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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, June 03, 1895, Image 1

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-7 inn i JL1JJ -ft COKCOKD, N. C, MONDAY, JUNE :. i v Li D n -; Itucle len s Anncn a vc, j ; The Brst Salvp in tp u-orl-1 for ; at. l.:-!:is .-s. S:rfa, U'c-r:, S ;;t : ! ;-m . vis Jill w rii 1 J m JTMJ f 1 . U!A1 1 j r 1 . Via Is tax .V 3URHAlitt'$ .1. ..- 1,'. '" :;n tobacco cca, M, N.C. U.S.A. V. J COl'NTY TliEASUUKirs OF KIC K ABOLISH KI) A C c r is c w .7 a da 1 j El Was so I ?'- at Mm Joinl JlfM't j nu ! Ma-Ktralcs nud oM!f j ommissiom-t s Tod;iy . Monday- I no Micrill Will Assume Midi Duliis as IN iToriiMMl !yiho i roassirer-It easier WiU Ap peal to Iho Highest Courts and i ontost tlio Uo v ision. j Hands, Chilblains, Corns and aii ! Skin Eruptions, and positively cure3 I Tiles or 1:0 p;.y n quired. It is : gnamuteed to ive satisfaction or , none? r, f undid. Trie ti5 c. ins rer I box. For sale at i B. Fcrzc r's I)n;g ator A 3Sj Aft i His 1: E:tjf. j Ttz foIIowi!:g incident took place .cutinuay last ut the court hcufe : 1 4 YT.d,.whut littie Dutchmen arc j thes.fc asked our CUrk, as tbice j little urchins en'ered his ( flioe on ;:ii errand. ''We are not Dutchmen," 'vas the answer. j " I hen what are you ?' asked Clerk , Cibffon. "I'm a Democrat, " was the proud reply of the $vi illrat a- little 5 In a joint session assembled at the 1 year -ou --f oar torn srnar, Mr. ! 1 court bouse today. Monday. June 3. II A Graber. s ! 5'iid; i- JJH' ;iiii. 1S05 the nisgistrates and comniis- ( !. J A liankin's ! sioners for Cabarrns county abolishs e hi dies of the First 1 d the oOice of county Treasurer, l'resibyterian chnrchec. ' D h;i3 create d no little iTnornt of ::ie board of managers ! criticism an 1 haad feeling on the :.'lt-r Hone, '.vill be en-pirt of some v. hile others he? ri.ily . out a novel and unh-! endorse the nioement, which saves Hank 'n 13 to turn j the county five or six hundred dollars i to them for two dnvs ' annnalh. i the s;-.l s will' be for! A vote on the resolution was t:iken, the rt-eult of which was 10 if the home, excepting ', which will be allowed The ladies of bo!h A TaliO. Ciias. Ode 1, the operative in the Charlotte Cotton Mill who miracu lously regained hearing and speech after a silence of 13 years was a fake from :Fakesvilie."' He lived a lie, drearr.od a lie and told a lie, andhtd to get. out, accordingly. It is said 1 where oyer he goes he pretends to be deaf and dumb, as he can g;t mo e c onsuUration, help ar d syni- for and 30 against, the Uecision to 0 ; P-hy. He nas gone ?o Danyille. ' 1 ' :( rver. dv interested. into effect at once, the treasurer's duties to fall upon the sheriff. Mr. Keesler, the dethroned treas urer, will appeal to the highest courts. -i ):, tv p-nvc hf-r Castor!;!. 1, sh. i-ri"l for Castoria. Mis clun to Custoria. .iivi.-t'U, fche gave tbt-ni Castoria, I'o Ik .larriea V'diitsla.y. Mr. II Jo.eph Cochrane, of Har burg, so well kno.-zn in all parts of the county, and especially in this city, will be married Wednesday, June a, to Miss Mollis Cline, the charming daughter of Mr. Fred Cline, who iiyes just h few miles above 'he city, on the Southern rail way, ivev. W C Alexander, p:istor of the First Tresbyteriau church of hit ph.oe Saturday for j this city, will perform the ceremony doing'' the Salis- Wore II lit. and Wouldn't r 't lie Salisbury boys can r not we will probably a team from Forest Charlotte Observer. iv ! nun CoilltfV ItOMIf. y m the 11'Lh luril Mr. John W Cook kTer, of the -7 boys saw they ! Connt v iIomej wus in the city today ,n i called the game oli,ji.Mon(hivV He reports havlilg uns i .tthe umpire was un.j hig' cure twellty.for,r inmate, .ia-iiors. Our boys, whoQp hruth is unrsually good, ,rru-d off the honors by there m)t ;ojng a sick 01je amGlljr ii'ened their entertainers . v game. It is said the reach;ng will be held at the home boys v;ere rattled so bad Ust g"mday in ech month at ,t of our team that it was 3.30 0clcck iu tle afternoon. Key. to declare the game ours Fnulk Dav, 0f the Reformed t-,. the held. Our boys j church 0f tn?s cjty, conducted the r . -it terms of U mpirs j gen qq3 Sun(lay st. is a clever gentleman j ,t1POM 'm;).'. What inninge : .;ro VorK lor 5l:o :i-aI183 fJISfrtrs. '; v interesting and j iSo Uule uxiount of cleaning up and souring will have to oe uone A oyro IJTowiM'd. -dturdiiy afternoon a negro named Will Kichardciou was drevned in Cox's mill pond, ten miles v "St of this place on the Bent fit's Ford road. He, with quite a numLer of others, were Keiuiflg. liichardson cramped, and the 'other negroes be cauii frihtend, leaymg tr.e man ro struggle alone for life and from the doom of watery grave, . He was a dead man bofore he could be rescued. Jiis body was dragged to the shore a short while afterwards. - --mo gr1 1 - - U'jMiff (I to f'tuniiiitt iilid. Saturday afternoon Dr. S J Mont gomery was summoned post haste to an amusing case of intended self destruction on the plantMtion of Mi. Jesse Mie; nheimer, in No, 2 town ship. Harrison Anther, a white . :nt 1 the- farni hands, became suduenly tired of livirg i,ud to brine about death he ate four or fiye stalks of corn, on which had been put strychnine to poison crows. After having masticated the green stutf he went to the house, deathly white and out of breath, to tell his stoiy and the fate that awaited hvo, terribly frightening the curious lis- temrs into excitement hard to quiet. Whru D"2, Mcntuo-rerv and Hart tei1 ai rived at tn- scene the sup' 1 , I 1 SS ' I -', i '-n".l i ; iiir premies oti our ! , :n'l "all pueh not ! 'initarv condition,' t 11-,.. . , . . n - O (1 1 I ; - V.. ' '- u- 1 ' ,1 i -fnr vour arrest! out an t ntiiuuuii. t , save cost. ; horriu.e. ..I 1 uoifhv ' nosed Ddsor.Hl man wis in quite a before ihis city will be m a healthy : d- u F - . I ,Jtf ll5,Tpf tl,LJ ollv mood i;,si-ao of a dy;ag con- cotutiti.jn. baturday mgLt tieJ . fi;(iw-M e , di :on. t"Mv:a'-' Miaf li Old v. -T '0 t) ihr rear ends, chutting half uitud. Tue most offensive smell 1"'' 1 1 ',- Foiiceaien. I or vi l i tt J Vas. a as i "V- ' fr ' I ;i : si ;? r - t 1.1 l rame from the lot in rear of Cannons t . 1 i .. I ... nrj iff 1 F i . ' , 1 , k' . . -...-. V.-v V r 1 v h eiZcT, Out 1' w" v - , .: ; s. :n.-u'w a "s' -i as bad. !h;en used for over fifty years by i ,ou. (t:e lots, there are numer- j mi'iioos of moih rs foi their emldren "d rfipe?entatie , ...... ...t n,.P.l nfention. 1 ...i,;-.. ... fv- vht. ; :rSaKI;;;csi;oci;So1,1eou Spring street, or;,.. so tLi5 th,. . : ;V. e,i:,,s ,hc nir'K- donosup i tbr.t i.ghhorhood. A pond stands k;.WS) ai.ys .,h nain, car-3 wind :-!..'.i::i-t?."coreo sfe'ia rear ot ibe Morris hotel, near the'f.oUC( a!1(l the bos', remedy for . t cost lent'on platforns, ' that has foriiieu j s.:ir: hc-.i I' will r, lure 'benoor aid -for all article? o;.e of the prettiest r 1 .V ..e suuerer iatel - dd hv over the wp t'-,aca?.q l.:mvecyour HClllllS one most ever a i Df!Jlct3 Ul every par-: of the F,'; iLu 1 h others, but we hayen t ' wnrA TvrAv. five cent a bottle - "'it al'tontion. . kt oil' Tuesday and it t'irday morning. - 'nd and Goe'me. J. N.Beii- tliem. -Now that tne not ; Be sure .,nd usk fcr .rg U mslow "Iveuther is on, the Health officers can : Scohing Syrnp," and take no other r 1 . I . i 1 1 iM in i'M j I i l h H ; : 1 Hi rw- '-1! , i' "'sv:y?'i! v. li-?:'''-' y.'-1' m (B t'. Is,? Vlili 1 . hZ "-J. '..)' y , ;-. - .' i.: test 1 I'm- m mi ail 5 rt! J mm 1 fch V " - 'f, r.. v .1- w f - v j,' - 1 vju- oVf"5;6 u GaSH s. .. . ' I,'-.. "5 !: TRADE. - 11 :1 c, 1 ; 1 -y U COMK AM) SEE f t. THEM 1 .i'j :i; " ": 1 ti And get a cir- -V.'iVJ cular tlurt will tell you nil abou it I mm Li 1 err i-f r.h r.j ( - t- ' ' ---.-v .h7 r i'vV'J i 1 i v I use, i ; Opei for use. (J j 1 i - :? wm - r : m wit. ' W 1 rJ 7 o. v'4, : - h hi I'd i - ; id j :l;L-.)!M S!! . I1 CANNONS ceot their ay, if the7 can r see d . mw;w tola I t - 5w

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