer! frTIM P buildings, there are Evo lrge band-j !tl... I some biick buildings that iaka ! "T.Ts.. i. snlendid homes for the orpaans. ; , Being there at each a lirn it w-s I . M , . Mf not convenient to call up Key. Boyd ! ; Cji ;f 10l!1ar;11"- and go tbrouirh the buiidin7fj. What ix v,i v--4' - ye saw was en the outide. ill,. a a.". . !.C. a think of wearir. Kyervbody 'in the coaimunitr j e -horr cuitii ana i-'-'aaaa, r speaks highly of Mr. Boyd ar- i w hat ! and litad out cost, we could e:e certainly endears lb-' ?z will be paid for ail complimentary terms in vhiah Mr. -orn or lot. ica Boyd is spoken of. a 'Ha. r T the - that 1 oubl -taer ita and Bar X A. ' ' 1 he aE hardt is nt- bvtV9 have v. V f ( o! i-'-an. :nd as fo ti . I '113 an Yi rvt n r.--; if r ; .-. n : 1 1 f i . l ' f '1 V f O 1 i i ; 1 poor, over-worked, worn out niCaE-i. r ' " ,E-' , V. " ' ,x ' j ' " ' - E nreeent buildinc:3 toacccrnmo.:ate the T ?e:--d hard: I c; i n have ya'.u .r-;it!a.'o V - t ere, too, :hd the lazy, good-natured Ef r fatheaa OL! yos ! ;E those ragged clothes, and it seems as though they are only waiting to scarcely read; their eshools are called I i3ear about HEai who is love, that He i E nL i ii .' 2 a l a! - - ' - r v i a e Tt a. i p -a i i . xar ax , f. , Li c . x uuuiu I air eav tin a - - t (.A W '- u- - erowa oi coioreu ' ' I'arnh-rdt oat and ban;-; r ' sail if it had been a "hipped a white woman - - E;en bung before ihis conversation took- 'iv market b'ab" schools, because they are so noisy; the teachers are ragged, dirty; the women chew suufEsPcks while they teach; murder is seldom pun ished, and wdiisky is msde by moDn shiners that is, unlawfully, with cut : lEtfEe back in ti-e moi',lfaima I could, had we space, tell you sad stories of these people who haye forgotten their God, their own honor, and certainly their "msns ners' AfUr the fur colored started war, and after a school girls, Scota Seminary, at Concord, X. C, in IS r9, two northern ladies w ho had been sent to go about among poor families to teach the women how to too may be among the cherished ones, Christmas morning to the boys and girls in the Southern mountains does not mean openiag the eyes to a vEion of bright and beautiful Ea ?, caudiea and dolls suclves uiOit leadi ers Over Sea and Land will wake up to Xo indeed, for - they think ood to rarin. demands upon the orphan cohurs Salu'-dn-. are now thsre. Tha Standard saw 1 p;hi:j ,an one, whose face, is E-milar, E was ' - - Master Vaughn Elliott we saw ; M 4 J shim vrRh man' otheiv, under cliavo i & cf) IQ ot a laay teacner, marcning irora at tendance upon church at Trout- j an - ? : d It ,f. "N.I Eli ,,- v. a v'"! Santa Claus has been very f them when he remembers to put in their poor, much-darned stockings just a few ,;;,Es of trokeu candy. Pommrshnr rbftt lcx t Christmas r-,. a than make good all the advertising mrtrnir?. when vou are i i trie TOiast a & of all your good things, and while man . 'i'ho screie was o?ie o niidae everv man feE croud V. at so much i being done for the orphans of our State. j in.. or.. J Mctliodicts at Oxford, thai Baptists at Thomas ville, the Episco-1 paliana at Charlotte, the Lutherans ; South v:ew, p.nd Uio Presbyterians ; at Barium are doiner iust what the 1 ranst N. many. Let us show ycu the-im &J ft H PLATE' i R j. m n. f Vf'.ir comfort ir rl in depends the Erciauu. Iearo ol Bible commands regarding the or- ; ?rovements insuring highest contort ir. phanp. Such is religion, affer ail. I 4 Four ISIfjr SuoofSM-s. Having the needed merit to more vou thank Cad foi what yon have IE A. Gin per. cere the S'oa(.Erd got ion: Mr. G ruber is a This ends it. Stand- king's Daughters of Newbem, N. C. le -Ey EUh, l Uh and meetings best Chiistmas Gift Cora Means, in "Over Sea and Land." M u-k Hira to ?er,d then what they keep house, thought that a school ka70 nof particularly the gift of for whito girls should be started jesug Chiist His boa Who :3 our also. This was the first attempt to remember the forgotten ones; and these ladies opened a school cf 20 pupils in a log pchool-house (see picture of First school for Southern white girls) three miles from Con cord, N. C. A ,t n rlair cob fol SOOn follOW 'O, temperance and prayer or Hart fords $8o $6o Boys' ami Girl' IJ:irtfonf. Jjo claimed for them, the following I four remedies have reached a phe-1 Thc mo. -eauaio, a-.a co.-n norceral sale: Dr. Kins New Dis-1 Ic'2us ret cn l ...a i fi,.; v :a:(- G. L, PATTKKSO.V, AGEEE, COXCOIE, C. TThon BrO :y was sick, -e gave her Castoria. Yhen she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When hhe l oczme Miss, she chic? to Castoria. Vhea she had Children, she gare them Castoria, coverv, for consumption, coughs and colds, p&ch bottle guaranteed Elec tric Bitters, the great remedy for j R!Kk,0n'S Arn7Viv?. . ' t 1 T 1 nil 11 1 r i ' nver, saomacn aiunevs, ijacK-i ne iest oa.v .or.- len't Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do Cuts, Bruise?, Sores, Ulcer?, Salt Rheum, Fever Sor'.; TV tterjChanpea CamE, Chilblain?, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively c;;.:a: just what is claimed for them anujPiEs or no pay required, H the dealer wbnsft nnnif z nftp.rhpd I crrsrM'ih'.-d Ui ' w riH?;f'u herewith will be glad to tell you mc-rey r'-fur.-Ed. Pi ice 5 coii. pf more c.I them. Sold at FeizerV j box. Fo- sal- -a P. 15. Fetz r' j -y 20th, l S05. Fare came rP SIL20. building 3 s ) ' ; i If

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