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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 23, 1895, Image 1

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. CONCORD, N. C, THURSDAY, MA 1 . O : . WOMAN SOLDIER. (t,.,- w Sm veil With l?or SIus , ,!i ' (ouimaiHl o! Col. Vance. .. ; letter of Capt. Tuttle . -?th North Carolina regi- t tn1 Journal and was glad he r :.) light a long slumbering , . .. the matter of t.h The woman soldier was u just about 33 years a 2:0 at -0:!, after the capture of Nev :,v (i . neral Burnside just be r; army was coice:tried !; enmcnd for the great , . engagement. : eir-'u instanced were patriotic -!i romanllc. As related to : .;- 1 remember them 1.0?, - hu: Volunteering was : .uhout, the State and w, --uitains were ablaza enthusiasm. A couple-, not r. retain coye near Gra-nd-: us '...a tain. band went to towik one . :.d everybody wa? r. oing lie took the martial . -a listed at once. On po- prepare for h., depa--! ' b-it.-1 Geld a difficulty .self when he informed if-.- ,.f his beligerent intention. 1- ) become of me :' c.,.d the :ay here and do the bt c 'i, was iiia answer. "But 1 here by myseii wane you ?he replied, "if you go u nr. I r.m roin too." . the plan was made between t he should cut her hair . 1 . q a suit of her husbiwVs -." with him to the recriut- and enlist Tinder an as- d name. Her name in camp .!.-. but what else I never u, i: 'Am regimsnt Joe and the i i 1 . u i t i ore luuiveu upuu jib a t;?u " mountain bova well aennainted fond of each other. a. the 15th of April, 1562, the 11 i 1 1 ii nan 10 unuergo a men ! cm : n nnrl wfiR fnnnil fn ho .c -J:; unlit for military services 'v.- discharged. .re .i3 a dilemma'. Joe m trie - ., i u . i 1 1 yrr "i- -1 !1 h do at home by himself and f 1 n mi 1 a 1 a 10 war r j. nere appeareu l it one thing to do, and that to confess the deception and ob h r discharge which would ssary iollow. Accordingly the morning she went to the quarters and the Colonel aace cf bleseed memory. 1, I want to go home," after the accustomed upon to cook when it was not legiti mately hi, turn; but no suspicion 1 ever arcs - n n .-; hood The two returned to their moun tain heme with the distinction of no! only probably having been the only woman enlisted in the armv but jJso likely the only entire family that ever volunteered for military eeryioe I cue thifl as it was given to me by Captain Phin Norton, nf w;u-o ! county. D. T. Gakraway, THE PATRIOTIC SPIRIT. It fJoes Down to t?ie Thir iienorn. lion. The Kaleigh Kcva and Ob i ver ! spoke cf a flag Mr. H 0 McAllister carried in the procession at Raleigh on Monday. Here comes a letter that explains its If. Written from Ox ford, May 22, '95 : Lieut. H C McAllister, Co. II., 8-h Ifcg.f N. C. T. Deak Sir; I nctice in to-day's paper that you carried the old 1kg of the Sth Eeeimenfc. I it-, in the procession, but could not tell - w . Ssnma joe near Today the colored people of the 1 one from another, as I wa: 1 ity are celebrating: "censhun day." j the line. I was told by Capt. C" (i Elliott, of Norfolk, Va., that he saw it, and recognized it, and in fyct, I Fishing and picnic parties h?.ve been going out of town all day. On the oOtu cf this month, an excursion asked what flag it was. He was at will run to Salisbury, whentheione time connected with the S h colored people will observe Fed'-ra! Recent. 1 P5 1 ' A 1 decoration day at that place. Then comes th 4th of July. "."Len P.ihj' Ta.. sick, tvc gave hnr Castorfi. 7,ln s':c ?i CLiM, s!w cruni for Castoria. When she became :.T:s.s, fbo clung to Castoria, When she had Children, she avethem Ca-storia. L lisntiKlieii. eis, ,i0e,;' eaid the Colonel, "I - J 4 UiUU I XJ M. LAO 11 wuiu ' - nr ; but iust now weare 6u newhere else." f ! '- :nel, L ain't a man," . hut you soon will be ' ur one no doubt." 1 wcu't," Joe replied, 4I i 1, you say," e- id Col ; ric-ri and amused at the 'i't of his proposition. r" he called to the sur--tgiment, "here is a case only to unbutton his uibli?h the fact that "he" and he was honorably good repuf.tion for duct and was thought tocK FoP n,c There is likely to be considerable more kicking about the telephones put in by the Bell 'Phono Company, inasmuch as the ones put in are not the kind agreed upon, A subscriber teiis a Standard reporter that there wiii be a meeting of the subscribers at an-early date to consider the use cf the present old style ones before complaint to the company is mad. The ones r"t up for use, he says, 're altogether unsatisfactory. If we tire to have a system, let's have the best. Did Yon Ever Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your truble.? If not, get a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all Female Complaints, exerting a wonderful direct inflnnce in giving strength and tone to the organs. If yon have Loss of spetite, Cinstipation, Head ach, Fainting Spells, or are "Nervous Sleepless, Excitable, Melancholy or troubled with Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitters is the medicine . you need. Health and Strngth are guaranteed by its use. Large bottles only. fifty CDnts at Fetzer's Drug Store. IiightWhcrc Tlioro Wtts Harknos. Dr. Geo. W Graham yesterday re move! a cataract froir the eye c;f Mr. Diniel Isenhour, of C m 1 Tl -operation was performed at the hos pital. Charlotte Observer. I notice in the roster of North Carolina Troops that you were 1st Lieut, of Co. - II., Sth Regiment. Though I was born after the war, and neyer knew wb-:t it was to feel the thrill of victory, or the par gs of defeat, yet my heart swells with 'U 1 think of the brilliant record made by Southern arms, of tho valor and heroism of the Soulhh ern soldier, 'lou ivill 'recognize my nme, for it is the same a 3 that of the colonel of your regiment, the S h. I am his oldest grandson, and bear his name. And when I to or hear of a soldier who followed him I want to gra3p his hand and know him. I would liko so much to see the dear old fbg, end to own it ; but T know you prize it too highly to part with it. I would be glad, however, if you would send it to me by express that I may see it. 1 will then re turn it. I would be glad to meet you and to hear from you. Hoping it may be my good pleasure some day to do so. Very truly yours, Henry M. Shaw. Shoemaker George Swink,of Con cord, carried, by mean3 of a cart, the body of Col. H M Shaw from Core Creek to Kinston, N, C, a distance of 22 miles. He was shot through the head. - GIVING TIIEE TUGS A-WA Y X Jit .W!:'f;i'; ih:,. tiij. 1 I si"." -It) C?U- JX'i I .-,!ilr'l.,i I' ?!! :''d!r'i , tiki mm nmmmmmmm m A m ;U;;: m.. 'M m 'lil! -H' ltS! "w'WiMifJnnui Jajun S!S ''Lil-r-J :!i . ' ii!.., : mm. mmn iU tS?i.i. .'.:!. W liTff -. t.-Jti: ; 4SI'.iT-i (.. ii f j ' ' '" GaSH TRADE Open f. r toA jy COME Vn SEE II Cliaorc.l (he Tunc. Wedieday afternoon a colored brass band was parading down Main street, and, of course there were a hundred or mere followers. When reach ingjthe front; of Mr. Joel Reed's residence the band was met by Mr. WC Boyd's cow.' The mnsie nd the cov started off at the sam-;i time, the hand playing and the co- but tdi: The latter knocked thim.-. rightuud left, completely changing the tune of things and breakiui? into the line of march, After rompipg oyer the stree s and. sidewalks for isome timVthv ooW Tah Into a wagon :Ai the k -.ire, comewnat'frighrenin IJncK Arnica 4a tc Thi- B 't Salve in te wr.! f CutH. Bruisrs, Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter.Chappea , . ..... . T I I Hands Chi b ams, L-:-rn, .rru u i , - y nanus, v , ft muiev one, some one would hH bkia rupnon8, r-"-J ""'" been gored Vo death. ' It ia .aid th Piles or no pay wquirwL It 18 ; co became tnf (d kt the 8 gh rr c t-" r n r f r-r 1 PT-.uJ f'KA nrtf lirt-. 1i.i. J A k.' J - W UV Alt'' ' ' Jt J ' j THEMt And get a cir cular that will tell you all abou it monev refunded. ' Price 25 cents per box. For sale at P. B. Fetzer's Drug 3tore boys. No one was hurt, however. : j-mtm Atlanta, G , Ma- 22. netrr Folded for Shipping Four Cons For Sale. I nave iour guuu, ncoa i tried to t.n., r A : - ay for sale. Write to or call on me at a, W( , iid cloc sign -.1 tower St. John's, No. 8 township. Geo. II. Miller. ing. Mies Ida Sample, the r.ight operator, telegraphed to the ciiy for help. An engine was Rent nt or-ce hit the best cook jn the li;3 make of buiscuits hat he was often called Kifrhtv.five shares of the Odell to the plncc to miles from the city, 8nf8ctnr:ng Company. :.-.ycu ... .-- w .....t W, M. Smith, Concord, K. C. tV, ,ieg:o oil. o. II 4 ' hW f$ I Til lr!U-iZ II, rf-ii-i""! I ,1 n ! e 12 n -- fr. inmm r 1 t 1 tin f -i -L P J J ? . ' TJ ' 4 at t H 'Will; 7s u ' 1 ; 1 i Mi 1 ejco ciuiviiiectnj. Irr proved Chautn ."; KIndergartjA fV hmnntn t - i T c 3" ff Openfoi'u.e a :.q.:b -nil . 11 Open lor uifti 6 .- ; 1 "J r i ijfifl fsi if r . u & (.11 ' ' 11 U -u.a. Ii I 1 V ' V-Wv . mm -r)-- ' & ! , Pj.).- t-aj. ( rft'iii; .;' .,y-- ; ihuSllRJP rirH IS.-! ?

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