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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 09, 1895, Image 3

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MiAiUil OF LOCALNEWS. . i l I'm -Miapo' lly Our tHai--. Pusher. .rro.v is Memorial Day. r jf;s ft wire business the telephone k.. i .-,,..r Orry your fiwers to the court THE RUSH OF H LT MA XI TV. I'l'ltlllO-U'lln TP... I SJI T Q PdUl B v'.:t , :n3::cw at 4:30 o'clock. W i 1 1 Wilkinson is preparing tiiree houses on Simpson "V.;i rear of Mr, F Coble's Xheif something lite forty .- ;f cot ten on the market LI jv dy in the city. Mrs. Dr, J E P orriager spent the uie urti:c, f. tn.h-v fv, visiting spin d Of l.)avid&';3 rig Miss Eaca yr,. P P Fetzer entertained a her friends at a birthday :-n Wednesday. ; .:L mot Ling at Forest Hill Metho iuiiiircii are growing ij interest speaker Crisp will deliver an ad ..Q at the Memorial Day exercises Aiv?ville tomorrow. The Kennebec ice handled by 11 Will Johnson is the best. Deliyered , ;-, n&rt nf t.hp nt-v of nil o.j S-ud i.i vour orders now. Wednesday afternoon while a train standing at the depot everything so quite that yon could hear the . ;.-.:l-. Mr. D A Caldwell contemplates ::;:r the reunion of the Confederate v-:s -viil join him. Mr. i' J Boatian, the Packet man, i.I entertain you today if you will ".I'iis advertisement. Everything : I'-.vL L ,crock bottom' i: .s i ih:oet an assured fact that . -rue. groceries and all, will close at s o'clock, beginning on the evening reparations are making for en ,,:iLg the furniture store. The itcry part will be extended back :l::i:v-dv'plh of the building. i'r W H Wakefield, of Charlotte, ?;j v. ''oncord at the St, Cloud Tliuriuuy, May 23rd, one day. : if limited to eye, ear, -..'r.uLta ;re being made by h..:j.;!i nine, known aa the "Vic- :,'' of this city, for a game with a -l irlotte team. Thursday u the i n autograph letters testifying ' made by Ayer's Sarsaparilla otner preparations are .kept on :it the J C Ayers Co.'s office ''. Maso. They are from all i',cr:d and are cheerfully to anyone desirous of seeing .rr. Will Chambers, of No. 4 i.-:. :p. reports that a cloud burst "i-riHl.orhood Monday after i .: - i 1 havoc with a field ihj'.r. was knee high. A Mr. irtrjli adjoins hi3, had ;: :- ' vu ploughing, the rain ;x- 1 ' washed all the loose - the large held of wheat, v almost buried. ' '-atr column there is re--c i iuv to a death, in Rowan :-.-r suspicious circum-i'- ere seems now no doubt. "' -s --iuowii to warrant the a3 L poisoning was the cause. :v -i , liver kidneys and por tiij hrai n were sent to the -: -jiist for a complete atuusirig to see the citizens :"''ine Tuesday night k- u,.;u v, ho appeared in his ' ' . i ... .... , 1 -a silk at retzer a corner ;-c-:t. We are informed J ooys" got onto him, and ' ':el-y hot for him with ' :-cr Frank Montgomery on the shoulder the egg coat u ere the only things russiey, of Ccd- ouay ir. th citv. xtuuny itiver. -viil eeyeral weeks out there. Mies Anthea Post, College, who was visiti Pitts, has returned home. Miss Mamie Ury will leave this evening for a month's visit to i da tives in Hickory. Mr. K A Brown left this after, noon for Davidson College. Mr, C D Ogburn, of Winston, spent yesterday and last night in the city. Mr. W T Pucker, a Virginian, is in the city with the Bell telephone company's force, Mr. H MoNarnara was called by telegram to report in Salisbury on first incoming train. He will go tonight. Kev. G F Shaeffer, of Monroe, Ga., and formerly pastor of St. James Lutheran church of Concord, is in the city visiting friends. Mrs. Harry Wearne and daugh ter, little Lucile, of Richmond, Va., are viaiting Mrs. Wearne's mother, Mrs, B M Johnson, on Spring street. ODUCTIONS A MEW. To Introduce 'Mew Idea Pattern, v for a short time we will give FREE with every 81.00 worth oi DRY GOODS You buy a PATTERIS of your selection. ..JTr 520 LADIES' BASQUE. Sies. 32, 34, j6, 38, 40; 41S GIRLS' DRESS. Sizes, 0, 8, 10, 12 years. 275. LADIES' SLEEVES Sizes 32, 36, 40. EVERY PATTERN is fully guar anteed to fit as correctly as any pat tern you can buy. For eyery variety and phase of the many diseases which attack the air passages of the throat and lungs, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral will be found a specific. Its anodyne and expec torant qualities are promptly real ized, and it is always ready for use, Governor Carr,, on recommenda tion of Adjutaat General Cameron yesterday made the following mili tary appointments to rank from date: John M Allison, Captain und Quarternv.i.-rt-jr, Fourth Pegiment ; Charles S Jourdan, Cap'ain and As sistant Surgeon, Fourth Regiment. Dr. L M Archey, First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon, Fourth Pegi-! ment. Paleigh News. 478 LADIES' WAIST. Sizes 12, 34, 3-'. 38' 40 We present a few of the numerous St vies we have. 434 ( LADIES' ORGAN PIPE SKIRT. Sizes, 32, 74, 26. a8, 30. Quantity of material required for a medium size, 5 yards 44 inch goods. THIS "WEBI AT CANNONS & FETl 9 Muny Complaining. Since the Bell Telehone Com pany began running wires over the line, it was necessary to trim a num ber of our beautiful shade trees' causing many cf our citizens to com at V. to (55c Qm hundred dozen Children' s.Misses ana 2jc, These eaps are all fine goods, worth from Sf) come and take your choice at 15 and .'c. B'JYS' KNEE PANT SUITS AT ;:'. Better at 75c and better still at $1.00. .Everybody can have a suit. The 50 cont suit is about like you have be getting for $1 '0. The 75 cent is as;good as you ever got for $1,25, and the $1.00 suit is a good one. These goods are all cheap as 5 cent cotton Also a good line of better boy suits plain. The franchise to the phone clou Did seats, clouDie Knees, patant vaistoiuuls, in alijwool Company says: "Said Bell Telephone goods at $2.75, warranted not to rip. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ODD COATS FOR BOYS MORRISON, LENTZ CO : Have just received bj express a let of beautiful side combs. MORRISON, LENTZ .t CO : Have hist received a lot oi lovely dress gingham in 10 yd pattern, regular puce 12c, our price 10c. MORR1VON, LENTZ - CO : Havs just received a lot of pacific percal 33 iaches w;de. wholesale price 12c,our pricecOl MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : Have just received a nice lot of Oxford Ties, in black and tan. Theo are beauties. MORRISON, LENTZ & CO : We have just received 'somo of the handsomest dress goods in all tha latest importations ever seen in Concord. It will do you good to see them. Don't forget to see our 20J umbrellas at $150 MORRISON, LENTZ c: CO : Have you seen our SI. 00 Oxs ford ties, best shoe on the mar ket for the money. Our 81.7;" and $2.00 Oxfords are hummers, said to be the pretiiest tie in the city. MORRISON, LENTZ S.- CO : Ah, now ! Our hne of chil drens slippers, Oxford ties and shues are just the correct things in tans, red and black all sizes and prices low. We have a few large size ladies trunks that will be offered at low figures. MORRIONj LEKTZ Xl Co CONCORD MARKKTb COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer Good middling Q Middlings 01 Low middling 5,75 jbtains 4 2 to 5 PRODUCE MARKET, Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon Sugar-cured narns 12 Hoi 5 Bulk meats, sides 8 to t Beeswax 5 Butter 15 Chickens 20to25 Corn 45 Eggs .10 Lard .....Stoll Flour(North Carolina) ...1.75 Meal 50 Oats 37 Tallow ,3to4 Company ahail cut no trees u said town without permission from owns era of property or town authorities.' k:) frh Wednesday morning- An Old II- Visits Our i ity. Mr. and Mrs. .W H Pupp, of Philadelphia, Pa.," who were before the late war residents of this city, spent Wednesday in the city, Mr. Fupp run a jeweiery store and re pair shop, first m one of the little rooms on Corbin street then on Main street in the Allison row. Ac' the breaking out of the war Mr. Pupp closed out his business to Mr. Chars ley Heebner, who is now doing a successful business in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Pupp has many friends in the city who had not for gotten and gave him aelcome. He was much surprised at the growth of Concord, as it was merely a yii lace when he was located here, with just one small cotton factory and about 300 inhabitants. He wa3 ac companied by his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Schropp, of Bsthlehem, Pa. The party went from here to Winston. They viil spend sometime visiting through the South. AT LESS TAAN HALF PRICE. Thirty dozen Straw Hats for children at 15c. with silk bands. The bonds cost more than we ask forjjthe hats. Two hundred ODD COATS FOR MEN at less than half price. We sell the coats for less'Uhan the rbath that is in them would cost. Men's heavy, strong cot- SALE OF VALUABLE LOT. TOWN Under and by virtue of a decree in a special proceeding entitled Elam King, Administrator of Ruann Stowe, deceased, vs. W J Lee and others in the Superior Court of Ca barrus county, N- C, I as such Ad ministrator and Comraiss': ner will sell at public aucton at the Court House door in Concord at i o'clock, p. m , on Monday, the 3rd day of June, 1805, a certain lot of land m the town of Concord, adjoining the lots of Mrs, James Benson (deceased), R M White ar. l others, irontmg on Main street, known as It is stated that there is smallpox in the city of Stanton, Va. tonade pants at 50o. cheaper than c cotton. Also a tbcr. j SMouriot. tft ougly well selected line of men and boys stylish t suits, i boundaries of which are fr.lly given Elegant line of i in the petition or complaint filed in n said proceeding. , r , .r C-rr H-X a Terms of sale: One-tlird caslu IT Al llJrSr v3 JL JtK VV X jll x balance on six months t-rae, note , r, , - , anc security required with interest The latest and best colored JNegngee ana uress aniris, a from date of sale, ninut nttvnfHvplinH of orftn tinman's nnd Indies' scarfs, all This April 29, l8'J5. Elvm King, i.i. i, r,nni nniru o n ri no imr Aclm t. and Commissioner. DOUilll ill IJIIUCS II1UUU UC1UVY tilO UOUUl VO.tU.r .iuu m.o o under value we sell under value. There are many reasons why you should look over our stock when you want jtojjbuy. We have a full line, ond plaaseyou in GOODS AND STYLES. We buy in large lots and save'.from 20to SOper cent from regular prices, and often as much as 50 per cent. We can always give you the best values. AVe want your trade and will make extraordinary efforts to please you. We put all our energies into this business and our constant effort is to give our customers the best goods for the money, and we believe that we do it. We return money for goods that do not suit. Come and seejus. CANNONS & EETZER. peculation, HAMMOND & CO. Stock and, Bond 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NEW YORK CITY;, N. Y. Stocks, Bonds and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. P. S. Send for explanatory circa lar on speculation, also weekly mar- ket letter. (Free) dwlj t

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