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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, May 31, 1895, Image 4

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ha m t I Castor i; is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a liarmHs,' substitute for Pi? rejoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and tor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years - by Millions of ?.lothers. Castoria destroys Worms an.- y feveri-hness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, Diarrlura and Wind Colic. castoria renins troubles, cures constipation and Ikituicncy. cures teetlr'r Cast; . nail toW assimilates the; food, re . .1 f tlio stomach iov.Hs, jyivimr healthy and natural sleep. Cas ' tk" Children's Panacea- the Mother's Friend, Castoria. Castoria. "Cn.-torin i- -.a rxtt 'U v.i medicine for chit- ! "Castoria is sovt-:i adapted toch'.ldrrn thai nren. Mother - have repet-.tedly told me of its 1 T rccorrnK-nd it as superior to any picsciiptiou good effect upor, their children." I)K. G. C. tSGO0P, lowdl Mass. "Castor!,-; c 'Ve Vest remedy for children of which I am .tcinainted. I iop- Un day is not far dii.trvit vlun motlurs will consider the real intt rest ' Hit, it children, and us.- Castoria instead of th; . 'a ri m-; (ju.n. k nitrtnns s hich are' de-trovi--.. their Wed ones. 1-y t ieim; e. Snot Pi!!'.',' svniji aiUl ettHT known to me.' TI. A. ARCHKR. M. I., Hi So Ox'o'd St., Uruoklyn, N. Y. .j.'.ur.i. v.i.r :.wn their throats, thereby yn mature graves " Die J. I" Kl NCI IK I .(!:, I Conway, Ark. "Our physicians in the children's depart ment have spoken highly of their experi ence in their outside practice with Castoria, and although we only have among our medical supplies what is known as regular products vt we rue free to confess that the merits f C o has won us to look with favor upon it. " i N'.Ii O HOM'ITAL AN; DISIKNSAKY, iJostun, Mass. Ai.lkn C. Smith, Pres. Th? Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, Mew York City, 2' cT 5 I - ' , o O r- T 1 ryj Si 1 a - 9 si -s C - - L5. ' T - o o r ' Si O H- e; 2. c - Q 1 3 Si 3 - ' CP - OO S3 o Si 5' uu 1 e3 1 5 y ri! b' o - " o 3 '"J 3 i i pi' Concniii National Ban o- Cox-okd, X. C. Mj- &a U tJ -1 vajf rjof J. M. OhELL, IVesioent 1). 1. Ccltkank, C.'ishior. Coj tra.vk, Assistant Cashier YOUNG BUT WICKED. V. FLOODED J A Fourteen Your (Md WI10 i Unr jflar f rMt Promise. Mary Gardner, of Fall River, Mass., 1a a promising young burglar. She is 14 years old and has been found robbing several residences at night. When captured, she implicated a youth of her own age named Burke. He denied all knowledge of the thefts, and when he was arranged in court .Mary testified in hit behalf and cleared him. t Aft, r ahe had been thoroughly searched for concealed goods the officers detected a bulge on one of her shoes. Tearing open the lining, they found money concealed there. Since her imprisonment she has b en imikmg ?ion of the detective?, ! . 1 .... . : 1 1 olinunJ . rfL'UUlIlg tUom Oil W11U gUL'e: t.uuo to the end of the town to Hud hid den booty. When they came back, she would laugh at them. She oes to the .State Sf.hcol for Girls at Landcaater during her minority. Xew York Kecor der. BUT NOT DROWN OF COST MARKS GONE GLlMMEm Come, let's reason together about yalues, jf pay you. As everyone in our town, and mil in country, knows, the downspour of las?. Tu-s "caught us1' without a cover over our hearts. V rained quite a damage. But what of that. W able to stand it. and if you need anvthr; Furniture line it will be money to you. ; goods are all sold we- are going to make v' will astonish the natives. Sav, do vou ne-;! i'rigeratoi ? We have the only cleanable. i .-. Freezing ' -Gurney"' on the market. See it i you buy. Shipments will be in this week. Yours to please. In an A u 1'n S ! omHI ion. Xever in the history of Cabarrus was her court house , in such an awful conditiou. The Standaku suggests Ihat the commissioners, when in session Monday next, make some arrargemeuts au. ut having it cleaned up and thoroughly renovated , before the next term of court, to pre vent the breaking out of cholera or kim. ered discs -s. Ladies who were 111 the building Thursday told a Standard reporter that the court room, ttairv-ay and the hall around the s:nk,. tv-re in an awful condi tion," and added: "It's a wonder the health cHicers would allow it." Co ,11 73 ' V. THISISYOUK iOPPORTUNI 3 IF YOU WANT .A PI A Ir 11 I 11 1 11 cl !)ihii. uan Surplus, C, 00(f YOU SUY&y IMA ariasjg; PlhrXTOKS; J. M. Odell, J). F. (Jannox El am King, J. W. Caxxox. V. II. Odell, W. II. Lilly, 1). B, COLTKAXE. 8 S22SSg55STZ5!SSSi t or men, women or boys ;it prices ranging from ?13 to?30. Wo shin from factory sjij rt A Standard reporter was informed of a little business transaction be tween Mr. M J Freeman, of this city, and Manager Hemphill, of the Atlanta Constitution, in which pur j townsman was turned down. It was in this way : Mr. Freeman sells printer's ink, aud has for seyeral years furnished the Constitution with their ink, until his last trip to Atlanta, when Manngr .Hemp hill asked him if he was an adocate of free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of K to 1, whereupon Mr. Freeman an swered to the negative. Mr. Hems phill then closed conversation, stating that the Constitution would have no further business with Mr. Freeman or his Grm. Mr. Freeman is out nothing, however, having sold the evening Journal eyen a larger amount than he would havesold the Constitution. This is the situation of affairs in Georgia. sixty daj-s only wo will oiler some of our leading pianos at greatly reduced prices- 225 for a 250 piano, A S'iJ25 Genuine 3fathushek for only 2SH, Brand new instru ments, new styles, lowest prices over known for theso instruments. AVe have a very few entirely new pianos, in latest style cases which we will sell at the spot cash prices with one year's time to pay for them. If you want a piano write to us quick. This offer will only last a short time. FOK T1JK NEXT HI Mil Mm iffiis I MAIN HOUSE SAV ANNA 1 1. OA. CHARLOTTE 1ULVNCH, W. M. WHEELER, Mana March 9. 1SS5J Ar You t.oiiiic ? For the accommodation of persons desiring to attend the Centennial Celebration and Annual Commence ment exercises of North Carolina University, Chapel Hill, the. South ern Railway Company will operate special trains hetw:en University station and Chapel Hill, connecting with trains 11 and 12 at University station June 1, 5, ; and 7, as fob lows : Leave Chapel Hill :5tfO a. m.. MONDAY MA ( Wm will put on Sale no or 00 Holts ot V E N E T 1 A N M U S L I N wortli He. per yard every where, that we will close out at ount Amoena SEMI N ART A Flourishing School for Young Ladies. TEN TEACHERS, c Orramental Branches Receive Carefui Attention, UEV. "O.IL.JT.CFISHER, A. Ml Principal, MOUNT .PLEASANT, N. C, arrive University station 4;30 a. m : to approval and arc the owly laanufacrnr- j euYe University station a m, (;rs selling 3 inct to Constinifrs. We have j no Agents. e Qifcr greater value in our Oxford Gladiator wheels atgfiO to SNQ than other manufacturers with prices from 8lOO to S150. Kvery wheel fully warranted. Don't, pay Toral d al ers a profit of Fi ft y pgr cent. Cut thid out and write to-day lor our handsome catalogue. Address, Rlryele Of prttt Vabwb Ate. UaCAtlO- Sanipl!ll;i(i. Look in at Cannons & Fefzer'd window at their magnificent line of fine hats. You can have your choice for less than the factory cost. Also a big line of fur hat samples at half price. arrive Chapel Hill 7:35 a. m. MKiisionIIoiisc Laiiiidr) . I am the Concord repesentative of the MansionHouse Steam Laun dry, of Greeuville. S.C. If you think of wearing niqely done-up collors, culm and shirts, come see me and find out cost. You will? be paid for all articles orn or lost. You can leave your bundles at the Furniture Store, whether I am presant or not, It will receive prompt attention. I send basket off Tuesday and it returns Saturday morning. Come around and see me. mhl3 3m J. .N.Bell. , l Pei One lot of line V E ES IAN L A W jV S 27 inches wideworth I2c. per Yard th r we will sell at C. Per Ian SSL. Don't forget the date time is cash 4b mr

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