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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, June 03, 1895, Image 4

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. ,.. ...ii-iin- in i """ 1 " i NINE NATIONS. F L O O D E D033 I fetf if m i 19 M 1 1 fi Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's proscription f'or Inf.mlr aild Children. It contains lU'itlirr Opiuui, Morplismr nor OtlUT Narcotic ,sr1tiU;(r. It is a "JmrmJ'-v substitute for I'arcoric, 3 raps, Soothing- Syrups, ami -':r Oil. It is Pleasant, lis jruarantoo l thirty your.- - hy Miliums Mothers. Cast aria destroys Vorm.-; a:. : ,y. frvrrislmess. Cast aria prevents voiiistiit: ttci:r C:ivl, cures Diarrhea ;m!1 W?iul Colic,1 Cast aria relieve teetlii:u; iron!;! OS, c.ircs t or.stipat ian and flat uliv.icy. CuU.i'U asskn?!alos tho tiun9 v-i;Iats the stomach and Iv.wl s tvvip-- hoaRhy and natural sl on. Cas turia Is Children's Panacea-the Mother's Friend. " Castori.i is nr. rxvrlU-r.t mtt'xinc for chit- ! " Cn.ct--.nn is souvll aeirva to child r-n tlml nren. Mothers h.ive rcp"f;tlly told me of its ' I n-o nmu-ml it as supn ior to nv.y pt-cription t'ocn! t-fTt Lt unon their chiuin n." i known to me. w Dr. G. C. HsGoon, I.owi-U, Ma.? II A. , M. D , in So. Oxford St., Brooklyn. N'. Y. "Cn-torh i tV.t best tetnoclr for children of " our physicians in the cMMren'- h-pr!rt-which I an', acquaint vd. I hov tlit'tlny is r.ot ' Tncl1t have spoken highly of thrir experi ence in their oui; i '. Trae'ice v.ith Casioria. far distant when v.i tin -r will e-n-idn the teal inter t of th ir eh i !,'.: v. . ;iv.d use C:i.-'-- in instead of the van' :: jua. k n.v-ttntns v. h-, h arc dt-tri ' ".H ;r lov. i . , hy t .p;inn, ni.up!'i:H .th:n.: syvnp and t 1 t i hurtful ;iLf.-:.ts dv)v,-.t tla:; thro.-.'; ilwu ft;UIiug ti.wUl to p: r;att::t y nvs '' Dk. j. F. KiNCiu i.oi:, Ce-i-.vay, Ark. :.--.d alt!ion,yh v. o only have auian cur -..die.-.I snpplif:. v. is known as re.trnlar , .dnct y-t we arc free to confess that the . tits of .tv-ri.! 'a:.s won us to look with fax or upon t. ' U.VUK.) I'.'i'ITAI. AND DlSl'I-.NSAKY, Boston, Idass. Ai i.tK C. S:.:iT:r, Pres. The Centaur Ccmpary. 7 f Murray Street, fcw York Ctiy. - r-A 7' X A: r rr '. Z 'j. El 2- . c '"2 . rp cm " Cj !! n O o 3 T- -.:. - ' o ' P T V Flay nrillaiiu Senior lns i:x i or Mont Anuria iniBiary- -at!ior j This is commeticement week at j t-) y 7 rP N. C. College, Mt. Pleasant. Last J-J j week was taken up with the regular examination of classes. On Friday night the Sophomore, Freshman and sub-Freshman classes j ..o.,,,! ht- th IPM' htd ; (tiOO 1 CUU j I thcii i! exhibition. The night was beautiful and a largo audience! atteuuVJ, The joung gentlemen ;j,n( ihi little boys acquittf d them S.dvifd veil. The exmbition, con sisting of d( chiuuitions and dia logues, did credit to all who took NOT DRCWNDI COST MARKS GONE GL1M1E." parr. Prof. Kogers, under whose i inan:-! nu ut the exhibition wa3 got- i ! i r On mum m U n n !r SWT rTMM w. . I 1. . 0. IF YOU SOYil J. M. Odki.l, reo.uent. - wtiCD'V D.B.Ccltuane, Cashier. ; pn pFI KvvfH L. I). (Jolt ha x k, Assistant Cashier fecai U &U-'te ,j -v ij Capital, Surplus, u"m' a ill ts ik-v w s I). V. CANN'ON" i from 515 to?80. Wo ship frcii: factory Ful";-?t J. W. OA XNTON, ; in apni-nv!il p.nd ore lfbc f ly rnnnuTeTur- j jrs selling dii-rc nfcnyBiiM-rs'. VA?iia-t. .. M. Odkm., Klam Kino, V. l. OdklTm W. H. Lilly 1). B, COLTKANK. vi o is n 2 Amoena SEM1N ARY A Flourishing School tor L.cies. TEN TEACHERS, On umeiitAl Branches Receive Carefui Attention, KEY. C.'.L.rr.r.FLSHER, A. 31 PRINCIPAL, MOUNT .V LEAS ANT, N. C no Agfitji V olfor roatrvulMP in our Oxford GkidLUor wheels ut &iUi go thi? other mimufacturors with price:- frouiJfOO S t '. Erery Ti'Lccl fully xarrr;reid. liox't y.jy lor.-il lrrlrrfi a ;troit of Shifty per cent . Cni tlii.i out t-lld write to-duy for our iiundiOiae ci.tuleguo. Address, IV-r?7ftFi e"r I!,,,yt,e ivpartrrcnt M!(, W?ki R5r2s iUiC3yM-uha:.Is Are. l-IUCid- fjook in at Cannons & Ft-tzer's window at their magnificent line of fine ha's. You can have your choice for less than the factory cost. Also a big line of fur hat samples tt half price. j. n up and conducted, deserv s much i credit for Tie high degree of ex-c-l'nc" which characterized the exercises. The Mt. Pleasant band turn is red music for the occasion, which added much to the enjoyment of those who were present. An immense audience assembled tit the seminary Saturday night to witness the tl -ig drill and Senior c as-; exercisi s. A large number of the friends of the institution from a distance was present. The Hag drill represented nine of the principal nations of the earth, including the United States. The ladies were divided into groups of four, each group representing a nation. The group for each nation was chid in the national colors of that nation, and each Kdy of the group bore the national Hag. The groups came on the stage in sue cession, each keeping time with the national air of the nation. When eight groups had come upon the stag1 a young lady representing the United States, came in view and proceeded to the center of the large stage. Our national (lag with the stars and stripes hung in graceful folds around her. She bore in her hand also a minatuie ilag. She waved to the thirty-two young ladies upon the stage and all began to march to the tune of Yankee Doodle, Miss Connie Cline presiding at the piano and performed her dilUcult part gracefully and with perfect ease. The wl. oie drill was beautiful j and is an ill us' ration of what can be I accomplished diligent training", which done the ladies themselves and thtir instuction great credit. After the drill 1 the Seniors were introduced to the audience by the principal. Several instrumental and vocal pieces were rendered. Miss Nettie Ilentz, of South Caro lina, read the class history, and among other things referred to the fact that the class had passed through ihe institution without a demerit. Mhs Julia Ludwig gare the class prophecy. She imperson ated a Gyppy and read from a cof'ee cup the future of her classmates. Miss tUnrue Ludwig recited a most ludicrous story of a j burglar alarm. Mies Katie B-irrier presented the insignia with amrsir.g effect. The whole exercias was worthy of the institution. s On Sunday at the morning ser- ! vice, Rev. K A Wingard, O. L). j preached trf Baccalaureate sermon, from Fccicsinstes ; "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy j youth," intrcducmg his subject with a beautiful allusion to the work j done by Christian colleges, and im j pressing upon the young men and) ladi 3 the importance of living Christian lives, it was a most ex cellent sermon, welj conceived and happily delivered. Rev. L E Busbee, of Asheville, N. 0, delivered on address before the missionary society, taking as Irs subject, "The outlines of the work to be done bv the church." lie had a very tine address and delivered it in a very impressive manner, as as fully ats teaieu uy tue ujuse aiieniion given J by the audience during its delivery. Come, let's reason together ubout values. It luy you. AsevoryoiiH in our town, and mil: s ih country, knows, the downspout of last Tn--. ''caught us'1 without a cover over our heads. Y -rained juite a damage. But what of that. able to stand it, and if you need anything in Furniture line it will he money to von. " goods are till sold we are going to make pi i'v. ? will astonish the natives. Say, do you ned ;i i'rigeratui YYe have the only cleanable, ,;: I Gumey" on the market. See it e : Shipments will he in this wee-;. Freezing vou buv. Yours to please. Cannons Ha tzer cc a a HOP THIS IS YOUH UN IT PORT YOU W ANT . A PIANO sixty days only we will oilV.-r some of cur leading pianos at greatly reduced prices- 225 tor a -:'250 piar.0. A ':25 Genuine. Mathushek fcr only S2sr, Brand new instru ments, new L-tyles, lowest prices ever known fcr these instruments. AYe have a very few entirely new pianos, in latest style cases which we will sell at the ?pot cash prices with one year's time to r-r.y for them. If you want a piano write to us quick. This offer will only last a short time. FOR THE NEXT A.S:); HA ivin a. mm m Ho MAIX IIOUSE SAYVNNAII. OA. Alarch 0, 1835. MONDAY V 4 - 9 We will pur. on Sain no or Ob Holts of V K N E T I A N M U S L IN. worth ;m per yard every v.TimT( that (-lose out at we wil o o- o- i i. Per V 1 m (hie lot of tine P E IIS I A N L A W .N ? "27 inches wddeworth 2U per yard ta..: we will sell at' tlftt u 3 . Yart ca- Don't forget the date time is cash. "eft S fla ¬ il Si !tR

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