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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 27, 1895, Image 2

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mnt'ililT"" WTiintfririTi mil at. The Daily Stanaa ardl OFFICE IN CASTOR BUILDING The S;aidard is published every day (Sunday excepted) and delivers d by carriers FATES OF SUBSCRIPTION On year U 00 Six mouths '2 00 Three months 1 00 Or " month 35 Single copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. Terms or -regular advertisements made ELOwn on application. LC C: . .. I cor nuicications to thi: STANDARD, Concord. N. (J. UGNUORD, MAY 27, 1805. j The , ..riouc action and magnifi tint ben. faction of Mr. Chtales B Mouse, .n ex Confederate private soldier, giving 100,000 to have a hititor) d the South in the great v. a. s ; 1 t.:.a a 1 1 illustrated, is va 11 ojp r !..Tr :)y wd an "::cellent exatnr.'e to oher men of means. Select. if right man and have the prec:.j. f :.cts given to the world in sehoh.; 1 . ; ml a tiuirabte Knlidh. It ih neeiitv.1.. The iiais have had it their v. . iong eijough. Gen.Pcho li e 1 d 'a trer breathes a verv different spirit iioai that of the editorial alanderj and faUliers "up there. " Wilmington Messeuger. can be slaughtered easier or Can be shipped aciosa me sea pinch more easily than cattle -md can be sold either on the hoof or dre&ced at a price certainly not oe: 7 cents a pound, which the German workman paid hitherto. Canning is out of the question, but tue meat is con sumed in Germany in both a salted and smoked state as well as frb, and in either one of the three con ditions American exporters could furnish it. With the r-ipid. disuse in the United Slates, the raising ot horses now, especially in the West, u far from being the profitable in dustry it formerly wa3. However, if the ranchman c vn make the rais ing horses for food profitable why should he not do it? It is true that in our own country the preju dice against eating .horcd meat is so great that there will probaoly never be a home demand for meat of that kind, but that is no reason why American ranchmen should not take advantage of the existence of a different state of things' in auother country to fouud what can b; made a profitable industry and extensive export trade." All Free. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know ita value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it Fro.;. Call on the advertised Druggist and get a Trial Bottle Free. Send your name and address to II K Bucklt-u & Co. Chicago, and get u sainp't'- box of Dr. Kind's New Life Fills Free, as well as a. copy of Guide Ilefdth and Household Instructor, Free. All of which is guaranteed to do you good and coat y.u nothing. Fetzer's DrU'' Stole. T13 EY EAT HOUSE MEAT, iToiiMi.:! Tingle Points Out Ozicn Iiit tor 1'rcfitablATrude With Germany . WASiiJXGTOX, D C, May 2S. Mr. F W S Tingler, United States Consul i.l Burnswick, Germany, con tributed interesting facts to the State Dt-pi: :-cnt about the consumption horse meats us food in thai countiy. Statist-0 a3 to the exact extent of this ctnot be obtained, but in the large c::es its consumption is almost &s great as that of beef and matton. lasuialr cities prejudice against horse msat as f od continues, there fore itt consumption is not so great, being apparently about oce -third :hat of beef, but eyen in the smaller citied the consumption of horse meat ia growir g. In the large cities Here are numerous shops de voted exclusively to the sale of horse ;eat. The customers arts the poor classes, but as these comprise nine xer.ii cf t: e ; Tyumen of the v.Luw. , an xvlea may bo had as to the propotions of the trade. With beef selling from 15 to 25 cents a pounu it is only upon rare occasions that wcrkingman earning from Tf cents to $1 a day can have beef. K?ra neat cmc be had for ? cents a ;n:.vl, ' 3 r. 'hose who consume it became used to it, the demand in--cre&rc? until it is now somewhat d.tScuI: to meet the demand. Formerly the bu'eher procured hoiws tnat from age or injury were no longer fit for working purposes, fcv. from 5 to $10 each. The sup ply cf this class of horses is nearly exhausted and the butcher must u&w pay from $45 to $50 for a horse. The consequence is that just r people haye hvome attracted to h. se meat because of its cheapness, the butcher find he must increase his r rices. Consul Tingle eaya: ' "The horse supply in the Umted States is practically inexhaustible. Horses can be raised in the West much cheaper than cattle. They IN HONOR OF HE FOES. (urner Sloi:o ol u Con!"e!ei :tte Monti mint I.aiu at Louisville. Louisville, Ky., May 25. Eight hundred persons, including many Southern veterans, ' assembled at Confederate Circle, Third Avenue and D. street, this afternoon, to witne3 the ceremony of UyiLg the corner stone of the monument to the memory of the Confederate dead. The total cost of the monument will be 12,000. All the money was riised by the Kentucky Woman's Confederate monument Association. It is to be a granite shaft, sur mounted by the figure of a Con federate Infantrv, while around the base will be figures representing the other branches of the service. Owing to the fact that the monu ment will be complete m thirty days the ceremonies were simple. "A LADY FROM BOSTON." OiimljtreNent Serious anil Itlue-Spee-taeli . 3. r uni 1 2e gil lib. "At the sale of Oscar Wilde's brie -a-brac in London last week," a cable dispatch says, ua young lady from Boston secured a quaintly in laid Moorish folding tray and mir ror. Once again the hub is brought into prominence as a eity whose sons and daughters value intellectuality even when there are flies on it, "A young lady from Boston" al ways to be found in any part of the world where an action sale of inter esting relics is going on. She is an omnipresent- creature. You find her, with her blue gog gles and her superior conversation, gazing at the Egyptian pyramids, If you visit the Acropolis, there, ( in solemn awe, stands "a joung lady from Boston." Nowhere in Europe, Africa or Asia can the traveler appfpach the his toric shines of the past without find ing that the maid with' the wander ing loot who hails from the hub is there before him. "A young lady from Boston" should always be taken seriously. There is no nonsense --'"t --- has done a vast deal cf thinking :J. her time. r.Ld ex pec's do It's a habit she has. We should not be ?ur;.rid to lern that the Swedish explorer v,ho hns discovered th North Fole found ut that interesting pp:.'. the .nit'ium of "a young lady fom ivJ-io:. carved on the very spot -here tnerc ig no further .north. New York Journal. ! : K-Ai ,K K S i nt T -i The young gentlemen of the ciy have taken, to here j shoe-1, ay well as fans tans. The e are great games. OVERWORK - INDUCED - Nervous Prostration Complete Recovery by the Toe of Ayer's Sarsaparilla " Some years ago, as a result of too close attention to business, my health failed. I beciimo vk, nervous, was unable to look after my interests, and manifested all the symptoms ol a de cline. I took three bottU. of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, began to improve at oucef and grnl'.inlly increased my v.-eibt from one hundred and twenty-five to two fliundivd jiounds. Since then, I and my family hu used this Ui, dicine vhen needed, and we arr Jill in the best of health, a fact which we attribute to Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I believe my chil dren would have been fatherless to-day had it not been for Ayer's Sarsaparilla, of which I 'reparation 1 cannot say too much." IT. O. JIi.vson, TVstmaster and Planter, Kinard's, S. C. Ayer's Sarsaparilla KcCEiYIHG MEDAL AT WORLD'S FAIR. AYER'S Pills Save Doctor's CiSls. Uaiiroiul Kates. Norih Carolina Grand Lodge A. F. & A, M., Oxford, N. C. Tickets on sale June 24th and 25th, final limit June 20th, 1805. Continuous passage in each direction. Fare for round trip $5.55. Commencement exercises Davidi son College, Davidson, N. O. Tickets on sale June 7th to 13th, inclusive, final limit -June 15th, 1895. Continuous passage m each direction. Fare for round trip $1.80. State Grand Lodge I. O. of G. S. & D. of S , Wilmington, N. C. Tickets on sale June 10th and 11th, final limit June 15th, 1805. Cons tinuou3 passage in each direction Fare for round trip via Greensboro $10, via Goldsboro $11.60. Ricycles for Women at!flBjjpyii;i,-Mijiapj You muit not fail to se ovre copy Columbia Catatoffue. The fair sex are claiming as much of a share in the bicycle as their husbands or brothers. Women's bi cycles have been com paratively heavy. Now as light as the men's or lighter. Let us show you the graceful, easy-running models in this year's Columbias, $100 or Hartfords, $80 $60 $50 a Leaflets, and Information aa to dress and riding, free if you calL Just Think of It--We Save You Money on Nearly ery Purchase You Make. o- DRY GOODS DEPAPRTENT. Fifty rer en inch bleached linen table damask 40 cents per yard, F.T, three inch turkery red ihblo diimask 27 cts per yard, I;u- ' inch table oil cloth at 15ets per yard. o G. L. PATTERSON, AGENT, CONCORD, N. C. CORSET DEPARTMENT. 1 "W. R , a white jeans corset worth 50c for 45. Madam GrwoH health corset, worth $1.50 for 55c to close. Madame Gn weld's $3.00 corsets for 87c. Madome Griswold's Misses corsets 50cs. C. B. corsets for 04o. Double V. cor set waists only 45c, this wist has never sold for less than $1 Nursing corsets at 9Sc. 5 hook corset stays at 10c. LADIES UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT'. Skirts 55c to $1.C8. Gowns 493 to $1.49, corset covers 2oc up, (.,;-.., isj H3 to 75c, drawers at 45 to 55c, while lawn aprons with miIu: ana lace stripe 30c, percale aprons 15c, gingham aproLs 10c, percale shirt waists 50c, percale bonnets 25c. White bonnets or any of tbe abovn arti clo3-iriac to orrfer on short notico Gauze vests 5c up. Our gauze vests will not be in until 11th. DOWLAS ASSOPTED, GOOD VALUR Towels well assorted up tc 3L9'5 per pair, Fuiuy colored tidy to u vis v to 35c. Fourteen inch toweling at 5cts per yard. Lace pillow sLums 35c pr pair. 38 inch scrim tor curtains 5c. 3S inch printed si!ko line for drapeiy 10c 44 inch thin white muslin with large bow knots woven it i:5cts per yd. 3G inch yellow muslin with yellow and blue flowers wovej in at 32 lr-2 cts per yd. 29 inch white muslin with side stripes with either white or yellow woven figures woved in at 19 cents per yard, these are the latest curtain materials, make cool, airy curtains, etc. DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT, NO. 2. One dollar lace curtains 3 yds long at 72 J cts per pair. We take orders for curtains at all prices up to $40 per pair. 2 yds wide bleached peps perill sheeting only 20c per yar1, worth 30c. 321 inch feather tickiu 12jc. 3G inch extra soft finished bleaching lit 8 Jc worth 10 c. 3G in. bleached cambric Earns as Lonsdale only 8jc. Printed lawns 5 to 11c. Navy blue organdy 10j. Printed sateen at 10 to 32c. Rlack sateen cashmere finished only 14c. White bored muslin or nainsook 7 1-2 to 12c. WThite bared and stripped dimit y 10 to 19cts per yard. 7 12 ct, gingham at 5c. Heavy bleached cotton flannel 10c. White wool flannel 12 1-2 cts up. All wool red flannel 15 cts per yard up. 27 inch bleached butcher's linen 25c. Drees lining cambric 5c per yd Black dress lining witn white back 7 1-2. Crinolin 5c per yd. 44 inch white satin and lace apron lawn only 15c, HOISERY AND GLOVE DEPARTMENT. Ladies fast bWk hose worth 10c for 7 1-2. Ladies fast black : auret hose worth 20c for 10c. Ladies fast black seamless hose at 15c. Ladies Hermsdorf black seamless hose at 15c. Ladies Hermsdoif seamless hose from 15 to 38c per pair. Ladies imitation Ballri?w hose at 10c. Ladies heavy mixed colored seamless hose Ik. Misses fast black cordaroy ribbed seamless hose 0 to 8 1-2 h at 10 cts per pair, worth douole. Infants fast black seamle; hose 10 c. 4 pairs heavv gray mixed seamless sox for 25c. Extra fine seamless sox in mixed colors and black at ' 10c. Stainless navy blue, brown or Hermsdorf black sox at 15c per pair. Men's fancy striped lisle sox at 20c. Men's brown lisle sox at 30c. Fast black lisle sox at 40c. Ladies black bilk mitts 15c up. 'Ladies summer gloves 10 cents up. GENTS FURNISHING" DEPARTMENT White lawn band bown 12c, silk or black satin bows worth 10 to -"c u;r " ts each, light colored silk scarfs 15c up, 4-inhand"ties 25c up--,?;1:' proof collars 10c, linen collars 8 to 10c, waterproof cully . ; ( cuffs 15 to 25c, handkerchiefs 5c up, suspenders 9c up, 2j c; o 17c,sox 5c up, extra valuo at 6, 71-2 and 15c, 75c gold plated stu and shirt buttons at 50c per set, collar buttons 5c per dozen w extra value in night shirts at 67 ls2 c, "our own ' UniSim- unJaunderied is as good as any shirt on the market our price is 82c. The Electric' is made of New York mills mu-r lin, this is a good value for 81, we sell it for G7 1-2 cents Our 400 shirt for 48c, has no equal. We have a shirt, made with a double front and back for 39c, our dandy is the best 25ct white shirt you ever bought Wo have these laundered at an extra cost of loc, We have the best fitting percale in negligee shirt in Concord and as good percale is made in America, our price 40c, launderied 55c, ver cheap. THE RACKET D. J. BOSTIAN.PROP'R

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