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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 08, 1895, Image 3

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A '15 A TO II OF LOCALJNEWS. rp 't"'1 ,nt ikl Shapes By "r 1 ' jiutliHn: I'oncil PiiNhcr. Greensboro is to have a show on the Mh. Mr. C F Walter has moved his place of residence from West to East Depot street. Mr. Noah Correll, who has been ;uite ill and conGned to his room for some time, is better able to be out. Mt-s?, Charloj liassell ana Mack Mi'iur leturned this morning from ;he Y:idliin river, where they have l .u ii-hing. Tuo Kennebec ice handled by K Viil 'ViiJiOtj isjthe best. Deliyered i n any part of the city at all :i::6. Send i.i your order3 now. If :h- Lmx list takers will send the rd their appointmsnuwa HI them for the benefit cf t i : c?rs Giles T Crrowell and guest, p;. Milunis, W G Means and J C Uuviiwortli r.e one to the fishery ;u ;.;o.;:gomery county. They will : Kuril Faiday or Saturday. i;,v, E A Plyler, of the M. I 'hiy-h, u native of Stanly ccuniy, low located at Orleans, Lincoln uLtv, N. C, as in this section .iiltiug home lelks and transacting builds. The Standard acknowl .Jcri a pleasant call from Iiev. ViyUT. Xi. W P Ilouseal, business man ner and owner of the Lutheran Visit:-:, at Newberry, S, 0., being in attendance upon Synod, passed .hror.n Concord Tuesday enroute to St. John'd where he goes to visit his sister, Mrs. Lev. J Q Wertz. The sinograph letters testifying to cures made by Ayer's Sarsaparilla itid othtr preparations are .kept on at the J 0 Ayers Co.'s office' Lowell, Mass. They are from all oyer the woild and are cheerfully shown to anyone desirous of seeing th:m For every variety and phase of the many diseases which attack the air pu3sagea of the throat and lungs, Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral will be found a specific. Its anodyne and expec torant qualities are promptly real ned, aud it is always ready for use, Mr. J M Woodsides had an egg boiled for his breakfast yesterday. Uu opening it he found a black spot it. He took it to Burwell & Uunn'd and "Dr." Wearn said the egg had atrychnine in it. Charlotte Observer. Mr. Woodsides was once an ice dealer in and resident of this The Standard has received a very bandeome invitation card to the 44th Annual Commencement of Horner Military School. These exercises ccur May 31st. The annual ad dress is by Editor Josephus Daniels, of Kaleigh. Subject; "Taking an Ideal." V' W Iteid and Calvin Keid, Esq., turned from Baltimore last night kere the latter has been under the treatment of the celebrated oculist, r J J Chishoim. A cataract, bich threatened to destroy the 1at ot hia left eye was successfully amoved, and we are glad to learn tlm sight will be restored. '-alisbury Herald. Mr. Eugene P Semple, of Column (1 :'; (--, arrived in the city' Tues night. He came with a purpose Ming to marry and this orningon the southbound vsstU 7; arrived Miss Cynthia May, of UiU) tu& lady to whom he was mar ;-ttiis (Wednesday) afternoon at ,',1,,l-rund Hall, in the presence of seiiool and Mrs. May's niece, who j "one of the teachers. Dr. D ' tcrtield officiated. THE HUSH OF HUMANITY. oploWhT,velHlw Seen yUor Keorter. Dr. J DLiles, of George ville, ent Tuesday in the city. ppe MisaBertaQuantzis visiting in Charlotte . Mr. H T Gregory, of Greensboro is in the city today. Rev. Z Rush is yisiting his daughter, Mrs. D LBost Mrs. W M Biggera and children relumed today from Rowan county, where they have been visiting. - lizzie Young has returned from Charlotte, where she has been visiting for some time. Mrs. Ed. H Hall and children, Masters Jerry and Will, are visiting Mrs. Tom Johnson, of Salisbury, Mi Uossie Gainey will leave evening n for Greensboro and Sherwood to be absent from fip - - - v A VAJIV city several weeks. Dr. W II Wakefield, vt Charlotte, will be in Concord at the St, Cloud on Thursday, May 23rd, one day. Ills practice is limited to eye, ear, nose and throat. A Harrow Emcuex. Jiff Calham, one of the force em ployed by the Bell Telephone Com pany came near meeting with in stant death this (Wednesday) morn ing, on West Corbin street. He is a climber and was transferring wires from the old Western Union poles to tho Phone Company, when the old pole, which was not more than 4 inches in the ground, began to fall, Jeff on the under side. His climb ers were deep into the pole and could not loosen himself, but he had presence of mind to twist himself in some way on the top side. The pole fell on some sharpened pailings in tie fence of Mr. Pound's, at the shop lot, and had he fallen beneath the pole they would have been driv en through his body. His breast was considerably bruised, but not seriously hurt. Jeff is fortunate to have escaped alive. Firemen Met nd Elected OHicers They Will Celebrate. The Fire Department of Concord met Tuesdav nierht in ioint session for the election of a chief ani as- siatant chief of both branches of the department to be in authority until January 1, 1896, when another elec ... . . , r,i:.. uon win " - j Liuogerwaaeiecieauuiwnuuiu, r T t- .1 ltr,J John W Jb ink his assistant. Immediately atter tne aajoum- Vo TTnflA I rrnir o1:;;;; rz order for the purpose of electing of- fleers for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows : President 11 Jf JJeaton; captain, o . . t I T 1 T O , 1 1 G-t- T innanonf M QrTXT I i I Propst; second lieutenant, LC Biles, secretary, W W Deaton; treasurer, Jas. R Cook; sergeant at arms, Cecil ffrtn The auditing committee elected . TTn,.,i.. t r Tr-. o -! w w WaS J Y OUIier, o U WUgci auu ..... Four nozzlemea were appointed by o.vif hn wprp Messrs HG UlCOiUCaf Ritz Eli Goldston. I U uaiawen, R J Sa penfleia; enchme,, If B -i r t- t Castor and J L Brown fohf JJJ. l,iilO iUVUUU vv 1 - - the company, it has been decided to ceieoraie me uuou . , j ii. . ..Anamn nn r rl (1 ;i V ..i., it.. inrtu a nnmm ttee con- nignt, wcxitu sisting of C M bappenneia, " Cook, Eli Goldston, 11 ix Rfiiwand J L Boaer was appomtea to make necessary arrangements for sail celebration. TT T. nnn u uti 000 books a year. Tist vear the sheep in this country grew 307,100,000 pounds of wool. INTRODUCTIONS A MEW 418 GIRLS' DRESS. Sizes, 6, 8, 10, 12 years. EVERY is fully guar anteed to fit as correctly as any pat tern you can lffB buy. 478 LADIES' WAIST. Sizes 32, 34, 36, 38. 4- We present a few of the numerous Styles we have. THIS "wieiieik: AT! CANNONS One hundred dozen Children's.Misses and" Boy's Caps at 15 and 25c, These eaps are to 65c come and take your choice at 15 aDd 25c. B'J I S' KNEE 1J AJN T SUITS AT W) Better at 75c and. better still at $1.00. Everybody Jean Jhave a suit. The 50 cont suit is about like you have been getting for Si r0. The 75 cent is asood as vou ever got ior &L25, -nfl th M .00 mit is a eaoi one. These sroods are all cheap iv.v. . . w - g cotton Also a LiahMo aoafq. ilnnhlft knAM. (jvjwwj - J d t 2.75, warranted not two hundred and fifty odd coats for boys AT LESS TAAN TMrtv dozen 8traw Hats! rnu0 vnAa rnf TTinrA I lkt4AAVA.U. " - ltnnj,p Q IJJJ (J lb at legg tnan naif price. We nW.h that is in them would cost. Men's Heavy, strong cot- tonade pants at 50c, cheaper I rfi tt xxT& I sp.Tecrea una oi w. - wiporant line oi H ASHIONABLE rrv.a in fpst and best colored J. JJLW m0st attractive im oi uciucuo - w, bou,ht at prices xnuch below the usua Ivalu, and as we buy nnrfpr value we all uuuci vaiuc. xaj-cx ci. '""j why you should look over our stock when you want Ito .tbuy. WeVave a full Hue. oud plaaseou in oAntVrmn Wp hiiv m large lots auu .'. rtffttT1 nq r guuu-; trjlflfl and will vv o j pleas J ;.f ff t r 'to 2ive fnr the money, aud we believe II lilJUUH"" v t r for o-oodS tnat QO not To Introduce the 'JNewIdeo Pattern," for a short time we will give FREE with every $1.00 worth oi DRY GOODS You buy a P ATTERIS of your selection. CM 520 LADIES' BASQUE. Sizes. 32, 34, j5, 33, 40: 275. LADIES' SLEEVES. Sizes 32, 86, 10. PATTERN 434 ( LADIES' ORGAN PIPE SKIRT. 5 Sizes, as, 14, a6, 38, 30. Quantity of material required for a medium size, 5 yards 44 inch Rooda. R'S all fine goods, worth from 85 good line of better boy suits 1 natanfc waistbands, in all wool jc 7 to rip. HALF PRICE. for children at 15c. withjsilk thnn wa aak forlfche hats. Two UA IVlrjlN sell the coats for less than ' the than He cotton. Also a mcrs men auu uuvo oivnou. - OTKAW XTL A Negligee and Dress Shirts, a " . . , . . m 1 I save xium vj r-x vr-.a mnn), ns 50 "ner cent. We can make extraordinary efforts to flnflw;M into this business and our customers the best good . .... -r i that we doit, we return aun. wuuic ocojuo. 6e 7kk D S MORRISON, LENT & CO : Have just received by express a lot of btauTul side combs. MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : Have iust received a lot of lovely dress gingham in 10 yd pattern, regular pnee 12c. cur price 10c. MORRISON, LEX T V ;v CO : Have just received a lot of pacific portal o) inches w:de. wholesale pric9 3 !-, our pricocOl MORJRISON, LENTS k CO : Have ju?t receive a a nice lot of Oxford Ties, in bbek and tan. Theo are beauties. MOIUiiSOX, LENT & CO : We have just rac. uvea "soma of the 'Iress goods in all th3 latGbi importations ever seen in Concord. It will do you j?ood to sc them. Don't foreet to seo our 2t-j umbrellp.9 a t $1 50 MORRISON, LENT Ac CO : Have you seen our $1.00 Oxs ford ties, best ehc-o on the mar ket for the money. Our Si. 75 and $2.00 Oxfords are hummers, said to be the prcliiest tie in tho city MORRISON, LENT & CO : Ah, now ! Our ima of chik drens slippers, Oxford ties and thues are just the correct things in tans, red and black all sizes and prices low- Ve have a few large size ladies trunks that will be offered at low figures. Morrion, Lwz & Co CONCORD MA ItKETftT ' COTTON 3IARL.LT. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer, Good middling 6i Middlings 6 i Low middling , 5.75 Stains 4ito 5 PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink." Bacon 8 Sugar-cured hams 12tol5 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 9 Beeswax .5 Butter 15 Chickens 20to25 Corn , 45 Eggs 10 Lard I.... 8toll Flour(North Carolina. 1.75 Meal 50 Oats.. 37i Tallow. .3to4 SALE OF VALUABLE TOWN LOT. Under and by virtuo of a decreo in a special proceeding entitled Elam King. Administrator of Ruann Stowe, deceased, vs. W J Lee and others in the Superior Court of .Cai barrus county, N C., I as such Ad ministrator and Commissioner will sell at public aucton at the Court Houra door in Concord at 1 o'clock. I p. m , on Monday, tho 3rd day of ! -r inn- A . 1A - I 1 J june, iouo, a certain ioc oi iana in the town of Concord, adjoining the lots of Mrs. James Benson (deceased), R M White and others, ironting on Main street, known as the Rock House lot, the metes and boundaries of which are fully given in the petition or complaint filed in said proceeding. Terms of sale: One-third cash," balance on six months time, note and security required with interest from date of sale. This April 29, 1895. Elam King, Adm'r. and Commissioner. s. Speculation, HAMMOND i: CO. t tock and, Bond Brokers, 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Stocks, Bond3 and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. P. S. Send for explanatory circus lar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter, (Free) dwly

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